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Title: The Station

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The Station
A Fresh Approach to Classical Music. A Fresh
Approach for Bay Area Advertisers.
Casual, not stuffy. Comfortable, never stodgy.
KDFC is classical radio at its most
accessible. KDFCs DJs are radio people, not
music teachers. They present the music in a
context and perspective that brings it to life
for Bay Area listeners. KDFC is a contemporary
voice that connects classical music to the modern
world. KDFCs powerful voice extends to its
advertisers, granting them unrivaled access to an
exclusive, affluent, educated, engaged
audience. KDFCs creative approach extends
beyond a well-crafted playlist. From the musical
KDFC World Tour to the Oscar week KDFC at the
Movies, the station presents the classics in a
casual, comfortable environment. Advertisers
benefit from this association with San Francisco
culture and the arts. Reach San Franciscos
elusive, devoted classical music listener. Only
on 102.1 Classical KDFC.
A FreshApproach
"I never wanted to leave my desk and it inspired
me to stay focusedthe entire morning." Carol
KDFC is a Must-Buy to Reach the Affluent,
Educated Bay Area Arts Enthusiast
  • In the Bay Area, 8.5 million people attended
    cultural arts events last year, compared to 6.6
    million who attended sporting events. KDFC
    offers unparalleled access to this vital consumer
  • Advertisers who partner with KDFC benefit from
  • Exclusivity. KDFC is the only media outlet
    specifically designed to reach the best educated,
    most affluent and biggest spending segment of the
    population the most sought after, yet most
    elusive, consumer target.
  • Exposure. KDFC is a high-profile media entity
    with over half a million listeners per week
    reaching the nine-county Bay Area.
  • Affiliation. KDFC's proven Halo Effect extends
    to KDFC advertisers as its responsive and loyal
    listeners support the advertisers who show their
    support for the arts by supporting their favorite
  • Environment. KDFC showcases its advertisers in
    an uncluttered commercial environment.
  • Customized Marketing Solutions. KDFC provides
    advertisers with a credible and trusted media
    platform on air, online and on site that
    provides multiple touchpoints to impact this
    crucial consumer group.

"Seriously, KDFC is an essential accompaniment to
the creation of my art.I listeneveryday." Phil

San Francisco Magazine readers have voted KDFC
the Best Radio Station in San Francisco five
times in the past in six years. And in 2007
KDFCs Hoyt Smith was named San Franciscos
Best Radio DJ.
ExcerptBest Radio StationKDFCOur refined
readers think theres no better spot on the FM
dial than 102.1. Whether you listen at work (no
pesky lyrics to distract you) or in the car
(nothing to offend the kids), in the morning or
at night, KDFC is your pick for music. FM 102.1
Best of the Bay Area
ExcerptBest Radio DJHoyt SmithShock jocks,
celebrity gossip, and crude content can test a
persons patience first thing in the morning.
So you switch the dial to the calming voice of
KDFCs Hoyt Smith as he introduces "Mozart in
the Morning" and start your day relaxedat least
until you come face to face with your full
in-box. FM 102.1
KDFC can be heard throughout the entire
Nine-County Bay Area covering the North Bay to
Santa Rosa, the South Bay to San Jose, all of San
Francisco, the Peninsula, and the East Bay
through the Tri-Valley area. KDFC can also be
heard on Comcast channel 981 and world wide
through The KDFC main antenna is
located at 1206 feet above sea level in the Marin
Headlands. In addition, the station has a
booster on Mount Diablo, which strengthens the
KDFC signal in the northern half of the
Tri-Valley area.
KDFC is the Bay Areas Only Commercial Classical
Radio Station
Radio Format Spectrum
Source Arbitron 4-BK Avg. Winter 07, M-SU
6A-12M, Cume Rating, Adults 18, Top 25 SF Radio
Dial Position..............................102.1
FM Coverage..................................Nin
e-County San Francisco Metro Format.............
