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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Selling to Local Government Bromsgrove BC

Selling to Local GovernmentBromsgrove BC
  • 25thth November 2009

  • Peter Howarth FCIPS MBA
  • Alex Haslam MCIPS
  • Procurement Adviser
  • Bromsgrove Redditch Councils

Introduction Peter Howarth
Rules and regulations
Business Opportunities in the Public Sector

Accessing useful information

Selling to Local Councils In Worcestershire Alex
How to maximise your chances of winning
Peter Turvey Worcestershire Opportunities
Coordinator 2012 Games
Lunch -Networking
Business opportunities in the public sector
The public sector landscape
  • Local Government
  • Emergency Services
  • National Health Service
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Regional non governmental bodies
  • e.g. Business Link
  • Central government offices
  • MOD Armed forces
  • Others e.g. Olympic 2012

Local Government
  • Local government is made up of over 400 councils
  • County councils
  • Metropolitan councils
  • Unitary Councils
  • London Boroughs
  • District / Borough
  • Not to mention 1000s of Parish councils
  • Covering services from
  • archaeology to zoology

Local Government
  • The main services provided include
  • Adult Services
  • Children Services
  • Transport
  • Housing/ Benefits
  • Leisure /Museums /Libraries
  • Economic Development
  • Trading Standards /Environmental Health
  • A host of other activities including Procurement

Local government expenditure on procurement
Local Government
45bn Procurement Spend
Plus 4.5 billion cost of procurement
Policy Drivers in government Procurement
Sustainability Agenda
Best Value LAA/CAA
National Procurement Strategies
Varney report
The Efficiency Agenda
EU Directives
Audit Commission
Local Government Acts /White Papers
Glover report
Operational Drivers to improve procurement
  • VFM/ Best Value
  • Continuous improvement of service delivery
  • Public Demands as taxpayer and customer
  • Budgetary constraints
  • Inspection Regimes e.g. (CAA)
  • Collaboration
  • Rising costs
  • Competition for suppliers
  • Political will

Socially Responsible Procurement
Relates to your Corporate Social Responsibility
Benefits of selling to the local public sector
  • Consistent levels of expenditure
  • Common requirements across the market
  • Accounts paid on time
  • Risk is low (they dont go bankrupt)
  • The network opens other opportunities
  • Relationships tend to be long term

  • Do you understand how these policies impact on
    your chances of winning business?
  • Can you add value to the local authority or
    public sector goals?
  • If so How ? Do you need to change?

Selling to Local Councils
  • In Worcestershire

Alex Haslam MCIPS
  • Retired Civil Servant Ex Cabinet Office (TBA),
  • Office of Government Commerce (OGCbs)
  • HM Treasury
  • Formerly Contracts Consultant within NHS CfH,
  • NHSIA and NHS Trusts (Birmingham)
  • Adviser to French Ministry of Finance on
  • Procurement Cards
  • Currently Procurement Adviser to Bromsgrove
  • Council, Redditch Borough Council
  • Member of SOPO Executive Committee

40 Years International experience in Private
Public Sector Procurement
Councils in Worcestershire
  • Worcestershire County Council
  • Redditch District Council
  • Bromsgrove District Council
  • Worcester City Council
  • Malvern Hills
  • Wychavon District Council
  • Wyre Forest

Where to find Council Opportunities locally
  • For example
  • Bromsgrove DC Website - http//
  • Look under Business
  • Then Tenders and Contracts

Procurement organisations in local government
  • Individual councils e.g. Redditch /
    Worcestershire CC (400)
  • Consortia
  • LCSG, Black Country Consortium
  • Worcester Partnership
  • In Addition organisations such as
  • REIPs (West Midlands)
  • E Marketplaces- IDeA Marketplace, Zanzibar
  • Other public sector organisations e.g. OGC Buying
  • Private sector groups The Consortia, Nottingham
  • Third Sector organisations providing public

ConsiderationNeed to know
  • You need to understand how they go about their
    business, their processes
  • What their business is,
  • What do they buy, How do they buy
  • Importance of the supply chain. What is your best
    route to market ? How do they go to market?

