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Creative Writing Portfolio 20062007 Forest Park


It was a beautiful sight. That I wish would stay. Stay forever. Car Trouble! ... The agony of striping knowledge. From your mind. Searching deep within the folds ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Creative Writing Portfolio 20062007 Forest Park

Creative Writing Portfolio 2006-2007 Forest Park
  • Crystal Fotheringham
  • 11
  • Mrs. Dowling

Click here to view my portfolio
  • My portfolio consists of my
    writings created throughout my eleventh grade. I
    hope you enjoy them. I would like to dedicate my
    portfolio to my Mom who is always there for me
    and supports me in everything that I do. My
    favorite entry that I have written is my poetry
    entries Stuck and Forever Sparks.

Table of Contents
  • Portfolio 1
  • Journal Entry 1
  • Journal Entry 2
  • Journal Entry 3
  • Journal Entry 4
  • Journal Entry 5
  • Writing Assignment
  • Poetry
  • Additional Work
  • Reflections
  • Portfolio 2
  • A Flock of Geese
  • Sailing Through The Wind
  • Three Wishes
  • Tests/ The Rain
  • Future Awaits
  • Freedom
  • Sailing through The Wind
  • The Hiding Place
  • Reflections
  • Portfolio 3
  • Journal Entry 1
  • Journal Entry 2
  • Journal Entry 3
  • Journal Entry 4
  • Journal Entry 5
  • Writing Assignment
  • Poetry
  • Additional Work
  • Reflections

