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Grooming And Business Etiquette


... to speak in places 10-20 feet or more away from the closest person Set the ring tone at a low level with a tune that is soft, gentle, ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Grooming And Business Etiquette

Grooming And Business Etiquette
  • Creating A Lasting Impression

Questionnaire On Business Etiquette
Team Think
What would you wear to an important
meeting/presentation/client visit?
Formal Dressing - Men
  • Dark colored business suits in classic colors of
    gray and navy
  • For an important formal meeting, choose a white
    coloured shirt, for less formal a light blue
    shirt will still give you a conservative
  • Always wear dark pants black or navy blue

Formal Dressing - Men
  • Use ties that have colors of white, black and
    dark red
  • Avoid half-sleeved shirts
  • Avoid dark colored shirts
  • Do not stuff trouser pockets
  • Socks to match colour of trousers
  • Shoes must be polished

Role Play
Hand out a business card to your partner
Business Card Etiquette
  • Give and receive business cards with both hands
  • When giving a business card ensure that your
    contact information points toward the recipient

Grooming And Business Etiquette
  • Communication

Its About People
  • Show respect and courtesy to everyone, regardless
    of their position within a company
  • Always look at it from the recipients
  • Limit, even eliminate, profanity and coarse

  • Honor other people's time
  • Start and end meetings on time
  • Give reasonable notice for projects
  • If you can't make a deadline, say what
    you can do as an alternative
  • Be on time - arrive at least five minutes before
    the scheduled time for all business occasions
  • If you know that you will be late, call to let
    your contact know offer to reschedule

The Cellular Phone
  • When using a cell phone, speak in hushed tones
  • Respect the personal space and try to speak in
    places 10-20 feet or more away from the closest
  • Set the ring tone at a low level with a tune that
    is soft, gentle, and not annoying
  • Move the ring to vibrate in any situation like a
    church, in a theater, a workshop, or a meeting
    where a ringing sound would prove disturbing

The Telephone
  • When you receive a phone call, identify yourself
    professionally by giving your first and last name
    and your department
  • Answer the phone with some enthusiasm or warmth
  • Know how to put people on hold and keep them
    there respectfully and how to transfer calls

Activity Meeting a Client
Body Language
  • Body language can say more than words. A recent
    university study on how people receive
    information had these results
  • 55 of what we learn from others comes from their
    body language
  • 38 of what we learn from others comes from their
    tone of voice
  • 7 of what we learn from others comes from the
    words they say

Work performed by the Academy for Educational
Development under sponsorship of the United
States Agency for 11 International Development
(USAID) Contract Number LAG -I-00-98-00011-00,
Task Order Number 804
Positive Non-Verbal Communication
  • Smiling there is nothing like a smile and
    pleasant face to greet a person, especially if
    he/she has a complaint
  • Eye contact always look into your customers
    eyes. Directly address people
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