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Global Healthy Living Foundation Capabilities Overview


Global Healthy Living Foundation Capabilities Overview March 7, 2007 Presentation Outline Funding organization s needs Channel patient awareness to drive education ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Global Healthy Living Foundation Capabilities Overview

Global Healthy Living Foundation Capabilities
  • March 7, 2007

Presentation Outline
  • Funding organizations needs
  • Channel patient awareness to drive education
  • Diagnosis
  • ICAP Improve compliance, adherence and
    persistency among existing users
  • Sequence - GHLF positioning
  • Drug approval
  • Physician education
  • Structured supporting stabilizers - GHLF
  • Healthy Living Forum (Community-based programs)
  • Physician advisory board meetings
  • ICAP activities
  • Minority outreach
  • Continuity
  • Preserve and enhance ongoing outreach
  • Incorporate existing programs
  • Increase disease state awareness message depth

Overview GHLF Disease-state sites
Global Healthy Living Foundation
  • 515 N. Midland Ave.Upper Nyack, NY 10960
  • Seestrasse 73CH-8702 Zurich, Switzerland
  • Brands managed by people with the disease. Not
    all brands are shown.

Overview Chronic Disease Specialties
  • Asthma/COPD
  • Arthritis
  • Psoriasis
  • Diabetes/DPNP
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Cancer
  • HIV
  • Childrens diseases
  • Heart diseases
  • Cholesterol/Hypertension
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Obesity
  • Irritable Bowel Disease
  • Sickle Cell Disease
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Osteoporosis (bone health)
  • BPH

Overview About GHLF
  • Mission Statement
  • We protect the value of existing health awareness
    messages and extend the foundation to drive
    patients to lead healthier lifestyles by
    incorporating diet, exercise, a positive mental
    outlook, and the proper drug therapy.
  • We improve the quality of life for people with
    chronic diseases.
  • We focus on patients, caregivers and healthcare
  • We aspire to change the long-term identity from
    chronically ill to empowered, healthy patients.
  • Niche Capabilities
  • Hispanic, Asian, Asian Indian, African American
    and GLBT community outreach programs with
    cultural and language sensitivities.

Outcomes and Strategies
  • Possible Program Outcomes
  • Increase awareness
  • Increase diagnosis
  • Sustain long term commitment to a healthy life
    compliantly and persistently
  • Typical Strategies
  • Leverage GHLFs reach, reputation and experience
    to increase/generate disease awareness and
  • Initiate/continue dialogue with audience, begin
    with registration and profiling
  • Educate users with messaging designed to motivate
  • Promote long-term patient relationships with
    continued presence and support at events

The Doctor-Patient Formula
Patient Recruitment Physicians Members Advocacy
groups Local/state government Community
centers Religious/civic organizations
Program Overview What are Healthy Living Forums?
  • GHLF organizes and executes local patient events
    called Healthy Living Forums in community
  • We bring together patients and their caregivers
    in an entertaining environment for symptom
    management including exercise, nutrition,
  • Partnerships with local patient/consumer groups.
  • Day or half day workshops provide participants
    with information about
  • Treatment options allotting time for QA
  • Exercise (with emphasis on swimming and water
    aerobic movement)
  • Nutrition
  • Positive mental outlook
  • Relaxation/meditation techniques

Organizing Healthy Living Forums
  • Outreach to patient groups with event details
  • Physician speakers
  • Exercise physiologists
  • Psychologist presentation
  • Nutrition seminar
  • Central location
  • Meal(s) included
  • Medically-relevant inexpensive gifts
  • Free of charge
  • Pre-registration required
  • Transportation provided from surrounding areas to
    central location
  • Outreach to physicians treating patient groups
  • Advisory boards with local treating physicians
    for event content input
  • Honorariums for event participation
  • Use of key opinion leaders
  • Physician contact includes names provided by
    patient groups
  • Outreach integrated with representative-physician
  • Partnership with local teaching hospital/medical
  • Grand rounds