The Emergency It all started when my friend Amber
called, said she had an emergency and that she
needed me to meet her at her house right away! I
left immediately. When I arrived, Amber was
outside of her house. She seemed afraid to go in
alone. Her face brightened as she saw me pull up
in my Blazer. Upon questioning her, she told me
that she was the only one home and yet there were
strange noises coming from the attic. I
suggested that we both go into the house and
check it out. Although she was reluctant, she
agreed on the condition that I lead. As we
opened the font door, I heard the noises that
were frightening Amber. It was a booming noise.
Boom! Boom! There was sort of a rhythm about it.
What could it be, I wondered. Slowly we made
our way up the stairs. The higher we climbed the
louder the noise. Boom! Boom! Boom! Then I
heard a noise that made my hair stand on end, it
was a creaking noise. I turned around quickly
but, realized quickly that it was just Amber I
continued my climb. Bang! Bang! Bang! Boom!
Boom! Boom! Crash! What were these noises? Now
I wasnt sure that I wanted to continue. I
suggested that we call the police. All Amber
could do was to nod. I called the police Amber
didnt seem as though she could talk. We werent
even sure if we should still be in the house. I
explained to the police what we heard. They
tried to make sense of it and I guess they
decided that it was a prank call because all I
could hear in the background was laughing. I
guess we were on our own. We needed some
protection, so I grabbed a baseball bat and Amber
grabbed a vase. Slowly we made our ascent again.
Amber clung to my back. What a pair we were!
We seemed ready for anything. Boom! Boom!
Boom! Boom! We were close now to the attic.
The noise was so loud that we couldnt hear
ourselves think! We flung the door open hoping
to surprise whatever it was. There in the
middle of the floor was Ambers brother playing
his new drum set!
Time Tick! Tick! Tick! I ticked away the
seconds. I ticked away the minutes. Ticking
right through another day, I thought as I
watched students file into the classroom. Mrs.
Wilkins, the Math Teacher, started her usual
routine with attendance and the Pledge of
Allegiance. Mrs. Wilkins was nice. She would
change my battery when it needed to be changed.
She also smiled a lot. I liked Mrs. Wilkins.
When she started her lesson and as time ticked
away, more and more students began to watch me as
if to say, Hurry up, go faster however, I knew
school was important and therefore I wouldnt
tick any faster. I had watched Mrs. Wilkins stay
hour after hour preparing lessons for her
students. I had watched as she graded papers and
straightened desks. Many times I had thought
just how much Mrs. Wilkins cared about her
students. Now, most of the students were looking
at me. I feel bad for Mrs. Wilkins. Not many of
her students were paying any attention to her!
Tick! Tick! Tick! I ticked away the seconds. I
ticked away the minutes. Finally, for the
students, the school day was over. This was the
only time of the day that I felt appreciated by
the students. Tick! Tick! Tick! Tomorrow would
be a day all too similar.
Hillbilly I felt the need to jump into the
swimming pool to get away from this hillbilly.
Who droned on and on about his first adventure of
riding a roller coaster. But sadly I could not
get his little adventure out of my head. He told
me how they drove in their suburban car up to the
amusement park and on the way up Billy the
Hillbilly navigated using a map, that directed
the way. Big deal! I wanted to scream at him,
I have already been on thousands of roller
coasters and do not really care to hear of your
lovely escapade. But I could not, for he was my
cousin and my parents would punish me for
behaving in that manner. Finally the adventure
seemed to be coming to an end I said, What fun
you must have had, and then excused myself and
slid into the warm inviting water. At last I was
free and could do as I pleased, while swimming
lazily about.
Kite Swinging high up in the sky, floating on
from up above. Children laughing as I dance in
the sky, trying to keep me up in the sky. I love
the view of the trees and the birds. I whish I
could stay up here forever. When the day is done
the kids pull me down from that sky. Oh how I
longed to go back up on my own set free from the
string that holds me down. But until then I wait
till another day when the kids bring me out and
then I could once again soar.
Rollercoaster My life is complicated and I'm not
sure how to fix it. Its like I'm on a ride that
keeps going and going and there I am trying to
get off. But there is no one operating the
machine so I have to endure until the end. This
ride that I am on is full of twist and turns. It
even has bumpy and slow parts each new situation
affecting me differently then the one before it.
But Ill keep on going till the ride is through
because I know it will be worth it in the end but
right now Im still trekking through this bumpy
ride and hopefully soon it will be smooth.
My First Car I wondered if I was going to receive
a car I happened to be at the age when all my
friends were receiving cars as gifts from their
parents but, I was doubtful that my parents
would purchase such an item for me. At the end of
my sophomore year, my parents started talking
about getting a car for me. I could not believe
it! I really thought that they might not get me
one with the cost of insurance and all other
expenses so, I was really surprised when my
parents began looking for a car at various
dealers. Also, they began discussing where to
purchase such an item, how much to pay, and what
type of car to purchase. After a while, they
finally decided on looking at a car that was
owned by one of my fathers friends. We drove to
where the car was located to inspect it and to
see what type of condition it was in. When we
arrived, I was really shocked! This car was
really nice and looked new! The car was blue and
looked freshly painted. There was hardly a
scratch or a dent on it. When we opened up the
car, the upholstery looked old and used and the
carpet of the car was very dirty and muddy.
Although the outside of the car was in excellent
shape, the inside definitely looked like it could
use a good wash. It turned out that it was a
Toyota Celica GT and although it was old, it was
hardly used over the years. I could not believe
it! This car was perfect! I hoped that my
parents would purchase it for me. Later, my hopes
were smothered when my mom told me that the owner
was asking too much. So with little hope, I
wondered if I would ever get a chance to have a
car as nice as that one. Finally, my parents
told me that they were going to purchase the
car the car of my dreams the only car that I
had wanted at the time.
Stuck Stuck Thats what I am
Im in a jam all locked in No way out but
hopefully a way in In that zoo with no way out It
sounds kind of bad But I am stuck Already in
that zoo Where traffic does not end All in a
parking lot not moving any where is this fair I
think not
Forever Sparks The scrape of sparks
shattered Lighting up the sky Oh how I wonder
Wonder What it was that Was mixed in with the
sparks It was like the kiss of emerald But yet
not so green Mixed sparks with stars Now light
up the sky It was a beautiful sight That I wish
would stay Stay forever
Car Trouble!
It all started, when I received my license.
Soon after, people started asking me for rides,
especially this one girl in particular. Her name
was Jodie. One morning she asked me to give her
a ride to school. I didnt mind since I was
already heading that way, anyway. This started
to get into a habit, every day she would ask the
same thing, Can I have a ride? Once this
became a habit, I started to mind, but I didnt
want to be rude and just say no. So I kept on
giving her a ride. Thats when it started. I was
coming home one day after school, and didnt
notice that I was going over the speed limit.
The next thing I know, I had to pull over to the
side. Dang it! Im in BIG trouble. Mam, may I
please see your license? The police officer
asked. I quickly got my license to show to him.
A little while later, I was handed a ticket.
Great, what will my parents think? I drove the
rest of the way home shaking in fear. When I got
home I showed my parents the ticket, and then I
found out that I wasnt allowed to drive for a
while. So the only thing that I could do was ask
for a ride to school the next day. I finally
called Jodie. Hey Jodie, I was wondering if I
could get a ride tomorrow to school? Oh, Im
sorry but there is no room in my car, for
you. So this is how Jodie treats me when I
helped her out. Well see if I give her any more
rides. I really hate it when people use me to
get what they want, and I guess that I should be
more careful, so that others dont take advantage
of me.
  • Doing these reflections is a hard challenge for
    me because it is not a strong point for me. I
    overcame this by having to do it for a grade.
  • My poetry because I never knew I could write
    poetry until this year.
  • My Character Sketch I did not include because I
    did not want to have it publicly read by anybody
  • The scrape of sparks shattered I like this
    sentence from my poem because I like the imagery
    I used.
  • This writer is a great writer she uses great
    imagery and diction. Some of the weaknesses she
    has is the need of better planning before she

