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Creative Writing Portfolio 20062007 Forest Park


'Thank God you came and got me babe, I couldn't stand being in that hell hole. ... As we neared the end of the day in Nikko, I had no idea what was in store for me ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Creative Writing Portfolio 20062007 Forest Park

Creative Writing Portfolio 2006-2007 Forest Park
  • Nate Christian
  • 12
  • Mrs. Dowling

Click here to view my portfolio
  • Hallo, enthält diese Mappe Schreiben, die von
    mir geschrieben werden, Nate Christ. In diesem
    Gewebe folio werden Sie Geschichten um mein Leben
    finden, sowie Fiktionengeschichten geschrieben
    haben, zu amüsieren. Ich werde hoffen, dass Sie
  • trans. Hello, this portfolio contains writings
    written by me, Nate Christian. In this web folio,
    you will find stories about my life as well as
    fiction stories written to amuse. Hope you enjoy!

Table of Contents
Table of Contents
  • Portfolio 1
  • Stubborn Bolt
  • Controversial Clothing
  • Talking Vegetable
  • Living the Good Life
  • Fateful Night
  • The Road to Bug-Out
  • Poetry
  • Nikko Trip
  • Reflections
  • Portfolio 2
  • Jump Off
  • Pilgrim Pimp
  • The Millipede
  • Me, Myself, and I
  • Field Trip
  • Historical Fiction
  • I Believe…
  • Reflections
  • Portfolio 3
  • Alter Ego
  • Wake up on an Island
  • Wake Up
  • Legacy
  • Will
  • Sneezing ( Additional Work)?
  • Poetry(Links to first, then scroll for the rest)?
  • Commercial Script
  • Reflections

Alter Ego
  • My alter ego, well I would be the quiet one. The
    kid in the corner watching. Watching all of the
    drunks, watching and waiting for them to do
    something crazy, like drink out of a fish bowl or
    do back flips off the roof into a pool. I would
    drink only one beer and act like I was drunk. And
    be the one no one sees, and no one cares about.

Wake up on an Island
  • Ten years have passed. I have looked and walked
    on every inch of this island. No life except
    snakes and eagles. My do chip and I have settles
    in quite nicely We have a two bedroom hut with
    kitchen and two beds. Its quite sturdy too,
    withstanding the strongest winds and rain. Though
    I miss my job, girlfriend and car. I cant
    believe 10 years have passed since I have been
    home. Will I ever go back? Who knows. Hopefully I
    will be able to get out of here. I do not
    remember exactly how I got here except for
    wanting to take a tour of this place and pirates
    took my boat while sleeping on the beach.

Wake Up
  • Wow I exclaimed, turning over in my bed. I
    forgot about that. The Tsunami which struck my
    country, had taken my home as well. The barren
    ground where my home once stood is now empty and
    fertile ground.
  • It has been a year since that terrible night,
    but the sights and sounds still haunt me in my
    sleep. The shrieks of pain and horror echo
    through the hallways. Water rushing through the
    rooms and glass shattering will never let me be
    the same. I will never feel safe, life is
    unpredictable and I can never stop what my fate
    is going to be.

  • As Dane Cook once said, I want to leave my
    legacy on someone. Well, its true, everyone
    wants to leave their mark. Some more noticeable
    than others. In his eyes, smashing an ice cream
    cone in a childs face is one of the more
    noticeable legacies you can leave on someone.
    However, for me I find leaving a mark needs to be
    make you look like you cared or put effort into
    you work.
  • Photos I have taken as well as memories I have
    left with people are what I want to be remembered
    for. Whether happy or sad, I want to leave my
    mark, keeping faith for some, or even showing
    what not to do when given a certain situation. I
    say, put your best foot forward, and give it your
    all, because thats all you can do, and if you
    always try, your legacy will be left, and you
    will be remembered.

  • In my will, I plan to leave a plethora of items
    to my heir, whomever that may be. My first item
    will be the country of Scotland. Since I am King
    of Scotland, I would find it quite fitting to
    leave the country to my heir to run and allow for
    this country to prosper in the years to come. The
    next item in my will, would most certainly be my
    private airplane.
  • Since being King of Scotland requires attention
    in all parts of the country as well as the world,
    air travel is necessary for my heir to arrive on
    time and to give attention in all parts of the
    world at anytime. However, the most important
    item I will be leaving will be my journal. It
    contains information I would find very useful for
    my heir to use, as it gives tips and tricks to
    use in everyday life.

