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Positioning Products to Customer in the Target Markets


Positioning Products to Customer in the Target Markets – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Positioning Products to Customer in the Target Markets

Positioning Products to Customer in the Target
Why a New Integrated HPLC System?
  • HPLC used around the world in industrial,
    research and educational settings
  • Steady growth in installed conventional HPLC and
    Semi-Prep markets
  • Keep pace with the market needs

Advantages of Integrated Analytical and Prep LC
Analytical Benefit Features Expected
performance State of play with specs equivalent
or better than waters/Agilent Viable Data
Solution Client server, compliant and fully
featured with improved ease of use Vendor
support Consumables, service training, support
world wide and at a consistently high level
Semi Prep to Prep Versatility Extended
detection, materials and flow range via
options Reliability New fraction collector and
advanced control of collection Easy
scale-up Fully automated scale-up through
Scale-Up Module and Galaxie
Environmental Industry
  • Constitutes one quarter of HPLC demand for HPLC
  • Independent testing labs, government bodies,
    industry effluent testing labs
  • Driven by low detection limits, regulatory
    compliance and productivity

Common Industry Applications
  • Trace organic pollutants in drinking water,
    ground and surface water, effluents, toxic
    wastes, soils and seawater
  • PAH, PCB and so on
  • Controlled by regulatory bodies such as EPA, DIN
    and so on

What Do Varian Offer This Industry?
  • Performance sensitivity and precision
  • Data compliance and features for regulated
  • Improved reliability and low operating costs
    for higher throughput and lower downtime

Key Competitors
  • Waters and Agilent have the largest share of the
    market worldwide
  • Shimadzu tends to be strong in Asia

Environmental Systems Requirements
  • Gradient pumps with degasser
  • Autosampler
  • Variable UV, diode array and fluorescence
  • Column oven

Common Varian Customers in this Market Segment
PPS Water Authority, Korea Institute Sea
Research (CNR), Italy Zhuhai Water Supply Co.,
China Gewasser und Bodenschutz,
Switzerland Sierra Environmental Monitoring,
USA Ministry of Environment Energy,
Canada Heritage Labs, USA Water Eco Science,
Australia Pennsylvania American Water, USA Korea
Water Resources Corp., Korea Department of
Underground Water, Thailand
Chemical and Petrochemical Market
  • Typically QA/QC or environmental monitoring
  • Instruments tend to be dedicated to an
    application such as
  • Environmental effluent monitoring
  • Production of raw materials, purity analysis
  • Dissolved materials in organics solvents etc.
  • Driven by performance, price, reliability

Competitors In Petrochemical Industry
  • Waters are particularly strong
  • Agilent and Shimadzu
  • Dionex

What Type of LC System is Important?
  • Isocratic or gradient pumps
  • Autosampler for improved productivity
  • UV detectors with RI and ELSD detectors the most
    relevant detectors

Existing Varian Petrochemical Customers
Ricca Chemicals, USA Poco Graphite, USA Union
of German Cement Factories, Germany Merck,
France Ciba Specialty Chemicals,
Switzerland Santoku Chemical Industries Co., Japan
Agriculture And Food
  • Analysis of food and soils
  • Common analyses include crops, soils, feed,
  • Typical target substances include sugars,
    vitamins, organic acids and trace contaminants
  • Industry is driven by price/cost benefit, ease of
    use, performance and robustness with challenging

What Type Of LC System Is Important?
  • Gradient pumps
  • Autosamplers increase productivity
  • UV and PDA detectors most common with ELSD and RI
    also relevant
  • Common Varian customers
  • Agriquem, Spain
  • Forschungsanstalt Agriculture, Germany
  • University for Agriculture Science, Germany
  • Pepsi (JVA), Ireland
  • Ag Labs (Agmin Chelates), Australia
  • University of Giessen, Germany

Government and Academic
  • Varied applications research, environmental,
    food and beverage, biological
  • Wide variety of laboratories, medical, forensic,
    life science, university consulting and research
  • Driven by performance (teaching to research),
    price (grants), reliability
  • Most vendors offer low cost offerings

What Type of LC System is Important?
  • Modular systems popular
  • Grdient pumps degassers
  • Cooled autosamplers
  • PDA detectors, Fluorescence and ELSD relevant
  • Existing Varian customers
  • MultiLab (State Veterinary Inst.), Liechtenstein
  • University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Max Planck Institut Fuer, Germany
  • State Agency for Standardization Metrology,
  • University of West Virginia, USA
  • University of Bordeaux, France

Pharmaceuticals Market
  • Most visible conventional HPLC and Prep LC market
  • Small drug companies major users of LC
  • Common applications include
  • impurity analysis,
  • R and D,
  • cleaning validation,
  • dissolution testing
  • discovery and medicinal chemistry analysis


Customer Drivers
  • Performance sensitivity and precision
  • Data compliance (auditing and processing)
  • Reliability of instrument
  • Service support, response times
  • Waters and Agilent dominant in this market with
    software a major factor in many accounts

Varian Offerings to This Market
  • Integrated system
  • Gradient pump with degasser
  • Autosampler
  • PDA with column oven
  • Galaxie compliance with IMS, IQ/OQ and CFR
  • Existing Varian customers
  • Pfizer, USA
  • GSK, UK
  • Novartis, Switzerland

  • With the new integrated HPLC system Varian brings
    reliability, flexibility and performance to the
  • Can customise systems from conventional to prep
  • Able to have fully integrated hyphenated IRD
  • Can offer one solution to the customer across a
    range of instrumentation
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