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Creative Writing Portfolio 20062007 Forest Park


While we were watching TV. ... to discuss to a famous person back in the old ... The three types of personalities would be one deep in thought, two great ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Creative Writing Portfolio 20062007 Forest Park

Creative Writing Portfolio 2006-2007 Forest Park
  • Juhwaira Sohail
  • Grade11
  • Mrs. Dowling

  • Hey thanks for stopping by and reading my
    creative writing that I have spent time on and
    worked very hard on. I appreciate it a lot. Today
    you will be viewing a lot of my journal entry's
    and my poems since I love to write them so hope
    you like it.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents
  • Portfolio 1
  • Have you ever wondered
  • Chilling by the pool
  • Princess
  • Annoying
  • Best Quality
  • Sister Love
  • Roses
  • Poetry
  • Reflections
  • Portfolio 2
  • Favorite Spot
  • Canadian Geese
  • Why Do People Change?
  • Time
  • Sky Diving
  • The Lost Solider
  • If Only You Knew
  • Friends Angels
  • Reflections
  • Portfolio 3
  • Journal Entry 1
  • Journal Entry 2
  • Journal Entry 3
  • Journal Entry 4
  • Journal Entry 5
  • Writing Assignment
  • Poetry
  • Additional Work
  • Reflections

Journal Entry 1
Have you ever wanted something so bad that you
would pray everyday for it to come true? And when
it hasnt come true yet you wonder weather or not
you are wishing it from deep down inside your
heart. Well everyone goes through that sometime
in their life. But the disappointment of it not
coming true makes that person try even harder to
get it. Its like that saying, if youre told to
not do something you still do it anyway. And when
you do get your dream to come true you dont
really care for it then. How come people dont
care it once they have it? I think that if you
worked so hard on something you should always
cherish it once you have it. But unfortunately a
lot of people dont agree with me. But yet you
always have so many dreams to come true and then
you banish them somehow once you have that
special dream, and then search for a way to make
another dream come true.
Journal Entry 2
I felt the air in my hair as the slide navigated
its way downward. It looked as if the slide was
going to kiss the sky. Here it was the very top
the scarcest sight ever. As me and my friends
made our way down one by one they all had to
scream and talk like hillbillies to make me
laugh. Our laughter and screams were very loud.
Screaming out all of the suburban life out of us
as we plunged down another big slide full of
loops. We had fear and enjoyment on our faces as
we went down one by one. Our eyes glittered up
with mixed emotions just like when we go through
all types of loops in this scary slide. As my
head arose from the water my eyes opened and I
saw clear blue water everywhere around me once
again. Once again I was on the other side of the
twisting and turning slide. The feeling of it
controlling they way my body moves as I got down
with out caring.
Journal Entry 3
Princess awaits the kiss of amerold.
As they all look out of their bedroom window.
To seek the one they love with all there heart.
Scraped stars light up the lovely night.
This night is unlike the others, theres a weird
Feeling in the air as if someone was to arrive.
All of these mixed sparks with stars brightens
the sky. The sky is like a soft blue blanket whi
ch covers the earth. The princess awaits the kiss
of amerold.
Journal Entry 4
Something that is bothering me is that I am
freezing cold. My hands and feet are very cold.
When ever this happens to me it bothers me.
Because I cant think striate. Plus it just
simple annoys the living day lights out of me. To
resolve me problem I will keep my jacket on. I
could rub my hands together and blow in them in
order to get heat. On top of me being cold all of
my teachers have fans in their rooms and they
have them on. I dont think that I can tell them
to turn it off because I might be the only one
cold at that time. And I never heard anyone else
complain about how cold it is in the classroom.
So I think that the majority of the class wins. I
hope that I could solve my problem soon so I wont
have to deal with it any more.
Journal Entry 5
My best characteristic would be that I am very
easy to talk to. If for example you just met me
it would be as if we have already known each
other. I believe that this makes it easier for me
to make a lot of friends. This is another thing
that they can talk about anything. Im very open
with everyone. I actually like that im this way
because u would rather be approachable then
rather be judged by my appearance. I think that
this is my very best quality, and I hope to keep
it this way.
Writing Assignment
My sister Sumaira is very outgoing and fun to be
around. One time my sister and I were sitting at
home bored out of our minds. We couldnt do
anything because we had to stay at home until my
