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After Twenty years O Henry About the Author background /works About the text main idea / word study / understanding In-class Discussion – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: After%20Twenty%20years%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20O

After Twenty years
  • ? About the Author
  • background /works
  • ? About the text
  • main idea / word study /
  • ? In-class Discussion
  • ? Answers to the Exercises
  • ? After class Activities

? About the Author
  • O.Henry ( 1862-1910 ) was the pen name of
    William Sydney Porter, an American short story
    writer noted for unexpected and often ironic ends
    of his tales. His habitual use of surprise
    endings set a pattern that was later followed by
    many short-story writers. A lot of his stories
    were written in a prison in Ohio while he was
    serving his sentence for embezzlement. He moved
    to New York in 1902 and wrote about 300 short
    stories. His works included The Cop and The
    Anthem. The Gift of the Magi.

? About the Text
  • main idea
  • The theme of this story is a common one loyalty
    to a friend vs. devotion to public duty. Bob and
    Jim had obviously been close friends twenty years
    ago when they were young. Otherwise they would
    not have made this appointment to meet again at
    exactly the same place and the same hour twenty
    years later. We dont know what had happened
    twenty years ago that made them so special to
    each other. But it was clear that Jim was a good
    honest man and always true to his friends and Bob
    admired and trusted him. The drama of the story
    lies in the fact that when they met again twenty
    tears later, they should find themselves on
    opposite sides of the law one was the man wanted
    by the police and the other turned out to be the
    police officer instructed to watch out for the
    runaway criminal. But no matter how much Jim had
    cherished their friendship, he would not let a
    personal relationship stand in the way of
    discharging his duty.

? About the Text
  • word study
  • sharp adj.1) having a fine edge or point
    capable of cutting or piercing not blunt.
    e.g. a sharp
    knife, pin ,needle, etc
  • 2) quickly aware of things acute alert.
  • e.g. sharp eyes, ears, reflexes
  • 3) quick brisk vigorous.
  • e.g. a sharp struggle, contest, etc
  • adv.1)(infml) punctually.
  • e.g. Please be here at seven sharp.
  • 2)(infml) suddenly abruptly.
  • e.g. stopped sharp, turn sharp
  • sharpen sharp -en verb.( cause sth.
    to ) become sharp.
  • e.g. sharpen a pencil
  • The tone of his letters has
    sharpened ( ie become less friendly ) recently.

? About the Text
  • word study
  • Keen adj. 1) eager enthusiastic. e.g. a keen
  • 2) (of feelings, etc) intense
    strong deep
  • e.g. a keen desire, interest, sense
    of loss.
  • 3) (of the senses) highly
  • e.g. Dogs have a keen sense of smell.
  • 4) (of the points and cutting
    edges of knives, etc) sharp.
  • e.g. a keen blade, edge.
  • 5) (of the mind) quick to
  • e.g. a keen wit, intelligence.

? About the Text
  • Word study
  • air n. 1)?U?mixture of gases surrounding the
    earth and breathed by all land animals and
    e.g. Lets go out for some fresh air.
  • 2)?C?impression given appearance or
  • e.g. He had the air of a learned
  • 3) ?U?the earths atmosphere open space
    in this.
  • e.g. the birds of the air.
  • be in the open air.
  • 4) (idm) airs and graces (derog)
    affected manner intended (usu unsuccessfully) to
    make one appear a very refined person.

? About the Text
  • Word study
  • Figure n. 1) written symbol for a number, esp 0
    to 9.
  • e.g. Write the figure 7 for me.
  • 2) diagram or illustration.
  • e.g. The figure on page 22 shows a political
    map of Africa.
  • 3) representation of a person or an
    animal in drawing, painting, etc.
  • e.g. The central figure in the painting is the
    artists daughter.
  • 4) human form, esp its appearance,
    what it suggests, and how it is seen by others.
  • e.g. She is a fine figure of a woman, ie
    pleasing in shape and appearance.

? About the Text
  • Understanding
  • The policeman on the beat moved up the avenue
    beat an area of
    the town or city that a police officer regularly
    walks around his route, which he patrols.
  • on the beat checking the area he is assigned to

? About the Text
  • Understanding
  • The impressiveness was normal and for show, for
    spectators were few.
  • This policeman was impressive in a natural
    way. He was not trying to look important,
    because it didnt make sensethere were few
    people in the street to see him.
  • This description shows that Jim had become
    an excellent police officer.

? About the Text
  • Understanding
  • The time was barely ten oclock, but chilly gusts
    of wind with a taste of rain in them had almost
    emptied in the streets .
  • Barely hardly only just
  • e.g. She spoke so softly. I could barely
    hear him.
  • I can barely make both ends meet. How
    can I buy a car.
  • To empty to make sth. empty.
  • e.g. He emptied his pockets to show that he
    really had no money on him.

? About the Text
  • Understanding
  • The area was one that kept early hours.
  • People in that area closed their stores
    pretty early.

? About the Text
  • Understanding
  • When about midway, the policeman suddenly slowed
    his walk.
  • Why?
  • Because he saw a man standing in the doorway
    and he became suspicious, or because he was
    excited that it might be the friend he had
    expected to see.

