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Creative Writing Portfolio 20062007 Forest Park


I feel myself fading away, Lost in another failed life. ... And I feel myself going under. All I can do is keep going. I can't give up, So I keep fighting. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Creative Writing Portfolio 20062007 Forest Park

Creative Writing Portfolio 2006-2007 Forest Park
  • Lia Carlson
  • 10th Grade/Mrs. Dowling

Click here to view my portfolio
A Few Words To Begin With…
Writing is a big part of my life. I put my heart
and soul into my writing, making everything I
write extremely personal. The topics I choose
are not ones that are often touched on, for I
write of my own unique life experiences.
Hopefully you can appreciate my writing samples,
and by reading my work I hope that it will open
your eyes to my life experiences and begin to
understand who I am.

Table of Contents
  • Portfolio 1
  • Journal Entry 1
  • Journal Entry 2
  • Journal Entry 3
  • Journal Entry 4
  • Journal Entry 5
  • Writing Assignment
  • Poetry
  • Additional Work
  • Reflections
  • Portfolio 2
  • Journal Entry 1
  • Journal Entry 2
  • Journal Entry 3
  • Journal Entry 4
  • Journal Entry 5
  • Writing Assignment
  • Poetry
  • Additional Work
  • Reflections
  • Portfolio 3
  • Journal Entry 1
  • Journal Entry 2
  • Journal Entry 3
  • Journal Entry 4
  • Journal Entry 5
  • Writing Assignment
  • Poetry
  • Additional Work
  • Reflections

Misused Emotions
Emotions are something that are constantly being
thrown around. Such strong emotions such as love
or hate are being misused in so many case that it
seems that the real meaning and power of the
words have disappeared. People just don't seem to
understand that they are more than just words,
they have depth and meaning, more than a
dictionary could ever begin to explain. It seems
that people are so quick to casually say that
they love this or hate that, they don't realize
that by doing that they are taking away the
powerful effect that the words have. When the
emotions are used correctly it is obvious, you
can feel them, sometimes the feeling is so strong
that it may be near impossible to explain them
fully. Only when you have felt them will you
realize the true power of strong emotions, and
then maybe people will realize that such petty,
unimportant things are not worthy to be
associated with such strong emotions.
Its nice when the stars are out and the moon is
shining, all the houses are dark, all the motion
has stopped. I walk around without a worry, for
the cool night air comforts me. The neighbors
lights have long since been out, I worry not of
them watching. I breath a sigh of relief, having
made it through another day. I wait patiently,
enjoying the calm night, until the others come.
The night prowlers Im soon to meet, the ones I
call my friends. Now its just us fools together,
waiting yet again. Were looking for excitement,
searching for mischief. Stirring up trouble
without a care, our only fears are the flashing
blue lights and the orange tint to the deep blue
Lifes Chains
Freedom is something many people in the past
have fought for, and even today people are still
fighting. To be completely free is to be able to
live your own life, have your own ideas, make
your own choices, belief in what you want, and to
not be controlled by a higher power. With that
said, even in the year 2006, no one is completely
free. A lot of people dont even realize that
they really arent free, and they live their
lives by the standards set by other people,
religions even. Many people live for rules,
social acceptance is highly sought after, and
people are constantly trapped by cliques,
religions, laws, and expectations. Its a wonder
to me why so many people consider themselves to
be free.
A Judging World
Sometimes seclusion can be so appealing. The
constant scrutinizing of others makes you feel
like youre under a microscope. Being invisible
seems so much more bearable than having others
see you. Theres so many standards and
expectations, they rule your life. I dont know
of a single person not ever feeling like they
want to escape it at some point in time.
Wouldnt it be something if all of the judging
and insecurities would just disappear? The world
would only benefit from the lack of judging
others. If only that was possible.
Take A Look…
A window, simply stated as glass, that allows
the sunlight in. However, if you look deeper into
what's outside you'll see the world, your future,
things waiting to happen, both the good and the
bad. What would happen if there weren't any
windows, has anyone honestly taken the time to
think about that. I mean, they should, windows
are something that the world notices, but do they
really appreciate them? The answer would be no.
No one ever stops to notice the symbolism in
things, what a window could possibly represent.
Maybe if people would put more thought into
things they would appreciate them a little bit
When Silence Speaks A Short Story
"I know something is wrong, you haven't spoken to
me at all since I met you. What's bothering you?"