mother didnt come home. While we were watching
TV. She turned to me and said Juhwaira lets go
to the mall cause theres nothing else to do. I
was kind of scared to go because I always do what
im told to do. So when ever bored and we arent
suppose to do what were suppose to she comes up
with the most outrageous but fun ideas.
Sumaira is the sweetest person youll know. Like
that one time when I really wanted this cute
shirt and my sister had money but she was saving
that since two months. So I told her forget about
it well just come back when we have the money to
spend. But what I didnt know was when I went to
the bathroom she had bought that shirt with the
money that she was saving. So she always thinks
about other peoples happiness first before her
own. So in my eyes she is the sweetest person
ever. When I was young I didnt realize all of
the things that she has done for me. Some of the
things that she likes to do id play badminton.
When she plays that with me her hair is tied up
and somehow it always falls out from the sides.
When we have the most intense games she tends to
talk a lot of trash just to get the best out of
me. And at that moment I dont realize what she
is really trying to do. She always has to see the
newest fictional movies. She has all three parts
of the Matrix. She actually enjoys watching those
types of movies which makes her unique in my
point view. One time what I noticed when she was
watching TV was when she busted out laughing.
And then I realized to myself that she puts
smiles on other peoples faces and she rarely
smiles herself. Her smile to me reminds me of the
sunrise, as if a new day was about to start. Its
always nice to see her smile and to see her smile
makes this weird feeling inside.
Most people dont have that one person that they
can be there self around or that one person that
cares for you from there heart. But luckily I do
and I can proudly say that its my older sister.
In a way I look up to her and hope that whatever
she does in life she is successful in it. Truly
I can say that I she wasnt in my life it would
be very different.
A rose can say I love you and want you to be
mine, A rose can say I thank you for so very kind
, A rose can say congratulations, whatever the oc
casion may be, A rose can say I miss you and wish
you were here with me, A rose can say Im sorry
if Ive hurt you in any way, A rose can say get w
ell soon, May God bless you today,
A rose can say I wish happiness and the best for
you each day. A rose can say farewell when someon
e goes away, A rose can say hello, Im thinking o
f you today, Theres just so many wonderful thing
s that a rose can say, A rose can say goodbye whe
n a love one is laid to rest, No matter what ther
e is to say, a rose can say it best.
  • One of the most difficult assignments for me was
    the character sketch. I didnt know who to pick
    or what to say about the person because there are
    a lot of special people to write about.
  • The assignment that I think that I should be
    proud of is my poem about roses. Because when I
    first walked in this classroom I did think I
    could write poems that well and others will like
  • I would defiantly not choose one of my journal
    entries. The one where I had to write to someone
    to discuss to a famous person back in the old
    times to tell them to change something that they
    did. I dont think that it was up to m
  • I felt the air in my hair as the slide navigated
    its way downward This is quote is from one of my
    journal entrys. I love this one because I like
    how I describe the air and the atmosphere.
  • I would think that this persons weakness would be
    writing assignments not that they are bad or
    anything its just that I would rather like to
    read other things. This persons strength would
    be their poems they come off so gracefully. Some
    piece of advice would be to add detail to the
    piece of writings.
  • If I had to extend a piece of writing I would
    love to extend Slip and Slide. I believe that I
    could truly elaborate on this piece with great
    detail. The genre would be fiction due to its
    imagination and the action taken place in the
  • The one writing that reflects my personality
    would be Princess because its as if im always
    waiting to get what I want and when I get it I
    will cherish it a lot. The three types of
    personalities would be one deep in thought, two
    great imaginations, and three creative in putting
    thoughts together.
  • Some comments that the other students said about
    my writing were that they really liked my poems
    and how I use my words and put them together.
    Basically the way they flow when you read them. I
    wouldnt change my writing if my peers love it
    the way it is.
  • I would choose Mickey Mouse as my character from
    literature. He comes from an imaginative
    background. If he read my portfolio he would
    love it. Especially my poems due to the depth and
    the concepts of them.

