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here I'm going to briefly explain some tips & tricks of on page seo which are helpful in increasing a web page rank by ethical ways. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: On page seo

OnPage SEO
  • Best Tricks and Tips

By ADMEC Multimedia Institute

  • Giving a brief explanation about each and every
    aspect about On-Page SEO. in this presentation
    youll learn tips and tricks which are helpful in
    increasing a web page rank by ethical ways.
  • Meaning of SEO
  • Types of SEO
  • Best on-page Tips and Tricks for SEO
  • Popular tools for On-Page SEO

What is SEO?
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategy to
    get better ranking to our
  • website. SEO is not a software, which covers
    up some tools or menus etc.
  • SEO is considered as a necessity for getting
    top position on search engines.

Types of SEO
  • On the basis of industry usage SEO can be broadly
    classified as
  • White Hat SEO
  • Black hat SEO
  • Grey hat SEO

White Hat SEO
  • White Hat SEO is the most ethical form of SEO.
  • This form of SEO is use to increase the page rank
    of a website in organic search in SERP (Search
    Engine Result Page).
  • Each and every rules and policies of search
    engines get obeyed in this process. The main
    focus is on the uniqueness of the content.
  • SEO experts use some techniques like writing
    keyword rich content, link building, keyword
    analysis and backlink building.
  • This SEO technique is the safest way of doing
    SEO without any risk of getting ban by the search

Black Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO is the most unethical way of doing
    Search Engine Optimization.
  • It breaks all the rules ad policies of search
  • This usually occurs when webmaster want to take
    their website into a new level, they use some
    techniques to increase their page rank in the
    search engine result.
  • Its an easiest way to increase your page rank by
    doing stuffs like keyword stuffing, cloaking,
    invisible text doorway pages, spam pages, etc.
  • However its effects are temporary. The search
    engine can catch anytime that the website is
    using Black Hat SEO. Every time search engine
    find such things, it permanently bans that
    website for practicing unethical deeds.

Grey Hat SEO
  • Most people take Grey Hat SEO as middle ground.
  • In this process, techniques are followed in such
    a way that few rules of search engine gets obeyed
    and some are broken.
  • It is mostly done in order to get more traffic.
  • It is not viewed as completely black hat SEO,
    rather its a perfect solution taken by the
    designers to avoid the situation of getting
    banned by the search engines.

Image Optimization
Domain Name
Page Name
Meta Tags
Best On- Page SEO Tips Tricks
Heading Tags
- Points to be Remembered
Keyword Density
Link Tags
Robot Meta Tag
1. Domain Name
  • The Domain name is very important. There are two
    main factors for the domain name.
  • Keyword in domain (actionscriptinstitute,
    graphic-design-institute etc.)
  • Brand name in domain (ADMEC, Google, Yahoo etc)
  • First thing if you are targeting any particular
    keyword, then that keyword can be use in the
    domain. For example-http//www.actionscriptinstitu
    te.com. Before using ActionScript institute is
    not a brand just a keyword, after use this
    keyword in the domain, finally you get a brand
    name with keyword. So you can optimize this
    keyword easily, because this keyword use in the
    domain name.
  • If you are planning a brand name like (ADMEC),
    ADMEC is not a keyword just a name. So you can do
    it. Using brand name in domain it is not harmful
    for SEO because search engines like brand because
    most users like a brand.

2. Page Name
  • Page name is really an important factor to take
    into consideration by the majority of SEO
  • Most web designers create pages like index.html,
    about.html, services.html and
  • contact.html and this is absolutely wrong
    according to SEO.
  • By convention default page must have its name as
    "index" but other pages we can change to get
    maximum SEO benefits.
  • We target very important keywords in the page
    name or URL name for example about-
  • multimedia-institute.html. Here "about"
    indicates that this page contains information
  • about a brand while "multimedia institute"
    is a keyword.

3. Image Optimization
  • In reality search engines do not like images,
    video or flash. So its is big question that why
    do you do image optimization in SEO? Ok when we
    use image in a HTML page with img src"" / tag
    (img src"abc-folder/web-image.jpg" alt"web
    image samples" /) always remember don't forget
    alt attribute. Alt attribute is an important tag.
    Some web designers have a question, why we do use
    alt? If the image will not display in a browser,
    that time alt attribute text display given by
  • First you should give proper and relevant name to
    an image. For example if you are giving image
    name (web header 02.jpg, png or gif) and
    (web_header_02.jpg, png or gif) this is terrible
    for SEO, the right way is (web-header.jpg, png or
  • And when any user will search images in search
    engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN etc), if the keyword
    has matched your alt attribute than search
    engines will display your image that time. So as
    a final point we don't leave blank any alt.

4. Title
  • Officially title tag is not a part of the Meta
    tag but its use is really very important. All
  • pages have requirement for this tag. This
    tag is very important and use in the majority as
  • essential keywords inside the tag. You can
    define 60 to 70 characters with space. The title
    tag markup looks like
  • The Title tag provides two benefits, 1st it
    displays on user's browser and 2nd in search
    engines results pages.

