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Jquery Fundamentals Tutorial videos for Beginner


This PPT explains JQuery fundamentals, which covers the topics JQuery Overview and Benefits Features, JQuery Downloading and Installation, JQuery ready function vs. window.onload,JQuery vs. JavaScript thoroughly. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Jquery Fundamentals Tutorial videos for Beginner

JQuery Fundamentals Introduction Tutorial Videos
for Beginner by
  • JQuery Overview and Benefits
  • Features
  • Downloading, Installation
  • JQuery ready function vs. window.onload
  • JQuery vs. JavaScript

Overview and Benefits
  • JQuery is a JavaScript Library, created by John
    Resig in 2006.
  • Fast, Concise and feature-rich JavaScript
  • Greatly simplifies JavaScript programming. Most
    popular JavaScript library.
  • Ease of use, Contains large library, provides
    Strong open source community, supports Ajax.
  • Provides limited functionality, JQuery JavaScript
    file is necessary to run JQuery commands.

JQuery Features
  • The jQuery library has following features

JQuery Download and Install
  • There are two ways, you can download locally or
    on a Content Delivery Network (CDN).
  • In Google search JQuery Production version and
    click Download. Execute the downloaded file,
    follow the instructions.
  • CDN-hosted option for jQuery is great for
    development. CDN-hosted versions are available
    from many of the big-time players on the web,
    like Google and Microsoft.

JQuery ready function vs. window.onload
  • ready() function  is a jQuery event, it will
    start a specific method in browser as soon as
    HTML document and is accessible.
  • Used to execute JavaScript when the DOM is
    completely loaded.
  • Window.onload() is the built-in JavaScript event,
    will be called after all the related resources
    and images are completely loaded.
  • Onload will wait for the page to be fully loaded
    which includes inner frames, images.

JQuery vs. JavaScript
  • JavaScript is a scripting language while JQuery
    is library of JavaScript code.
  • Both are JavaScript languages but dissimilarity
    is that jQuery been optimized to execute several
    common script functions.
  • JavaScript is used for interface interactions,
    server-side programming, game development, and
    even creating desktop applications.
  • jQuery is a set of JavaScript libraries designed
    to simplify HTML document traversing, animation,
    event management, Ajax communications.

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