Favorite Spot
My imagined spot would be in a beautiful garden.
I can just imagine it now. Its sp colorful and
so bright. The weather is just so perfect. It has
a hint of spring but yet fall at the same time.
In this garden I a little ice-cream trolley. Just
like the one I used to have near my house. The
same music and the same Chinese people in charge
of the truck. They cant understand me and I
cant understand them all I do is point at the
one I want and they bring it out. As I run
through the garden I have my hands out towards
the flowers the way they rub against my palm.
Picking those colorful flowers to pick from for
my mother. And the way she always used to act
like she was shocked and amazed. This garden
holds so many memories from my childhood. Running
to the swing set and seeing who can swing the
highest, or who can go on and stay on the swing
for the longest. This garden full of the happiest
times of my life all in it banded away from the
bad things in this world. Safe from ever being so
afraid of what the world has to offer good or
bad. My garden protects me. And thats why its my
favorite spot in the whole world.
Canadian Geese
When we went outside through the parking lot we
finally reached this amazing view. Canadian Geese
covering the white snow covering the football
field. Hooked down to the ground eating the grass
hidden way down under the snow and a thin layer
of ice. The chilly wind making my hair crosses my
face. The warmth from the sun feels like spring
but not quite with the wrenched wind. As my feet
went in the clear solid white ice. It was slushy
and squishy. Soft but yet hard what a combination
of two who whole different things. It really is
sad how the snow is melting and going into the
gutters. The Canadian Geese covering the field
and spreading their colors all around. Brown,
white, black. These may seem like dull, boring
colors but when they are all together they create
a beautiful combination. What a sight to see so
close to an amazing view.
Why Do People Change?
Why do people say they wont change but they
eventually do. It makes no sense for one to
change for the worst and not the best. If you
must change, might as well change for the good.
The promises that never come true are now
forgotten. The dreams that were once shown are
shattered into tiny pieces that can never be one
again. The meaning of what you day are judged in
the most degrading way, but what you really meant
wasnt even cared for. Changing in a relationship
is one of the craziest tings certain people do.
Breaking ones heart creates the loneliness that
now they must live for. Growing apart from each
other might just be the best thing that will
happen. Or stay with them and die inside every
single second of your life as it goes by.
  • Beginning of this year I wish that I could
    change a lot. But the one thing that I want to
    change the most is how I want to be independent
    by having my own money. I hate to relay on my
    parents because it just makes me sad that they
    have other important things to use that money on.
    But if they ask me what I want I say that I
    want so and so and they would try to get me it.
    There money should go to all the bills that we
    have. I always wanted to help them get that
    burden off these shoulders by giving them the
    money I earn. I want to change that so badly to
    how stressful my parents get cause of all of the
    bills. One year from know I would like for them
    to not be so stressed and by next year I want
    them to reduce there problems and I would love to
    help them.

Sky Diving
  • As I look out of the plane ready to plunge my
    way down into the air my heart sinks. My mind
    goes blank and my entire fears stair at me in the
    face. My hands and feet get numb and cold, so
    cold that I can hardly breathe. I realize that
    its time to let go. And in the air as I go. Doing
    abstract things go crazy in the air. Thinking
    back about the last time since I felt so free. Oh
    yes when I was at 6 flags on the scarcest ride
    ever. Funny how two different things can relater
    in the weirdest ways. The air passing my face
    making it jiggles around. Feeling the air takes
    over my body and lifting the weight. Trying to
    capture such an amazing feeling as if I could fly