5. Meta Tags
  • Meta Tags are not a supernatural solution but its
    help make sure your website. This tag is
  • hidden and presented inside the section.
  • Meta tags can be classified into
  • Meta Description
  • Meta description tag is main tag
    according to SEO. It provides a short description
    of the page in search engines. It is possible if
    your description matches from that page.
    Description is a summary of page content, so
    don't use unnecessary text inside the
    description. Description length is 120 to 140
    characters with space.
  • Keyword Meta Tag
  • This is very useful but usually the major
    search engines do not use meta keyword for
    evaluator the text of the page. So you can target
    best keywords from the page content and use
    inside the meta keyword. We can use 4 to 6
    keywords in this tag.

  • Robot Meta Tag
  • Robot meta tag an important part of SEO. It
    consists of two main parts.
  • 1. Robot Meta Tag
  • 2. Robot.txt
  • 1. Robot Meta Tag
  • The Robot meta tag is available inside the
    session. Robot meta tags of are 4 types.
  • Index, follow()- This is a common robot meta tag
    widely used by web designers. The basic purpose
    of this tag is that the spider will index the
    whole website. The spider will not only index
    your first web page excluding also other web
  • No index, follow()- We use this meta tag for the
    spider will not look at this page but crawl
    through the take a break of pages on your
  • Index, no follow()- This means you are telling
    the spider, that he will not give the impression
    of being at this page and stop there.
  • No index, no follow()- This robot meta tag will
    help you if you want to your web page or website,
    the spider is not look at this page or nighters
    crawl throughout the rest of pages on your

  • 2. Robot.txt
  • We can say about robot.txt is a part of
    On-Page SEO. This is very helpful, because we
    want to
  • stop particular some html pages, images and
    image folder also. That time Robot.txt will help
  • you. This is a very easy way to stop images
    or html pages. The major search engines (google,
  • yahoo, msn etc) read robot.txt file.
  • A robot would like to visit the website url
    for example
  • http//www.admecindia.co.in/index.html. It
    will confirm first
  • http//www.admecindia.co.in/robot.txt, and
  • User-agent
  • Disallow /
  • "User-agent " this section applies all
    robots and the Disallow / inform the robot that
    should visit any pages of the website.

6. Heading Tag
  • Heading tags are very helpful measurements in
    SEO. There are six heading tags in HTML (H1, H2,
    H3, H4, H5, and H6). The use of heading tags are
    heading or subheading
  • according to order of headings. Mostly we
    use only tree tags (H1, H2 or H3).
  • H1 tag is big tag an HTML. According to
    HTML and search engines the H1 tag is a very
  • valuable tag. We use H1 tag only one time
    in an HTML page. Always try to use a keyword
    inside the H1 tag. If you are using keyword
    inside the H1 tag, this means you are telling the
    visitors or search engine spider that text is
    very important.
  • H2 tag comes on second number position, so we use
    H2 tag for subheading. H2 tag we
  • can use three to four times in a page.
  • H3 heading tag is use for sub-section of
    secondary heading. If you are using H3 heading
  • tag, this means represent different
    subdivisions of content.

7. Link Tags
  • Link title is the most important part of On-Page
    SEO. It gives following benefits.
  • User Friendly User friendly means 100 web
    sites have links. When users come at links, the
    link title display and link title also help the
    user what kind of information in this link?
  • Search Engines Friendly According to SEO link
    title is compulsory. We use best keyword in the
    link title. This way is get better keyword
    density, helpful for optimization time.
  • For Examplea href"online-training-institute.htm
    l" title"best online institutes" Online
  • Training
  • In this example we have a link like Online
    Training and create a link or giving link title
  • So the benefit is best online institutes this is
    a keyword who put on the link title tag, search
  • engines like this and defiantly improve your
    ranking. Finally we will not left any link
    without the
  • title tag. Every links are important.

8. Content
  • Content is soul of SEO.
  • The role of content is most important because the
    major search engines love those websites who have
    best unique content.
  • Content is so essential, as it improves the
    keyword density.
  • If you add a content using keyword density, the
    search engines give better response.
  • While writing the content, don't forget using the
    main keywords or keyword phrase.

9. Keyword Density
  • Keywords plays an important role in SEO.
  • Keyword are the elements which are match against
    the search strings in search engine result.
  • Keyword selection is an important point to
    remember, because it helps in the optimization of
    your webpage.
  • There are many ways which you can use to select
    an appropriate keyword for your webpage.
  • First do an analysis of keyword which are
    searched by the users the most in search engine,
    then go through the keywords your competitors
    have taken and finally select a keyword which you
    think describes your website the best.

Popular Tools For On-Page SEO
Popular Tools Website for SEO
  • Woo Rank
  • SEO Quake
  • Yslow
  • W3C Validator
  • Site Trail
  • Traffic Travis
  • SEO Workers
  • Lipperhey
  • Free SEO Analysis
  • Spyder Mate

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