Schools Almost Over
  • School is almost over
  • Almost over homework
  • Over homework grades
  • Homework grades hurting
  • Grades hurting fun
  • Hurting fun weekends
  • Fun weekends reduced
  • Weekends reduced work
  • Reduced work

  • It!
  • sparkles
  • shines
  • Has cars shining in the night
  • Is water sparkling from the moonlight
  • Is fireworks crackling in the sky
  • Loves the cool air
  • Loves the spring time

  • These words bring about death when it is
  • Lurid and hideous can make some feel appalling
  • Scary movies make girls go home bawling

Opposite of Gruesome
  • The squirrel jumps to life like a spring that
  • Coming out of hibernation from under the wood
  • Looking for food like everyone else he would
  • In luck because the new Spring is so good.

Ocean Breeze
  • Soft ocean breeze
  • Flows through my hair
  • The call of the seagulls as they
    pass in the air
  • The clap of the ocean as it
    comes and goes
  • Bringing small seashells and taking
  • Hopes and dreams captured in bottles
  • To reunite with lost love or
  • bring forth anew

Commercial Script
  • .

  • Ahh, sneezing, it's a wonderful feeling. You
    are sitting in class, and your nose is stuffed
    up. You try blowing it but to your dismay, it
    makes things worse. Unable to breathe or relieve
    yourself of this pent up tension, you wonder how
    to make yourself better, cursing yourself for not
    taking that sudafed before leaving the house.
    Then suddenly, a rush comes through your body
    like a wave crashing onto a beach. It comes up
    your throat and into your nose. "It's a sneeze!"
    you think to yourself. Then the best feeling
    comes when it just all comes out. You feel almost
    completely better and you can breathe. Can life
    be any better? Well perhaps, only if you can
    sneeze again.

  • Over the year, I have improved as a writer, I
    have received valuable knowledge about how to
    expand on writings by adding detail and strong
    visual words.
  • By improving on my writing skills, I can use them
    in my job field, especially when writing
    documents, as well as business letters, and more
    importantly, my resume.
  • Well, it would be my historical fiction, I was
    able to add strong visuals to make the writing
    really come to life.
  • I always worked harder at them, changing course
    and taking different approaches to writing a
  • Adding visuals, I feel I could describe things
    very well.
  • That if I put more heart and soul into my
    writings, that I could really become a good
  • Making my stories flow better, as I tend to jump
    around sometimes

  • This semester I have developed as a writer
    because I have increased my vocabulary and opened
    myself up to different ways of writing, whether
    its narrative or historical pieces.
  • This openness to writing will allow me to apply
    it to my SATs as well as other English classes
    as they require different styles of writings.
  • My best piece in my portfolio I think would be my
    Historical Fiction piece. It allowed me to change
    up my style of writing and do something that I
    normally do not write about.
  • Basically being able to overcome obstacles such
    as opening myself up to readers. Putting my
    feelings on paper is something I have never done
  • Detail is my strong point. I can put different
    words in to give a better picture.
  • Areas I need to develop in is putting more
    dialogue into my pieces, less detail and more
    interaction between the characters.

I believe…
  • I believe that we will win
  • Crowds shouting while clamoring on tin
  • The metal chairs can feel the pressure
  • As another touchdown is scored, the team rests
  • To feel the happiness of winning again
  • The crowds keep shouting
  • I believe that we will win!

  • Trying to hide all of his liquor, the officer
    begins to enter the establishment.
  • Giovanni, trying to grab all the bottles of
    liquor and beer off the walls and tables,
  • stopped when the officer entered, gun in hand.
    Hands up, everyone! the officer
  • ordered. While the officer paced the room
    checking for any bottles of liquor,
  • Giovanni hid the rest of the bottles as fast as
    he could.
  • Who owns this joint? the officer asked
    demandingly. I do ya pig! a
  • drunk man yelled. I do Mr, Ocifer, Giovanni
    said with a chuckle. You do know
  • that under article twelve, section three,
    paragraph four, line seven, that it is illegal
  • to own and operate a store that sells liquor.
    The officer questioned. I do know
  • that officer, but me and my friends do love to
    drink, dont you Mr. Ocifer?
  • Giovanni said with a grin. I am not here to play
    games boy, do you, or do you
  • not? Yea, yea I know. Well then put your
    hands behind your back. After
  • taking Giovanni out of his liquor store, the
    officer threw him into the black and
  • deathly looking horse and buggy and took off to
    the local jail.
  • Get in that cell! the officer mumbled to
    Giovanni. Do I get my one phone
  • call or am I going to have to get a cup and tie
    some string to it? Giovanni said
  • sarcastically. Shut up in there while I figure
    out what to do with you.
  • Giovanni had to stay in the dark and moldy jail
    for five days until they granted him bail
  • and his girlfriend Giselle came and picked him