Rules and Regulations
Internal rules and regulations
  • The Procurement Strategy
  • Standing Order 46 (SO46)
  • Procurement Code of Practice
  • Thresholds How they affect the Procurement
  • The Tender Process
  • PQQs (Pre-Qualifications Questionnaires)
  • ITTs (Invitation to Tender)

EU tenders
  • EU Treaty purpose to move barriers to
  • free trade
  • Principles Non Discrimination
  • Transparency, Equal
  • Mutual recognition,
  • Public Contract Regulations 2006
  • ( EU Directive 2004/18/EC)
  • Case Law

Thresholds (net VAT)
Current EU Basis
Supplies Part A Services Central Govt/NHS Local Govt, bgpl Part B Services Supplies/Services PINs Works and Works PINs Small Lots for Supplies Services Small Lots for Works 90319 139893 139893 509317 3,497313 54327 679090 130,000 206,000 206,000 750,000 5,150000 80,000 1,000,000
NB these figures may change from Jan 1st 2010 NB these figures may change from Jan 1st 2010 NB these figures may change from Jan 1st 2010 NB these figures may change from Jan 1st 2010
Underlying arrangements
  • Open any undertaking who applies may tender
  • Restricted any undertaking can apply to be
    selected to be invited to tender
  • Negotiated with a call for competition and
    competitive dialogue any undertaking can apply to
    be selected to participate
  • Accelerated restricted/negotiated
  • for use only in exceptional circumstances of
    urgency not of the contracting authoritys making

Below Threshold
  • Even below these thresholds European law requires
    that a Contracting Authority must ensure a degree
    of advertising sufficient to ensure competition,
  • The precise scope and form of the advertising
    required depends on the nature of the services in
  • Covers all contracts under threshold levels and
    Schedule IIB
  • There is not a de minimus level suggested at the
  • Authorities need to demonstrate value for money
    is being obtained.

Sub OJEU Tenders
  • For contracts below the EU threshold but above a
    figure agreed by each Authority local financial
    regulations apply.
  • Advertised on the Authoritys website, locally
    and in trade journals
  • May use e portals e.g. Supply2Gov
  • OJEU principles of non discrimination etc still
    apply but not full processes
  • Refer to councils own procedures for governing
  • rules

  • Quotes are used for values under the tender limit
    set by each Authority
  • Usually minimum of three suppliers
  • Usually less rigid, Invites maybe to known
  • Can be sealed but more normally open offers with
    short return time.
  • Key area for SMEs
  • Overall the market is segmented by value and
  • May still be caught by EU Treaty requirements

Procurement Techniques
  • Different procurement techniques may be used to
    establish a contract.
  • One off contract
  • Framework agreements
  • Dynamic purchasing system
  • Electronic auctions
  • The competitive dialogue procedure
  • N.B. Central purchasing bodies

  • Different timescales apply to different
    procedures e.g. open ,restricted
  • Make sure you are aware of those that apply to
    you on each occasion
  • Keep to them you will be disqualified if you do
  • The timescales referred to in legislation are
    minimum requirements

London 2012 Olympic Paralympics Games
  • Business Opportunities
  • Peter Turvey
  • Worcestershire Opportunities Coordinator 2012

Wimbledon Tennis
North Greenwich Arena 1 Basketball (Finals),
London 2012
  • Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA)
  • Building infrastructure and permanent venues
  • Publicly funded
  • London Organising Committee for the Olympic and
    Paralympics Games (LOCOG)
  • Staging the event
  • Temporary venues
  • Commercially funded through-
  • sponsorship
  • ticket sales
  • licensing programme
  • broadcasting rights

Lords Cricket Ground Archery
Horse Guards Parade Volleyball (Beach)
Wembley Football
  • Facts
  • Suppliers are spread across the UK, with 46
    based outside of London.
  • Small firms have won 68 per cent of the
    contracts advertised so far by the ODA
  • (Small Business News (_at_ 26th September 2009)
  • The vast majority of business opportunities
    remain to be let

Supply Chains
  • Some Key Contractors
  • Sir Robert McAlpine (Olympic Stadium)
  • Balfour Beatty (Aquatics Centre)
  • ISG InteriorExterior (Velodrome)
  • Carillion (Main Press Centre)
  • BAM Nuttall (Groundworks and Bridges)
  • Morrisson (Eton Dorney)
  • Barhale (Sewerage System)
  • CLM Consortium (Project Management)

