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Receiving and Returning ILL Items


Receiving and Returning ILL Items Sue Kaler Interlibrary Loan Supervisor Wellesley Free Library Items should be shipped directly to the Requesting ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Receiving and Returning ILL Items

Receiving and Returning ILL Items
  • Sue Kaler
  • Interlibrary Loan Supervisor
  • Wellesley Free Library

Items should be shipped directly to the
Requesting Library
  • Wellesley ILL will create OCLC constant data with
    your librarys address
  • Lenders should ship directly to you
  • You will have to inform Wellesley ILL when you
    receive the requested item
  • You will have to inform Wellesley ILL when you
    return the item to the lender
  • Wellesley ILL can mediate between you and the
    lender in case of issues

When you receive an item
  • Was it shipped to the correct place?
  • Is it for your patron?
  • Is it the correct item?
  • Check editions and publication date
  • Check format
  • Are there condition issues?
  • Is it complete?
  • How many parts, pieces, inserts, etc. does it
  • Is it a book with a disc inserted?
  • Contact Wellesley ILL with issues

What about the lender?
  • Who is the lender?
  • Have they imposed restrictions?
  • In-library use only
  • No renewals
  • Needs boxed return
  • Needs trackable return from USPS or Fedex/UPS
  • Must be insured for return
  • Did they provide a return address?
  • What if there is none?

Sources of Return Addresses
  • Packaging
  • Paperwork
  • Massachusetts Delivery Directory
  • OCLC WorldCat Registry http//
  • Advanced Search
  • OCLC Symbol
  • Google and Telephone

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What about the due date?
  • What does the due date mean?
  • Where do you find a due date?
  • Special circumstances
  • Library of Congress due dates
  • University of Mass Amherst due dates
  • Do they really mean No Renewal?

What information does Wellesley need?
  • The ILL Request Number
  • This is not the Illiad Transaction Number
  • Enough of the author title to identify the item
  • Contents out of the ordinary
  • Number of parts or reels, CD-Rom not sent, etc.
  • Condition problems
  • Where it came from
  • When you think it is due
  • Amount you were charged

Received Form
  • Bookmark this URL http//www.wellesleyfreelibrary.
  • Use this form for reporting items you have
    received that are, indeed, for you
  • If you think you did not request something,
    please email us directly

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To inform us you are returning
  • Use the returned form at this URL
  • http//
  • We need much less information

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Alternate checkbox method to receive and return
  • Log in as if to make an ILL request at
  • http//
  • Click on check the status of your ILL items
  • There are check boxes for
  • Received this item
  • Request Renewal
  • Returned this item
  • There is a button at the bottom to send your

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How to return items
  • Many items come through delivery and can be
    returned through delivery
  • Packaging for delivery
  • We want them to keep lending to us
  • Some items come through the mail, but can be
    returned by delivery
  • Why do certain libraries avoid shipping via
    delivery but not mind delivery returns?
  • Simplicity for their student workers?
  • Speeding the item to the patron?

Using the U.S. Postal Service
  • Library Rate is not always the cheapest
  • You pay for the first whole pound
  • First Class is cheaper for very light items
  • This is true up to about 8 ounces
  • Check rates at http//
  • Click and Ship versus postage meters
  • Endicia
  • Flat rate boxes for Priority Mail
  • Insurance and tracking

Returning to Alaska or Hawaii
  • Library Rate is extremely slow
  • Priority or First Class is the way to go
  • Check rates for Flat Rate versus your packaging
  • Flat Rate envelopes
  • Flat Rate boxes of several sizes
  • It gets quite expensive beyond the lightest items

Returning to Canada
  • Library Rate is not an option
  • The only options are First Class International or
  • Priority Mail International
  • Consider Flat Rate envelopes or boxes
  • A U.S. Customs form is needed
  • Green up to four pounds, white above that
  • A certain text is needed for Canadian customs
  • If this is neglected, the Canadian library has to
    pay customs fees

Canadian customs text
  • Attn Revenue Canada
  • Tariff 9993.00.00
  • GST Code 51
  • International Loans Between Libraries
  • (International Act of 1978)
  • No Commercial Value
  • Any Value Stated Is For Insurance Purposes Only

Text for National Library of Canadas items
  • Attn Revenue Canada
  • Tariff 9813.00.00 or 9814.00.00
  • GST Code 66
  • Property of the National Library of Canada
  • on Interlibrary Loan

UPS or Fedex
  • Certain libraries require return via UPS or Fedex
  • Library of Congress, Princeton, the Navy
    Department library in Washington, DC, etc.
  • This is either because mail is irradiated,
    materials are deemed to be safer in the hands of
    a courier, speedy delivery is needed or proof of
    return is desirable.
  • In almost all cases UPS Ground or Fedex Ground is
  • These items are automatically insured to a
    certain limit and extra insurance can be
  • Costs vary by weight and distance

U.S. Postal Service Options
  • You can get tracking via the post office
  • You can get delivery confirmation via the post
  • You can get insurance via the post office
  • In some cases, some combination of these services
    may substitute for UPS or Fedex
  • LC is OK with this although they prefer UPS
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