? About the Text
  • Understanding
  • In the doorway of a darkened hardware store a man
    leaned, with an unlighted cigar in his mouth.
  • The author was careful about the details
    in the description.
  • It had to be a darkened store and Bobs
    cigar had to be unlighted, otherwise Jim would
    see that it was the man wanted by the police in

? About the Text
  • Understanding
  • Its an appointment made twenty years ago.
  • The man was eager to explain to the
    police officer, which reflected the mentality of
    a man wanted by the police.
  • It is strange that they did not
    recognize each other. It could be the darkness
    and long separation. It could also be that on
    Jims part, he was cautious.

? About the Text
  • Understanding
  • Sounds a little funny to you, doesnt it?
  • More examples of the use of sound as a link
  • e.g. It may sound easy to you. But actually
    it is very difficult.
  • The name sounds familiar. I cant
    recall where I heard it.
  • It sounds good. OK, lets do it.

? About the Text
  • Understanding
  • The light showed a pale square-jawed face
    with keen eyes, and a little white scar near his
    right eyebrow. His tiepin was a large diamond,
    oddly set.
  • The match light showed a face which must
    have fitted the description of the wanted man,
    especially the square jaw and the white scare.
    The mention of the diamond tiepin and the scare
    also suggested what bob had gone through.
  • keen eyes sharp eyes eyes of good
  • oddly set the diamond placed in a
    strange or unusual way showing the owners
    lack of taste

? About the Text
  • Understanding
  • The next morning I was to start for the west to
    make my fortune.
  • In popular ideas about America, the Wild
    West has always meant the land of opportunities
    and adventure.
  • to make ones fortune to make a lot of

? About the Text
  • Understanding
  • We figured that in twenty years each of us ought
    to have our fate worked out and our fortunes
    made, whatever they were going to be.
  • We guessed that by that time we should
    have already decided what to do with our lives,
    or we should have already found our places in
  • to work out to calculate to find out

? About the Text
  • Understanding
  • We lost track of each other.
  • to keep track of to pay attention to sb.
    so that you know where they are or what is
    happening to them.
  • to lose track of to fail to do that.
  • e.g. Have you kept track of the stock market?
  • I have lost track of its latest

? About the Text
  • Understanding
  • If my old partner turns up.
  • to turn up to arrive at the place.
  • e.g. We waited for a long time, but no taxi
    turned up.
  • The police were ordered to arrest him
    as soon as he turned up.

? About the Text
  • Understanding
  • A man gets stuck in New York. It takes the West
    to make a man really keen.
  • A man is unable to go very far or to be
    very successful in new York. He cant escape the
    boring life. He has to go the West to become an
    eager and exciting person

? About the Text
  • Understanding
  • The few foot passengers in that quarter
    hurried dismally and silently.
  • foot passenger people walking in the
  • Today we use the word pedestrian to
    refer to a person walking in the street, and
    foot passenger usually means a person on a ship
    who has not brought his car.

? About the Text
  • Understanding
  • Bless my heart! exclaimed the new arrival.
  • bless my heart( bless my soul) used to
    express surprise. This expression is
    rather old-fashioned.
  • the new arrival the man who has newly

? About the Text
  • Understanding
  • Moderately .I have a position in one of the city
  • moderately so-so not too well, not too
    badly either.
  • I have a position I have a job
  • In one of the city departments ( I have a
    job) in one of the departments of the city
    government. ( he didnt say directly that he had
    a position in the police department)

? About the Text
  • Understanding
  • The man suddenly released his arm.
  • The man suddenly stopped holding his arm.
  • Other uses of to release
  • He was released from the prison. ( let free )
  • The news was released in yesterdays New York
    Times. ( made known )
  • She needed to do something to release her
    tension. ( get rid of )
  • We could release you from tour duties for two
    Meanwhile, you take a good rest. ( allow you
    not to do your work)

? About the Text
  • Understanding
  • Chicago telegraphs us she wants to have a chat
    with you.
  • Chicago here refers to the Chicago police.
  • Wants to have a chat with you is a euphemism
    meaning is trying to track you down, arrest
    you and take you to court.

? About the Text
  • Understanding
  • He said sharply.
  • He said in a very severe and disapproving
  • I saw it was the face of the man wanted in
  • Someone who is wanted is being looked for
    by the police.
  • Example He was wanted for the cruel murder
    of three children.

? In class Discussion
  • If you were Jim, the policeman, what will you
    do? Will you do the same as he did or will you
    let your friend go ?
  • If you were Bob, the criminal, will you keep your
    appointment made twenty years ago?
  • When you knew that it was Jim who reported you
    to the police to arrest you, will you be
    disappointed with your best friend? Will

? Answers to the Exercises
  • I. Complete the sentences, using the proper
    form of the expressions listed below.
  • 1. under arrest 2. get stuck 3. lost track
  • 4. heard from 5. changeinto 6. existence
  • 7. know of 8. compete with 9. for show
  • 10. tearing down 11. in existence
  • 12. compete with 13. lose track of

? Answers to the Exercises
  • II. Put the following into English.
  • 1). To fill an appointment
  • 2). To make a large fortune
  • 3). To keep early hours
  • 4). To take a step or two
  • 5). To slow ones walk
  • 6). To light a cigar
  • 7). To unfold the paper
  • 8). To cast a watchful eye
  • 9). To empty the street