Reflections (cont.)
  • The writing piece that I would like to continue
    writing on is Car Trouble because I want to
    improve it a lot.
  • I would change my journal entry Rollercoaster
    into a poem because it could easily be changed
    into a poem.
  • Rollercoaster reflects my personality the most
    because its about my life with all the twists and
    turns and changes that occurs this shows my
    mysterious side my uncertainty and troubles that
    I face.
  • You did a good job with descriptive imagery.
    Your choice of words suited the selection well.
    These are great inspiring words that help me
    continue to write. Especially since it comes from
    my peers.
  • Tom Sawyer Tells me that he likes my writing and
    loves how I like to write about adventure and
    hopes that I will include him in one of my
    adventure stories one day.

A Flock of Geese Pecking on the ground Geese
all around Honking mingling Scattering
about Creating chaos Leaving behind mementoes For
the ones left behind In packs they come in By the
dozen or two Beaks a diggin at the ground In
search of food Fluffing and ruffling Feathers
loosely scatter Floating here and there covering
the ground In a daze of wonder Pecking and
biting They stick together Cause thats what a
flock is all about.
Sailing Through the Wind
I feel the
sensation of the wind ruffling my hair as I soar
on downward waiting for the right moment to pull
the string attached to the parachute to bring me
down back to safety. I see things from Heavenly
Fathers view or as I would imagine he sees us as
I can now see it from a higher distance and feel
as if I can see everyone and everything for miles
around there is some fear as to how my landing
will be, thousands have done it before me, some
were successful others Im afraid have not. But
mean while Ill just soar until I cant soar no
more. Then whoosh! My parachute will come out and
I wont be rushing to fast and be able to slow
down and enjoy the simple things.
Three Wishes
If I could have any three wishes I would want
to wish that I would pass advanced on my SATs
because if I passed my SATs advanced my parents
would be happy and I would not feel like I didnt
waste my time in school learning a whole lot of
stuff and have it all add up to where I cant get
into any college or even understand half the
things they teach us. My second wish would be
that I could be worthy enough to be married in
the temple. I really want to be able to but the
good thing about this wish is that I could make
this one happen on my own so I dont know if that
could count as a goal or a whish? My third wish
would be that I could be successful in life
having a great job earn a bachelors degree and
become a really great deaf interpreter. Have a
great house and a great family of my own.
Tests / The Rain
  • The stress of pressure
  • The nerves of tests
  • Oh why why
  • The agony of striping knowledge
  • From your mind
  • Searching deep within the folds
  • Struggling to grasp concepts
  • That pertain to the old has beens
  • Old thrown out knowledge
  • Wishing that it had kept in
  • To whish that life didnt all sum up
  • With choice A, B, C, D and sometimes E
  • Oh the misery!
  • Hoping to do well
  • To pass advance
  • If so the joy would swell
  • But still the test will come
  • Am I ready or must I to fail?
  • Will I do the best that I can do?
  • Drip drop
  • The sound it makes
  • Ker-plop
  • The rain falls down
  • Hitting objects on the ground
  • Splattering slathering
  • Slipping and sliding
  • Making their way slowly
  • But steadily downward
  • Through objects sparkling
  • Wet
  • What a sight
  • The rain makes
  • When cruising down the slopes
  • Then wetting the ground
  • For plants to grow
  • Drip Drop
  • The rain sounds

