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CA ENLACE funds ARCHES Planning Grants and participates on the ARCHES/ENLACE Leadership Team ... of science required. 2 must be lab science; Chemistry, physics, ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: ENLACE: Pathway

ENLACE Pathway
California ENLACE Engaging Latino Communities
for Education The College Board Conference Las
Vegas February 26, 2006 A W.K. Kellogg
Foundation Initiative
  • A Framework for Phase III Work
  • Developed jointly by the Santa Barbara and Santa
    Ana ENLACE teams

California ENLACE Presentation Team
  • Sara Lundquist, Ph.D., Vice President, SAC
  • Juan Francisco Lara, Ph.D., Associate Vice
    Chancellor, The University of California, Irvine
  • Silas Abrego, Ed.D., Associate Vice President,
    California State University, Fullerton
  • Richard Duran, Ph.D. Professor, University of
    California, Santa Barbara duran_at_education.ucsb.
  • Erlinda Martinez, Ed.D., President, SAC
  • Rosa Harrizon, Parent Program Leader, SAC

Vision for California ENLACE
  • Build on the strength of documented best
    practices established in Latino serving
    partnerships (1999-2005).
  • Seed the development and implementation of next
    level efforts to expand the Latino pipeline to
    higher education
  • Advance a set of inter-regional efforts that
    support student-centered educational achievement
    work in emerging Latino communities
  • Create demonstration models for the state in
    pre-college student academic development,
    admissions, college and university retention,
    education-centered community empowerment, and
    related research and policy.

CALIFORNIA Engaging Latino Communities in
Education (ENLACE)
  • Expands a W.K. Kellogg Foundation initiative to
    increase Latino educational achievement in which
    13 partnerships in 7 states were funded from
  • California now has a statewide grant to expand
    best practices focused on supporting
    college-going for Latinos in California.
  • Focal points include
  • Academic Achievement
  • Parent and Community Involvement
  • Policy
  • Direct Financial Support for Students
  • CA ENLACE funds ARCHES Planning Grants and
    participates on the ARCHES/ENLACE Leadership Team

California ENLACE Founding Partners
  • Santa Barbara
  • Santa Barbara Unified School District
  • Oxnard Community College
  • Ventura Community College
  • California State University Channel Islands
  • University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Santa Ana
  • Santa Ana Unified School District
  • Santa Ana College
  • California State University, Fullerton
  • University of California, Irvine

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation
The Pillars of California ENLACE
The Academic Core Overview Juan Francisco Lara
  • Establish goals and academic achievement models
    for Latinos in accordance with Californias
    Master Plan for Higher Education
  • 12.5 UC eligible
  • 33 CSU eligible
  • The remainder invited to attend a community
  • Expand the number of institutions that establish
    a default A-G (rigorous) pre-college program of
    study for all students
  • Create and implement academic, co-curricular, and
    professional development interventions in the
    Pre-K to graduate school continuum

The Academic Core - Strategy One ARCHES/ENLACE
Academic Achievement Planning Grants
  • Vision and strategies of ARCHES/ENLACE
  • Goal To impact student academic achievement in a
    sustainable way through the formation or further
    development of a partnership
  • Results Sought Documented Pre-K to transfer
    increases in student academic achievement and the
    establishment of institutional practices that
    will sustain them.

ARCHES/ENLACE Planning Grants
  • Availability of Qualified Teachers and
  • Professional Development
  • Foothill DeAnza Community College District
  • San Bernardino County Office of Education
  • San Diego Regional Economic Development
  • Greater Access to Quality Pre-School
  • San Luis Obispo County Office of Education
  • Increase in College-Going Rates
  • Imperial Valley County Office of Education
  • Los Rios Community College District
  • Merced County Office of Education
  • Sonoma County Office of Education
  • Reduction in Secondary School Attrition
  • California State University, Northridge
  • Community College Transfer
  • College of the Siskyious
  • Tulare County Office of Education

The Academic Core - Strategy Two Expand the
Implementation of Rigorous Pre-College Programs
of Study for Latino Students in California
  • Rigorous Pre-College Tool Kit
  • Policy sample
  • Discipline-specific course sequence
  • Course placement chart
  • School site mapping
  • Mastery teaching strategies-peer teams
  • Statewide dissemination and training to
    partnerships, school districts, and educators