The therapist asked, waiting for a response that
would never come. The clock on the wall ticked
loudly, I occupied my time listening to those
ticks, counting down the seconds until she opened
the door, saying the familiar phrase "We'll talk
next week Seneca." We both knew that wouldn't be
the case, we both knew that she'd do all of the
talking. I also knew that my silence was being
scrutinized, that in her little therapist brain
she'd put me into some category that her textbook
had taught her. I just couldn't bear to speak
though the silence was so much more bearable
then actually speaking. I left the therapist's
office and walked home. It's only a mile or two,
but it feels more like ten, especially in the hot
Florida sun. The walk always gives me the time to
think though, free from the prying and yelling,
it just got to me. Everywhere I went at school,
at therapy, and worse of all, at home. I play
with my thoughts, trying to battle all emotion,
but the thoughts keep playing over and over, like
a c.d. playing over a scratch. I just wish that
I could feel like all the other kids and not have
all of these worries weighing me down, it'd be
nice to have friends and sleepovers and such. I
wish I could chase those hopes away the chance
of it ever happening is slim to none. It's his
fault, it's so easy say, but lately I've been
thinking that it's something I have done,
something my mom and I have done.
All of the rage that's thrown at us, like fire
balls I think he's forgotten what we once were
to him. My mom was a wife, a good wife, and now
she's nothing to him but a maid, but a target,
and me, I'm the so called daughter, or target
practice as one might say. No one says anything
though no one knows what it's like. My therapist
was suggested by my school after they notice my
unusual near silence, my mom followed through
with the suggestion, he fortunately has yet to
find out. There's not much that he knows about me
and I don't think he really cares to know, and
that's all fine with me, the less he knows the
better. I try desperately to shake these
thoughts off, I know that my pace has slowed down
and I know that he'll be home soon. Therapy made
me neglect my chores, and I feel a twinge of
guilt picturing my mom at home frantically
finishing them. It's always nerve-racking when he
comes home, even when all of the chores are done
and dinner is waiting on the table still warm.
Neglecting chores and dinner is a deadly sin in
his eyes, and talking back or even looking him in
the eye is a mistake that you'd pay greatly for.
Knowing this I flat out ran home, panting as I
flew open the rusty screen door. "You're late!"
My poor mom shrieked. As I had expected she was
rushing about frantically picking up the
house. "Don't just stand there, you took your
time getting home and now the house is a mess and
your father will be home any minute!" Her voice
was raising, I could hear the desperation in her
voice. I remained still, her words wringing in my
ears. She had called him my father, a title I
felt he was unfit to have.
"He's not my father," I muttered, not thinking
she'd hear. By her sudden pause and look of
surprise on her face, it was obvious that she
had. Her expression quickly changed and I noticed
a trace of guilt, as if she was at fault for his
erratic behavior. I couldn't take it anymore,
everyone was meant to feel guilty, and thats
what he wants I know it, but him he's innocent in
his mind, burdened by a family he wished he never
had. He had us on a leash though because we were
trained well, we never objected except for a few
chores not completed to his standards. We were
his perfect toys that he played with in an almost
sadistic manner, feeding off of our fear and
hopelessness. I was just sick of it, so sick I
felt rebellion rising, rebellion that had been
growing. Today I was sick of fighting that urge,
fighting the fear I had embedded into me. The
screen door burst open yet I could see him
standing in the doorway, it was the calm before
the storm. I could see the fire burning in his
eyes he was ready to explode as his eyes darted
around the room, at the sight of us and the
undone chores. He finally blew up after what
seemed like hours. His voice was so loud I
thought that the windows would shatter either
that or I would become deaf. I just blocked it
all out, but then he raised a hand to me, out of
all of the rebellious thinking I had lately I
dodged it. He stopped immediately, to him this
was big, this was me standing up for myself. He
wasnt ready for it, but he really wasnt ready
for what came next. I hate you, I
whispered. What did you say? He demanded. I
could see the spit flying out of his
mouth he was so angry. You heard me, I hate
you, I hate you and the way you treat us and I
hate the way you have to control everything. Let
me tell you something, Im not dealing with any
of it anymore, I screamed, letting out what I
had tried so hard to contain. I went on taking
advantage of the state of shock I had put him
in. After I had said what I had to say, I
stormed out the door. I heard him stomping after
me and I took off running. I kept going, keeping
up my fast pace and trying not to think about the
abuse my mom was enduring at home for my blow up.
