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Presentation on Key Factors of ISO 14001:2015


Global manager group introduced EMS 14001:2015 Documentation Kit. This standard was developed and organized to help all organizations interested in the development of an Environmental Management System (EMS) which is compatible with ISO 14001. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Presentation on Key Factors of ISO 14001:2015

  • Presentation on
  • Key Factors of ISO 140012015
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Key improvements in the new version of EMS
140012015 include
  • More management commitment.
  • Greater alignment with the strategic direction.
  • Greater environmental protection, with an
    emphasis on proactive initiatives.
  • Focus on documented information and reduces
    documentation requirements.
  • More effective communication, driven through a
    communication strategy.
  • Life cycle thinking, considering each stage of a
    product or service, from development to end of
Major changes in new version of ISO 140012015
The revision of EMS 14001 was completed in
September 2015. The structure of the ISO 14001
standard was majorly modified to follow the
high-level structure" to ensure identical
structures for all management systems and the
consistent use basic texts and words. The new
structure makes standards more understandable and
more effective combined certifications. The
changes are as follows
  • ISO 14001 2015 adopts a high-level structure and
    the terminology it uses unified directive for the
    development of all new ISO standards.
  • It has been redesigned to increase the clarity
    and accessibility, reducing room for
  • It introduces two new provisions of the context
    of the organization, which requires the
    organization to identify issues and requirements
    that may affect the planning of the environmental
    management system and can be used as an input in
    the development of environmental management
  • ISO 140012015 makes the adoption of a process
    approach in the implementation of a more
    explicitly environmental management system.
  • ISO 140012015 reduces documentation, which terms
    as documented information requirements only in
    new upgraded version.
  • ISO 140012015 replaces the term "products" by
    "goods and services", to eliminate the existing
    bias towards organizations that deal with
    physical products. Consequently, the new standard
    will be applicable to organizations of any kind.
  • ISO 140012015 does not contain a clause with the
    specific requirements for preventive action. ISO
    motivates this decision on the basis that
    prevention is the task of the quality management
    system as a whole, as opposed to a specific
    paragraph of it.
Why do we need ISO 140012015 Certification
Following are main reasons for adopting ISO
  • Integrating the environment and continuous
    improvement in the heart of your business The
    revised standard will ensure that environmental
    management is now fully integrated and aligned
    with the business strategies of your
    organization. This strategic direction will
    result in optimizing the performance of your EMS
    making it more sustainable, save money and help
    preserve the planet's resources for future
  • Leadership Greater involvement in the management
    team by the management system will ensure the
    entire organization for goals and objectives.
  • Improved environmental performance Organizations
    should take steps to protect the environment and
    improve environmental performance. Good
    environmental management will reduce the risk of
    regulatory fines and can often identify
    opportunities to save money. 
  • An integrated approach With the new structure
    applicable to all new ISO management system
    standards, it will be much easier to implement
    several integrated management systems.
Steps for EMS 140012015
  • Learn about the ISO 14001 Standard
  • Perform an ISO 14001 Initial Environmental Review
    Gap Analysis
  • Plan your ISO 14000 project
  • Train your organization on ISO 14001
  • Document your ISO 14001 Environmental Management
  • Implement your EMS and conduct business
  • Audit your EMS
  • Registration Audit Options
Use of EMS 140012015 Certification
  • Provide your business with the assurance that you
    are having, and will continue to meet your
    commitments about environmental management
  • Provide potentially less regulatory oversight
  • Increase competitiveness.
  • Increasing profits through improved processes and
    potential energy savings.
  • Reduce your environmental responsibility.
  • Reduce costs of EMS system due to potentially
    lower insurance rates.
  • Checking your recognition systems and compliance
    with environmental laws and regulations.
Documentation Kit on EMS 140012015 by Global
Manager Group
  • EMS 14001 environmental manual (14 files)
  • EMS procedures (07 procedures)
  • Standard Operating Procedures (42 SOPs)
  • Templates (41 sample forms)
  • Exhibitions (06 Exhibits)
  • Audit Checklist (over 700 questions)
  • Environmental Plans (06 files)
  • Sample Filled Aspects and Impacts (06 files)
  • EMS 140012015 Compliance Matrix (01 excel file)
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