Part I Pre-College ReadinessPolicy-Programs-Prac
tice Impact
SAUSD Mastery Learning Math Sequence 8th Grade
Santa Ana High School Pre-Algebra 2003-2004
The Academic Core Sy AbregoSustaining the Work
at CSU Fullertonand Forging Alliances with Key
  • Summer Bridge/ENLACE
  • The Chicano Resource Center
  • The BA Beyond University Outreach
  • The Student Affiliates
  • The Chicano-Latino Intersegmental Convocation

Summer Bridge/ENLACE
  • This is a six-week residential program for
    incoming first-time freshman students. It
    transitions them to university life and prepares
    them for the rigors of university work.

The Chicano Resource Center
  • Ongoing Activities
  • Provide scholarship information and links through
    the Chicano Resource Center website.
  • Offer referrals and assistance to students.
  • Facilitate higher education workshops to K-12
  • Promote and distribute ENLACE information.
  • Communicate with students via e-mail to inform
    them of scholarship opportunities, workshops, or
    other valuable information that will help them
    succeed at Cal State Fullerton

The BA Beyond/University Outreach
  • Discipline-specific coalitions of faculty to
    identify and rectify barriers to Latino
    advancement to graduate school.
  • Services Provided for Outreach
  • Titan Choices Program places a CSUF student
    intern at each comprehensive high school in Santa
    Ana 14-17 hours per week.
  • Interns provide workshops on CSU Mentor
    application, FAFSA, Higher Ed options.
  • Interns assist Higher Ed Center Coordinators
  • Provide recruitment services at the high schools
  • Actively participate in the Santa Ana Partnership
    and deliver services through the partnership

ENLACE Student Affiliates
  • Santa Ana Mentoring Program Focusing on first
    and second year Santa Ana Students.
  • Pair them up with a faculty and/or staff on
    campus to create retention among the
    underrepresented students.
  • Provide on and off campus resources
  • Website
  • Offering a list of scholarships to Chicano/Latino
    students regardless of citizenship status
  • www.mechacsuf.com (link ENLACE/AB-540)
  • Provide CSUF students information and resources
    about AB-540
  • Workshops
  • Plan informative session dealing with issues,
    such as AB-540, The Dream Act, and any other
    Legislatures that are affecting the community and
    the pursue of Higher Education
  • ENLACE Partnership
  • Collaborating with different institutions (UCI,
    CSUF, and SAC) on the importance of pursuing
    higher education to high schools and middle
  • Work with coalitions and organizations e.i
    Padres Promotores, Orange County Dream Team
    Coalition, and Higher Education Centers to
    educate the community as well as the students.
  • Building relationships with administrative staff
    to help us achieve our goals.
  • Attending conference to acquire the leadership
    skills and knowledge that would benefit the
    community and students.

The Chicano-Latino Intersegmental Convocation
  • The Chicano Latino Intersegmental Convocation
    (CLIC) is a voluntary coalition of California
    higher education administrators, faculty, and
    students from the three public segments and the
    independent sector. CLIC was established in the
    early 1990s to sponsor periodic statewide
    convocations designed to inform the higher
    education community, non-profit policy and
    advocacy organizations, and policy makers about
    issues and challenges facing Chicano/Latinos in
    higher education.

Parent Community Engagement Richard Duran
  • Build Phase II model strategies, partners, and
    materials, to expand both the scope of effort as
    well as the documentation of impact
  • Develop a Parent-to-Parent program expansion and
    support model
  • Identify/develop model training and dissemination
    materials (within beyond our present efforts)

Parent Community Engagement (cont.)
  • Dynamic Relations of Exchange
  • Programs are in constant flux and need to be
  • Partnerships are central and need to be
    responsive to community values as well as to
    partner institutions values
  • Expertise is distributive
  • Regional and broader networking needs attention
  • Policy impact requires more complex

Parent Community Engagement (cont.)
  • Key Element of Programs
  • Goals and Design
  • Evaluation
  • Diffusion
  • Implementation
  • Communication
  • Policy Impact

Policy Sara Lundquist
  • Locate all CA ENLACE work in the policy context
    of Californias Higher Education Master Plan.
  • Seek policy opportunities through work with local
    institutions and communities, at the statewide
    level, and nationally.
  • Use research accumulated evidence to leverage
    change and catalyze action.