The Lost Solider
  • Crystal and I were walking home from a friends
    party. It wasnt a normal night but when we were
    walking and talking we got so caught up in our
    conversation that we didnt realize where we were
    headed. There was a weird feeling in the air as
    The next thing you know there was a sign that
    said Pearl Harbor one mile ahead. Obviously I
    wanted to turn around and head back it was
    already so late. But stupid Crystal somehow
    convinced me into walking a little bit more. So I
    thought i'll just walk up ahead and then stop
    just so she won't think I'm scared or if im
    chickening out. We both were silent as we walked
    toward the narrow steep road. BEEP BEEP! AHHHHH!
    We both screamed but then Crystal looked at her
    phone and her cell phone died out.
  • Crystal theres no way I'm walking any further
    into this weird, creepy place anymore. And as I
    turned around to tell her this she was peering
    down and looking at this gravestone. It read John
    quince Here lies a brave solider that fought for
    our country in WWI. He was a husband, a good
    friend and a good son. 1928-1945. I was scared
    out of my mind it was so frightening to know that
    underneath our feet lay a dead body. I pushed
    Crystal so she would move back with me to get on
    the path to go home. She was in a state of shock
    that I had to force her body to move. On our way
    home we were silent the only noise that was there
    was when we walked we stepped on the leaves which
    made this crunching sound underneath our shoes.
    Did you ever wonder that he was or how he died?
    No why would I think about that? Look hes in the
    past and we cant go back so theres no point of
    thinking about it.
  • Finally, we got home and her house was first so
    I dropped her off first and started to head to my
    house. We lived in the same neighborhood but just
    a few houses away from each other. As I got home
    I couldnt help myself but to go online and check
    out who this solider was and what exactly
    happened to him. I Spent all night getting
    information about this solider. Japanese attacked
    Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Surprisingly,
    I was so stunned that finally I had actually
    witnessed someone from the past. It read " John
    Quince a great historic officer during the
    horrific attack. He was the one in charge of the
    recharge machinery." I couldn't wait to tell
    Crystal so then I called her on her cell phone
    and told her she was so freaked out. We never
    spoke of the weird instating again. As the days
    went by we started to live our normally lives but
    whenever in class we say the pledge we say it
    proudly and we stand up for it to unlike most of
    the kids around us and we finally learned to
    respect our soldiers. Remembering where we came
    from should always make us proud to be who we are
    in the future.

If Only You Knew
  • If only you knew the real me, Then you
    would see how sad I am, How much I cry, And how I
    want to die. If only you knew what it was like
    to be me, Then you would know what it feels like
    to be hated, How it feels to have no one care
    about you, And you would know how much pain I am
    in. But you're not me. So you'll never know what
    it's like to be me, And I can never let you see
    the real me, So for now I'll just smile and act
    like everything is okay.

Friends Angels
  • A friend is someone we turn to when our
    spirits need a lift. A friend is someone we
    treasure for our friendship is a gift. A friend
    is someone who fills our lives with beauty, joy,
    and grace. And makes the whole world we live in a
    better and happier place.

  • I believe that I have over time gradually become
    a better writer. The reason why I think that is
    because over time the different types of
    techniques that I have learned. New skills that I
    have developed are how to rhyme and how rhythm
    flow is really important in a poem. I have also
    learned how to add to some of my writing piece
    and how I could elaborate on my writing in varies
  • Other Writings that I can apply to other classes
    are the writing is how to write the correct and
    proper way. Before I used to just write with out
    things about anything but know I can sit down and
    actually make a plan and have different writing
    techniques in my writing.
  • What I believe is my best piece of writing is
    Why Do People Change? I chose this one because I
    believe that this one has a lot of emotions in it
    and I like how it flows when I read it out loud.
  • I had quite a lot of challenges this year with
    writing in my English class. But due to creative
    writing I could use Poetic devises like
    personification, alliteration, consonance in my
  • What I personal believe are my strengths in
    writing is poetry because when I write I can put
    all of my thoughts, emotions, feelings in my
    writing with out noticing it just comes so
    naturally and its really good to read out loud.
  • To develop into a better writer you can always
    improve theres always room to improve into
    becoming a better writer. But for me I could
    defiantly learn how to actually elaborate on my
    writings I feel like at a point they get to long
    but they dont get long enough to others. So that
    is a definite thing I would like to work on over

  • We are all gathered here today because of me. I
    have already told you that this is a life
    changing experience. You have the options of
    coming to my island and work for twice the money
    and get away from the noise in this world that is
    floating around. This would be a great chance for
    you to come over and make history. 100 years from
    now you could be remembered as a great, great
    grandparent who came over to the beautiful island
    and made a new way for your generation to be in.
    Twice the money and away from everyday traffic
    and gossip. This is a great chance, houses and
    cars will be provided of your choice. And last
    but not least you will have a beach view. So come
    to my island and really be on a vacation everyday.