Future Awaits
  • Im nervous
  • Nail biting begins
  • Now I worry
  • About my fate
  • Cant the test wait?
  • Im not ready
  • To decide my future
  • My destiny in this world
  • Must I decide that now?
  • Cant I stay small?
  • Im to scared to leave
  • My house My friends My family
  • I really can wait
  • Well maybe…
  • I feel like
  • I have too much stress
  • Or maybe its just how I look at it
  • Why should I worry?
  • Im not sure
  • But I hope that the
  • Pit in my stomach
  • Sweating and nail biting
  • Soon ends
  • I hope that I will soon
  • Be at peace
  • And be safe
  • From this fateful doom

Freedom goes hand in hand
with free agency. Meaning
that we have rights and privileges to
act, think, and say what we want as
long as we accept the consequences of our
actions. Some of the privileges that we are able
to have a say in government rulings we are
allowed to vote, protest and have a say in
government issues. We have a Government system
that helps us to be able to not have dictators
or kings and queens. Freedom is able to be free
to choose on our own act on our own and think on
our own. We are so lucky to be living in a
country where we have a lot more freedom and a
lot more decisions to make all on our own not
having anyone stop you from doing it. But along
with those decisions we choose to take the
consequences of our actions.
The Hiding Place
Mom, I think I hear them coming! Get away from
the window! Pounding noises filled the room.
Open up! yelled a soldier. Unlocking the
door, Mrs. White cracked the door open. May I
ask why you gentlemen are here? Mrs. White
asked as sweetly as she could. A soldier
stepped forward looking like he was in charge of
the invasion. Maam we have reason to believe
that you and your family are hiding Jews. Must
I remind you that if we find any Jews here your
family will join them in the camps. I know of
the penalty, but you will not find any here. We
will see, smirked the soldier. Tearing and
searching, the soldiers looked high and low
looking for signs of hiding places. After a
while, one by one the soldiers lined up again
with a look of defeat. Looks like you were
right, but be warned, we will be back when you
least expect it. Slowly the door closed behind
the soldiers. Silence filled the room. Sighing
loudly Mrs. White slowly descended down the
stairs to her secret hide-out careful to not
attract too much attention. Creaking open a side
of a painting, Mrs. White smiled to herself at
this clever hiding. To the unsuspecting eye
nothing would appear out of the ordinary except
for an unusual crack. It was this crack that was
the key. Mrs. White put her fingers into the
small crevice and slowly pulled. An opening
appeared and a small figures head popped up out
of the exposed hole. Its all right, Anne, the
soldiers are gone. I thought for sure they
would find me, Mrs. White.
  • Dont worry, you are safely hidden. Can I get
    you anything?
  • No, thank you, Im too shaken up right now to
    think straight. If you dont mind I would like
    to be by myself for a while.
  • Sure, make sure you get some rest. Goodnight.
  • Good night, Mrs. White.
  • Closing off the entrance, Mrs. White returned to
    the main floor to wait for her husband to come
    home. Finally, the front door opened and in
    walked her husband.
  • Dad, cried their only child who was three.
  • Emily, Mr. White said as he hugged her tight.
  • The soldiers came today, Mrs. White stated as
    calmly as she could.
  • Really, did they find anything? Mr. White
  • No, thank goodness, but Anne is pretty shaken
    up, replied Mrs. White.
  • All we can do is hope that the war will end
    soon, stated Mr. White.
  • Hope and pray, I guess, but you better go check
    on Anne and see how she is doing, Mrs. White
  • While Mr. White was checking on Anne, Mrs. White
    set the table. She turned on the radio to listen
    to any news about the war between the United
    Nations and Germany hoping all the while for some
    good news. It was not long before Mr. White and
    Emily joined Mrs. White for dinner. War reports,
    it seemed, was all that they ever listened to
  • Its August and Germany is undergoing more
    bombing in Ploiesti, Romania, and Ruhr Valley
    causing a lot of damage to oil fields. This
    damage is causing productions to slow down.
  • Well, thats good news, but we better shut it
    off before the police discover that we have a
    radio, said Mr. White.
  • We better hide it in a different place. We were
    lucky that it wasnt discovered this afternoon,
    replied Mrs. White.