Example of an ODA Supply Chain
Olympic Park
Aquatics Centre MC
Tier 1 contractors
Tier 2 contractors
Swimming Pool MC
Tier 3 contractors
Bricklaying Subcontractor
Tier 4 contractors
Brick Merchant
Distribution Company
Tier 5 contractors
Brick Manufacturer
Tier 6 contractors
Tier 7 contractors
CompeteFor is targeting around 20 of the
contracts in the London 2012 supply chain Not to
mention those flowing from the five host Boroughs
and others
Direct Contracts
LOCOG opportunities will be broadly split over
eight categories, each the responsibility of a
procurement manager in the LOCOG procurement team
  • Soft Facilities Management and Catering
  • Catering Food Services
  • Cleaning Waste
  • Clothing Uniforms
  • Technology
  • Reprographics Imaging
  • Location and Navigation Systems Components
  • Application Development Services
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Fleet Operations
  • Storage
  • Mail and Cargo Transport
  • Venues and Hard Facilities
  • Commodities, Power Electrical
  • Town Planning
  • Fittings Equipment
  • Artists, Performance and Events
  • Photographic Video Services
  • Professional Artists Performers
  • Medal Design
  • Sports
  • Field of Play / Sports Flooring
  • Medical Laboratory Services Equipment
  • Motor Boats
  • Security
  • Security Contractors
  • Security Equipment
  • Transport Security (CCTV)
  • Services
  • Public Relations
  • Training Delivery Materials
  • Volunteer Recruitment

Just to give you an idea of the scale of the
opportunity LOCOG will require over 1m pieces
of sports equipment
  • As well as sports equipment LOCOG will also need
    a wide range of goods and services to support the
    venues and ensure the Games run smoothly
  • 17,000 beds in the Olympic village
  • Weather forecasting services
  • Over 400 temporary generators
  • Language translation services.
  • From the obvious
  • over 1,000 shuttlecocks
  • 1,200 hockey balls
  • 65,000 towels
  • 44 Paralympic table tennis tables
  • To those slightly more obscure items
  • 92 ball pumps
  • 3 metal detectors

Not all of LOCOGs opportunities will be met
through direct procurement. Many will be met
through both existing and new sponsorship deals,
and these deals in turn may generate supply chain
opportunities for a large number of SMEs
  • TOP Sponsors
  • Coca Cola, Atos Origin, GE, McDonalds, Omega,
    Samsung, Visa, Panasonic, Acer
  • Domestic Sponsors
  • T1 Adidas, BP, British Airways, BT, EDF Energy,
    Lloyds TSB,
  • T2 Adecco, Cadbury, Deloitte, Cisco, UPS, Thomas
  • T3 Airwave, Atkins, Boston Consulting, Crystal,
    Freshfields, Holiday Inn, McCann Worldgroup,
    Nielsen, Populous, Ticketmaster, Trident

Advance Training Camps
  • Pre-Games Training Camp Guide Sent to all
    National Olympic and Paralympic Committees
  • Over 600 Venues across UK 33 West Midlands
  • Paralympic Training Camp Guide 170 Venues - 14
    in West Midlands
  • Test events in advance of 2012
  • World Half-Marathon Championships 2009
  • European Gymnastics Championship 2010
  • World Wheelchair Basketball Championships, NIA,

Pre Games Training Camps in Worcestershire
Herefordshire Worcester Warriors Rugby Club
Archery University of Worcester Olympic Sports
Basketball, Fencing, Table Tennis, Indoor
Volleyball Paralympic Sports Boccia, Goalball,
Table Tennis, Volleyball sitting and Wheelchair
Basketball Bromyard Equestrian Centre
Equestrian Dressage, Equestrian Jumping,
Paralympic Equestrian Bromyard Bowmen
Archery Royal National College for the Blind
Boccia, Goalball, Paralympic Athletics,
Paralympic Five-a-side Football, Paralympic Judo,
Paralympic Power lifting, Paralympic Seven-a-side
Football, Paralympic Table Tennis, Paralympic
Volleyball (sitting), Wheelchair Basketball,
Wheelchair Fencing, Wheelchair Rugby
Preliminary meetings have been held to create a
Worcestershire and Herefordshire Consortium bid
to attract a high profile Olympic/Paralympic Team
to the two counties
Tourism Hospitality
  • Impact of the Games estimated 2 billion in UK
  • London 2012 Tourism Strategy
  • Domestic as well as overseas visitors
  • After, as well as before and during the Games
  • West Midlands attractions shopping
  • Much Wenlock, Shrops. Wenlock Olympian Games
  • Torch Relays?

