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Getting started with C Sharp Tutorial videos for Beginner


In this tutorial you will learn the process of installing visual studio for c sharp and also you can acquire knowledge on creating console applications using c sharp technology – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Getting started with C Sharp Tutorial videos for Beginner

Getting started with C Tutorial Videos for
Beginner by
  • Installing Visual Studio
  • Creating a console application

Installing visual studio
  • For working with Windows and Android apps a
    Windows development computer with Visual Studio
    2015 and Xamarin 4 installed
  • For working with iOS apps a Mac with OS X
    Yosemite (10.10.5) or above, with XCode and
    Xamarin installed.
  • Go to Google and download visual studio 2015
  • Once visual Studio installed, open Control Panel
    gt Programs and Features, choose the Visual Studio
    2015 item, and click Change.

Installing visual studio
  • When the installer opens, click Modify and skip
    to step 3. Within the installer, select
    a Custom install.
  • Click the Install button and let the process run.
  • Once installation is complete, launch Visual
    Studio and sign in with your Microsoft account if
    prompted. Then check for Xamarin updates
    through Tools gt Options gt Xamarin or Tools gt
    Options gt Xamarin gt Other.

Creating a console application
  • On the File menu, click New Project.
  • The New Project dialog box appears. This dialog
    box lists the different default application types
    that Visual C Express Edition can create.
  • 2. Select Console Application as your project
    type and change the name of your application
    to List Files.
  • 3. Click OK.

Creating a console application
  • Visual C Express Edition creates a new folder
    for your project named after the project title. 

Creating a console application
  • 4. Make sure that Solution Explorer is visible by
    clicking the Solution Explorer tab on the right
    of the screen, or the Solution Explorer icon in
    the toolbar.

Creating a console application
  • If Solution Explorer is still obscuring
    the Code pane, click in the Code pane to hide it.
    Now click to the right of the open curly brace
    () inside the Main method, and press ENTER to
    start a new line.
  • Type the class name Console into the Code Editor.
  • you can either type the complete word yourself,
    or let the IntelliSense tool that is part of
    the Code pane do it for you.

Creating a console application
  • Type a period and the method name WriteLine.
  • Type the string "This program lists all the files
    in the directory.
  • Finish the program.
  • Run your program.
  • Once the program compiles and runs,
    the Console window opens and a list of files and
    their sizes is displayed. Press ENTER to exit the

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