..........................Classical (Exclusive in
Format) Slogan..................................
....Casual. Comfortable. Classical. Weekly Cume
12.....................505,300 Core
Demographics....................Adults 35-54/
Adults 35-64 Composition 12....................
....51.4 - Female 48.6 - Male Ownership....
Communications Corp. Sister Station.............
.................KOIT-FM 96.5 Lite Rock. Less
Talk KBWF-FM 95.7 The Wolf Fresh Country
"Your glorious music fills my house on a daily
basis." Rosalind
Hoyt Smith Connects with KDFC Listeners
In January of 2007, KDFC Morning Show Host Hoyt
Smith underwent surgery. Here is a sampling of
some of the 1100 emails sent to Hoyt from his
fans while he was out Wishing you all the best
and a speedy recovery! My vanpool misses you
already. Bill You brighten our morning every
off-to-school and work day. Youre even more
important to us than, yikes, coffee! Get better
and come back to the radio soon! Our days wont
be nearly so sunny until you return. Heather,
Judson and Charlotte Starting the day without
your witty and informative patter just isnt the
same. Get well soon. Larry and Billee I
listen to you every morning on my ride to work
and then online at my office. Mornings wont be
the same without you. My very best wishes for a
speedy recovery. Virginia Im up every
morning at 530. KDFC is my alarm clock. I miss
your funny stories and humor while I bounce
around my apartment waiting for the caffeine to
kick in. Get well. Joel I wish you all the
best as you recover. You are a bright spot in my
day and I selfishly look forward to your return.
My son at UCSC sends his regards from Slugville.
Lisa I was so sorry to hear you were out for
surgery, but Im grateful that you will be
rebooted and back with us soon! I so enjoy
your weekday morning show with Dusty and Betsy.
You all make me smile and laugh every morning as
I get ready for work. Best wishes for a full
recovery. I will miss you. Kathy Get well
soon! By far you are the best radio host in the
business. Classy, articulate, and above all,
funny. Easy to listen to. Smart to have
around. Jeff
"Classy, articulate, and above all,
funny." Jeff
KDFC Personalities Resonate with San Francisco
Classical Listeners
Hoyt Smith 5AM 11AMHoyt has engaged listeners
in the Bay Area for more than two decades with
his good humor and easy manner. With KDFC since
1999, he was voted the Best Morning DJ by San
Francisco Magazine for 2007. Hoyt is married,
lives in San Francisco and is the father of two
Dianne Nicolini 11AM 3PMA Classical music
icon, Dianne hosts middays on KDFC with a warmth
that endears her to listeners. She has been a
Classical announcer in the Bay Area since 1983
and is a Cal Berkeley graduate. Dianne lives a
green California lifestyle in Oakland with her
husband and two children.
John Evans 3PM 8PMA staple of Bay Area radio
for thirty years, John was born in the Pacific
Northwest and now enjoys the San Francisco
lifestyle. With a background in rock and jazz
music, he brings a different perspective to the
Classical music played on KDFC.
Theres an intimacy about radio. The medium
creates the illusion of privacyits just the
jock speaking to you, the listener, alone in your
car where nobody else can hear. Eugene Robinson
The Washington Post, April 2007
Rik Malone 8PM-12MRik is evening host and Music
Director at KDFC. He is a lifelong musician who
has performed at venues as diverse as The Kennedy
Center, The Royal Albert Hall and the legendary
Punk Rock Club CBGB in New York City. Rik is
currently the radio voice of the San Francisco
Symphony broadcasts on KDFC. He lives in San
Francisco with his wife, daughter and pets.
"I wake up to KDFC, bathe to KDFC, drive to KDFC,
and entertain with KDFC. I can even listen to
KDFC in my garden." Meridie
The Listener
KDFC Listeners areActive Beyond the Arts Its
no surprise KDFC listeners attend cultural
events. But when theyre not in the concert
hall, theyre just as likely to be cheering at a
football game, stretching at a yoga class or
hiking on a Bay Area trail.