London 2012 Business Network
  • Information
  • Events
  • Opportunities


Registering on CompeteFor
Policies and Business Link
  • Ensure you have
  • Case studies
  • References
  • Health Safety policy
  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Quality Management Statement

If a company does not meet minimum standards
then the company is automatically referred to
tailored business support
Once a companys profile is successfully
published on CompeteFor they are automatically
matched to opportunities and invited by email to
fill out a short tailored application form
Before you submit your application for a
contract, double check the information you are
about to submit. Tailor the information in
your Business Profile to the contract in question
If you submitted a response and are successful in
being shortlisted, you will receive an e-mail
with "next steps" instructions from the Buyer.
This may include an Invitation to Tender,
Invitation to Quote, or alternative process.
Searching for Opportunities
  • Dating Agency
  • Like a PQQ
  • Business Tool
  • Marketing Opportunity

Businesses in Herefordshire and Worcestershire
registered on CompeteFor _at_ 16th Nov 2009.
(Registered 485)
Forming a Consortium Site that provides
support to companies, access to tenders and help
re finding partners for collaborative working
Coming Soon! 2012 Procurement Training
Procurement Training
Next Workshop 18th February 2010 Abbey
Hotel, Malvern
Contact Peter Turvey Worcestershire Opportunities
Coordinator 2012 Games Mobi
le 07795 332508
Sector Reports
Free 2012 Sector Reports Uniquely in the West
Midlands we are producing monthly 2012 Sector
Reports to brief businesses in more depth about
the London 2012 Games. These Business Briefings
are updated monthly and available, FREE at
Sectors Construction, Environmental
Services, Food Drink, ICT, Interiors
Lifestyles, Medical, Manufacturing, Professional
Services, Screen Image Sound, Tourism, and
Key point With the vast majority of Olympic
contracts still to be awarded and with many
contracts and business opportunities available
outside of London it is vital that Worcestershire
and Herefordshire companies, at very least,
position themselves to have a fighting chance of
winning a contract      
Information Sources
  • COMPETE FOR Business Opportunity website from
    the Olympic organisers providing direct
    opportunities and tender work in the supply
    chains of major contractors
  • Lend Lease operate this private sector led
    development of the athletes village in Stratford
    City, east London
  • Business Link West Midlands Running 2012
    business opportunity and tendering workshops for
    West Midlands Businesses. Tel 0845 113 1234
  • Advantage West Midlands 2012 Webpage (navigate
    from Home page). Monthly sector-focussed
    business reports for the West Midlands
  • West Midlands for 2012 Focussed on all
    2012-related opportunities for the
    West Midlands

Contact details Peter Turvey Worcestershire
Opportunities Coordinator 2012 Games petert_at_hwcham Mobile
07795 332508
Comfort Break

Selection of Tenderers and Award Criteria

Selection of Tenderers
  • Advertisement will appear on the OJEU contract
    website and in hard copy it is worth subscribing
    to magazines such as Contrax Weekly and joining
    Supply 2 Gov for below the threshold
  • Open procedure is open to all ,other procedures
    the buyer can reduce the number of participants
  • Minimum number in ITT is 5 for the restricted
    procedure and 3 for the negotiated (with
    publication of a contract notice) and competitive
    dialogue procedures although any number can apply
    to be selected
  • Minimum number must be stated in the contract
    notice and must be sufficient to ensure genuine

Selection of Tenderers
  • The first stage of process is request for
    expression of interest and then a PQQ
  • It is the first opportunity to fail and where
    most of us do
  • Purpose of this stage is to provide the
    contracting authority with information which will
    allow it to reduce the number of participants
    identify those companies that are best placed to
    deliver the need identified and those who are not
  • Issues such as economic and financial standing ,
    technical capabilities and the candidates
    experience are all part of the selection

