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The Events, the Assassin, the Theories, and the Nation


The Events, the Assassin, the Theories, and the Nation s Reaction The Events of the Assassination November 22, 1963 Kennedy gives speech followed by a motorcade ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Events, the Assassin, the Theories, and the Nation

The Assassination of JFK
  • The Events, the Assassin, the Theories, and the
    Nations Reaction

The Events of the Assassination
  • November 22, 1963
  • Kennedy gives speech followed by a motorcade
    through Dallas. Governor Connally of Texas and
    his wife accompany the President and first lady.

The Events of the Assassination (2)
  • The motorcade turns down Houston St. and makes a
    left onto Elm St. through Dealy Plaza. The Texas
    School Book Depository, with Oswald on 6th floor,
    is on the corner.

The Events of the Assassination (3)
  • Something has happened
  • KBOX Dallas radios live report of the
    assassination, just prior to, during and
    immediately following the shooting.

The Events of the Assassination (4)
  • 3 4 shots are fired at the President
  • Governor Connally hit under armpit, out arm, and
    into his thigh
  • Kennedy hit 2x
  • Once in the back and out throat
  • One shot to the head
  • Motorcade rushes off to the Hospital
  • Charles Brehm eyewitness account, father
    watching w/ son

The Events of the Assassination (5)
  • At 100 PM on November 22nd, 1963 President John
    F. Kennedy dies at the age of 46.
  • The initial newsflash stating that Kennedy has
    died. (A woman can be heard sobbing upon hearing
    the news)

The Events of the Assassination (6)
  • VP Lyndon B. Johnson is sworn in as President on
    plane in Dallas
  • A shocked and stunned nation comes to grips with
    the tragedy that has taken place
  • In the hearts of each of us - news anchor Frank
    McGee attempts to put the countrys feelings into

The Events of the Assassination (7)
  • Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Becomes focus of investigation into assassination
  • Arrested in movie theater a few miles from site
    of assassination on same day believed that he
    killed a police officer shortly after
  • Theyre taking me in because of the fact that I
    lived in the Soviet Union. Im only a patsy.
  • Rifle and spent shells found in TSBD where some
    witnesses believed shots came from
  • While being transferred, Oswald is shot and
    killed by Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby

Profile of an Assassin
  • Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Troubled Childhood
  • father died, mother unstable, previous violence,
    moved 21x btw school college
  • Marxist/Communist Beliefs
  • Taught himself Russian, Joined Marines, didnt
    like it, moved to USSR in 1959, married
  • Not accepted there moved back to USA
  • Applied for residency in Cuba denied
  • Previous Assassination Attempt
  • April 10th, 1963 Planned attempted to kill
    former Gen. Walker critic of Castro
  • Texas School Book Depository
  • October 1963 Oswald gets job working there
    (site of shooting)

The Investigation
  • The Warren Commission
  • LBJ appoints a special committee to investigate
    the assassination
  • Headed by Chief Justice of S.C. Earl Warren
  • Warren Report (issued Sept 1964)
  • Oswald, acting alone, killed JFK
  • No conspiracy
  • Oswald fired 3 shots
  • 1 missed, no others shot
  • Single Bullet Theory Same bullet that hit
    Kennedy in throat went on to strike Gov. Connally
    in the back
  • Jack Rubys killing of Oswald was spontaneous, no
    significant ties to the Mafia

The Investigation (2)
  • The House Select Committee on Assassinations -
    conducts investigation over 3 yr period (76-79)
  • Kennedy killed as part of a conspiracy Oswald
    did not act alone
  • Four shots were fired, one shot was fired from
    the grassy knoll but missed Kennedy and the
  • Jack Ruby had significant ties to organized crime
  • Rubys killing of Oswald was not spontaneous but
    had the appearance of a hit to silence him
  • Warren Commission failed to fully investigate the
    possibility of a conspiracy
  • CIA and FBI did not supply all the info they had
    to the commission
  • Security arrangements insecure? A proper autopsy?

Two Basic Views of the Assassination
  • Crazed Loner
  • One gunman
  • Acted alone
  • No accomplices or help from anyone else
  • Conspiracy
  • More than one gunman
  • Those gunmen a part of a larger conspiracy

Which one do you believe??? Lets look at some of
the evidence
Evidence Dealy Plaza Revisited
  • Make note of locations of people, objects, and

Evidence Snipers Nest Revisited
Evidence The Assassin
  • Motive
  • Did he have the motivation to pull off the
  • TSBD Rifle Snipers Nest
  • Rifle had his fingerprints on it, 3 shells found
    in area around the snipers nest
  • Accuracy of Shots
  • Could he have gotten 3 shots off in 8 seconds
    with great accuracy?

Evidence The Witnesses
  • How reliable is eyewitness testimony?
  • How many shots were fired?
  • Where were the shots fired from?
  • Jean Hill Mary Moorman / Bill Gayle Newman

Evidence The Magic Bullet
  • Does the Single Bullet Theory hold up?
  • Movie JFKs depiction of Magic Bullet
  • The seating position Is Connally directly in
    front of Kennedy or not?

Evidence The Magic Bullet(2)
  • Does the Single Bullet Theory hold up?
  • The Trajectory Could the bullet have passed
    through both bodies?
  • Are these diagrams accurate depictions of the
    seating arrangements?

Evidence The Magic Bullet(3)
  • Does the Single Bullet Theory hold up?
  • The Pristine Bullet After passing through two
    bodies, does the bullet show some wear to it?

Evidence The Magic Bullet(4)
  • Back to the Single Bullet Theory w/ Zapruder
  • Does the Single Bullet Theory hold up?

The Final Shot
  • Back to the Left (JFK) Does the movement of
    JFKs head indicate where the final fatal shot
    came from?

What Really Happened?
  • Oswald as lone gunner is most widely accepted,
    BUT there is still much debate even today.
  • What do you think?
  • Why are there so many who believe that there was
    a conspiracy?

A Nation Mourns
  • The Funeral
  • November 25, 1963 (John Jr.s BDay) Thousands
    attend the procession from the White House to
    Arlington Cemetery
  • Millions mourned in services held around the
    country and around the world.

A Nation Mourns (2)
  • Some of the sights and sounds of the Funeral

A sons final salute to his father
A Fallen Leaders Final Resting Place