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ASP .NET MVC Fundamentals Tutorial Videos for Beginner


ASP.NET fundamentals Tutorial helps you to learn ASP .NET starting from introduction to the advanced fundamental concepts.You can master all the concepts trough our free tutorials. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: ASP .NET MVC Fundamentals Tutorial Videos for Beginner

ASP .NET MVC Fundamentals Tutorial Videos for
Beginner by
  • The MVC mindset
  • Controllers
  • Actions Methods
  • ASP.NET routing
  • Action result types
  • Action selectors and Action filters

ASP .NET MVC Mindset
  • MVC stands for Model View Controller.
  • It is a development model used by ASP.NET. 
  • Allows  developing complex applications.
  • ASP.NET MVC gives effective patterns to build
    dynamic websites.
  •  MVC includes features that facilitate rapid,
    test-driven development.
  • Provides an useful way to Organize code, markup,
    and control flow.

  •  MVC framework maps URLs to classes are referred
    as Controllers
  • Controllers process incoming requests, handle
    user input and interactions, and execute
    appropriate application logic.
  • ControllerBase is the base class for all
  • Controller class inherits from ControllerBase,
    responsible for Locating the appropriate action
    method, getting action method's arguments values
    and Handling errors.

Action Methods
  • Responsible to execute user requests and generate
    response to it.
  • Controller defines action methods. Controllers
    can include as many action methods as needed.
  • Action methods on usually have a one-to-one
    mapping with user interactions.
  • When a user enters a URL into the browser,
    controller determines the appropriate action
    method to handle the request. 

ASP.NET routing
  • Mapping of web requests to controller actions is
    known as routing.
  • ASP .NET routing engine relies on URL patterns to
    decide which controller action has to handle
    given request.
  • Routing is fully integrated and much powerful
    which helps a lot in Search Engine Optimization.
  • ASP.NET routing enables users to use URLs that do
    not have to map to specific files in a Web site,
    can use URLs that are descriptive of the user's

Action result types
  • Action result is a return type of a controller
    method, also called as action method.
  • serves as the base class for Result classes.
  • Action methods return models to views, file
    streams, redirect to other controllers.
  • There are many derived Action Result types you
    can use to return results.

Action result types
  • ContentResult Returns a user-defined content
  • JsonResult Returns a serialized JSON object.
  • EmptyResult Represents a return value that is
    used if the action method must return
    a null result .
  • ViewResult Renders a view as a Web page.
  • FileResult Returns binary output to write to the
  • RedirectResult Redirects to another action method
    by using its URL.

Action selectors and Action Filters
  • Action selectors are attributes that can be
    applied to action methods to invoke in response
    to a request.
  • Action filter is an attribute that you can apply
    to a controller action or an entire controller
    that modifies the way in which the action is
    executed. In ASP.NET MVC there are several
    filters, they are
  • Output Cache This action filter caches the
    output of a controller action for a specified
    amount of time.
  • Handle Error This action filter handles errors
    raised when a controller action executes.
  • Authorize This action filter enables you to
    restrict access to a particular user or role.

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