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New Year’s Resolutions For Job-Seekers - Resume Writing


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Title: New Year’s Resolutions For Job-Seekers - Resume Writing

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A brand-new year means one thing New Years
Resolutions! If finding a new job is on your
list this year, then its time to make some
resolutions about your resume too. Your resume
is like a shop window that prospective employers
look at and you really only have 30 seconds to
make an impression. Chances are, they have
hundreds of resumes to review and they wont
hesitate to toss yours aside if it doesnt catch
their eye. So, this year, resolve to make your
resume the best it can be.
Here are out job application writing new years
Keep Your Resume Brief
Reading your resume should be like watching the
highlights of a football match. You get a
summary of the whole game in less than a minute.
If it doesnt fit on one or (at most) two pages,
then forget it. Therefore, focus on the most
interesting and relevant bits. Also, give more
space to your current or recent jobs, and less to
the past. Include the things that are most
relevant to the job you are applying for. With
this in mind
Ditch the Unnecessary Information From Your Resume
That includes your age, marital status, religion
or nationality. Job application writers may have
done this in the past, but it is now illegal for
your employer to ask you this information so
there's no need to include it. Also, resume
writers know to focus on the skills and
qualifications that make them a good fit for this
position. Make sure you do the same.
Make Your Resume Look Professional
If you are still using your original Hotmail
account from the 1990s, it might be time to
consider getting a new email address for the
purpose of your job applications. Sure, was a hilarious
email address back in the day, but now it makes
you look like youre stuck in a time warp. In
fact, anything that looks dated and
unprofessional erodes your chances of landing the
job. This include poor spelling, grammar and
punctuation, so check your work twice and then
get a friend to check it, and then check it
Highlight in Your Resume Your Awards and
Resume writers know how important it is to
highlight personal work achievements. So you
should do the same. Ever been employee of the
month? Mention it. Got any other formal awards?
Top salesperson? Most new clients? Have you
ever been selected, elected or recognized in some
way? Make sure you highlight it!
Quantify your Past Successes in Your Resume
Numbers talk! So, if you can provide some
statistics to support your past achievements that
will really make you stand out. Whether it is an
increase in sales volume, profit margin,
donations generated, savings on expenses,
expanding memberships, grants secured, or
something else, highlight the numeric value you
can add to a company. A statement like,
Developed a marketing plan that resulted in a
10 increase in donations received annually,
really speaks powerfully to your prospective
Show You Are A Team Player in Your Resume
Most organisations value leadership and teamwork
very highly. When writing descriptions of your
previous jobs, try to include examples of how
each job required you to demonstrate these
skills. Incorporate words that show formal and
informal leadership and teamwork, such as "led,"
"mentored," "drew consensus," "collaborated," and
"sought input."
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