  • Giovanni who was under bail was kept under close
    surveillance by the cops. Every
  • day and night, there is an extra set of eyes
    watching his every move. To get out of their
  • surveillance, he decided to sneak out of his
    apartment and move in with his good friend
  • Mario, who lived on the other side of Chicago.
  • Dare il benvenuto il mio amico! Mario
    exclaimed while opening his door. Thanks
  • Mario, but please, dont be too happy, the cops
    are following me and you are the only
  • person not connected with my store, said
    Giovanni. Well, dont get me into it and I
  • will be fine, and its good to see you. Mario
    said quietly.
  • For the next few weeks, Giovanni kept a low
    profile, keeping himself out of jail.
  • This hideout was not meant to be long-term, so
    one night he decided to leave his good friend
  • and head for the farthest city from Chicago.
    While heading to the train station, a older man
  • of at least 30 was reading a newspaper, his gaze
    turned to Giovanni. Giovannis picture was
  • on the front page of the Chicago Tribune. The man
    reading the paper was an off-duty police
  • officer. The officer, trying to get Giovannis
    attention, turned into an all out chase down
  • Main Street. Running between buildings, jumping
    over fences covered with barbed wire
  • wouldnt slow down Giovanni. His arms and legs
    dripping blood while he ran left a trail and
  • the dusty pavement. Looking back, Giovanni could
    see more officers chasing him. Many of
  • them screaming STOP, We will shoot you! one
    younger man yelled. Giovanni did not care

Historical Fiction
  • Pour me another! mumbled a drunken man.
    Giovanni, the bartender, grabbed the three
    strongest bottles of liquor he could find. A
    three wise men is what youre getting! Giovanni
    yelled to the drunk. One part Johnny, one part
    Jim, one part Jack he muttered to himself. The
    glass flew down the table and the man grabbed it
    and drank it. Im outta here, the drunken man
    said. As he stumbled out of the bar, he began to
    throw up profusely and fell into the street. Just
    as he fell, a man, covered in blue dropped down
    from a horse.
  • This man in blue was Chicagos finest, his gun
    strapped to his hip and a night stick ready for
    use. The officer, examining the drunken man,
    looked around the street trying to figure out why
    a man was lying in the street. Upon further
    examination, the officer found out the man was
    highly intoxicated. Looking into the dark store,
    otherwise known as the bar, the officer tapped on
    the window. Giovanni jumped and began to hide all
    of his alcohol. This is the 1920s during

Field Trip
  • Its too cold out a couple students exclaimed.
    Its 30 degrees, Mrs. Dowling informed us.
  • Oh great, some students mumbled. As the class
    filed out of the school towards the football
    field, we were all wondering what she wanted us
    to see.
  • There it is, thats what I wanted you to see!
    Mrs. Dowling said with excitement.
  • Its ducks, Cornelius said with displeasure.
  • How can we write about this, its ducks in
    snow, a couple others said.
  • Biting cold, bustling winds, Mrs. Dowling
  • Sensory details people, she continued.

Me, Myself, and I
  • Something people usually do not notice about me
    is…my abnormally large hands. They look like
    normal hands, but when sized up with other
    students or peoples hands, my mammoths stand out
    more than a white man in a black church. Its not
    just the fingers that are larger, its my palms
    too. Many believe that large hands are a
    prerequisite for becoming even taller than I am
    now. That may be true as my feet are somewhat
    large now as well.

The Millipede
  • Well, sitting down to a meal at the Occidental
    Restaurant, I was wooed by its ambiance. The
    dark wood gave me a warm feeling of comfort. Our
    waiter came and took our drink orders. After
    gulping down half a glass of coke, I ordered my
    appetizer and main course.
  • Caesar Salad I thought, probably the best
  • known to man.
  • Ten or so minutes later Chico, our waiter,
    brought our
  • salads to the white linen covered table. Reaching
    for my
  • fork, I began to stab away at the
  • something moved, small and stealthy. I pushed the
  • croutons around with my fork to reveal a
    millipede. Its
  • tiny little legs were moving a mile a minute.

