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Intraocular Lenses Used In Cataract Surgery - Arohi Eye Hospital


Want to opt for the best cataract surgery in Mumbai? You definitely need an appointment with the best hospital in the city, but you also need a consultation with the right doctor to determine the most suitable lens for your eyes. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Intraocular Lenses Used In Cataract Surgery - Arohi Eye Hospital

Intraocular Lenses Used In
Cataract Surgery Arohi Eye Hospital
  • Almost 75 of adults around the age of 60 years
    have cataracts in India, with most of them
    undergoing surgery for a better vision and a
    better quality of life. Cataracts is not a low
    vision, but an issue with the lens of the eye,
    which hinders clear vision. The lens of the eye
    starts getting cloudy, which blurs the vision.
    Cataract surgery is one miraculous advancement
    in the field of medical science which has helped
    billions of people get free of such cloudy lens.
    The surgery, with the help of special equipment,
    removes the cloudy lens of the eye, and replaces
    it with an artificial man-made lens. This
    man-made lens is of such precision and quality
    that it is completely safe for the eyes, and
    brings back vision brighter and clearer than

The lens used in cataract surgery A cataract
forms when the tissue that focuses light onto the
retina becomes cloudy and blocks the changes in
light from the retina, which prevents nerve
signals from telling the brain what it is
seeing. This problem can be easily corrected with
the help of manual cataract surgery. As we said
above, cataract surgery involves replacing the
natural clouded lens of the eye with an
  • external man-made lens. This lens is known in
    medical terms as intraocular lens, or IOL. Just
    like spectacles and contact lenses, these IOLs
    also come in a variety of focusing powers. It is
    very important that the right power of IOL is
    inserted into the eyes for improved vision. If
    not, the surgery would be of no use. This is why
    it is important that you have your eyes
    thoroughly checked by a specialist so that the
    right kind of IOL can be identified for your
  • How is the lens inserted into the eyes?
  • Imagine the lens of your eye being cut and
    separated from your eyes, and a new one being
    inserted within! Doesnt it all sound so creepy
    and painful? But, as much as it sounds, cataract
    surgery is actually a very safe and painless
    procedure. First, you will be given local
    anesthesia so that your eyes are numbed, and you
    dont feel any kind of pain. Then, a tiny
    incision is made at the front of your eye, after
    which a small tool is used to break the natural
    lens in the eye, and suction it out. Finally,
    the artificial lens or IOL is put in place.
  • Which IOL to choose?
  • There are a number of IOLs available for you to
    choose from. They are generally made of acrylic
    or silicon, and are coated for protection from
    the suns ultraviolet rays. Apart from the
    material, the IOLs are also differentiated as
    per the type. Some of the different IOLs
    available include
  • Monofocal IOL These lenses help the patient
    focus on one focal point at a time thus helping
    patients treat either only nearsightedness or
    only farsightedness.

  • Multifocal IOL These lenses help the patient
    see clearly at both distances near and far, thus
    offering complete freedom from both nearsighted
    and farsighted glasses.
  • Monovision IOL These lenses also help the
    patient see clearly at both the distances, but
    the difference here is that both the eyes are
    installed with different lenses one that sees
    near, and the other that sees far. So, you can
    say that even though complete freedom is offered
    from spectacles and contact lenses for both
    nearsightedness and farsightedness, only one eye
    is used at a given time.
  • Toric IOL These lenses help patients suffering
    from both cataracts and astigmatism. This proves
    to be a boon for those suffering from
    astigmatism too, but the disadvantage is that it
    can solve only your nearsightedness or
    farsightedness, and not both.
  • As you can see how complicated it can be to
    choose one right lens for your eyes, we would
    suggest you to consult an experienced eye
    surgeon for the same. Arohi Eye Hospital is one
    place where you can get the best eye
    consultation as well as the best cataract
    surgery in Mumbai.
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