Selection of Tenderers
  • Selection criteria
  • If you respond to an advert in OJEU under the
    restricted procedure and declare an expression of
    interest the first thing you are likely to
    receive is the PQQ (Pre Qualification
  • This is an important document ,if you respond
    erroneously you are likely to be excluded
  • For example do not ignore mandatory questions if
    you do you will be excluded
  • Do not answer negatively to mandatory questions
  • you will be excluded
  • Always qualify your respond if in doubt you will
    then get a chance to explain
  • Do not lie you will be excluded

Selection of Tenderers
  • The type of information required
  • Basic Company information e.g. status- plc
  • Financial Accounts
  • HR Policies
  • CVs of Managers ,Professional qualification
  • Quality Standards and Awards
  • Corporate social responsibility policy (CSR)
  • Past Experience and References
  • Insurance Policies held
  • Health Safety Policy
  • Make sure you have it readily available it will
    save time

Potential disqualification
  • You can be excluded if you are/or have
  • Of unsound economic and financial standing
  • A criminal organisation, guilty of corruption,
    fraud or money laundering
  • A bankrupt or in process of winding up?
  • Guilty of grave professional misconduct
  • Unpaid social security requirements
  • Unfulfilled obligations relating to taxes
  • No longer suitable to pursue professional
  • Not technically and professional able
  • Seriously misrepresented information

  • The invitation to tender should include as a
  • Covering letter
  • information and Instructions to bidders
  • Contract terms and conditions
  • The specification
  • Price schedule
  • Details of the procedures to follow

ITT Preparation
  • Before you start assess your chances of winning
    ,bidding can be costly
  • Do not assume that the ITT is always correct
    check it
  • Check if criteria weightings or level of
    importance are listed, Can you meet them ??
  • Prepare a tender strategy ,do not leave it to
  • Create a team to respond to the tender do not
    leave it to one individual
  • Attend any tender briefing sessions offered
  • Be prepared to challenge and ask questions of the
    contracting organisation
  • If it is not electronic copy documentation and
    store the originals safely to respond on

ITT Response
  • Allow enough time
  • Work to and regularly review the tender strategy.
  • Keep track of and respond to tender amendments
  • Check and respond to commercial and contractual
    aspects e.g. guarantees, performance indicators,
    service level plans,
  • Ensure you respond to the specification outlined
  • Be innovative and offer variants if appropriate
    but also offer a compliant bid if possible
  • Check financial schedules and consider cash
  • flow issues.

ITT Response
  • Provide all information requested but be clear,
    accurate and brief at the same time
  • Ensure all risks have been addressed
  • Format the response in line with instructions
  • Ensure third party requirements e.g. references,
    parent guarantees have been agreed.
  • Check your response get an independent check.
  • Ensure it is returned on time and carries no mark
    as to your identity on the envelope Make sure
    carriers are aware of this.

Award Criteria
  • Contracts can be awarded on the basis of lowest
    price or most economically advantageous tender
  • Contract notices or contract documents must
    provide the relative weighting given to each
    criteria used to judge the most economically
    advantageous tender.
  • Where this is not feasible, award criteria must
    be stated in descending order of importance
  • Award criteria may include Quality ,price
    delivery etc but may also include environmental
    and social characteristics provided these are
    linked to the subject matter of the contract

Award Criteria
  • Award criteria is used to assess the actual
    candidates proposed solution against the
    contracting authorities requirement, in terms of
    the specification and contract terms and
  • Contracting Authorities cannot include criteria
    used at the selection stage in the award stage
  • After publication of the criteria a new criteria
    cannot be added on.
  • Bids however can be clarified

Evaluation Criteria
  • You need to understand how they are scoring to
    maximise your chances
  • Everything is not always as it seems
  • Challenge it if you are not happy
  • You should receive the weightings at the start of
    the process If the odds are stacked against you
    pull out but inform the contracting authority why
    you have .They may reconsider it, if not now ,in
    the future

The force of the law
  • There are a number of routes to challenge
  • European Court of Justice
  • (Remedies and the new Remedies Directive)
  • UK Courts
  • Arbitration
  • FOI
  • OGC Feedback Service
  • The Contracting Authority
  • Work upwards from here
  • If you do not challenge nothing will ever
  • Fortune favours the brave

Not all is lost
  • Harmon

  • Do you understand the rules and regulations which
    control your customers and the processes they
  • Can you make them work for you rather than
    against you?
  • Are you aware of and do you approach the market
    through the right channels?
  • Are you adding to them achieving Best Value?

