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Best School In Chandigarh (1)


Best school in Chandigarh-Looking of the top play way school and CBSE School in Chandigarh for your kids? At Ashiana Public School, we offer quality education with a wide range of activities from sports to music and dance, theatre to art and craft. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best School In Chandigarh (1)

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Ashiana Public School Ready to guide your
children's future. Our ultimate goal is to make
your children's future healthy, intelligent, and
thriving.. Ashiana Public School is a great place
where your kids get a lot of education, about
Eco-friendly lifestyle. Asian Public Schools
inspires your kids to explore sports, explore the
world around you, and find festivals and seasons,
social events, and other countries from all over
the world. The Special Purpose of Ashiana Public
Schools is to Make Kids Eco-Friendly How can you
keep your neighborhood clean, Your Kids Are
Motivated Environmentally.
Ashiana Public School
Ashiana Public School is far from a child's home.
We also have access to every single student. We
strongly encourage children to engage with
parents in a supportive environment at school,
strengthening the required cost. Our mission is
to empower children in every way, be healthy, be
hands-on and be creative Service to the
community Be ethically and morally balanced and
environmentally conscious.
Ashiana Public School
Ashiana Public School  nurtures its children in a
holistic way and partners with parents in a
constructive way. The school provides one of the
best learning environments in terms of
,facilities, infrastructure and staff.  Ashiana
caters to academic excellence, extra-curricular
involvement and community awareness. Life skills
value education are an important focus so that
children become better citizens and better human
beings as well.The role of parents in grooming
the child is as significant as that of the
school. In fact, school parents together make a
team which steers the course of the childs
future.We seek the wholehearted support
cooperation of all parents to bring out the best
in each child.Welcome to Ashiana Public
School. Mrs. Monika Sharma
Asian Public School has long been a place for
children to study. Where Children's Brain, Unique
Support and Religious Assessment, Exploring
Research..Ashiana Public School is the best kids'
school in Chandigarh. Where all kinds of
education is given to children, children get a
family-like environment at school. The classrooms
are very well made. Where children not only do
theatrical study but also teach children in
practical. Kids Zone is set up for kids to play.
Ashiana Public School attempts to make learning
fun an memorable for the children so that they
successfully enjoy the magical foundation years
of their lives. The school's infrastructure is
designed to take into account the psychology of
young children. The furniture of the school is
tailored to the needs of the children, It shows
the basic structure of junior children. The
classroom builds on children's feelings of
thinking, expressing and inquiring into young
Campus The main campus is located in Sector 46A,
Chandigarh.Located over a lush green two and a
half acres of land, the campus has separate
playgrounds for primary children and senior
school children.
Ashiana Public School
Play The primary school has indoor and outdoor
playgrounds that include swings, jungle gyms, a
tree house, and a sandpit amongst others.  The
secondary school playgrounds include badminton,
skating, football and table tennis facilities
with a basketball court and multipurpose sports
Ashiana Public School
The school also has a well equipped science
laboratory, an extensive library, a computer
laboratory, an open air multipurpose auditorium,
and an audiovisual room among other facilities.
The primary and senior classrooms are equipped
with the latest audio-visual technologies to
facilitate e-learning.
Ashiana Public School
Currently, the building and all open areas are
being designed in a manner that enables linking
the indoors with the outdoors. Outdoor learning
and reading areas will be located throughout the
school. The primary school interiors are also
hand painted and tiled with murals and pictures
portraying the childrens favorite stories and
Ashiana Public School
The school has well integrated safety and
evacuation processes with a Government approved
fire protection system, backup generator and
filtered water available for all students. School
staff and contractors undergo frequent training
in operating equipment and responding to
Ashiana Public School
The school has hired a fleet of buses that ply
throughout the Tricity (Chandigarh, Panchkula,
Mohali and the adjoining areas of Zirakpur), to
carry students to and from the school under a
lady attendant. Parents are requested to
ascertain the bus schedule before admission as
the routes and stops are limited. The safety and
security of our students is extremely important
to us. For this, we have a set of standard
procedures that are followed strictly.    Live
tracking through GPS system    Camera
Surveillance    Deployment of lady attendants
to ensure safety and cater to in-bus needs/help
(if any)    Male attendant for additional
support, security and proper functioning   
Regular training of attendants on student safety
and transport management system    Daily
reporting of the attendants on bus decorum to the
transport head(s).
1. The transport fee must be deposited on monthly
basis to the respective contractor. You may
collect the receipt in lieu. We do not issue a
separate fee booklet for transport.2. One
months prior notice must be submitted to
discontinue the bus service.3. Students availing
the bus facility will not be allowed to
discontinue it in the last quarter.4. The
students should be at the bus stop ten minutes
before the scheduled time in the morning.5.
Students will not be allowed to come late or
leave early with parents/ guardians, unless both
the school authorities and the bus contractor
have been informed by xxxx.In case, you want to
pick your ward early, kindly ensure you pick up
the child before 1130am in case of Pre- Nursery
U.KG, and before 100pm in case of classes I -
X. No child will be allowed to leave after the
specified/mentioned time for early pick up
Ashiana Public School
Private Transport
Keeping in mind, the security and safety of its
students, the school discourages parents from
opting for private transport. In case, the
parents still wish to opt for the same, we
request you to be careful about the following1.
Be cautious in selecting the transport
contractor, driver and conductor of the van/bus.
You must verify the background and credentials of
the transporter, driver and especially the
conductor.2. Inform the school authority about
the transporter and the transport.3. Instruct
the conductor to be very strict and alert about
your childs presence in the vehicle.4.If you
happen to take your child, from the school after
half day on your own, or bring the child late to
school on your own, your bus conductor must be
informed about this in advance.
Well-structured curriculum The school has a
childcentric unique curriculum, which adopts an
innovative pedagogy to develop each students
inherent potential. The entire learning process
has been developed, and distributed
appropriately, across the four distinctive
learning stages that are designed to help every
child realize his/her talent to the fullest. This
initiative endeavors to make available a vast
resource of knowledge content to each class
through an interactive multimedia Smart Board. It
fosters a better understanding and ignites a
joyous learning environment for the students. The
entire content is mapped to the curriculum
class-wise. 1. Brings abstract and difficult
curriculum concepts to life. 2. Improves the
teachers effectiveness and productivity. 3.
Makes learning an enjoyable experience for
students. 4. Maximizes the academic performance
of students. 5. Enables a constant monitoring of
your childs progress in class.
Ashiana Public School
The objective is to teach children at their own
natural pace. The facilitator approaches learning
in a sequential manner from easy to difficult.
This ensures that concept clarity leads to a
strong base, before the child moves to the next
higher level of learning.The teaching methods
adopted ensure that every child absorbs maximum
new knowledge in a natural and effortless way.
This enables slow learners to reach the requisite
standards, whilst allowing the gifted children
opportunities to constantly engage in challenging
tasks of a higher order. Thus, an ambience of
all-round joyous learning is created by using
stimulating educational content.
Ashiana Public School
Creative assessments are integrated into every
subject in order to better identify the strengths
and limitations of each child. A specially
designed program is used to interpret the data
collected and the results are a part of the
ongoing scientific assessment of the child. The
analysis is further used to guide the children
about their strengths and enable them in making
future vocational choices.
Ashiana Public School
Ashiana Public SchoolSector 46 - A,
Chandigarh(Landmark Sports Stadium, Sector 46)
PrincipalMrs. Monika Sharma Contact
Reach us
Ashiana Public School
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