INDEX Childrens Discovery Museum 36,613 104 Chin
atown 139,211 114 Fishermans Wharf 165,429 99
Monterey Bay Aquarium 86,776 104 Oakland As
Baseball 65,027 93 Paramounts Great
America 38,414 71 Pier 39 148,626 102 Rock
Concert 64,979 91 San Francisco Giants
Baseball 103,349 106 Sony Metreon 26,915 163 PAR
Training 126,958 120 Gardening 223,818 101 Hiking
-Backpacking 129,002 119 Photography 172,710 116
Tennis 52,215 140 Volunteer Work 150,323 110 Yo
ga 70,208 117
"KDFC is a great companion on my morning
walk. The lively music is perfect for my rapid
pace." Charles
Source Release 2 2007 Aug06-Jul07 Scarborough
A18 How to read this chart An index of 100
the general population of the San Francisco
metro. For example, KDFCs index for tennis is
140 this means KDFC listeners are 40 more
likely than the general population to have played
tennis in the past year.
KDFC Listeners Expand their Horizons through
Foreign Travel.KDFC Advertisers Expand their
Brand Awareness by Marketing to this Influential
Alaska 39,544 141 Asia 42,058 144
Australia 19,835 169 Bahamas 18,511 194 Baja/Ca
bo San Lucas 36,666 96 Cancun/Cozumel/Yucatan
20,633 106 Caribbean 27,990 128 Central or South
America 19,732 104 England-Ireland-Scotland-Wales
61,522 142 France-Germany-Italy 88,496 156 Hawa
115,381 119 Japan China Far
East 66,480 182 Middle East 10,649 168 Puerto
Vallarta Mazatlan 38,694 111 Vancouver 60,692
Bed Breakfast 41,345 128 Any Upscale
Hotel 83,244 163
"I listen to KDFC five days a week, all dayin
the office running a travel agencyis a high
tension job. Classical music keeps me sane."
Source Release 2 2007 Aug06-Jul07 Scarborough
A18 How to read this chart An index of 100
the general population of the San Francisco
metro. For example, KDFCs index for travel to
Hawaii is 119 this means KDFC listeners are 19
more likely than the general population to have
traveled there in the past three years.
KDFC Listeners Respond. Heres Proof.
January 2007Popular KDFC personality Hoyt Smith
goes on medical leave. Listeners send him over
1,100 emails in less than two weeks. February
2007KDFC hosts an event at the San Jose Tech
Museum. Over 1,000 listeners line up to
attend. March 2007KDFC announces Entercom is
purchasing the radio station. The station is
inundated with more than 10,000 listener
emails. April 2007KDFC invites its listeners to
participate in an online survey and provides no
incentive to comply. Over 1,600 listeners
participate. April 2007KDFC hosts a listener
party at SF MOMA. It sells out at 65 per
person. Over 1,200 listeners attend. June
2007KDFC hosts its "From The Top" presentation
at The Herbst Theater. It sells out at 55 per
person. July 2007KDFC announces its partnership
with Universal Music. Over 1,000 classical music
pieces are downloaded in the first week.
As soon as I get home, I turn it on while
cooking, dining and winding down at the end of
the day. Donna
Who is the KDFC Listener? KDFC listeners are
well educated and their incomes are above
average. They appreciate elegance and value.
They have the means to indulge but the savvy to
make smart decisions. And they listen to KDFC.