The feeling that I had made a mistake was quickly
growing. I fought as hard as I could to keep
those thoughts away, recognizing my behavior as
strength rather than weakness as I had once
thought. I was panting heavily and I looked a
mess as I opened the door to my therapists
office. The look of bewilderment on her face was
priceless, but when I suddenly burst into tears
she ran to comfort me, holding me tighter than I
had been held in a very long time. Its okay,
he wont ever touch you again, youre safe, she
said caringly. How did you know? I choked
out. Honey, Ive known for a while, your
silence tells it all. I was just waiting for
you. She told me, wiping the tears from my face.
For once, I felt like things might be
different. THE END
Fading Away
The fluorescent lighting drains my face, Its
been a while since Ive felt the warmth of the
suns rays. Im stripped of all security, My
visitors are restricted, My belongings
confiscated. My clothes now consisting of green
scrubs. A tear escapes and in a moment of
weakness, I allow it to run down my cheek. I long
for the past, Before all this mess, Way before
these doors have closed. Im shut down, Mentally
and physically. My identity is nothing more than
a number on a hospital bracelet. Im no longer
human, Just a chapter in a textbook. I feel
myself fading away, Lost in another failed life.
Take Away The Pain
Im dragging. My nose is running, My eyes red and
dilated. Give me something to set me free. My
body is a prison. I look in the mirror, And see a
corpse staring back, My skin is gray, I havent
eaten or slept in days, My body weight is way
down. This is torture I tell myself, But when the
sun sets My pain is lifted The cycle is
repeated Never will I stop Once youve had a
taste Your mouth is forever dry This life is the
water And I will always be thirsty
Breaking Free From Religion
Since the beginning of the human race, people
have searched for answers. What they cannot
explain scientifically they make up. It doesnt
matter if its right, just as long as it will be
believed. This is religion, and it has evolved
into a complex system of rules, faith, and
rituals. Over time, each religion has recorded
events, molding them to convince themselves and
other followers that their beliefs are
legitimate. People need this reassurance in
their lives. Religion gives them something to
wake up for, work for, live for. It is a means
to get people to conform, and it is highly
effective. It matters not if their beliefs are
logical or even plausible, it just gives meaning
to the many hopeless people searching for a
purpose. Some people are beyond all of the
uncertainty, whether it be because of lack of
faith or hunger for factual answers. They are
often looked down upon as being ignorant, and
even evil. But is it so wrong to not have to
resort to petty laws and expectations to carry on
with their lives? That is a question that
deserves more thought.
Looking back on my work, it seems that most of my
work has a dark tone to it. My strongest
emotions seem to the negative ones, the ones I
choose to express in my writing. I tried not to
hold anything back, but to write exactly how I
was feeling at the time. Everyone has had
moments in their life when things didnt go their
way or they didnt have the best view on life, so
hopefully you found something in my work that
appealed to you, or maybe even something that you
could relate to.
I cry for you, for what you have
become and the beautiful person you have
abandoned. So innocent you were, so free and
imaginative. Now these drugs are restricting you,
this lifestyle is pulling you down. Despite my
efforts of trying save you, you continue to let
yourself drown. I saw a picture of you, it was
less than a year old. You were so beautiful, so
different from the rest. Your mind was clear and
open and your heart was honest and true. I look
at you now and I am disgusted. The person who had
won my friendship and respected is nothing more
than a ghost. Who are you now? Nothing more than
a failure, a fool who let this overcome her. Out
of loyalty and memories of the past, I do not
leave you. I stand at your side, defending the
girl I once knew. Though I am unsure of what I am
fighting for, I will not wander, for if you
return, I will welcome you with open arms.
Come Back
Dont Speak Dont judge me for you know
nothing, Of the places Ive walked, Youd be too
afraid to tread. Dont tell me how to live my
life, When yours was handed to you on a
plate. Dont speak ill of my decisions, for you
have made not one of your own. Dont let your
eyes stare menacingly, For what Ive seen would
have left you blind. Dont label me weak, For
unlike you I have no crutch. So dont judge me
for you know nothing, Of the things Ive
endured, You could not withstand. Hold back your
judgmental remarks, For I know I have done far
more, Than you are capable.
