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Title: Parallels PPT Template

Parallels Service Provider Partnership Program
Mike Riolo Vice President of Sales, Service
Provider Division Nils Hueneke Sales Director,
Hosting, Europe
  • Parallels Partner Programs
  • Service Provider Partner Program Details
  • Service Provider Alliance Program
  • Our Partner Network
  • Additional Benefits of a Partnership
  • Partner Game SO DONT LEAVE EARLY!

Parallels Partner Network
  • Technology Partners
  • ISV, Hardware or OEM companies who offer software
    or hardware solutions that complement or utilize
    Parallels virtualization or automation solutions.
  • Offers choices to end customers on deployment of
    Partners solution
  • Channel Partners
  • Resellers who focus on selling software and/or
    hardware services. Offer complete solutions to
    customers by including Parallels virtualization
  • Service Providers
  • Offering hosting, managed services, SaaS, and
    communication offerings to their customers based
    on a subscription or lease model. Use Parallels
    Ecosystem of virtualization and automation
    products as service delivery platform.

Parallels Service Provider Partner Network
650 Partners in over 40 countries
Parallels Focus
  • Focused Product Lines to help Partners grow!
  • Virtualization
  • Parallels Desktop Workstation
  • Parallels Server
  • Parallels Virtuozzo Containers
  • Automation
  • Parallels Plesk Control Panel
  • Parallels Business Automation
  • Parallels Operation Automation
  • Service Provider Specific
  • Parallels Plesk SiteBuilder
  • Parallels Confixx/Sphera/ Parallels
  • 3rd Party Products

Service Provider Partner Program
  • Program is managed with ALL Service Providers in
  • Registered, Silver, Gold and Platinum Partner
  • Your Level is dependent on Financial commitment
  • Easily Upgrade your Partner Level when your
    Parallels revenues grow
  • Technical Support included
  • The number of incidents included dependent on
    Partner Level
  • Real time license Management in Key Administrator
  • Multiple Marketing programs/processes/initiatives
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Service Provider Partner Program
Sales Marketing Registered Silver Gold Platinum

PartnerNet Partner Portal X X X X
Discounted Pricing X X X
Flexible Licensing Models X X X
Listing in Global Partner Directory   X X X
PR Opportunities   X X X
Sales Training   X X X
Dedicated Account Manager    X X X
Sales Promotion and Incentive Programs     X X
Strategic Alliance Program Opportunity X X
Parallels Executive Sponsorship       X
Parallels Summit 2008
Service Provider Partner Program
Development Support Registered Silver Gold Platinum
Access to Parallels Technology Network X X X X
Application Packaging Standard (APS) Certification X X X X
Parallels Engineer Certification Program X X X X
Phone Support   X X X
Email Support   X X X
Access to 24x7 License Generation Tool   X X X
Access to Test Licenses   X X X
Dedicated Support Mechanisms       X
Parallels Summit 2008
Service Provider Partner Program
Product Development Registered Silver Gold Platinum

Product Roadmaps   X X X
Early Invitation to Beta Programs    X X X
Product Development Feature Advisory Committee       X
Access to Product Development Teams       X
Feature Development Priority       X
Parallels Summit 2008
Service Provider Licensing for Partners
  • Pay as you grow model
  • Our Pricing matches your service delivery model
  • Flexible to address all your offerings
  • Built for Up sell
  • Plesk
  • 10, 100 and Unlimited domains available
  • Up sell add-ons Power Pack, Dr. Web, Game
  • Virtuozzo
  • Many incremental levels allowing best ROI for you
  • Easily upgrade licenses when needed
  • Business Automation
  • Account based model

Service Opportunities to Exploit together
  • Virtualized Hosting Services
  • Hosted Virtual Desktops
  • Virtual Appliances and Modules
  • VPS
  • Virtuozzo Powered Dedicated Servers
  • SaaS
  • Control Panels with Add-ons for Up Sell
  • Single server Reseller Offerings
  • Microsoft Advanced Hosting
  • Exchange, SharePoint, CRM, SQL, etc
  • White Label Reselling
  • We want to go-to market with you!