EDUCATION Some College 401,806 129 College
Graduate 281,960 166 Post Graduate or
PhD Degree 187,236 214 HOUSEHOLD
303,208 116 100,000
214,796 117 150,000
114,792 126 HOME OWNERSHIP Value of Owned
Home 500,000 306,616 126 Value of
Owned Home 1,000,000 99,670 160
Household has second home/
112,286 172 real estate property CREDIT
CARD USED PAST 3 MONTHS American Express Gold
32,646 147 Master Card Gold/Platinum
172,340 120 Visa Gold/Platinum
TO Arts/Cultural 143,826 195 Political
86,380 140 Social Care/Welfare
160,968 112
"I am a huge Rolling Stones, U2, Killers, US3 fan
but love my Classical music when I drive to and
from work (and its a brutal commute)." Pamela
Source Scarborough Release 2 2007 Feb07-Jul07,
Cume Persons Index, M-SUN 6AM-12M Adults
18 How to read this chart An index of 100
the general population of the San Francisco
metro. For example, KDFCs index for household
incomes of 150,000 is 126 this means KDFC
listeners are 26 more likely than the general
population to have earned 150,000 or more in the
past year.
Tap Into The Power of KDFCs Half Million Weekly
A consistent format for nearly 60 years, KDFC
delivers over a half million listeners per week,
reflecting the Bay Areas strong identity and
world class reputation for the cultural arts.
KDFCs total (12) audience of 505,300 ranks
among the Top 10 in the Bay Area. In a
constantly changing market with over 80 stations
officially listed, KDFC remains the Bay Areas
exclusive Classical music station.
Tap the Power
KDFC listeners could fill ATT Park over 13 times
"I so much enjoy the stations music because it
is relaxing, soothing and I can concentrate while
I work. Thank you for educating me" M. Penny
KDFC listeners could fill Monster Park over 8
KDFC listeners could fill the HP Pavilion in San
Josenearly 30 times
Source Arbitron WI/SP 2007, SF MSA, 12 Cume
Mon-Sun 6a-12a
The Advertiser
  • KDFC has expanded its highly successful midday
    program, The Island of Sanity, to include a new
    Sunday morning version, The Big Island of Sanity,
    which airs from 9am to Noon.
  • The Big Island of Sanity provides advertisers
    ownership of an exclusive, targeted, and highly
    successful programming segment on the most
    successful commercial Classical Music station in
  • Each Weekly Sponsor Receives
  • One live opening billboard (name and
    five-word sell tag) each hour for a total of
    three times.
  • One 60-second commercial (pre-recorded)
    each hour for a total of three times.
  • Five pre-recorded 15-second commercials
    (name mention plus five-word sell tag) per week.
    6a-12mid Monday-Sunday.
  • Website presence for one week on the Island
    of Sanity page which includes fifty words and
    a logo hyperlinked to your website.
  • Total Weekly Net Investment 1,500

Big Island of Sanity
"I am a teacher and my prep (free period) comes
in the middle of the morning, I lock my door,
turn on my radio and totally relax!" Joyce
KDFC Friends of the Arts
Friends of the Arts is strategically designed to
provide advertisers exactly what they have been
asking for a way to prominently stand out
on-air and online, further impacting the
qualified KDFC audience. Friends of the Arts
airs 8AM to Noon during Mostly Music Mondays.
It strategically integrates sponsors into morning
programming during 57 intensive minutes of music
hourly. Only four 15-second live reads and four
30-second pre-recorded closing sponsor
commercials air each hour. Advertisers messages
are woven into the very fabric of KDFCs
programming and tap into an audience of over
500,000 passionate listeners who thrive on
classical music. Friends of the Arts encourages
listeners to support the businesses that support
the San Francisco arts community through
Classical 102.1 KDFC. Sponsors Benefit
From Co-Branding An unparalleled co-branding
opportunity with 102.1 KDFC Implied endorsement
by the KDFC Morning Show.
Friends of the Arts
On-Air Exposure One15-second live read to air
hourly between 8am and 12n Mondays encouraging
KDFC listeners to patronize your business.
