The New Email: Uncovering best practices and new opportunities in email for the public sector - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The New Email: Uncovering best practices and new opportunities in email for the public sector


The New Email: Uncovering best practices and new opportunities ... (46,000 jobs online each day) 2.3 million tax returns by individuals via the Internet in 2001 ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The New Email: Uncovering best practices and new opportunities in email for the public sector

The New EmailUncovering best practices and new
opportunities in email for the public sector
  • Michael Calvert
  • Wayne Carrigan
  • Carolyn Gardner

Todays Session
  • Why we are here
  • Email That was then, This is now
  • Canadian Government Stats Online
  • Todays Email Best Practices
  • Team Canada Lessons Learned
  • Building a Business Case for New Email Ops
  • Open Discussion Q A

Email That was then
  • Spray and Pray Blast tactics
  • Little regard for permission-based strategies
  • No reporting
  • Plain text was the norm
  • Primarily for internal communication use
  • Not recognized as part of the marketing mix
  • Limited email-marketing technology options

Email That was then
  • Little thought on segmentation emails were sent
    to anyone and everyone
  • Content was focused on what senders wanted to say
    vs. what recipients wanted to read
  • Very few deliverability challenges
  • People had one primary email address
  • No legislative boundaries

Email This is now
  • Recognized as a primary channel for communication
    and marketing
  • Despite its smaller population, Canada ranks 8
    for online populations by country, with
    18.9-million people online over age 15,
    according to recent comScore World Metrix data
  • Nearly 23 million Canadians access the Internet
    each month -- over 70 of the population

Email This is now
  • Broadband penetration is 80 in Canada while the
    US lags at 70
  • Canada is 10 with 38.4 average hours/month per
    visitor, according to comScore (Global average is
    31.3 hours with Israel leading the way at 57.5
    hours a month - the US and UK didnt make the top
    15 countries list!)
  • French Canadians have a higher rate of Internet
    usage, with 65 of French-speaking Canadians
    online vs.58 for English Canadians

Email This is now
  • Highly competitive inbox many people average
    about 200 emails/day
  • Junk email is prevalent 68 of email is
    classified as SPAM
  • Due to Spam, 16 of the population change email
    addresses fairly frequently
  • Performance response measurement matters
  • Increased legislation - PIPEDA, CAN SPAM
  • Permission-based/opt-in strategies matter

Email This is now
  • Most people have at least 2 email addresses
    business and personal many have more than 2!
  • Increased deliverability challenges due to
    filters and blocks
  • More technical requirements SPF, Sender ID,
    Domain keys
  • 79 of Canadian Internet users opt-in to receive
    email campaigns ie. e-Newsletters
  • Average number of email subscriptions is 9
  • Canadians prefer email communications

Canadian Government Stats
  • Almost 4 million requests to access the Canada
    Site ( per month
  • 100,000 visitors to the Job Bank every
    day(46,000 jobs online each day)
  • 2.3 million tax returns by individuals via the
    Internet in 2001
  • 80 of seniors have pension benefits
    electronically deposited into their bank account
  • 6 million email exchanges within government every

How Canadians contact/get help from the Govt of
Source TBS
Todays Email
  • HTML / multi-part emails are a best practice
  • Using sophisticated technology, emails are
    automatically delivered in either text or HTML
    depending on the setting of each recipients
    email client

Todays Email
  • Preview Panes
  • Considered prime real estate that requires
    careful consideration in design and messaging
  • Some recipients only view in the preview pane

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Todays Email
  • Image Blocking
  • Many email clients default to images being
    blocked or turned off
  • Requires email strategies that focus on strong
    messages that can stand alone without any images
  • Images should only support the message

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Todays Email
  • Safe Sender
  • As part of the Spam backlash, many emails are
    filtered and blocked
  • Classifying an email address in the safe sender
    category helps improve deliverability and ensure
    emails are received

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Todays Email
  • Delivery ISP Relations
  • Essential part of email marketing success
  • Blacklisting and whitelisting are new realities
  • Reinforces the need for permission-based
  • Requires an understanding of common email filter
    and block triggers

Todays Email
  • Segmentation and list management
  • One size fits all doesnt work
  • Segment lists as much as possible
  • Allows for more targeted emails
  • Increased relevancy leads to increased response

Todays Email
  • Personalization
  • Similar to segmentation since it creates that
    more personal we understand you type of email
  • Can extend to more than just Dear ltfirst namegt

Todays Email
  • Easy subscription process
  • Critical part of permission-based email marketing
  • Easy opt-outs are also important
  • Ask subscribers for minimal information or risk
    low subscription rates

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Todays Email
  • Privacy Compliance
  • Privacy policy should be accessible to
  • Builds trust
  • Modern email technologies support privacy

Todays Email
  • Reporting
  • Key part of performance measurement
  • Opt-in rates, opt-out rates, open rates,
    deliverability rates, bounce rates, click-through
  • Tracking and monitoring response rates allows for
  • Testing allows for more refined content
    development which helps improve response rates

Best Practices
  • Effective email strategies should factor in
  • Hypertext writing (nonlinear style thinking)
  • Visual media (charts, photographs, drawings)
  • Multiple media (animation, video, and sound)
  • Dynamic media (moving pictures and sound)
  • Mixes of media (combining various media)

Best Practices - Design
  • Design the email so that the message can stand
  • Images should support the message they should
    not be essential in case of image blocks
  • Remember the preview pane
  • Include a Table of Contents at the top of longer

Quick Fact
  • Studies show that reading from a computer screen
    is about 30 slower than reading from paper
  • Screen resolution is low as compared to printed
  • Screen glare can impair reading.
  • Screen reading can cause eyestrain due to screens
    that are smaller, grainier, and more glaring than
  • Screen size can be smaller than a page of printed

Best Practices - Content
  • Understanding that people scan online both on
    the Web and in emails, use
  • Highlighted keywords
  • Meaningful links, headings and subheadings
  • Bulleted lists
  • One idea per paragraph
  • A table of contents or site map  

Best Practices - Deliverability
  • Avoid common filter triggers such as excessive
    punctuation, order now, sales_at_, etc.
  • Work with a reputable ESP (Email Service
  • Ensure solid ISP relationships
  • Practice permission-based marketing
  • Keep clean databases

  • The TCI E-Bulletin
  • used departmental ListServe application
  • located within firewall
  • had serious limitations in formatting, graphics
  • received poor/no training and support
  • was a major effort to publish each month
  • got no performance stats

Team Canada Inc Lessons Learned
  • Identify your objectives first.
  • Hire the experts you need.
  • - It really costs less in the long run!
  • Dont set unrealistic deadlines
  • - It is better to under-promise and over-deliver.
  • Measure your results.

Building a Business Case
  • Need access to performance measurement reports
    that indicate popular topics so you can better
    communicate with your audience?
  • Need to understand whether people receive your
    emails how to boost deliveries by 10?
  • Need an environmentally responsible way to better
    communicate with your target audiences?
  • Need to offset your printing and postage costs?
    Fact Most email programs can be run on 10 of
    the budget associated with one direct mail drop. 

Open Discussion
  • What is the future of email?
  • How do you choose strategy and technology
  • General Q A?

Thank You!
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