Our generation has pushed all limits
and bent nearly every rule. Our generation is
one that is often looked down on. People are
horrified at the activities that we partake in
and the attitude we posses. We have taken
everything and amplified it, we have turned up
the volume on all the unspoken. We are anything
but indiscrete. Opinions are spoken without a
thought, censorship is frowned on. Our generation
is one characterized by rebellion, and we think
not of the opinions of our elders. Instead of
being looked upon as heathens we really should be
looked upon as revolutionaries. We hold nothing
A Regretful Mind All of us have
regrets. They live inside us like flies,
constantly reproducing and swarming around inside
our minds. Our mistakes are one that we could do
without, the gnawing reminder that you have
failed is never a pleasant thought. Many claim to
have not one regret, but try hard as they do
those past memories eat us inside. Denial is not
a cure for guilt and regret, but only an
indication that one in fact possesses a great
deal of both. If only we could escape it, to
learn to put our past behind us. To forgive
ourselves and forget our flaws would be a great
comfort. If only we knew how to break away from
this sickness called regret.
Oppression What they dont want
us to know, is that our voices are small and
unheard. Our opinions are irrelevant and
unimportant. They have invented the perfect
plan. We stand not a chance against their power.
We are made to think we have a say, but in
reality we are all being played. The decisions
are made by a few, their intentions selfish and
unconcerned of our welfare. They call this
freedom, but I will call out their lie. We open
our mouths, but in the end they have the final
say. If this is America, then where is my voice?
Fighting A Losing Battle Leilani
sighed as she slowly opened her eyes to her
surroundings. All around her she sensed Hawaiian
culture being stifled, traditions carelessly
being swept away. Yet, others around her were
unafraid. With disgust she looked down upon the
dress she was forced to wear. Women around her
saw it as a compromise, it was light and not too
constricting as other Victorian dresses, but the
weather is beautiful here Leilani thought there
isnt a need for all of this clothing, and
foreign clothing at that. She knew that the
Hawaiian culture was suffering she urged those
around her to be strong and not give in the
foreign influences. Knowing it was too late,
Leilani let the tears run down her face. On that
day in 1895, Leilani wept for her country.
Leilani, where have you been?
Tutu (grandma) has been looking for you.
Sensing the frustration in Kalani, her little
brother, she immediately felt sorry for allowing
herself to be carried away in thought. I am
sorry Kalani, and I hope Tutu isnt too angry,
Ive just been thinking a lot lately, she
replied apologetically. Thinking? Thats all
you do! You worry too much Leilani, everything
really isnt that bad. The haoles (foreigners)
are alright, I mean theyre making something out
of Hawaii, look how much power we have now, way
more than ever before. Kalani replied, trying to
comfort his sister. How did you know what Ive
been worrying about? She asked
suspiciously. Ive heard you talking about it
to other people, and its no secret you arent
fond of the changes in Hawaii. Liliuokalani has
the throne now and she is fighting against the
United States control. Theres no way Hawaii is
in danger, Kalani said confidently. For being
so young, you are awfully sure of yourself. I
wont try to change your mind just yet, maybe
after I meet with Tutu, okay? Leilani said.
Telling himself that he would never understand
his sister, Kalani nodded in response and
left. Leilani took the familiar path into the
beautiful, tropical garden where she knew her
tutu would be sitting, just like every day.
Tutu, I am sorry to keep you
waiting. You wanted to see me? Leilani
asked. Oh, Leilani, please pay attention. I
have been looking for you, I am afraid we dont
have good news, Tutu said quietly. What is it?
Has something happened? Leilani questioned
anxiously. There was silence. Tutu had closed
her eyes and started to breath deeply. Leilani
knew then that whatever was on Tutus mind was
serious, and she dreaded what she would
next. Sitting in silence for those few moments,
Leilani thought of all that could go wrong.
There was so much that could happen that she felt
nerves twisting in her stomach. Leilani, your
fears were not too far off, Tutu started. there
isnt much that Hawaii can do now. I believe
that Hawaii will not be an independent nation for
too long. The United States is intent on the
annexation on Hawaii, and although we are
starting to resist now, I am afraid it isnt much
use. Leilani let the words sink in, but instead
of anger and sadness she felt denial rising up.
Now it was Leilani that was becoming skeptical of
the dangers. Hoping that there wasnt any real
danger, Leilani wouldnt believe what was
happening. Shaking her head, Leilani forced the
fear she had into the back of her head.