  • Dear next generation,
  • Although I have left you with money and many
    property's, one thing that I really want you to
    inherited is our culture and religion. Our God
    and what we do in life. You may be wondering how
    valuable is it but it is very valuable. In the
    end nothing matters more then religion not your
    boyfriend/girlfriend you fiancé your
    husband/wife. Nothing one thing that you will
    always and should be proud of is your religion
    and background history. As life goes on and many
    things that you want may lead you in the wrong
    direction thats when you stop and think about it
    and refer to your religion. So have fun with the
    money but never forget your past and create your
    future the way you want to.

  • Advertising is selling Twinkies to adults.
  • Well I like this one the most because in a way
    it is true. All of these advertisements can be
    said to adults. You show them a new toy and they
    go after it. They just cant get enough of it.
    New cell phones, houses, cars, cloths, food
    anything that an adult would want is always
    upgraded every month or so, so basically you
    cant ever have the latest model of anything.

  • Im here to keep an eye on you. Not to disturb
    you or make you feel like im a stalker. Im not
    dangerous nor escapable. My identity is not
    important and I try not to be suspicious or
    invisible, but I am undercover to Gauche in your
    life. I am your shadow.

  • When I woke up from a well rested sleep. I
    pulled away the curtains and gazed at the view in
    front of me. Just staring at the beach and the
    high palm trees wanting to find a soothing, but
    yet relaxing place. Many things go rushing
    through my mind. Whenever I look at something so
    beautiful it makes me think of all the negative
    points in my life. This makes me wonder as to
    why, why am I so sad right after I looked at my
    beautiful view. It never made sense to me. I
    guess seeing such great things make me not
    appreciate the good things that happened to me
    in my entire life.

  • The things we do
  • Waiting for your name to be called
  • Waiting for love to come around
  • Waiting for food to be made
  • Waiting to sleep at night
  • Doing all of these things
  • Doing non of these things
  • Going up without being called on
  • Falling in love with out thinking twice
  • Not eating because of a certain reason
  • Waiting to wake up for the next day to come.

  • Love
  • Responsible,vulnerable,caring
  • Vulnerable,caring, promising
  • Caring, promising,breaking
  • Promising,breaking losing
  • Breaking,losing,crying
  • Losing,crying,recovering
  • Crying,recovering,responsible,
  • recovery,responsible,loving
  • Responsible,loving, future
  • Loving,future,family.

  • The red blossom bends
  • And dries its dew to the ground
  • Like a tear it falls

  • The gorgeous rainbow looking at it makes me so
    happy from blue to yellow changes my moods today
    may I be a bright color today.

  • Old Photo album
  • Yesterday is memory
  • Pictures that remind me

  • I never thought that I would be here, in front of
    you bent on my two knees, hands folded. Yea im in
    church and im here repenting. Never thought I
    would be here since I never had set foot in
    church before. But when it comes down to my
    mothers life I believe that no doctor can help
    me. Only you can God only you. I know these past
    16 years of my life I never once believed or even
    had faith in you, but today if I had to even put
    my life on the line believe me I would.

Growing up as kids we were blessed To have come
from a loving home Parents that guided and loved
us And never did us wrong. We had a beautiful
childhood Many memories we all hold We've always
had that sibling bond That's more precious than
  • Well I have developed a writing skill to
    elaborate on my writings.
  • I can apply just about all of the lessons that we
    have learned to English class mostly.
  • My best piece of writing would be my poems
    because they come strait from my heart on to the
  • I have used similes and metaphors in my writing
    which makes it much more interesting to read.
  • My strengths in writing are my poems because I
    really get people in my poems.
  • The I dont have to keep my feelings inside of me
    I can let it out on paper.
  • Well as a writer I can really develop all the
    time but the one thing I do need to be working on
    is the imagination part I really dont have it
    going yet.