(Example The California Closets staff knows
that good organization makes great sense and
that good companies support great causes, like
art and music education. California Closets, a
KDFC Friend of the Arts..) One 30-second
pre-recorded message branding your company and
encouraging the KDFC listener to patronize your
business to air at the end of each hour of the
program. Two inclusions in the Friends of the
Arts pre-recorded promotional announcement
(15-seconds airing Tues-Sunday 6am-12m). Online
Exposure Friends of the Arts is promoted in a
rotating homepage banner with a logo and link to
a dedicated webpage. Friends of the Arts will
be promoted in one weekly eNotes (55,000 opt-in
members) per month and include a direct link back
to the dedicated webpage. Weekly Net Investment
KDFC has a passionate, loyal and supportive
audience that understands the importance of
supporting KDFC advertisers
The HaloEffect
We also favor the companies who advertise with
you over all others for their support of a
classical station and its listeners. Jade
Simonson When my wife and I went furniture
shopping last weekend, because of their ads on
KDFC, one of the first places we went was
Flegels. Were a much better target for some
kinds of ads (banks, investments, business
services, luxury cars, and high-end consumer
goods sellers such as Shreve and Company), and
they ought to be able to charge a premium for
that. Bob Murphy Keep the classical format!!
We just heard that the station has been
sold--please know that I and all my friends
depend on this classical formatwe also patronize
the merchants and services advertised on it as we
consider it a trusted source. Dont change a
good thing!! Susan Brown
Even my wife, who originally at best tolerated
classical music, has come to enjoy many of KDFCs
offerings, such as the Island of Sanity (and to
be a happy subscriber to the San Francisco
Symphony because of what she has heard on it).
Phil Carolyn Banda Like many classical music
listeners our family has plenty of disposable
income. Please keep KDFC as a classical station.
I think most of the upscale advertisers get it,
and hopefully it can remain profitable as a
classical station. Sally Maxwell
Albertsons Alta Bates Summit Medical ATT Bank Of
America CA Grown Cal Credit Union California
Closets California Forest Products Centex
Homes Charles Schwab Cirque du Soleil Citi City
National Bank Comcast Flegels Frellen's Casual
Outdoor Furniture Home Depot Honda John Muir
HospitalKaiser Permanente Lennar
Homes Lexus Longs Drugs Lowe's Mercedes Metro
PCS Metromint Water Pianos Plus Safeway Shane
Company Shreve Company Jewelers Signature
Properties Six Flags Discovery Sonoma County
Tourism Standard Pacific Homes Stanford
Hospital Toyota Trader Joes Volvo
Top National and Regional Brands Rely on KDFC
to Connect with Qualified Consumers
"We also patronize the merchantsand services
advertisedon it as we consider it a trusted
source." Susan
KDFC PrimeSponsorship Opportunities Connect with
listeners even further by reinforcing your
message through an on-air sponsorship.
  • San Francisco Symphony Sponsorship
  • The San Francisco Symphony is broadcast
    exclusively on KDFC each Tuesday at 8pm,
    fifty-two weeks a year. The San Francisco
    Symphony, led by Michael Tilson Thomas, is one of
    the worlds foremost orchestras.
  • San Francisco Live Opera Broadcast
  • KDFC continues its ongoing mission to share the
    worlds greatest music with as many people as
    possible by bringing the San Francisco Opera back
    to Bay Area radio after a twenty-five year
    absence. Recorded live at the War Memorial Opera
    House, the year-round monthly broadcast is hosted
    by KDFC mid-day personality Dianne Nicolini and
    airs on the first Sunday of each month from 8
  • From the Top
  • The future of classical music is thriving, and
    its on display when the hit show From The Top
    airs every Sunday evening. The program is fresh,
    captivating, and insightful and showcases
    exceptional young classical musicians from across
    the country. From The Top airs locally in San
    Francisco from 7-8pm Sundays. KDFC draws the
    biggest audience for the show in the country with
    over 50,000 listeners weekly.
  • Big Island of Sanity
  • KDFC expands its highly successful midday
    program, The Island of Sanity, to include
    Sunday mornings in The Big Island of Sanity
    airing from 9am to Noon. The Big Island of
    Sanity allows our advertisers to take full
    ownership of an exclusive, targeted, and highly
    successful piece of programming on the most
    successful Classical Music station in America.