Service Provider Alliance Program
  • Strategic Relationship to generate more success
    for everyone
  • Dedicated Business Development Sessions
  • Main Commitment of Partner is time and trust in
    our relationship
  • Results from initial engagements will mean more
    tools and strategies for all Partners

Service Provider Alliance Program
  • How does the Program work?

The alliance team will work with you on all
non-operational activities. Operational
activities count as pre-sales, sales management,
post-sales and support
Our Partner Network
  • Increase Parallels Partnership value to your
  • Are you interested in entering new markets?
  • We could provide feedback and introduce you to
    interesting local players
  • Are you interested in launching new services?
  • We can introduce you to our worldwide network of
    ISV Partners.
  • You have a new business idea and want to launch
    it together with Parallels?
  • Let us know we have the technologies and
    expertise to help.
  • Our Products can help fill gaps in your
  • More Products then ever talk to your Account

Benefits of a Partnership
  • Business Expertise
  • We can help you fill the Gaps in your offerings
  • We can help you standardize your business
  • - PVC OS and Application templates
  • - APSstandard
  • - Parallels Automation
  • We can help you set up your Parallels based
    services for maximum ROI and market penetration
  • Software as a Service with Parallels
  • Opportunity to Grow revenue and grow new service
  • Enables Up sell to customer base
  • Can significantly cut costs to implement SaaS
    Rapid TTM
  • Differentiate from Marketing GIANTS!
  • Get our Business Development Team working for

Benefits of Parallels Partnership with
  • Marketing Expertise
  • PR Opportunities
  • White Label Marketing Material
  • ROI Tools
  • Datasheets
  • Case studies
  • Reference Collateral
  • Joint Events
  • Joint Promotions
  • Joint Advertisements
  • Logos and Artwork
  • Launch Activities
  • Strategic Partner Alliance Program focused on
    Go-to market

Benefits of Parallels Partnership
  • Technical Expertise
  • Early invitations to Beta Programs
  • Advanced notification of product roadmaps
  • Access to expert Sales Engineers
  • Assistance in optimizing servers for your
    specific Parallels offerings
  • Access to the largest support organization in the
    hosting software industry.
  • Extensive Knowledge Base
  • Deployment Assistance
  • Parallels Summit Onsite Labs
  • Access to Developers we work for you!
  • Integration, customization, migration and new
    feature implementation

Benefits of Parallels Partnership
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • We can train your sales people to better position
    Parallels products with your specific offerings
    which leads to a higher return on your
  • We can train your support people to provide
    better service to your customers.
  • We have been through funding, we have done
    acquisitions we know how to grow.
  • - We can help you buy or sell a hosting business
  • - We can help you build a sales team
  • Make sure you join us at 215 tomorrow for a 30
    minute presentation from Peter Bauert on how to
    grow beyond 5 million in revenue.

Maximizing Parallels Partnership with Automation
  • Automation is one of the major keys to a
    successful hosting business Partnership
  • We Can Completely Automate Your Hosting Business
  • Billing Payments
  • Provisioning
  • Customer Self Service Management
  • Resource Management
  • Manage Resellers
  • White Label Reselling
  • Service Delivery
  • Online Marketing
  • Online Storefront
  • Workflows
  • White label Reselling
  • Promotions
  • Specialized CRM team for PBA could help you set
    up your platform.

  • We want to do more with you
  • We can help you grow your business
  • We can help you have complete offerings
  • We can help you Automate your business
  • Leads to higher Revenues and Profitability
  • Launch new services easily
  • We want your feedback
  • We want your Support and Acknowledgement

Partner Game
  • Do you offer Plesk? Stay standing
  • Do you offer Virtuozzo based solutions? Stay
  • Do you use Parallels Automation products? Stay
  • Are you registered with Parallels Technology
  • Are you in the Parallels Partner listings?
  • If I go to your website right now would I know
    you are a Parallels Partner?
  • Do you offer up-sell process for Plesk and Plesk
  • Is Plesk preferred control panel for your
  • Have you used Parallels logos in your marketing
    in 2008?
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