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Why Lasik Is Not Right For Pregnant Women - Arohi Eye Hospital


If you are pregnant or are breastfeeding, you are suggested to stay away from Lasik. Once you move ahead of that phase, you could always get in touch with the best Lasik specialist in Mumbai to get freedom from your spectacles! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Why Lasik Is Not Right For Pregnant Women - Arohi Eye Hospital

Why Lasik Is Not Right For Pregnant Women
Arohi Wye Hospital
  • With all the advanced technologies and systems in
    place, Lasik seems to be one of the safest
    procedures today, where you can easily get rid
    of your refractive error, and achieve freedom
    from your spectacles and contact lenses forever,
    in a matter of just ten minutes! Anyone who is
    above 18 years of age, having a stable eye
    number for at least 6 months, can undoubtedly go
    in for a Lasik surgery. It is the safest,
    quickest, and most successful procedure till
    date, having being productively executed on
    millions and billions of people. Moreover, it
    brings almost no risks, except for some
    temporary discomfort like redness, itchiness, and
    blurriness, which may subside within a few days.

The limitations of Lasik In spite of being so
safe and successful, just like anything else,
Lasik also has limitations. There are certain
limitations of the eyes and health that may
restrict you from undergoing Lasik. This is why
your surgeon will first analyze every important
aspect of your body and eyes to identify if you
are a right candidate for Lasik only then will
he move ahead with the procedure. So, whenever
you are planning to undergo Lasik, make sure you
first get your eyes and health checked
thoroughly, and get approval. However, there is
one condition, in which if you undergo Lasik, it
may definitely create complications. The
condition makes you a very inappropriate
candidate for the surgery. And, the condition
that we speak about here is pregnancy. If you
are expecting a baby, or are in the
breastfeeding phase, we would suggest you to stay
away from the surgery. Heres why. What happens
during pregnancy? When youre pregnant, your body
undergoes tremendous hormonal changes that you
can't even imagine! Speaking of the eyes, the
various hormones like progesterone, estrogen,
oxytocin, prolactin, relaxin, and human
chorionic gonadotropin take on different roles
to send signals to various parts of the body to
nurture and protect the developing fetus. Some
may affect the uterus, others may affect the
immune system. Some help with developing the
babys organs, while others may prepare your body
for labour, delivery, and breastfeeding. With
all these changes, you are sure to have problems
like nausea, heartburn, blood pressure, and
changes in the hair and skin. Similarly, in the
eyes, hormones can cause decreased tear
production, leading to dry eyes and irritation.
On the other hand, the fluid buildup in your eyes
may increase, which will change the curvature of
the cornea and affect your vision, making
blurred vision a very common issue during
pregnancy. Why is Lasik not advised during
pregnancy? Lasik changes the shape of your
cornea forever. Before the surgery, the surgeon
will take measurements of the cornea so that the
laser- guided instrument used in the surgery can
remove corneal tissue accordingly to improve
your vision. But, you can't have a stable
measurement during pregnancy, as the fluid
buildup in the eyes can change the shape of your
cornea. So, if you have Lasik during
pregnancy, and then your eyes revert to their
pre-pregnancy state, your Lasik results will be
imperfect. Also, the dryness and itchiness in
the eyes during pregnancy may make the surgery
very dangerous for you. Moreover, with the
surgery, youll be prescribed eye drops and
medications, which will enter your bloodstream.
These medications and drops are definitely not
safe for the small baby living inside your womb!
This is also one reason why you are suggested to
keep away from Lasik during the breastfeeding
stage too. You wouldnt want the medications and
eye drops that you take to be delivered to your
little one through the milk he takes in, would
you? How long to wait for Lasik after getting
pregnant? You can see how all of the above can
make Lasik a very complicated surgery for your
body. This is why we would suggest that while you
have waited for so long in life, you could wait
a few months more. After you have stopped
nursing, your eyes will revert back to normal,
allowing surgeons to take proper measurements and
ensure the most successful Lasik procedure for
your eyes. So, if you are pregnant, we wish you
all the luck for your new phase of life and
expect you to get in touch with Arohi Eye
Hospitals best Lasik specialist in Mumbai to
get you freedom from your spectacles and contact
lenses, soon after your baby learns to live
without your milk! For more information, visit
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