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Social Norms - Soc101 - American Customs - Social Mores -


Sociology 101 - Social Norms. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Social Norms - Soc101 - American Customs - Social Mores -

Social Norms Reactive Social Conventions
  • Social Psychology

2 Objective towards aPositive Social Outcome
  • The definition of Social Norms is actually the
    juxtaposition of sorts to that of social mores
    yet, with also an objective of the same - a
    positive social outcome
  • e.g., remaining silent in a social group in
    order to preserve an attitude of good emotional
  • ..agreeing with a nod or a simple
    affirmation as a public manifestation of high
    morality, existential and/or spiritual
    ideologies, affirmation of what 'I
  • refraining from improper act or action, e.g.,
    by not doing something, i.e., misconduct and
    ill manners, poor etiquette, and low/lack of
    standards of behaviors, such that, a positive
    social outcome is preserved, and...2,3
  • ...anything that includes matters of abstaining
    against things that goes against
    illness/premature death and yet differs with
    individual groups.4

Not Deliberately Acting Out to Hurt, Harm,
  • Whether out and about a community, or around the
    neighborhood, or especially in the home1
  • socially people are usually expected to go
    against a violation of social mores - not
    expressing their emotional illness - in order
    to develop, grow, and thrive socially.2
  • the mature not going along with that which is
    inconsiderate, disrespectful, and rude, that can
    be in terms of a negative mental attitude rather
    than emotional instability.1,2,3

Social Norms are Not Acting Out - Immorally
  • e.g., not hostile, nor evil, nor demonic,1
  • Whether its in the work place, at home, in a
    school or public building Social Norms are
    manisfested as abhorrence of criminal activity,
    immorality, and negativism or unhappiness.2
  • Social Norms is standing up against that what
    is wrong, errors, mistakes-as a duty to the
    community 2 - this includes charities, clubs,
    organizations, foundations, public meetings, and
    of course it is the responsibility of true (not
    neutral) formal media as well.3

Reactive Social Customs and Social Norms
  • Whether it is a Town Hall Meeting or
    Religious meeting - the standard of Social
    Norms in the community has to do with
  • Not acting improperly/no misconduct,1
  • Not being rude, inconsiderate, ill mannerly,2
  • Not acting out-disrespectful nor negative
  • Social Norms includes the reacting against -
    negative situations whatever the community.3
  • A Social Custom is severe reactiveness
    against any violation of social mores. 3, 4

Living a Life and Lifestyle of Social Norms
  • Contemporary Social Norms certainly concerns
    that of not unhealthy/intemperate living.1
  • Not displaying bad habits in the home concerning
    that going against a healthy lifestyle.2
  • Not executing risky acts/acting out by doing that
    which go against a long life span.3
  • Social Norms are actually binding, i.e.,
  • Not acting out doing anything which makes an
    individual sickly and not dying prematurely,..3,4
  • yet, Social Norms differ according to an
    individual family within a variety of groups.5

Some Objectives/Examples of Social Norms
  • A Social Norm (as Social etiquette)
  • Not polluting the air, not taking drugs/ drinking
    alcohol, not being insomber towards-ridiculing
    equallyoked couples in public4,5,6
  • A Social Norm (as Social decorum)
  • Not dressing in immodest, unneat, and dirty
    clothing in public meetings and not wearing
    colors that promote an emotional tone of

  • Why has the term Social Norms become a
    reactive social tactic to preserve a social
    mores e.g., equallyoked coupling in
    contemporary multiculturalism?
  • How are individuals who react (social norms)
    against unequallyoked situations in observance of
    social mores sometimes ostracized based on
  • Give an example of a contemporary Social Norms
    concerning equallyoked couples (it may personal).

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Social Norms
as Reactive Social Conventions
  • Social Psychology
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