Surround-Sound ReachPatient
  • Level 1
  • Local Patient Groups
  • Doctor Recommendation
  • Direct Mail
  • Word-of-mouth
  • Email
  • Website Announcements
  • Chat Rooms
  • Message Boards
  • Level 3
  • Healthy Living Forums
  • Educational Materials Distribution
  • Level 4
  • Follow-up programs
  • Level 2
  • Community Centers
  • Retirement Centers/Communities
  • Doctors Offices
  • Local Elected/Appointed Officials
  • Municipal Health Departments
  • Churches/Synagogues/Mosques
  • Support Groups
  • Fraternal Organizations
  • Health Clubs
  • Local Universities/Colleges
  • Teaching Hospitals
  • Level 5
  • National/Local Exercise Association(s)
  • Total Immersion Swimming
  • Advertising
  • Publicity

Surround-Sound ReachProfessional
  • Level 1
  • Local physicians advisory board meetings
  • Educational materials distribution
  • Physician networking
  • Level 2
  • Dedicated/Customized Physician/Healthcare
    provider web site
  • Level 3
  • University/college medical and healthcare
  • Board of institutions
  • Local professional societies

Program Overview Swimming
  • Sample swim program agenda
  • 730800 A.M. Check-In and continental
    breakfast, distribution of medically relevant
  • 800830 Welcome addresslocal patient advocate
  • 830900 Land exercises and pool warm-up
    (certified swim coaches)
  • 900915 Change for pool
  • 9151015 Water instructionVertical swimming,
    horizontal swimming, range-of-motion
  • 10151030 Change, return for presentation
  • 10301115 Presentation by MD
  • 11151200 Lunch
  • 12001230 P.M. The Healing Partnership Between
    You and Your Chronic DiseaseLaurie Ferguson,
  • 12301245 Reflections and farewell

Program Overview Healthy Living Forum
  • Sample Healthy Living Forum agenda
  • 730-800 A.M. Check-in and continental
    breakfast, distribution of medically relevant
  • 800830 Welcome addresslocal patient advocate
  • 830-845 Stretching and warm up by local
    exercise physiologist
  • 845-930 Physician presentationDiagnosing,Treat
    ing and Living with (disease)
  • 930-945 Range of motion exercise demonstration
  • 945-1015 The Healing Partnership Between You
    and Your (disease)Laurie Ferguson, PhD.
  • 1015-1030 Reflections and farewell

Program Overview ICAP (Improving Compliance,
Adherence Persistence)
  • Keeping patients motivated after or in between
  • Certificate of participation/thank you letter
  • Virtual exercise clubs
  • Online clubs that encourage exercise and allow
    patients to report their exercise success
  • Birthday cards
  • GHLF sends out birthday cards to registered
    patients(year long activity)
  • Photo competition
  • Where in the world are our patients? Patients
    send photos of themselves on vacation with their
    certificate of participation
  • Conference calls
  • Patients dial a toll-free number and have the
    ability to join a number of conference calls with
    medical professionals

Program Overview ICAP (Continued)
  • Monthly E-newsletter
  • The monthly newsletter informs members of up to
    date news regarding their disease, birthday
    wishes, activity reminders, advice column,
    updates on patients progress with virtual
    exercise clubs, etc.
  • Micro Grants
  • Micro Grants encourage people to continue
    practicing the healthy lifestyle they learned at
    an event.
  • Mentoring
  • Mentors with the disease are trained to lead and
    grow groups.
  • Mentors advance in a master path, and are
    rewarded with conference attendance and

Program Overview Physician ICAP
  • Keeping healthcare providers informed after or
    in between events
  • Continuous healthcare provider communication
  • Advise doctors how their recommendations were
    implemented into the patient events (based on
    focus group worksheet).
  • Patient Update
  • Anytime a patient makes changes on the virtual
    exercise club their healthcare provider is
    automatically notified via email.
  • Event Notification
  • Notify healthcare providers of upcoming patient
    events via email and invitation
  • Program support
  • Integrating existing healthcare provider ICAP
  • Integrating existing patient ICAP

