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Aboriginal Justice


Aboriginal Justice Quizzer Aboriginal Justice System a) How does the population of aboriginals in Canada compare to the population of aboriginal inmates? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Aboriginal Justice

Aboriginal Justice
  • Quizzer

Aboriginal Justice System
  • a)      How does the population of aboriginals in
    Canada compare to the population of aboriginal
  • b)      Why do many aboriginals confess to
    committing crimes they did not commit? 
  • c)      Do the police have bias towards
    aboriginal Canadians?
  • d)      Do lawyers spend less time with
    aboriginal cases?

  • e)      Do language barriers affect this issue? 
  • f)        Why do aboriginals spend more time in
    prisons then other prisoners?
  • g)      How does poverty affect this issue?
  • h)      How can sentencing circles play a role in
    assisting with the aboriginals problems in the
    justice system?

Comparative Analysis
  • i)     How does the aboriginal justice process
    compare to the Euro-Canadian justice process?

Aboriginal Euro- Canadian
Groups of 4 for the Scenario
  • Chelsey K.
  • Tyler
  • Aaron
  • Irene
  • Logan
  • Jessica
  • Robyne
  • Matt
  • Hyun Jin
  • Cheley B.
  • Ryan
  • Cameron
  • Brianna
  • Erica
  • Chris
  • Thomas

Scenario Grops
  • Danielle
  • Cleo
  • Scott
  • Josef
  • Morgan
  • Alicia
  • Darcy
  • Matt L.

Group activity
  • John has just had one really bad day. Anything
    that could go wrong did. He failed a major test,
    his project was deleted from the computer, he
    forgot his lunch and to top it off he had
    forgotten the keys to his house so he was locked
    out after school. Later that night after things
    had settled and he was starting to unwind he
    decided he would finish up his term project for
    his history class. He looks at the clock and it
    is 1230am.

Scenario ( continued)
  • He is finally finished his project that has taken
    several weeks to complete. John gets ready for
    bed, returning to his room to discover his
    sisters cat licking and pawing at spilled coffee
    all over his project. In a mad rage he lunges
    towards the cat and begins to strangle it. Not
    knowing his own strength he unintentionally has
    killed the cat. This is not normal behavior for
    John and he is very remorseful but this incident
    was the straw that broke the camels back!

Todays Activity
  • Members of the class will hold a sentencing
    circle to determine a sentence for John.
  • Keep in mind that the sentence must also help
    rehabilitate John.
  • Be sure to follow the rules that apply to a
    sentencing circle.

Members of the Circle
  • Positions
  • Offender abused the cat
  • Victim owner of the cat
  • Judge
  • 3 Elders and 3 community members
  • Local Chief
  • Mother of the offender and the victim
  • Police Officer

  • In groups of four come up with a scenario where
    someone would be using a sentencing circle.
  • Write out the scenario and include all those who
    would play a part in it
  • Include a description/script for each of the
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