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Are Your Eyes Ready For Lasik? - Arohi Eye Hospital


Want to get rid of your glasses and contact lenses to see as clear and bright as before? Then, consult the best Lasik specialist in Mumbai to ensure that you are the right candidate for the procedure. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Are Your Eyes Ready For Lasik? - Arohi Eye Hospital

Are Your Eyes Ready For Lasik? Arohi Eye
  • Lasik is one very popular quick and safe
    procedure that helps get rid of the refractive
    error of the eyes for almost the entire lifetime.
    As long as you are at least 18 years of age, and
    have had a stable number in your eyes for 6-12
    months, you should be okay to go forward with
    Lasik. Moreover, Lasik brings almost instant
    results, making your eyes visualize objects as
    clear and bright as a normal vision that sees
    without the use of any eye glasses or contact
    lenses. Furthermore, it brings almost zero
    side-effects, thus making it a completely safe
    procedure. Yes, there may be rare instances of
    redness, itchiness, dryness, and glare, but all
    of these are temporary issues that go away with

In spite of Lasik being so fruitful and least
risky, we shouldnt forget that it is after all
a surgery that too, of the most important organs
of our body the eyes. Thus, we mustnt take
any chances at all. A surgery is a surgery, and
you must take it seriously. While we say that
Lasik is the safest procedure ever, and the only
conditions required are an adult age and a
stable number, you must always ascertain whether
you are a good candidate for Lasik or not. We
say this because there could be certain instances
where a
patient may not be a good candidate for the
surgery and this can be decided only by
undergoing a consultation with the best Lasik
specialist in Mumbai. And, until you arrange for
a consultation, if you are too intrigued about
knowing what could hinder the surgery for your
eyes, here well bring to you a list of some
things that may prove you not to be a good
candidate for the surgery. Your health Lasik is
undoubtedly a surgery performed on the eyes, but
to decide whether or not you should undergo it,
the health of the rest of your body is also
taken into account. It may seem strange, but
its true! First and foremost, your eyes will be
checked for any infection or disease, both
current and previous. If you have had an
infection or disease in the eyes previously, or
if you have had your eyes treated earlier for
any reason whatsoever, it is important that you
let your doctor know about it beforehand. In
addition, your current state of body health and
your medical history should also be discussed
clearly. This is because any disorders that
compromise your immune system will prevent you
from getting the surgery done. These may include
the most common issues like blood pressure,
diabetes, HIV, rheumatoid arthritis, and heart
issues. Furthermore, pregnant women are also kept
from undergoing the surgery, at least up till
child birth. Your eyes Once your health is
determined to be perfect for the surgery, your
eyes will be examined carefully. First and
foremost, your vision will be checked for
stability. If your vision hasnt been stable for
6-12 months, you wouldnt be suggested the
surgery. Apart from that, your cornea will also
be examined. Your cornea should have
enough tissue for the surgeon to work with. This
is because Lasik is involved with reshaping the
cornea. So, if your cornea is too thin, removing
any tissue to reshape it can prove to be
dangerous. This is why people with thin corneas
arent suggested the procedure. Your
mindset Whatever surgery you are going in for, it
is important that you are not only physically,
but also mentally prepared for it. Even the
smallest surgery would require you to be mentally
prepared with a positive mindset. In addition,
you also need to cooperate with your doctor.
What we mean is that you need to follow all the
instructions that he gives you. All the
precautions, care, and instructions that are
given for before, during, and after the surgery
must be followed well. It is not only the
doctors duty to make it a successful operation,
but your duty to cooperate too. So, if you are
sure that you have a stable number in your eyes
that you want to get rid off, and are not
suffering from any eye or health issues, just
stay positive and consult a doctor. You can
schedule your appointment at Arohi Eye Hospital,
the best Lasik specialist in Mumbai, for
consultation with the finest doctors, and the
most successful treatment by expert specialists.
For more information, visit http//www.arohieye.
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