Indianapolis Patient Event
  • Blended with Healthy Horizons and Lilly grant to
    demonstrate momentum and create a learning
    experience for the long-term longitudinal study.
  • Logistics
  • Brookside Community Center
  • September 1, 2007
  • Growing Older and Staying Healthy
  • Arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular
    (cholesterol), acid reflux, obesity, asthma
  • Physician, psychologist, exercise physiologist,
    nutritionist, moderator, Butler faculty
  • Faculty and student experiential learning
  • Data collection and analysis to confirm
    longitudinal study direction
  • Community outreach
  • Promotion, publicity
  • Market research
  • Additional opportunities?
  • Shared costs

Next Steps
  • Parallel development tracks
  • September 1 patient event
  • Butler/GHLF grant preparation
  • September 1 patient event
  • GHLF responsibility
  • Butler learning experience
  • Butler/GHLF grant preparation
  • Create core committee
  • Determine demographics (audience, disease) and
  • Create timetable and budget
  • Identify foundation partners
  • Study parameters
  • Schedule next meeting

Appendix I GHLF Board of Advisors
  • Rhoda Green, PhD
  • Thomas Lehman, MD
  • Mark Young, MD
  • Bryan OYoung, MD
  • Barry Schoenberg, DPM
  • Howard Schertzinger, MD
  • Joel Silverfield, MD
  • Deborah Chase
  • John Dickson, MD
  • Locally constituted medical boards of advisors

Appendix I GHLF Board of Directors
  • I. Elaine Allen, Professor, Babson College,
    Babson Park, MA
  • Ward White, Director, The Marcus Foundation,
    Milwaukee, WI
  • Jack Finnegan, President, The MacGregor Group,
    Pine Brook, NJ
  • David Wolf, Esq., Cowan DeBeats Abrahams
    Sheppard, New York, NY
  • Richard Fetter, Dean, College of Business
    Administration, Butler University, Indianapolis,
  • Seth Ginsberg, Co-founder, GHLF, New York, NY

Appendix II GHLF Affiliated Professionals
  • Dr. Robert Abdoo, New York
  • Dr. Emmanuel Akinwuntan, Leuven, Belgium
  • Dr. Gülseren Akyüz, Istanbul
  • Dra. Jacqueline Dote Araya, Santiago
  • Dr. Caroline Barmatz, Tel Aviv
  • Dr. Hugo Nuñez Bernadet, Punta Del Este, Uruguay
  • Dr. David Cassius, Seattle
  • Dr. Lesley Castro (Ph.D), San Diego
  • Dr. Gerardo I. Correa, Santiago
  • Dr. Veronica Rodriguez de la Cruz, San Juan
  • Dr. Jeff Davis, Birmingham
  • Dr. Yohann D. Delarue, Paris
  • Dr. Peter Disler, Melbourne
  • Dr. John Dickson, London
  • Dr. Keith Feder, Los Angeles
  • Dr. Laurie Ferguson (Ph.D.), New York
  • Dr. Andrew Frank (Ph.D.), London
  • Dr. Rhoda Frindell Green (Ph.D.), New York
  • Dr. John Goldman, Atlanta
  • Dr. Stoyan Kemerov, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • Dr. Jong-Moon Kim, Buk-Do, South Korea
  • Dr. Stanley Kornhauser (Ph.D.), New York
  • Dr. Thomas Lehman, New York
  • Dr. Roger Levi, Rio de Janiero
  • Dr. Jef Lieberman, Atlanta
  • Dr. Rodriguez Mariu, Madrid
  • Dr. Mark Medici, New York
  • Dr. John Markenson, New York
  • Dr. Zaliha Omar, Kuala Lampur
  • Dr. Bryan OYoung, New York
  • Dr. Eliott Pellman, New York
  • Dr. Ernesto Candau Pérez, Madrid
  • Dr. Bouathep Phoumindr, Vientiane, Laos
  • Dr. Ted Pincus, Vanderbilt University
  • Dra. Joyce Bolaños de Rodríguez, Caracas,
  • Dr. Alvydas Rudokas, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Dra. Marta Saad, São Paulo
  • Dr. Howard Scherzinger, Cincinnati