Pilgrim Pimp
  • Dressed in disguise, I was looked at like a
    foreigner. Today was Halloween and I was dressed
    like a Pilgrim "insert word that i wanted to
    use". I had on the finest gold chains and had a
    nice big straw hat with fur on the brim. A few
    alumni from my school gazed at me in confusion
    and almost fell backwards because of the
    laughter. It is perfect I thought. I mean,
    how many people in this school have this
    costume? Im a sure winner I kept thinking.
    During 7th period was the schools costume
    show. Whoever won best costume would receive a
    100 gift card to anywhere they please. Being
    that I need coilovers for my car, this small sum
    would help out with the purchase.

Pilgrim Pimp
  • As I walked into my 7th period, the class
    erupted with laughter. My straw hat met with a
    pair of aviator sunglasses. My cloth shirt hung
    over a tight pair of khaki shorts to reveal my
    brown shoes. My gold chains and pimped walking
    stick/cane completed the ensemble. I am a
    pilgrim 'insert word that i wanted to use, I
    said to my confused Physics teacher. She burst
    into laughter, unable to hold back the sheer
    goofiness of my costume.

Jump Off
  • As the pilot flipped the switch that activates
    the go light in the airplane, my body suddenly
    springs to life. I leapt out of the fuselage door
    suddenly feeling free as a bird. The wind rushes
    past my body as the warm sun lights up the sky.
    The rich green pastures each so neatly spaced
    come closer to me ever so quickly. As I was
    freefalling, I remember my instructor telling me
    when to pull the rip cord, so I threw my arm back
    grabbing the cord, ripping it free to release my
    parachute. The air is sucked into the chute and
    yanks me up as if a spring had just shot me up. I
    coasted slowly down to earth, adjusting my pitch
    and steering clear of the dry tree. Then my body
    stumbled onto the ground like a rag doll tossed
    to the floor.