Accessing useful information
  • You have rights to information
  • Freedom of information
  • Pre tender
  • Post tender and Debriefing
  • Alcatel (Standstill period)
  • Buyers profile Selling to the Council
  • E Portals - _at_UK ,Supply 2 Gov

Pre Tender Information
  • PINS (Prior information Notice)
  • Buyers Profile /Selling to
  • Advertising
  • OJEU Above threshold
  • Appropriate below threshold
  • e.g. Supply2 Gov, Trade Journal, Redditch
    Advertiser. Birmingham Mail
  • Remember to check on Chamber of Commerce ,FSB
    information sites
  • Also look out for meet the buyers events ,network

Information Requirements Post Tender award
  • Contracting authorities are required to
  • Notify Tenderers ASAP of decision
  • Allow mandatory standstill period (10days)
  • Alcatel Ruling
  • Debrief on request( within 15 days)
  • Contracts Award Notice (48 Days)

Buyer Profiles
  • Public sector purchasers websites providing
    procurement information to suppliers
    encompassing, for example
  • PIN notices (provided the European Commission is
    informed prior to publication on the buyer
    profile) Reduces minimum timescales
  • Copies of all other notices required by the
  • Tender specifications and additional documents
  • Future procurement requirements
  • The purchasers procurement process
  • Contact details
  • Known as Selling to Councils in LG
  • It is also worth having a look at the rest of
    the authorities site
  • It will help you understand the culture and
    objectives of the potential customer and what is
    important to them This knowledge will give you
    some competitive advantage

Sources of Local Public Sector Information
  • SOPO
  • CIPS
  • OGC
  • IDEA
  • Firebuy
  • Police

Olympics 2012
  • Numerous opportunities still left to get involved
    7500 contracts
  • 75000 subcontract opportunities
  • From construction to retail
  • Look at the website and go to the
  • Compete for page

Giving information
  • Make yourself known
  • Supply 2 Gov
  • Accredit / Constructionline /BiP Select
  • Supplier Portals - National / Local
  • Conferences /Exhibitions/Sponsorship
  • Press - Government Opportunities, Supply
    Management, Local Gov Chronicle etc

  • Information is key to winning
  • Are you aware of your rights to information?
  • Do you request debriefs ,prepare for them and
    turn them to your competitive advantage ?

If you really want to win maximise your
chances of winning
  • The first stage of selection is rejection

  • People purchase things not organisations
  • People make mistakes so
  • Check the documentation you receive
  • Challenge the content Do not assume it is
  • Attend supplier briefings
  • Try to understand the culture
  • Increasingly buyers are looking for overall VfM
    not just lowest price

  • Respond as requested e.g. avoid hand-written
    answers if requested in typeset
  • Provide answers in the same sequence asthe
    questions have been asked
  • Check if additional supportive information is
  • Ensure compliance with all requirements
  • Check, recheck and recheck tender

  • Winning tenders are
  • Focused on Customer needs
  • Provide best value
  • Show why your tender does this
  • Suggest innovative solutions
  • Identify continuous improvement opportunities
  • Recognise and mitigate risks
  • Address whole life costs and demonstrate why they
    are the most economically advantageous tender

What does it all mean for you
  • New Market Opportunities and Access
  • Partnering Opportunities
  • Greater Transparency
  • Better Contract relationships and management
  • E commerce benefits/ efficiency savings
  • Continuous improvement for you as well as your
  • Opportunity to be innovative
  • Keeping abreast of changes -if you do not you
    will fail
  • Share of some efficiency gains
  • Better Information provision and access

  • When you win
  • The contract only starts when it is awarded
  • Buyers sometimes let and forget,
  • follow through and continue dialogue

The End
  • Thank you and good luck
  • You can Win
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