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Job Applications: How to Stand Out in a Group Interview


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Title: Job Applications: How to Stand Out in a Group Interview

Modern PowerPoint Presentation
Job Applications
In todays employment market, the job writing
process has many facets. Applying for a job is a
challenging process for the inexperienced job
application writer and the process does not just
include writing a job application. It also
includes writing a cover letter, addressing
selection criteria and attending one or more
interviews. We dont often think that as a part
of the job application writing process that we
will attend a group interview, but these are
becoming increasingly common. Companies that
recruit large numbers of staff (like retail and
supermarket chains) love group interviews. They
are also used to recruit graduates into highly
prized positions in organisations such as
accounting firms, banks and other corporates.
Job Applications
If youve never attended a group interview
before, you might find the idea of standing out
from the crowd a daunting prospect. However, in
your job application writing process and job
search if you approach a group interview with the
right attitude, it can be a great way of
practically reinforcing the skills required
within the job description. To help you make the
right first impressions, heres our list of tips
for group interviews.
How to Stand Out in a Group Interview
2. Come prepared to speak aloud
1. The interview starts when you walk in the door
4. Dont let yourself be intimidated
3. Show leadership, but dont dominate
The interview starts when you walk in the door
At a group interview, you can expect to be
monitored from the moment you walk through the
door, well before the formal process begins.
Again a very scary prospect for many
inexperienced job application writers. Remember
by getting to the interview stage that you have
made it through the job application writing
process so you are already ahead of others. Your
potential employer is watching to see how conduct
yourself, especially in relation to other
applicants. So, be friendly. Take the
initiative and start conversations with the
people around you. Show off your social skills.
You will come across as confident and inclusive
exactly the kind of employee your future boss is
looking for. And make sure you greet your
interviewer at the beginning and thank them at
the end. The bigger the group, the more
important this is!
Come prepared to speak aloud
Research tells us that many people are more
frightened of public speaking than death itself.
Therefore, it is true that, at a funeral, some
people would rather be in the coffin than giving
the eulogy! Regardless of how much it frightens
you, chances are, at a group interview, you will
be asked to stand up in front of the group and
introduce yourself to everyone and often its the
dreaded, Tell us a bit about yourself,
question. Save yourself the embarrassment and
always come prepared with a brief, but
interesting introduction of yourself. Perhaps
this can be done when you are preparing your
written job application. Speak clearly and
confidently, even if you are panicking on the
inside! If, at any stage, there is activity that
requires a volunteer or a spokesperson, then put
your hand up! This is a sure fire way to be
Show leadership, but dont dominate
Almost all group interviews have some kind of
group activity that requires you to work together
with others. This is your opportunity to take
the initiative and show off your leadership and
communication skills. But, be careful not to
dominate as this is the fastest way to convince
your employer that you are not a team player.
You want to come across as assertive, but also
inclusive. Try to include any introverts in your
group by asking for their opinion. Listen to
what others have to say and show you are
listening properly through your body language.
Be attentive and alert. Nod, smile, lean in and
maintain appropriate eye-contact (not too much!)
Never speak over the top of someone or cut
someone off.
Dont let yourself be intimidated
If youre naturally an introvert, then make sure
you dont get lost in the group. Chances are,
one or two people will try to take control, but
make sure you dont just fade into the
background. Force yourself to answer first every
so often, but not every time, even if you usually
let others go first. Dont allow yourself to
drift along but take control when the opportunity
presents its self.
We are specialists in providing the following
So, there you have it! Job application writing
is much much more than just putting pen to paper
or fingers to the keyboard. Job application
writers need to ponder on what happens after the
job application writing process and you actually
win an interview. There are many many different
forms of interviews that organisations use to
test potential applicants. A group interview is
just one strategy and can be nerve-wracking at
first, but remember, everyone is nervous and
almost everyone is wondering what everyone else
thinks about them. Not just you! And remember
that you have done well just to get there! Your
written job application has done enough to put
you in front of others. So go in with the right
attitude, a big smile, a firm handshake and you
exude self-confidence (even if you have to fake
it!), they can actually be a lot of fun! Good
luck! Contact us at Red Tape Busters
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