Stubborn Bolt
I heard a low grumble followed by a loud pops it
was my good friend pulling in in his Jetta. He
hopped out of his car, in his hand he held the
holy grail of tools. A Mac Tools 500ft. lb.
impact wrench, it was the answer to all of my
prayers. Pulling back on the knurled knob and
hearing the air gasp as I sealed the air
connection to its bronze nipple meant I was in
business. As I proceeded to press on the shiny
19mm socket, I could hear the compressor grumble
in my ears as it created the air needed for the
wrench. Pushing the slide switch into reverse
gave me the O-K to fire away. As I inserted the
socket on to the 19-year-old bolt that was rusty
and stubborn, I pulled on the trigger. The gun
surged to life releasing all of its might.
YESSS!! I shouted as the bolt holding the sub
frame to the control arm came loose. Shards of
metal and carbon flew into the air. I put the gun
down and smiled in glee as the bolt that had gave
me much grief was finally free.
Controversial Clothing
Clothing in the 90s as well as at the turn of
the millennium has stayed consistently the same.
T-shirts are no exception the only change in
shirts has been the different phrases written
across the front or back. I am not saying it is
bad, as I am one of the many that wears these
shirts. I do not find them to be politically
correct, I just wear them because I think the
phrases are quite funny. Abercrombie Fitch has
been a long time designer of t-shirts with the
infamous double-ended phrases. Myself and many
other teenagers find these shirts to be quite
funny. As the trend started to increase, many
decided to take things into their own hands. Not
only would they have different phrases on
t-shirts, they would make the shirts themselves.
Some teens would express their feelings through
their t-shirts on different controversial topics,
or just express crude humor to entertain others.
I have worn Abercrombie Fitch as
well as other brands over the years and have
always purchased t-shirts with the double-ended
phrases due to just sheer humor in the writing.
Others that wear controversial t-shirts sport
them to express their feelings on a topic, and
others just wear them because they just think it
looks good. There is not a solid piece of
evidence on why many others or I wear these
shirts we just purchase them because of
popularity or crude humor to attract the opposite
Talking Vegetable
Reaching for the mirror-polished pearing knife,
I hear faint cries. There are no babies in my
family and the T.V. is off. What the hell is
crying? I wondered. Trying to push the cries out
of my mind, they become louder and more distinct
as I reach for the knife. Dont kill me,
please! The bright yellow bell pepper screamed.
I jump back frantically, throwing the knife
across the room. W-T-F! I yelled. How can
you talk? The little pepper stares into my eyes
like a three year old that knows they did
something wrong. Im, Im sorry but I didnt
want to be cut up and burned on the stove!
admitted the teary-eyed bell pepper. Still
completely oblivious to how this thing could
talk, I began looking at it and asking questions.
The first question was how? youre a pepper
for Gods sake! You arent supposed to talk!
But youre a pepper! I could not believe this
and couldnt stop saying it.
Living the Good Life
As I awake to my Bang and Olufsen alarm clock
buzzing loudly, I step out of my bed. The soft
fur rug comforted my feet as I walk to my
bathroom. The hot water spraying out the jets in
my shower had awoken my senses. I started to
begin thinking of what I want to do today. After
looking through my Valentino suit collection, I
chose one that suited my tastes and began to
descend to the first floor. The track light
glimmered off the stainless steel countertops to
reveal leftover food from the wild night before.
After drinking my O.J. and eating my donut, I
reach into my pocket to reveal the Porsche key
fob. I pressed the start button to hear the growl
of my Porsche 911 Twin Turbo as it roared alive.
Pulling out of my driveway I continued driving
until I reached Boeing Airspace. I pulled into my
parking spot to begin another day of work.
Fateful Night
When Juan was seven, he was playing on the jungle
gym when his hand slipped causing him to tumble
and cut his forehead on the concrete pavement.
Walking home from the jungle gym with his
forehead oozing out blood, he heard a gunshot,
triggering his instincts to drop to the ground.
Juan hated living in fear at getting shot and he
hated how everyone thought he was a misfit
because of where he lived. Since Juan only had a
mother, he would try to help her out at her job
at night. Every night Juan gets read to stock
shelves at the supermarket at 12 oclock at
night. This one night on his way home, he heard
another fateful gunshot, but his instincts did
not make him fall, it was his body telling him to
fall. He looked down and saw the hole where the
bullet had pierced through his clothing and right
into his heart.
The Road to Bug-Out
December 25, 2005 to everyone is Christmas Day.
To me it was the day I received my Volkswagen. It
was a white GTI that had very low miles for its
age. Right away I wanted to start tearing it
apart to begin the rebuilding process, while
retaining it as my daily driver. The next day,
my two good friends and I took the car to give it
its first makeover. We pulled it into the garage
and proceeded to remove the wheels, bumpers, and
suspension components. Then we started to tear
down the shocks and springs to rebuild the new FK
shocks and springs kit I had purchased earlier.
After completing the rebuilding stage of the
suspension, the car was lowered off the jack and
was able to support itself on its adjusted ride
height. Once we had put the car back onto its
feet, we finished up with reinstalling the
bumpers and changing out the taillight bulbs.
That way all the lighting worked. To congratulate
ourselves, we took the car out on a test drive
and ended up at Burger King to finish up a hard
day of work. Fast-forwarding a few months, Prom
2006 comes up and the unexpected occurs.
The Road to Bug-Out
On my way to pick up my prom date, I somehow
received a large screw inside my rear left tire.
Resolving the problem ended with changing the
tire and my parents bringing me their Jaguar to
finish up the night of prom. This setback allowed
me to begin my hunt for a set of new wheels and
tires. Purchasing a set of new wheels is not
only expensive but a large decision it requires
thought and criticism to find the best wheels to
compliment the car. After roughly a month, I had
come to the conclusion to purchase a set of