  • Friends of the Arts
  • Friends of the Arts airs each Monday from 8am
    until Noon and strategically integrates your
    message into Monday morning programming during 57
    minutes of music each hour. You can choose to
    underwrite the music so theres more to enjoy
    while KDFC encourages our listeners to support
    the businesses that support KDFC.

"I amlooking forward already tonext Monday
morning!A grateful listener!" Carol
"Radio was the Internet before the Internet" Al
Gore or Galileo(we forget who)
  • KDFC listeners are highly engaged and listeners
    who visit our website and join our e-newsletter
    mailing list are the most engaged listeners.
  • Our Online capabilities include
  • Website Display Ads that link directly
    to your site
  • 15 second Video Pre-Roll prior to
  • Streaming Audio Spots
  • Microsites
  • Podcasting
  • Email newsletters
  • Custom Digital Solutions

KDFC Listeners Turn to KDFC Online for Even More
Ways to Connect with their Favorite Radio
I like all kinds of music but the only kind of
music that I can listen to all day, and play in
my classroom (I teach 7th and 8th grade math at
King Middle School in Berkeley) is
Classical. Liz
Source November 2007 (Liquid Compass 24/7
Entercom Digital)
KDFC On-AirSponsorship Opportunities
  • 10-SECOND SPONSORSHIPS (Live 10-Second Opening
    Billboard with Name Mention)
  • Market Update M-F 700a, 729a, 800a,
    139p 4/day
  • News M-F 605a, 629a, 7a,
    729a, 8a 5/day
  • 15-SECOND SPONSORSHIPS (Live 15-Second
    Business Name plus five-word promo tag)
  • 15s Promos 6a-mid M-Su
  • KDFC Calendar M-F(940a,240p,640p) 3/day
  • Mozart in the Morning M-F 9a 5 (1/day) 10
  • Hoyts Morning Blend _at_ 10 M-F 10a 5
    (1/day) 10
  • Island of Sanity _at_ 2 M-F 2p 5 (1/day) 10
  • Double Play of the Day M-F 4p 5 (1/day) 10

KDFC Advertisers Say it Best. KDFC Offers Access
to Engaged Consumers in a Prime Marketing
Mens Wearhouse The only change The Mens
Wearhouse made in their San Francisco marketing
planwas to add KDFC to the marketing mix. Sales
increased by 7. We found a true partner in KDFC
and well continue to work with them. Amy
Nachman, Mens Wearhouse California Closets On
air and through our many promotional
partnerships, KDFC has proven its value as a lead
source, consistently reaching our target audience
of affluent, educated Bay Area music lovers in a
unique, compelling and entertaining
environment. Renee Zutter, California
Closets The Walk Shop It is remarkable that
these spots have aired every day for almost 30
years. We discovered that the KDFC listeners are
well educated, well heeled, well traveled,
discriminating, sophisticated people. We find our
customers to be fiercely loyal KDFC
listeners. Julian Kershaw, The Walk Shop Simi
Winery Simis Healdsburg event was a huge
success. The events were a complete sell out
thanks to the marketing savvy of the KDFC team.
Well definitely partner with KDFC again. Erica
Valentine, Simi Winery California Transplant
Donor Network KDFC created an integrated
marketing campaign that included testimonial
spots, PSAs, on-air interviews and website.
KDFC created interest in our cause and got people
to register. Jennifer McGeeHee, California
Transplant Donor Network Comcast By Tapping
into KDFCs socially conscious, educated
listeners, Comcast believes the KDFC campaign is
very successful. Comcast is even more impressed
with the opportunity to tap into John Evans
ability to connect with the KDFC audience and
help build the brand. Nicole Cassidy, Comcast
"We founda true partnerat KDFC." Amy
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