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How To Select The Best Indian Food For Wedding


Indian delicacies are well admired and longed for by all. Indians prepare food of varieties according to their tastes. Each state of India have a varsity of dishes prepared in different styles. All recipes depict each state's specialty. This specialty results in serving with honor among Indians. Indian specialty is enhanced by spices in each dish for all to relish. The spices specially made and cooked for different dishes vary.Way back in the 1930's Indian spices were exported for acquiring unlimited income as revenue for the rulers of the time. Spices are either powdered, viscous or even in liquid form add flavorful to each dish prepared with intense hard work. The dishes prepared according to choices are cooked with tastes unlimited. Nowadays,each dish is cooked with spices that in any form adds taste and a good aroma. Dishes are also heavily pre-decided by religious traditions and rituals. Spices add not only taste but also is healthy for the tummy – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How To Select The Best Indian Food For Wedding

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Indians welcome all guests with a friendly
attitude and felicitate them with love. In
relation to this hospitality nature of Indians,
dishes according to the nature of guests would
help classify the variety of dishes simple.
Indian dishes has obviously been the top rated
delicacy of all time. Hospitality has been our
motto and so we serve dishes with a variety.
India, a diverse culture as well as a varsity of
delicacies. No matter whatever be the dish, we
Indians cook with ecstasy and relishing tastes.
1. Guest
An estimate of guests would lead us to balance
all with a healthy diet. As such, counters for
vegetarians and non-vegetarians can be fixed to
please everyone on the wedding galore. Dishes
known in advance would enable caterers to prepare
on time and with tastes.
Dishes are prepared with different tastes and
ingredients. Guiding on the dishes would be the
best option by a caterer, before the preparation
and serving of dishes. A menu would help you
organize dishes with perfection.
3.Meals option
Meals well thought and prepared brings all on
one taste. A mouth watering meal would certainly
require a well planned menu along with the
prices. Realistic prices and affordable ones are
what customers would require to feast on.
Themes accompanied by varsity of dishes may
enable narrowing down of daunting tasks. Menus
displayed would help in arranging dishes
according to the theme prescribed
Top Indian Wedding Reception Food Menu
India is a country with diverse cultures and
varsity of delicacies. A nation that welcomes all
guests with love and respect for their dishes to
be at the top .Mouth watering dishes prepared
with taste of hard work is what we wish and
aspire for to serve better. Indians prepared a
variety of dishes with spices that add an aroma
of hot and sour delicacies ,delicious to consume.
Top Indian Wedding Reception Food for Vegetarians
1.Zafrani Pulao Lets start with rice dish
first. Zafrani pulao is a rich rice dish and is
known to be the specialty of Hyderabad and
Kashmir. It is an aromatic recipe with a fancy
mix of traditional ingredients like dry fruits,
saffron, milk and sugar, etc. Add this authentic
rich dish to your Indian Wedding Reception
2. Shahi Paneer
Paneer is the best substitution of chicken for
vegetarians. Shahi Paneer is a very delicious and
nutritious food that can play the best role in
Indian Wedding Reception Food to impress your
guests. An ethnic dish, where most of the
vegetarians are fond of this Shahi Paneer. It is
a popular dish of Northern India especially in
Uttar Pradesh.
3.Dahi Baingan
Such an aromatic egg plant recipe cooked with
curd in every region style. It looks yum and
tastes incredible. Dahi Baingan is very simple
and easy to cook recipe originated in Punjab
state. This egg plant dish is also a traditional
Oriya dish rich in taste and famous in Indian
Wedding Reception Food.
Erissery is typical Kerala delicacy all to
relish on. This dish is enjoyed as a side dish
throughout Kerala in weddings and festivals. It's
two star ingredients are pumpkins and coconut.
5. Amba Khatta
This dish comes out from a typical Oriya kitchen,
which is delicious tangy spicy chutney of Mango.
A dish called as Mango in Sweet Gravy. When it
comes to wedding, this is a very popular Indian
Wedding Reception Food among people in Orissa.
This flavor is usually subtle and delicately
spiced that will delight your guests palate. You
can substitute it with grapes instead of Mango,
if not available.
Top Indian Wedding Reception Food For
1.Kozikode Biryani It's crossed generations and
is made all along the Malabar area in Kerala -
from Kozhikode, Malappuram, Thalassery to
Kasargod. What you need for this stellar dish is
a huge amount of spices, a small amount of chilli
and one perfectly boiled egg.
2. Karimeen Pollichathu
. Unwrapping a steamed fish is as good as
unwrapping a new present. Marinated pearl spot
fish is wrapped in a huge banana leaf, steamed
still done and served with parboiled rice.
3. Mutton Rogan Josh
A perfect Indian Wedding Reception Food that can
be served in wedding buffets. Mutton Rogan Josh
is a popular dish in Northern areas. It is an
absolutely delicious spicy fragrant curry that
your guests will never forget.
4. Grilled Chicken
Most of the people those who like non-vegetarian
dishes, crave for grilled chicken. Thats the
reason why most of the Indian wedding receptions
serve this dish. Grilled Chicken is the great and
appealing dish to start with the reception
5. Nargisi Kofta
Mughal dish that encased the hard boiled eggs in
a spicy kofta meat layer, unique and nice for
Wedding receptions.
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