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JAVA Scripts Intoduction Tutorial videos for Beginner


Learn JavaScript with free online tutorials.In these tutorials, you'll be introduced to javascript, where you'll learn the basic concepts of javascript and how to implement and deploy. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: JAVA Scripts Intoduction Tutorial videos for Beginner

JavaScript Introduction Tutorial Videos for
Beginner by
  • JavaScript Definition
  • Variables and Operators
  • Control Flow Statements
  • Dialog boxes

JavaScript Definition
  • Uses in web development.
  • Interpreted and script oriented language.
  • Developed by Netscape.
  • Easier and faster to code than C and C.
  •  Client side scripting language.

Variables and operators
  • variables are containers for storing data values.
  • Storing a value in a variable is known
    as variable initialization.
  • Can store values in variable at creation or
    whenever variable is required.
  • var keyword is uses for variable declaration and
  • Can store a value of any data type.
  • Global Variables and Local Variables.

Variables and operators
  • Operator is a character that represents an
  • JavaScript operator types are as follows

Variables and operators
  • Arithmetic operators perform actions on numerical
    values return a single numerical value. The
    standard arithmetic operators are , -, , and /.
  • Comparison operators are uses to compare two
    numerical values. JavaScript Comparison operators
    are  , !, gt, lt, gt , lt
  • Logical operators are used to determine the logic
    between variables or values. And (), or(),
    not (!) are JS logical operators.
  • Assignment operators assign values to JavaScript
  • conditional operator that assigns a value to a
    variable based on some condition.

Control Flow Statements
  • Dictate how code runs under different conditions
    or until a condition is met.
  • Control Flow Structures allow your code to take
    certain actions based on a variety of scenarios.
  •  if else, switch case, for, while and do while
    are JavaScript control flow statements.
  • Control structure contains additional statement
    which would be executed under some specified

Dialog boxes
  • Dialog boxes are use to raise and alert, or to
    get confirmation.
  • Alert box, Confirmation box, Prompt box are
    dialog box types.
  • Alert dialog box is mostly used to give a warning
    message to the users.
  • Confirmation dialog box is mostly used to take
    user's consent on any option.
  • Prompt dialog box is very useful when you want to
    pop-up a text box to get user input. 

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