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How to Write a Standout Job Description


| The goal of recruiters and hiring managers is to attract the best and brightest individuals to the organization. A clear, concise, well-written job description is key to drawing in the most qualified applicants. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Write a Standout Job Description

How to Write a Job Description
  • A Guide for
  • Hiring Managers
  • and Recruiters

Attracting the Right Candidates
  • As a hiring manager or recruiter, your goal is to
    attract the best and brightest individuals to
    your organization.
  • A thorough and well-written job description that
    clearly outlines the qualities and skills youre
    looking for in a candidate will help you attract
    the most qualified applicants.
  • Writing a job description presents an opportunity
    for you to frame the role as youd like to see
    it, and enables you to illuminate the atmosphere
    of your organization to applicants (e.g.
    fast-paced and professional, or creative and

Anatomy of a Job Description
  • The following information applies to nearly every
    job, whether part-time, full-time, seasonal or
  • Job Title Summary
  • Department Supervisor
  • Term and Type of Employment (e.g. full-time,
    part-time, permanent, seasonal, contract, etc.)
  • Skills Qualifications
  • Key Areas of Responsibility
  • Organizational Atmosphere Perks
  • Company Overview
  • Salary Benefits Summary

1. Job Title Summary
  • Job Title
  • If one doesnt already exist, create a job title
    for the position youre looking to fill.
  • Make sure the job title is clear and captures the
    level of responsibility (e.g. assistant finance
    supervisor, or senior writer).
  • Job Summary
  • Write a brief description (2-3 sentences) about
    the purpose of the position and the general
    responsibilities and duties the employee will

2. Department Supervisor
  • Department
  • Indicate which department the applicant would
    work for (e.g. accounting, customer relations,
  • Supervisor
  • Make it clear who the applicant would report to
    and where that person falls within the
    organizational structure (e.g. The senior
    communications representative will report
    directly to the Chief of Operations.).
  • Also indicate any individuals/departments with
    whom the applicant would regularly work or

3. Term Type of Employment
  • Term of Employment
  • Make sure to indicate prominently whether the
    position is permanent, temporary, seasonal, or
  • Type of Employment
  • Dont bury important information about whether
    the position is full-time, part-time, or a paid
    or unpaid internship in mountains of text. Make
    sure this information stands out prominently
    within the job description.
  • If the position is an unpaid internship, you must
    follow the federal legal criteria.

4. Skills Qualifications
  • List all of the skills required for the position,
    and be specific.
  • For example, rather than writing Must be
    computer proficient, elaborate. Must have
    experience with MS Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
    Photoshop experience preferred, but not
    required. This lets candidates know exactly what
    is required.
  • Indicate the required or desired education level
    for the position, as well as years of experience
    and any required or helpful certifications or

5. Key Areas of Responsibility
  • When describing the key areas of responsibility
    for the position (typically between 5 and 10),
    use action verbs, such as
  • Research Delegate
  • Write Prepare
  • Communicate Maintain
  • Oversee
  • Indicate how often the applicant will perform any
    given task and how much time theyll spend on it.
    This will help them form expectations about the
    demands of the job.
  • Also, be sure to indicate the location of the
    position and clearly outline any travel

6. Organizational Atmosphere Perks
  • This is your opportunity to play up perks like
    gym memberships and workplace wellness programs
    for employees, and to describe the atmosphere and
    culture of your organization.
  • Honesty is key here and will help you find
    candidates that are a good match.
  • If work hard, play hard describes the culture
    of your organization, say so. If your company
    demands high production but also strives to help
    employees achieve work-life balance, make it
    clear in the job description.

7. Company Overview
  • Attracting applicants who are aligned with the
    mission and values of your organization to the
    greatest extent possible is preferred, and for
    many organizations, its essential.
  • Include a brief description about the
    organizations mission, goals, and size (single
    location, multi-national, etc.)
  • Also indicate why youre filling/adding the
    position. For example Our international
    marketing firm is seeking to expand its reach in
    the U.S. and is currently looking for a marketing

8. Salary Benefits Summary
  • Unless your company has a specific policy against
    posting information about salary and benefits,
    include this information in the job description.
  • Applicants will appreciate the transparency, and
    including this information up front will help
    filter out unsuitable candidates.
  • If your company offers an attractive benefits
    package that includes things like a 401K, health
    savings account, and medical, dental, and vision
    coverage, be sure to highlight this.

Tips on Formatting
  • Use bullet points and bolded headings whenever
  • Write short paragraphs, which are easier to
  • Use direct language and be specific to help
    applicants imagine themselves in the position.
  • Use action verbs to describe duties and
  • Highlight the culture of your organization.
  • Dont forget to include contact information.

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