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Best Easy Indian Sweet Recipes To Be Tasted At An Instant


Here we have discussed the top 5 Easy Indian Sweet Recipes that entice you to eat more. Just go through the article and discover the art of cooking. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Easy Indian Sweet Recipes To Be Tasted At An Instant

Easy Indian Sweet Recipes
What Are The Easy Indian Sweet Recipes That
Entice Eating More
  • Easy Indian sweet recipes a festival will not
    get fulfilled with a sweet in the big mouth.
  • India is best known for its festival and the
    tasty food that delights the special occasion.
  • Exchanging sweets with neighbours, friends, and
    colleges will fascinate other country people
    because of the bond we create each other.

Why consume Indian sweet recipes?
  • It is a proven fact that consuming sweet can keep
    you away from stroke and chocolates will keep
    your blood pressure low.
  • Indian sweet recipes are prepared from natural
    ingredients and fresh milk so, it also places
    them in a healthy position as well.  
  • If you want to taste Indian sweet, here are 5
    easy Indian sweet recipes that can be crafted
    within few hours.

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Best Indian sweet recipes to be tasted at an
  1. Rava KesariRava Kesari is a famous south Indian
    dish, the ingredients required are rava, sugar,
    Kesari, ghee, nuts and dry graph. It is a simple
    dish that can be made in 15minutes. In the
    southern region during pooja, festivals and some
    special occasions, they prepare it. You can add
    up flavors instead of Kesari (saffron) can also
    use pineapple, orange, milk, and semiya too.

  • 2. Carrot halwaCarrot halwa is one of the Best
    Indian Sweet Recipes. It is basically famous in
    north India, as in the winter season the
    availability of carrot is high. The basic
    ingredients required are fresh carrots, ghee,
    milk, sugar, nuts, and dry fruits.
  • 3. Gulab jamunAgain from the south, Gulab jamun
    is well known as one of the south Indian classic
    sweet. It is delicious a small ball sized solid
    berry shaped. The meaning of it is Gulab means
    rose and Jamun means berry due to its shape. The
    requirement of preparations are sugar, sugar
    syrup or rose syrup, cardamom powder and milk
    solids. It is one hell to be tasted in your

  • 4. Kheer recipeKheer is a traditional Indian
    dessert sweet. It is commonly known as kheer and
    payasam which means milk and the recipe includes
    milk, a sweeter and rice. You can switch rice
    with semiya, carrots and so on.The recipe is
    made by stewing rice in milk and cooked. To
    completely taste the essence, using basmati rice
    is advisable.5. Rava LadduRava laddu is an
    easy Indian sweet recipe and it doesnt take much
    time to cook. The components are simple coconut,
    sugar, either ghee or milk and then Rava

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