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Best Ways to Optimize Website in 2021 for Better SERP


For better SEO, your website must be optimized. This PPT will discuss the best practices for optimizing websites that all web administrators must follow to achieve a high ranking on search results by 2022. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Ways to Optimize Website in 2021 for Better SERP

Best Ways to Optimize Website in 2021 for Better
Are you trying to optimize your website to get
higher rankings over SERP? If so, then
you're at the right spot. It is essential to
concentrate on SEO to optimize a site, says
"Digital Marketing Company in Chandigarh." There
are a variety of strategies that you can employ
to get higher rankings in search engines such as
Google. This article will discuss the best
practices for optimizing websites that all web
administrators must follow to achieve a high
ranking on search results by 2022. 1. Optimize
For Mobile-First Indexing
  • Google officially introduced mobile-first
    indexing in March of this year. More than 55 of
    website traffic comes from mobile devices. Thus
    it is imperative to have a mobile-friendly site
    is essential for 2021.
  • Below are some guidelines to make your site
  • Always make sure to use the responsive design of
    your website or theme.
  • Make sure to give the proper dimensions to the
    images to ensure that mobile users can see them.
  • It's helpful to write short Meta titles for your
    Meta so that they won't be too long on mobile
    devices. Could you make sure they are under 55
  • Your website will load quickly on mobile devices.
  • Beware of large banners or popups.
  • 2. Improve Page Speed - Most Important Tip

A delay of 100 milliseconds when loading a site
can reduce the conversion rate by 7 percent. This
figure indicates that fast loading speeds are
crucial, particularly when it comes to optimizing
websites. In addition to conversions, users are
also not happy with slow websites. It is why it's
recommended that your website take less than 3
seconds to load to boost traffic and improve
ranking. It could also affect your order in
search results.
  • Based on the various problems your website might
    be facing, you could employ different methods to
    optimize your site. Here are some top ways to
    speed up your site
  • Minify any unused JavaScript as well as CSS
  • Optimize and compress pictures.
  • Enable browser caching.
  • Let lazy loading be enabled on your site.
  • Utilize high-speed servers.
  • 3. Fix Core Web Vital Issues - says "Digital
    Marketing Company in Chandigarh"
  • Core Web Vitals are a component of Page
    Experience update by Google which will be
    released in June 2021 and will be an integral
    ranking factor. It is a requirement to optimize
    your website to be compatible with Core Web
    Vitals. It is compulsory to get a good ranking in
    the search results.
  • To enhance user experiences, Google has listed a
    collection of measures related to interactivity
    with users, web loading speed, and the visual
    stability of content on pages.

These include LCP as well as FID as well as CLS.
In short, you must improve your website to meet
these parameters. There are various tools you can
employ to examine the Core Web Vitals report of
your site. You can utilize advanced analytics
software such as Finteza to address your site's
Core Web Vitals issues of your website. Recently.
Finteza launched the Lighthouse report, which is
designed to boost the performance of your website
by identifying standards for the Core Web Vitals
issues. 4. Optimize Meta Title Description You
recommend writing appealing descriptions and
meta-titles for your web pages since they are the
first thing that searchers will see when they
search. Titles are the headlines that you can
include on the pages that can be clicked for
users to click when they visit your site's URL in
the results of a search. Meta Description tags
constitute an additional vital element on your
website. It's a summary or introduction to your
page, which is displayed under the Meta
description on the results of a search.
Meta Title Description Best Practices done by
Digital Marketing Company in
  • Chandigarh
  • Incorporate your desired keywords into the
    description and title.
  • Create short and attractive labels.
  • Write a concise outline of your page.
  • Be sure to keep the intent of the search when
    developing Meta tags.
  • Avoid doing keyword stuffing.
  • 5. Optimize Images

  • Optimizing images can lead to an improved user
    experience since ideas play a crucial part in
    optimizing websites. When you are writing a blog
    post, it is essential to be searching for the
    perfect images on the internet to create an
    excellent blog.
  • Do you also take the time to optimize these
    images? I'm sure you don't like a lot of others.
    However, optimizing your photos could boost your
    SEO efforts and help increase your web traffic.
  • Below are some suggestions to use for optimizing
    your image
  • File Format It is always recommended to choose a
    faster format to load on desktops and mobile
    phones. It is possible to use the next-gen form
    similar to WebP.
  • Compress Images Larger images can take a long
    time to load on the site. Before
  • you upload images on your website, it is
    necessary to compress the images. In this case,
    you can utilize tools and plug-ins like Smush and
  • Images with alt tags This is among the top
    guidelines you should include in your website's
    embodiments. The addition of alt tags to images
    can help viewers understand the images.

  • Lazy loading is a highly effective technique for
    optimizing images that you can implement on your
    site. It's a method in which videos and pictures
    don't appear until users scroll through them.
    This means that images only load when people need
  • Perfect Technical SEO
  • Technical SEO assists in fixing issues that
    affect the organic search performance of your
    website. It is essential to examine your website
    for any technical issues. You can conduct an
    audit on technical problems with the aid of SEO
    tools such as SEMrush, WooRank, and Ahrefs.
  • These are things you should be aware of while
    performing SEO. SEO
  • Verify responsiveness on mobile devices and score
    for mobile friendliness.
  • Locate sitemap.xml along with robots.txt error.
  • Determine crawling and indexing mistakes.
  • Check coverage issues under Google Search
  • Conclusion

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or an
expert. Any person should optimize their site for
optimal outcomes. If you follow the guidelines
for optimizing your website, then you're set to
enjoy positive rankings and higher conversions.
Make sure to optimize your website to be
compatible with Core Web Vitals and upgrade your
server to speed up to speeds. It could be hard
for some, that's why recommended to hire Digital
Marketing Company in Chandigarh
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