While Mrs. White was putting Emily to sleep, Mr.
White hid the radio so the police would not find
it. Nights turned into days as days turned into
weeks and before anyone knew it, it was
June. Did you here about Americas troops in
Germany? Karen, Mrs. Whites friend, asked Mrs.
White. No, I didnt, replied Mrs.
White. Well, there is talk of the end of the
war and dont repeat this to anyone but, I
believe that America is going to help win the war
soon, said Karen. I sure do hope it is soon,
replied Mrs. White. Karen left home shortly after
this conversation leaving Mrs. White to dwell on
the exciting news. Months later after the
treaties were signed and the war was over, Mrs.
White was setting the table for an extra
person. Is she here yet, Mr. White asked. No,
not yet, help set the table please. She is
supposed to be here any minute, said Mrs.
White. Soon a knock at the door disrupted the
quiet house. Shes here, shes here, shes
here, cried Emily as she raced to open the
door. Opening the door, there stood Anne with a
big smile at the sight of Emily. All the Whites
and Anne sat down to dinner. So, how do you like
your new life? asked Mr. White. Oh I love it,
Im so happy Im free, exclaimed Anne.
  • How have you developed as a writer this semester?
    (What have you learned or what skills have you
    gained?) I have improved a lot in my writing I
    feel more comfortable to share my writing with
    other people and I have gained more knowledge on
    how to structure some of my writings.
  • What lessons about writing can you apply to other
    classes? It helps in a lot of my classes actually
    pretty much all of them in history we are
    supposed to do paragraphs about a chapter we had
    read and writing has helped me, Latin reflects
    some of the writing lessons that I have learned,
    Science we use writing by doing projects and
    other stuff like that.
  • What do you feel is your best piece of writing in
    your portfolio? Why? I feel it is A Flock of
    Geese because I love how it shows imagery and my
    use of words.
  • What strategies have you used to overcome some of
    the challenges of writing this semester? I ask
    for suggestions and try to write how I think I
    should and hope it turns out good.
  • What were your strengths in writing? I think
    poetry is my strength in writing it didnt used
    to be one of my strengths but for some reason
    this year it is.
  • What areas do you need to continue to develop as
    a writer? I found that writing Adventure stories
    is a part that I need to work on because I had a
    hard time writing this assignment.