No, please do no say this to me,
Tutu. It cant be true, we Hawaiians we are
strong. Liliuokalani will not allow this. We
may be wearing their clothes and praying to their
Gods, but we are not one of them. Hawaii will
survive, free from foreign control. There is no
way, Tutu. Leilani said rapidly, fighting back
the tears that had been forming in her eyes.
Yet, she couldnt help but wonder who was she
trying to convince Tutu or herself? She feared
the latter was the answer, though she begged it
not to be. Leilani! You, who have spoke of
nothing other than danger for months should be
the last person running scared. Now is a time to
be strong, blindness only cripples and we cannot
afford to be handicapped, not at a time like
this. Have some sense and be strong for your
people! Tutu demanded. Leilani could see the
passion in her eyes and hear the power and
certainly in her voice. She realized then that
she was right. But what can I do, no one has
listened to me before, why now? Do not hold
back, child, for this time I will be warning
others with you. We will demand unity and
strength, together we will fight this. Tutu
said without a trance of doubt. Now go, and
remember what I have said, Tutu told her. Over
the next few months Leilani was persistent.
Relentlessly, she spoke of the risk Hawaii was
at. She did whatever she could to promote unity
and to call for power amongst Hawaiians.
Everyone around her felt that there
wasnt much they could do. A president had been
assigned to the Republic of Hawaii and already
they had felt defeated. Months went by until
Tutu called for her. Leilani sensed its
importance and did not delay. However, instead
of a stern face, Leilani saw only tears. It has
happened my child. It is official. The United
States has annexed Hawaii, we are now a
territory. It was the year of 1898.
Lost girl They said I was lost, For I
could no longer see straight. They said I was
lost, When my speech was broken and slurred. They
said I was lost, When I could no longer
comprehend. They said I was lost, When I mistook
the imaginary for reality. They said I was
lost, When I screamed in their faces. They said I
was lost, But I was standing right there.
Down Again Im down and I cant get
up. My nose is dragging, My head is nodding. Im
exhausted, But too restless to sleep. I try to
eat but my stomach wont take it. Ive been up
too many days to count. My bodys a skeleton, I
am the walking dead. My mind is far gone, My
lungs are struggling, Im hanging on to every
breath, but my heart is racing. My whole body is
struggling, And I know that any minute now, I
will shut down. But then I get just a little bit
more, And suddenly my mind relaxes. I am in a
state of numbness, And for now the pain leaves
me. All my worries are forgotten, All my aching
is cured, The empty space inside is filled, And I
am okay again. Happy to have survived another day.
Reflections The second, like the first
part of my portfolio, was very personal. I wrote
about topics that interested me and most pieces
came directly from past experiences. I tried to
put as much emotion into my writing as possible
because work without feeling is nothing more than
words on paper (or a computer screen). Hopefully
you are able to appreciate the emotion behind the
writing and relate to some of my pieces.
A Lesson From Your
Elders If my grandmother taught me anything, she
taught me how to live. She always used to say
you only live once, so make the most of it.
Always take chances always take risks always
make sure that when you wake up in the morning
you are excited to live, I remember her saying.
I listened to her, because she spoke from
experience, and what she was saying was unlike
anything I had ever heard before. Im tired of
the usual things adults tell you about life, it
makes it seem like they really havent lived at
all, but not my grandmother, she was different.
At the edge of her hospital bed I sat, but I,
like her, did not shed one tear, for I knew that
she had gotten the most out of life. She had no
regrets, no things left undone, and so when she
passed away, a slight smile remained on her face.
I knew right then, that when I was on my death
bed I wanted to smile, just like she did. So I
always remember to take the advice that my
grandmother gave me, and I am never too afraid to
make the most out of my life.

Along The Way…

have never been one of those people that were
stuck on deadlines. I like to take my time, I
dont want to feel like I rushed my way through
life. People describe me as being easily
distracted, and they couldnt be more right. If
I were on a trip, and had a set destination,
there would most certainly be a lot of side trips
along the way. Eventually I would get to where I
needed to go, but it would take a while. Some of
my detours along the way would include a park and
a library. I love peaceful environments, and
what better place than under a tree in a sunny
park or a library reading an interesting book. I
would get lonely along my way though, so my old
friends who havent seen my face in years would
most definitely be getting a visit. I wouldnt
stay long, but just enough to catch up on old
times and mend any disagreements or falling outs
I had with them. As you can see, there is many
side trips Id find myself taking, but whats a
journey without a few detours, after all, the
trips half the fun as the destination.