Appendix III GHLF Board of Institutions
  • Royal College of Physicians, London
  • Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, New York
  • Hospital for Special Surgery, New York
  • Weill Medical College of Cornell University, New
  • Long Island Jewish Medical Center, New York
  • Maryland Rehabilitation Center, Baltimore
  • Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore
  • Metropolitan Atlanta Rheumatology Society,
  • New York College of Podiatric Medicine, New York
  • Phelps Memorial Hospital, New York
  • University of Utah Medical Center, Salt Lake City
  • St. Francis Hospital, Hartford, Conn.
  • Mt. Sinai Medical Center, New York

Appendix IV Bios
  • Louis Tharp, Executive Director and Co-Founder
  • After running a successful international public
    relations, advertising and marketing company for
    nearly 20 years, and working for some of the
    largest international PR and marketing agencies,
    Louis Tharp became a social entrepreneur in 1999,
    co-founded, and acted as venture capitalist for
    CreakyJoints, an international service
    organization for people with arthritis. Today,
    CreakyJoints is a division of GHLF, which also
    includes other disease-state groups. Mr. Tharp
    was previously a contract writer for the New York
    Times as well as other daily newspapers, and
    published his first hardcover book, The Complete
    Manager's Guide to Promotional Merchandise
    (Dow-Jones Irwin) in 1989. Mr. Tharp is a
    competitive swimmer and is the swim coach for the
    U.S. Military Academy Triathlon team at West
    Point, NY. He serves on the board of visitors for
    the College of Business at Butler University,
    Indianapolis where he graduated with a B.S. in
    Journalism in 1972.
  • Seth Ginsberg, Board Member and Co-Founder
  • Seth Ginsberg was diagnosed at age 13 with
    Spondyloarthropathy, a degenerative form of
    arthritis. He co-founded CreakyJoints at the age
    of 18, in order to help fellow arthritis
    sufferers understand the benefits of exercise,
    diet, a positive mental outlook, and a productive
    relationship with their doctor. Today,
    CreakyJoints is a division of GHLF, which also
    includes other disease-state groups.. Mr.
    Ginsberg graduated from Babson College, Boston,
    with a B.S. in Social Entrepreneurship in 2003..
    He is a former board member of the Westchester
    Arthritis Foundation and spokesperson for the
    National Arthritis Foundation.

Appendix IV Bios (continued)
  • Richard Tjoa, Client Service Technology Vice
  • Richard Tjoa oversees technology implementation
    and growth at GHLF, including multi-language
    patient and physician websites. He graduated from
    the University of California at Berkeley with a
    B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer
    Science and was one of two in his graduating
    class to earn the Kennedy Interdisciplinary
    Studies Award where he worked in the field of
    American Government and Institutions.
  • Laurie Ferguson, Ph.D., Vice President of
    Research and Education
  • Dr. Ferguson received her Ph.D. in Psychology
    from the Derner Institute at Adelphi University,
    New York in 2004. She is a frequent speaker at
    CreakyJoints events and leads GHLF research. She
    was a founding professional of the Exhale
    Foundation, graduated cum laude with high honors
    from Smith College, and received her Masters of
    Divinity from Princeton Seminary.

Appendix IV Bios (continued)
  • Marco Pilloud, Managing Director, Europe 
  • Marco Pilloud, based in Zurich, began as
    Managing Director, Europe of CreakyJoints in 2000
    and was named to lead GHLF in Europe in 2004. He
    was formerly Area Manager of the Swiss Business
    Unit of Computer Sciences Corporation, and Key
    Account Manager with UBS Swiss Life. Mr. Pilloud
    received his B.A. in International Affairs in
    1991 from George Washington University in
    Washington, D.C. and his MBA in International
    Business in 1995 from Sacred Heart University,
    Luxembourg. He participated in the World Swimming
    Championships for Luxembourg in 1991, and
    continues to swim and coach in Zurich.
  • Stefan Bill, Program Associate
  • Stefan Bill graduated from Berufsschule
    Burgdorf, Burgdorf, Switzerland in 2004, and is
    responsible for event organization and
    administration for European programs. He is
    fluent in English, Swiss German and High German.
    A nationally and internationally recognized
    competitive swimmer, Mr. Bill uses his coaching
    and swimming expertise in the CreakyJoints
    A-Games as a lecturer and instructor.
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