A flower to be kept, kept forever-sealed in wax.
To stay and be looked at forever more, unknown
story behind it all could have been from someone
special or just lovely to look at. Hidden truths
lie beneath but maybe someday the truth will come
out and become more meaningful to me.
I think that the pen is mightier than the sword
because with the sword, it kills and then its
over. It does not have a lasting effect. Wars
bring about change however they do not create a
good image in ones mind. Words, however, like
the Declaration of Independence can be powerful
and lasting and affect thousands of people. A
written document signed and sealed, set in stone
piece by piece can bind truth for all time and
Undercover, hidden at the seams, Dangerously
silent and deadly with a dagger Beware the one in
charge For his dishonesty could lead you
anywhere His intelligent plan is very indecisive
but, secret For his plan diminishes anyone in
its path People in disguises sneak around Killing
off the enemy one by one But, it is not enough
for the enemy is everywhere His strikes and blows
could knock you down He knows weaknesses that
pull you down The leader is gauche and
silent But, good conquers evil and soon The
leaders discouraging ways Will be no more
Trapped, underground how can they stay there for
more than two minuets? I came over as a guest. I
didnt want to be impolite and leave after the
first few minuets. But I just couldnt take it
anymore I had to get out of there. So to take my
mind off of things I made a toast to my glorious
hosts for letting me come. But inside I was
fighting a fierce battle a battle to stay where I
could no longer be anymore.
Thats three strikes against Bill today! I dont
know what Im going to do with these humans!!
They think they are so smart, but they are always
making the stupidest mistakes. Bill is good to me
he takes care of me making sure that everything
is running right. But What I dont understand is
why he runs red lights all the time. Speeds down
the highway like he is late for everything and he
kills innocent animals that are trying to cross
the street!
All I strive for is your approval The twinkle in
your eye The proud look that makes me feel Like
Im needed and wanted and that I mean
something In your life I struggle almost daily
And yet you seem to be gone I need your help the
most Soon Ill be gone What will I do then? Ill
be even further away Will you care then Will I
be the twinkle in your eye? Or will I just be
gone? Never a glimpse back at memories Never a
proud moment to remember All I want is for you to
be happy
What do you expect? Im not perfect I wish I
was How you carry on I feel like Im not good
enough And I struggle through depths But, it
seems like it doesnt matter That Im just here
biding my time I try my best I have no one to
follow I know Im not the brightest Or the
best But, I think what would Mean the most Is if
you just said four words Im proud of you That
would mean the world to me
Colleges Stand true Awaiting the challenge But
when it really comes Hearts that are dear
break Lost in the contorted facts Blundering and
blistering Its everlasting effect  Loved ones
that were there  Now gone, lives over and
done Blood shed is never the right way But it
rules our entire being Our very existence and
lives So hold on close it may be your last Value
life like it was a dear friend Because everything
you do reflects you Never forget the ones that
moved on But rejoice for they are in a better
place  Trials and tribulations are over for
them Remember to forgive when such a crime is
committed For we always need to reach out and
comfort A unforgivable person who needs help and
love Be there for the mourner for they have lost
someone Never forget the past so our future doses
not repeat it Share your love and you will be
Life is a bliss Always changing Problems arising
Twisting and Turning Round and Round Only
stopping When its the end
A Samson of our day There to protect and
defend Long black hair was his strength His sole
purpose of living He stepped out on an
errand Came back and they were dead It wasnt his
fault He felt it was Since he was the
protector The night in shining armor There to
deliver harm away He delivered the bad news to
the rest He knew that they couldve been saved If
only they hadnt returned Hadnt come back across
the river His defender wasnt a coward He wanted
to save his people but, instead his life was
taken And the Samson of our day wasnt there
Wasnt there to protect him Blasting bullets -
death everywhere One survived who became the new
leader But, it was another massacre
never-the-less And innocent blood was taken
Loved ones lost dear friends gone Samson still
lived on Long hair still growing Living his
purpose Of protecting and defending
Some stupid rotten day! This morning I woke up
late couldnt find my darn shoes I looked for
them every where and where do you suppose I found
them? In the dogs bed dripping with slobber! At
lunch I spilled my drink now mind you I didnt do
it on purpose but I uh well I spilled it on my
boss! Then my printer jammed when I was trying to
print out an important document so I had to fight
to use someone elses. Plus to top it all off my
tire blew while I was coming home and I had to
wait for the tow guy for a whole half hour! And
that is why Mr. I-Dont-Care-How Your-Day-Went
Is why dinner is not made.
Triangles and other figures Clutter the page Full
of all sorts of numbers Ranging from odd to even
many problems running on end Constantly
changing Some for the better Others for the
worst While students are stuck Doing these
problems I wish life for the best If it only
had No math!!
How have you developed as a writer this
year? What lessons about writing can you apply to
other classes? What do you feel is your best
piece of writing in your portfolio? Why? What
strategies have you used to overcome some of the
challenges of writing this year? What were your
strengths in writing? What have you learned about
yourself this year through writing? What areas do
you need to continue to develop as a writer?