Avoiding The Problem There are
many things in life that I tend to avoid, if my
life was a book, that would definitely be my
character flaw. I understand this about myself,
and I mean to change that, but I just never get
around to it, I avoid even that. When things are
difficult, I find it much easier to ignore it and
hope it will go away, and it does, for a while,
but it all catches up to me in the end. People
who are close to me, know this about me. They
know that if Im upset I wont show it or give
any hints as to whats bothering me, instead Ill
just ignore it and cover it up. These people
know me enough to where they can see through all
the cover ups and theyll call me out and make me
deal with my problem, even though thats really
something I should be doing for myself. Thats
just something I need to work on, and even though
my friends help me, I understand that thats
something one needs to do for oneself, and I
Time and Time Again I hear the
slam of yet another door, A familiar question
enters my brain What have I done to end up
here, Another place where youre just another
face. A number on a bracelet, A file in a
cabinet, A tab in a binder. Im trapped in
here, Yet again I have failed. I ask myself How
many times before I learn? One, not yet. Two,
almost. Three, maybe. And four? Why I just dont
Crashing Waves Im fighting to
keep myself afloat. My life is an ocean, And I
feel myself going under. All I can do is keep
going. I cant give up, So I keep fighting. I
feel the waves crashing against me, But I wont
let it bring me down. Ill stay strong, Ill keep
my head above the water.
City Streets Horns honking, People
cursing, Smoke rising. Traffic lights
flashing, Music blaring, Children playing. Bikes
racing, Business men rushing, Flies
swarming. Performers swarming, Homeless
begging, Drug dealers pushing. Cops
patrolling, Girls flaunting, Televisions
showing. The citys never stopping.
Low I dont understand… Why you
laugh when I cry. Why you belittle me when Im
low. Why you kick me when Im down. But most of
all I dont understand… Why I need to be small
for you to feel big. Why you insult me to
praise yourself. Why you point me out but dont
notice yourself. What I understand is… Why I
have to hold my ground. Why I cant let you
inside my head. Why I cant hate you because
deep down, I am the same
Affairs secrets affairs lies affairs
scandal deceit scandal reveal mistrust reveal
anger rage anger fight distress fight assault
battery assault cops handcuffs cops court
jail court papers divorce
Caged Anger Angst, fury, rage Get me out
of this cage
America Lies hate injustice Branded
in our minds And painted with stars and stripes
Monologue In high school everyone has
this tainted view on life. Everyone becomes so
obsessed with things that really dont even
matter. Instead of surrounding themselves with
people who are unique and could potentially teach
you something worthwhile, they place themselves
in a group, and in this group individuality does
not exist. Its funny how you hear people in
high school talk of stereotypes, how they hate
them and theyre not fair or true. As much as Id
love to believe this were true, I dont. People
really are so predictable, I could simply look at
someone and know what sports they play, what
places they shop at, how they talk, and what
group they associate with. So even though I
dont like the idea of stereotypes, Im not too
blind to not realize that in a lot of cases they
are true. What I really dont understand about
high school, is how people pretend to like
someone and really secretly despise them, or when
a couple has broken up after a month or so and
they cry like the end of the world has come. I
guess thats just high school, and maybe Im
strange, or weird, or different, but I prefer not
to fall in the trap of high school drama, but is
it really so bad being different? Maybe so in
high school…
Just Because… Just
because Im short… Dont walk on me. Dont
ignore me. Dont push me. Just because Im
short… It doesnt mean I wont stand up to
you. It wont make me any shorter if you insult
me. It wont bother me if youre a giant. Just
because Im short. Notice me Im there.
Looking Back On This Year… When I
started this year out I was very closed minded
with my writing, and most of my works were the
same. Taking this class has helped me venture
out of my usual subject and style and try new
things. This is displayed not only in my Creative
Writing class, but in my other classes as well,
especially my normal English class. My favorite
piece of writing in my portfolio would have to be
my conflict story, which was placed in the first
part of the portfolio. Ive never really tried
to write a story, and this one I feel could have
been added on to and possibly be turned into a
novel. Writing this conflict story was a first
for me, and I think it didnt turn out half
bad. Ive learned a lot from this class, it
really opened doors for me and gave me a chance
to put my emotions into writing and put them on
display to others.