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Attack on Pearl Harbor


Attack on Pearl Harbor December 7th, 1941 Planning the Attack Plan to attack Pearl Harbor was discussed as early as March of 1940 The strategy was written by Admiral ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Attack on Pearl Harbor

Attack on Pearl Harbor
  • December 7th, 1941

Planning the Attack
  • Plan to attack Pearl Harbor was discussed as
    early as March of 1940
  • The strategy was written by Admiral Yamamoto in
    Jan. 1941
  • Japanese trained for the attack at small bases to
    simulate Pearl Harbor.

3 Problems
  • Refueling in the Pacific
  • Tankers would follow larger ships to refuel
  • Accuracy of the Pilots
  • Experimented with altitude and dive angles
    allowed accuracy rate of bombers to improve to
  • Depth of the torpedoes
  • Used a stabilizer fin on the torpedo to reduce
    the depth to 40ft. So that the torpedo could hit
    its target.

That mornings map.
December 7, 1941the early morning
  • The attack was planned by Isoroku Yamamoto
  • The first attack occurred at 755 a.m.
  • The second attack followed at 854 a.m.

Attack Visual
  • The first attacks would hit the USS Oklahoma,
    West Virginia,
  • Arizona, and Nevada.
  • The second attack would hit USS Pennsylvania, and
  • San Francisco, and New Orleans.

Attacks Casualities
  • Other
  • 188 aircraft destroyed on ground
  • 2,330 servicemen killed
  • 100 civilians killed
  • Ships
  • 3 battleships sunk
  • 3 battleships disabled
  • 11 other ships sunk/damaged

Ship Casualities
  • Sunk
  • USS California
  • USS West Virginia
  • Oglala (minelayer)
  • Were all later raised and rebuilt.
  • Destroyed
  • USS Arizona
  • USS Utah
  • USS Oklahoma
  • (was raised)

Roosevelt Announces to the World
  • December 7, 1941- a date which will live in
    infamy- the United States was suddenly and
    deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of
    the Empire of Japan.

During the Attack
Japan would control the entire Pacific by
December 8
After the Attack
  • December 8 United States declared war on Japan.
  • December 11 Germany declared war on America.
  • Italy then declared war on America.
  • Great Britain declared war on Japan.

Americas Reaction
  • Many sons enlisted into the military to help
    fight the war.
  • Many daughters entered the work force to help aid
    the cause.

USS Arizona
  • Positioned in Battle Row.
  • Hit within 10 min. after attack began.
  • Bomb crashed through the 2 armored decks,
    igniting its magazine.
  • Went down with 1,300 lives.

USS Arizona Memorial
  • Created to honor the survivors of Pearl Harbor,
    their families and friends, and to all those who
  • The ship has been preserved as a tomb for those
    who went down with the ship.
  • Erected in 1962.
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