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How to Write a Cover Letter - Follow These Six Steps


Take a look at this presentation and discover how to write a cover letter by following these six steps. To get more details you can visit site – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Write a Cover Letter - Follow These Six Steps

How to Write a Cover Letter - Follow These Six
  • Small things can make a big difference, dont you
    think? Quite often it works with a cover letter
    this additional brief piece of writing can make
    hiring managers just love you and immediately
    invite to the interview for your dream job.

  • Its your chance to make a great impression, so
    youre not allowed to screw up! Even a tiny typo
    can get your medical application letter instantly
    rejected by a recruiter. If your piece is
    grammatically correct, without the slightest flaw
    but so generic, dont you count on success.

  • So, do your best to be accepted to CTO jobs and
    create a powerful cover letter. Need help with
    that? Here are detailed 6 tips which will make
    the writing process much easier.

1. Make a nice structure
  • Header
  • In the very beginning, write your and the
    employer's contact information including name,
    address, phone number, email, and close it with
    the date. If youre composing an email, not an
    actual letter, your contact info must be in the

  • Salutation
  • Do a little research and find out to whom exactly
    youre writing as it will make the cover letter
    more personal. Start with Dear Mr./Ms. Last
    Name. Other options like Dear Sir or Madam or
    Dear Hiring Manager will be nice as well.

  • Introduction
  • Start with stating the position youre applying
    for and explaining where youve heard about this
    job. Then, make a preview of your letter in a
    few words state what skills, experience, and
    qualifications allow you to qualify for this job.

  • The most important task here is to catch the
    readers attention. So, be direct, concise, and
    sweet. Persuade that youre a match for the job

  • Body
  • Give strong reasons why youre so interested in
    this position and what makes you a perfect
    candidate for the job. Highlight your
    qualifications which match those in the job
    description and back them up with specific
    instances which show how qualified and skillful
    you are.

  • Remember the saying actions speak louder than
    words? Instead of a simple list of your skills,
    do show them in actions. Are you a team player
    with impressive people skills? Demonstrate it
    in practice!

  • Closing paragraph
  • Write that youll be happy to continue discussing
    the job and why youre a great match for it face
    to face on the interview. Then, thank the
    employer for reading this piece of writing.

  • Signature
  • If its an actual letter, close your written
    piece with your signature right near your name.
    If its an email, simply type your name above
    contact details.

2. Dont duplicate your resume
  • It should elaborate a resume, so stop repeating
    information a recruiter has already seen on your
    resume. First, explain the reasons why youre so
    interested in this particular position and
    company as well as why I deserve this job.

  • Specify the most relevant skills (carefully read
    the job description and make sure your skills
    match the ones this position requires). Dont
    make a list but back these skills with examples
    where you applied them.

3. Dont make it too personal
  • Its about your qualifications and professional
    ambitions. A winning blind letter has no place
    for personal information about you and your

  • Dont get frightened if you dont have ALL
    qualifications the company is looking for. Just
    dont mention it. Focus on your strengths and
    support them with concrete examples.

4. Keep it simple
  • Dont write too much. Nobody is going to read
    three pages long written piece. So, keep your
    accounting internship letter focused, up to the
    point and succinct. It should take just a few

5. Format a cover letter properly
  • Your written piece should look like a
    professional business letter. So, choose a basic
    font like Arial or Verdana, make it 10-12 in
    size, prefer standard margins and allow a space
    between your letters sections.

6. Edit and Proofread Your Cover Letter
  • Double-check grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
    Reading aloud is an awesome technique which helps
    to catch typos like missing words or poor
    sentence structure. Like an option, ask somebody
    you trust to read your letter and suggest what
    needs improving.
  • Find even more useful tips in this Google book.

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