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A Complete Aftercare Guide For Cataract Surgery - Arohi Eye Hospital


Taking good care of your eyes, even after the best cataract surgery in Mumbai, is important to help the eyes heal faster and better, and prevent any kind of eye infections. So, here are the Do’s and Don’ts that you need to follow. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: A Complete Aftercare Guide For Cataract Surgery - Arohi Eye Hospital

Cataract surgery involves removal of the natural
lens of the eye that has become cloudy with age
and replacing it with a new clear artificial lens
to restore clear vision. This surgery has seen
an exceptionally high success rate in India and
abroad when a skilled surgeon performs the
procedure. While the success rate of the
operation depends highly upon the procedure
performed and the surgeon performing the
procedure, the final results also depend upon
the patient himself. If the patient takes good
care of his eyes after the best cataract surgery
in Mumbai, especially for the first few days or
weeks after the procedure, the results can be
100 positive. If not, there could be some
complications arising out of carelessness.
While the doctor will himself give you the
necessary details on what you are supposed to do
and not do after the procedure, we will state the
basics here in this blog to help you know all
that you should be ready for after the surgery,
even before planning to make an appointment for
the same. Having a general idea about everything
that you will be undergoing before and after the
procedure only makes you 100 mentally prepared
for all that you have to face.
  • How long does it take to recover?
  • The cataract surgery in itself is a very quick
    procedure that takes only about 10-15 minutes!
    Can you imagine getting rid of your irritating
    cloudy lens, and restoring your vision in only a
    matter of 10 minutes!? And, even better, you can
    get back home the very same day! You will be free
    to return home within only a few hours of
    surgery. Also, your eye sensation will return
    within hours of the surgery. However, if it
    takes a day or two for the same, you neednt
    worry as there are chances that it may take a few
    days to bring results. No matter how long it
    takes, you are supposed to take good care of your
    eyes for the best results.
  • How to take care of the eyes after surgery?
  • Taking good care of the eyes allows the eyes to
    heal quickly and recover vision faster and
    better. Also, any kind of possible infection can
    be prevented. So, here is the list of measures
    you need to take to keep your eyes protected
    after the best cataract surgery in Mumbai.
  • Wear an eye shield or sunglasses whenever you are
    out in the sun or air. You may also wear the
    same indoors to stay on the safer side so that no
    dust, dirt, or smoke enters the eyes. You must
    do so for about a month for the best results.
    Also, make sure to keep your eye shield and
    glasses thoroughly clean by washing them every
    day with soap and water, and drying them well
    before wearing to prevent eye infection.
  • You shouldnt wash your eyes with normal water
    for the first few days after the surgery.
    Instead, you should boil the water and then cool
    it down before using it to clean the operated
    eye. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and
    water, and dry them with a clean towel before
    washing your eyes. And, even better, use a
    cotton ball or gauze piece dipped in water to
    clean the eyes, rather than directly splashing
    water into them. Wash your eyes 2-3 times a day
    for good hygiene. But, make sure to use only
    water, and no kind of soap or other chemicals on
    your face.
  • Make sure to use the antibiotic and
    anti-inflammatory eye drops prescribed by your
    doctor, for the prescribed time, to prevent
    infection and control inflammation. Any oral
    antibiotics and medicines should also be taken
    as prescribed. Be sure not to miss any medication
    or drops.

  • Never rub your eyes, and also avoid touching your
    eyes as much as possible. You also need to avoid
    any eye cosmetics until the doctor permits you
    to. In addition, you need to avoid any physically
    strenuous work, exercise, straining at the
    toilet, swimming, and sexual activities. Also,
    minimize the use of smartphones, laptops,
    televisions, and any such digital devices.
  • You arent permitted to have ahead bath for the
    first 3-4 weeks after the surgery. Also, you
    mustnt drive for the first few weeks, or travel
    on buses, trains, and flights. Avoid any kinds
    of hair spas, hair treatments, facials, facial
    treatments, and any other such activities that
    can affect the eyes.
  • What is normal and what is not?
  • Obviously, an eye surgery calls for certain
    uneasy symptoms like blurred vision, red eyes,
    watery eyes, and double vision for the
    first few days or
  • weeks. So, if you experience any such symptoms,
    it should be fine. But, if you experience other
    symptoms like persistent pain, nausea,
    vomiting, eye floaters, light flashes, or
    worsening vision, you must immediately consult
    your doctor. It may be signaling a complication!
    But, worry not, when you plan to get the best
    cataract surgery in Mumbai from a specialist like
    Arohi Eye Hospital, the surgeon operating your
    eyes will take complete care during the surgery
    to avoid all cases of complications, and even if
    such complications arise, he will know
    how to help you get rid of them
    at the earliest.
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