Policy Goal To increase the number of A-G
courses required for high school graduation (at
school sites, within districts, and statewide)
  • Document baseline course requirements with
    scale-up plans by discipline, course, and
    academic program year.
  • Documentation of course sections offered and
    student enrollments in specific pre-college
    courses for each active enrollment period
    associated with CA ENLACE.

Policy Strategies Increasing CSU/UC Eligibility
and Enrollment
  • Create an A-G Implementation Task Force with
    representatives of public high school districts
    that have enacted A-G course requirements as a
    condition of high school graduation. Document
    the incremental impact on student academic
    achievement in specific gateway courses.
  • Provide testimony to policymaking and influencing
    groups and model evaluation/ outcomes assessment
  • Identify a set of best policies and practices in
    A-G districts.
  • Develop a tool kit for aspiring A-G districts/
    schools to support their transition to a rigorous

Policy Goal To retain and improve state/federal
statute which provides the opportunity for
undocumented students to attend public
institutions of higher education nationally
  • To retain current provisions of AB 540
  • To expand AB540 provisions to include access to
    need-based state aid
  • To enact federal legislation that would provide
    for the above as well as enable college graduates
    to receive permanent residency status

California ENLACEPolicy Partners
  • NALEO The National Association of Latino Elected
  • CLIC The Chicano-Latino Intersegmental
  • HACU The Hispanic Association of Colleges and
  • Education Trust West
  • The Orange County Dream Team and LULAC

Research Evaluation
  • Document/replicate best practices
  • Identify and analyze initiative-specific and
    systemic student achievement data
  • Engage undergraduate graduate students in
    research projects (UC/CSU/CCCs)
  • Develop and disseminate related publications as

Funding Resource Development Focal Points
  • Institutional and system wide resources are a
    continuing and essential component of the
  • Support from the Kellogg Foundation is leveraged
    to obtain supplemental funding from local, state,
    and national sources
  • Work is connected to related programs in host
    institutions the expanded partnerships

Reflections from the Presidential Perspective
Erlinda Martinez
  • The value-added benefits of leading an
    institution that uses collaboration to increase
    student academic achievement
  • A Different Scorecard
  • Regional Intersegmental Alliances
  • Resource sharing
  • A pervasive culture of student-centered
    risk-taking and innovation

English Math Placement in College of Santa Ana
ENLACE Partnership High School Students
  • From the onset of ENLACE in 1999 through 2005,
    students graduating from high school and
    attending Santa Ana College (the districts 1
    higher education destination) academic placement
    rates have jumped dramatically.
  • Students from feeder high schools placing into
    remedial English classes dropped by 30 while
    those placing into university level English rose
    460 over the same period.
  • Students from GU high schools placing into
    remedial Math classes dropped by 33 while
  • Those placing into college level math rose by 57

The Import-Export Business Best Practices in
Student Achievementand College-Going
  • Student Retention and University Transfer
  • Freshman Experience/Learning Communities
  • Dedicated Pathway to UCI and CSUF
  • U-LINK and SSTI
  • HSI Pipeline with CSUF
  • Evaluation and Impact Analysis
  • Supports a results-oriented culture
  • Stimulated continuous reflection and improvement
  • Complex, vast, and challenging, but ultimately
    defines our college as nothing else we did in
    isolation could

Reflections from the Parental Perspective Rosa
  • The formation and growth of the Padres Promotores
  • Peer Leadership Advocacy Training
  • Home Visits
  • Platicas
  • New Publication

Reflections from the Parental Perspective (cont.)
  • The difference between parent involvement and
    parent empowerment
  • National and state training dissemination
  • Belonging to a partnershipbenefits for parents
    and students
  • Belonging to a partnershipbenefits for
    institutions when parents are empowered

Closing Reflections
  • What comments or questions do you have for any of
    the panelists?
  • What related efforts have you been closely
    involved with that might inform this initiative
    and parallel efforts underway nationally?
  • What critical issues or challenges were not
  • Thank you for your participation and
    consideration of this work in progress
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