wheels from the maker, Keskin. To acquire these
wheels, I had to order them directly from their
factory in Germany. After about four weeks of
eagerness, the wheels came and were ready to be
mounted to the tires I had received two weeks
earlier. Later, I mounted the wheels and was
ready to order my last few body parts to finish
the car up. New German Performance came through
with my order of original equipment body parts
directly from Germany at a very affordable price,
which also kept my wallet happy. Installing the
newly acquired parts aided in preparing the car
for a local Volkswagen show called Bug-Out.
The Road to Bug-Out
The day was beautiful, and the car was spotless.
The good turnout of Volkswagens kicked up
competition, which made me very eager for the
awards ceremony later that day. To take my mind
off of the competition, I turned my attention to
my good friend who was taking his car to the
limits, by racing it on the autocross track.
Right after his run on the track, the announcer
called for all show car participants to meet at
the judging table. I walked as quickly as I could
to the stand to await my fate with my first car
show. The announcer called first place, then
second place, and then finally I heard my name
being called to accept the third place plaque.
After accepting the plaque, I began to pack up my
car and head home. Now that I had some experience
in the show car world, I could expand on it and
prove to be a real contender for the next car
show season.
Beach Front and Holiday Time
The warm breeze across my face The smell of salt
awakens my senses The soft sand massages my
feet The soft cool water nourishes my skin To
awaken by this feeling Takes all transgressions
away The wooden boat as it creaks and sways Puts
me to sleep as I drift away
Christmas lights twinkle as the wind blows Thick
white smoke bellows out of chimneys Homes are
filled with happiness and glee Little children
unwrap presents with wonder The temptation as
they unwrap makes them ponder The dogs being
walked in the mind-numbing cold White snow covers
their paws Owners start to feel the chatter of
their jaws The sun slowly comes overhead to warm
their paces Making them slow their paces
Nikko Trip
Get Up, Get up! is what I wake up to as my
older sister Erica is kicking me in the side. As
I opened my eyes, I forgot I was in Tokyo, Japan.
The long flight had completely wiped me out and
my memory felt that same way too. It was August
10th 2005 and I was laying on the floor of my
sisters apartment in Tomioka, Japan, an outskirt
of Tokyo. Stumbling and trying to stand up, I
began to wake up and get dressed for my long day
ahead of me. It was 6 A.M. and my family and I
were about to go on a wild excursion hiking
through the Japans oldest and most remarkable
Nikko Trip cont.
After packing up all of our needed supplies for
the day, we headed to the Train Depot in Tomioka.
As we entered the train station you could tell it
was a work and school day, no one was in the
station. We were able to hop onto a train and be
on our way in a matter of minutes. The train
ride was the best part, I saw cars the U.S. does
not have, corn paddy fields, and forests of green
bamboo trees. As the train slowed I knew we had
reached our destination of Nikko. Stepping out of
the station made me realize what Japan was really
like, calm and serene as well as very clean.
After walking for a few minutes we arrived at the
entrance of an ancient and at one time a powerful
city. As we walked through the city I finally saw
people with the stereotypical cone hats.
Walking further into the city, pagodas made of
solid gold were towering over me like a bully.
The Cherry Blossom trees in full bloom gave the
temples a godly like appearance. Roaming around
the area showed me something no history book or
pictures could ever give me, as I was standing in
temples that have been used for thousands of
years and still used today, and to be able to
hear stories of ninja fights and bloody battles
made me feel as if I was there in the action. As
we neared the end of the day in Nikko, I had no
idea what was in store for me for the rest of my
stay in Japan.
1. The autobiography was the most challenging for
me because I had to put together 6 months work of
my car and small details I remembered together so
that someone could understand it. Basically to
overcome this, I had to ask my peers to receive
input on what would make sense to them. 2. I am
the most proud of my Autobiography because it
shows the work I have done to my car and I was
able to put it into a understandable format for
others to read. 3. Just some of my different
journal entries because they were not
particularly something I had an interest in,
therefore I was unable to write a good story or
response. 4. The train ride was the best part,
I saw cars the U.S. does not have, corn paddy
fields, and forests of green bamboo trees. I
like this because its something many people do
not get to see. Tall and tan with a toned
physique, her brown with blonde highlighted hair
compliment her blue eyes. I just found that it
was a good description, not moving at all.
Making it through the door and first two
hallways, Joswe saw the apartment he had to make
his delivery to, room 1119, home of Chico
Vasquez, notorious drug runner. I particularly
like this sentence because I felt it gave a sense
of crime.
5. After reading this students writings, I find
that his tone is misplaced somewhere in his
writings, or maybe its just not there. His use of
description is pretty good, I have seen better,
but its not bad. Although he can give a clear
sense of what is going on. 6. My conflict story,
because I would be able to put more background
detail into what led up to the drug deal. 7. If
I were to recreate one of my stories, it would be
about Juans Fateful Night. I would recreate it
into a poem about his death. 8. The
autobiography because it shows my passion for
cars. I recognize passion, constructive with my
money and time, and talent. 9. The
autobiography. In my first drafts, some were
confused with some words on what they were. After
consulting with them, I was able to transfer
their ideas and incorporate them into my
writings. 10. Dane from Still Waters After
reading this piece of work, I have concluded that
the writer might be from a big city due to his
knowledge of gangster life. My line of duty
with the police force has kept me up to date with
the actions of young teens such as the ones
portrayed in this story. The ability to capture
what its like in city life is a very hard thing
to capture, the writer here is able to portray it
very realistically.