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Achieving The Best LASIK Surgery Recovery - Arohi Eye Hospital


Get in touch with the best LASIK specialist in Mumbai to have LASIK performed on your eyes so that you can get rid of your eye glasses and contacts. And, make sure to follow these simple yet important tips for better recovery. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Achieving The Best LASIK Surgery Recovery - Arohi Eye Hospital

Achieving The Best LASIK
Surgery Recovery Arohi Eye Hospital
LASIK has become the most popular eye number
correction surgeries across the globe today
thanks to the modern technology that has made it
a 100 pain-free and incision-free procedure
that takes only as less as 10 minutes for the
procedure. While the procedure uses latest
machineries and equipment, and is 100 safe and
successful, youd always want a faster and better
What to expect after LASIK? Generally, the LASIK
procedure shows instant results with the best
outcomes. Yet, you need to adhere to all the
precautions recommended to you by your LASIK
specialist. The most common side-effects of
LASIK experienced include discomfort, burning
sensation, itching, watery eyes, and blurred
vision. But, all of these are only temporary,
and may go away in a while or a few days. Worry
not if you experience any of these symptoms, as
youll be fine soon. Also, you may be tempted to
rub your eyes to get rid of these symptoms, but
just dont! It will only make things worse!
Other than this, you may also experience light
sensitivity, glare, or haloes around lights,
which is again very common. Dry
  • eye sensation may also persist for a few weeks.
    And, your vision may also fluctuate during the
    first few months after the procedure. Whatever
    you experience from these, remember it is very
    normal, and there is nothing to worry about. Your
    eyes may take a few days of weeks to heal.
    However, if you experience severe pain, redness,
    or discomfort, you may need to reach out to your
    ophthalmologist immediately.
  • Tips on recovering better and faster
  • While all the above symptoms are quite normal,
    and the eyes will get back to normal within a
    few days or weeks, you may help make your
    recovery faster or better by following a few tips
    to reap maximum benefits. Some of the most
    beneficial tips include
  • Using maximum hygiene
  • Keeping your hands off your eyes
  • Wearing eye shields for at least a week
  • Keep your eyes away from soap and water for at
    least the first week
  • Stay away from any kind of dust and smoke for at
    least 8-10
  • days
  • Keep away from cooking, gardening, using
    computers, and any such work that may cause eye
    strain or trauma
  • Stay away from any kind of eye make-up for at
    least 10 days
  • Stay away from exercising and gymming for a few
  • All in all, you need to keep our eyes safe and
    protecting, avoiding any kind of strenuous
    activities. And, other than that, make sure to
    follow all the instructions given to you by your
  • Where can you get the best LASIK doctor?
  • Arohi Eye Hospital is the one place where you can
    have the best LASIK specialist in Mumbai perform
    the procedure on your eyes. So, get in touch
    whenever you wish to get rid of

your eye glasses and contacts. Worry not, as
LASIK is the proven method for successful eye
correction surgery. Stay social with us on
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