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The JFK Assassination Theories


John F. Kennedy was assassinated on Friday, November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas. ... The theory that the Mafia killed JFK involves more of John f. Kennedy's policies. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The JFK Assassination Theories

The JFK Assassination Theories
  • Victor Kim
  • SBF-01
  • Instructor Mary Villani

Various Assassination Theories
  • There have been various theories/conspiracies
    regarding the assassination of the thirty fifth
    president of the United States, John F. Kennedy.
  • Of these Theories include
  • The Single Bullet Theory (Linking Lee Harvey
  • The Grassy Knoll Theory
  • The Cubans
  • The K.G.B.
  • The Mafia
  • The US Government/CIA
  • LBJ Theory
  • The Zero Theory
  • Israeli conspiracy

Quick Assassination Overview
  • John F. Kennedy was assassinated on Friday,
    November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas.
  • The thirty fifth president was shot while riding
    in a car with his wife, Jacqueline Kennedy, while
    riding through the Dealey Plaza.
  • When the Presidents car passed the Depository
    building in the Dealey Plaza and continued down
    Elm Street, shots were fired at Kennedy.
  • It has been concluded by various government
    inspections that a man by the name of Lee Harvey
    Oswald had assassinated the president.
  • However, many were and are not satisfied with
    this conclusion, and various conspiracy theories
    as well as other theories as to how he died were

Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Lee Harvey Oswald was the accused assassin of
    President John F. Kennedy.
  • As a child, Oswald kept to himself and did not
    socialize much.
  • Oswald dropped out of school in the ninth grade,
    never to receive a high school diploma.
  • He later became a Marxist, eventually leaving to
    live in the Soviet Union, later to return to the
    United States.

Lee Harvey Oswald (Contd)
  • Upon the date of the presidents assassination,
    he was reported missing to the police by his
    supervisor at the Depository.
  • Oswald was then arrested an hour and twenty
    minutes later after the assassination, for
    killing a police officer, then charged with the
    murder of John F. Kennedy.
  • Oswald never went to trial due to his untimely
    death, murdered by Jack Ruby

Evidence Linking Lee Harvey Oswald
  • During Investigations, a M91/38 bolt-action rifle
    was found on the sixth floor of the Texas Book
    Depository Building.
  • This rifle matched the bullet found on a random
    stretcher in the hospital..
  • Lee Harvey Oswalds palm print was also found on
    the bolt action rifle.
  • Oswald purchased the rifle under a fake name.
  • However, for Oswald to have been the murderer of
    the president, the single bullet theory would
    have to be true.

The Single Bullet Theory
  • The Single Bullet Theory is the theory that a
    single bullet went through both Kennedy and
    Connally, injuring them both. A second bullet
    fired later would kill the president
  • According to the single bullet theory, a one-inch
    long bullet penetrated Kennedys neck, then
    traveled to Governor Connallys chest and wrist
    and fastened itself in the Governors thigh. If
    the bullet had made this tremendous journey, then
    the bullet penetrated 15 layers of clothing, 7
    layers of skin, approximately 15 inches of
    tissue, struck a tie knot, removed 4 inches of
    rib and shattered a radius bone.

The Single Bullet Theory (Contd)
  • The bullets path however, seemed unlikely, as it
    would have zigged and zagged through the air in
    order to hit the president and the governor.

The Single Bullet Theory True or False
  • Various tests were conducted in response to the
    single bullet theory, by shooting a bullet
    through animal flesh and bone.
  • The results yielded that when a bullet penetrates
    flesh, it will not remain in a linear path, as it
    will tend to move.
  • However, the bullet that was found and concluded
    to be the single bullet was found in pristine
    condition, with no defects on it.
  • If this was the bullet that penetrated skin and
    shattered bone, then why was it in perfect

The Grassy Knoll Theory
  • The Grassy Knoll Theory is the theory that
    includes more than one gunman, in addition to Lee
    Harvey Oswald. This theory also provides an
    alternate place for an assassin to be, proving
    that Lee Harvey Oswald may have been set up.
  • This Theory comes from puffs of smoke and
    outlines of assassins in various pictures taken
    of the knolls at the time of the assassination as
    well as eyewitnesses that report sights of these

The Grassy Knoll Theory (Contd)
  • Various parts of pictures that were taken before
    and during the assassination of the president may
    make it seem like there was an assassin at the
    Grassy Knoll.
  • In addition to pictures, eyewitnesses such as Ed
    Hoffman have claimed that a man, dressed in a
    business suit, shot from behind the fence, and
    then tossed the rifle to a man dressed as a
    railroad worker, who disassembled it, put it into
    a case, and walked off.

Disproving The Grassy Knoll
  • There have been discrepancies with Ed Hoffmans
    testimony, thus disproving the grassy knoll
  • Sam Holland and two others with him, who
    supposedly went over to the fence where they
    thought they saw a man, did not see anything that
    Ed Hoffman had stated, thus contradicting both of
    their accounts.
  • In addition to this, Ed Hoffmans claim that the
    gunman gave the gun to another person to
    disassemble couldnt have been correct because in
    the parking lot, there were masses of cars and
    that the gunman could not have moved swiftly
    enough to comply with Hoffmans claims.

The Cubans
  • Another theory involves the Cubans, as some
    suspect that they are responsible for the death
    of JFK
  • The theory states that JFK was killed by Cubans
    who were upset with Kennedy due to his actions
    regarding the Bay of Pigs .
  • The Bay of Pigs invasion was an invasion funded
    by the US government for Cuban exiles to invade
    the Bay of Pigs.
  • Kennedy refused to allow the US army to assist.
    By staying out of the affair, the exiles were
    sitting ducks for Castro and his men. The event
    was a complete disaster as thousands were killed
    or captured by Castro.

The Cubans Weak Hypothesis?
  • The Cuban theory appears to be very unlikely, as
    there are too many missing factors.
  • Although Cubans did have the motive to kill the
    president, they could not have
  • Framed Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Escaped the Police
  • Hired Jack Ruby to Silence Oswald
  • The more believable, yet far fetched theory would
    be that Castro Himself, killed Kennedy in
    response to all of the attempts on his life.

The K.G.B.
  • A more feasible theory, the K.G.B. theory links
    directly with Lee Harvey Oswald.
  • It was known the Lee Harvey Oswald spent two
    years in Russia because of his firm beliefs in
    the Soviet Union. In addition to this, he married
    a K.G.Bs colonel's niece.
  • It would be easy to conclude that the Soviet
    Union sent Oswald to kill the president.

The Mafia
  • The theory that the Mafia killed JFK involves
    more of John f. Kennedys policies.
  • During Kennedys presidential term, he took a
    very aggressive stance against organized crimes.
  • This breakdown of organized crimes was far more
    drastic than any other president that served
    before him.
  • Kennedys brother, Robert Kennedy was responsible
    for the enmity of Teamsters Union boss Jimmy
    Hoffa, in addition to other mafia members.
  • It became even more evident when it was
    discovered that Jack Ruby had ties with the mob,
    thus explaining his role in the murder of Oswald,
    IF the Mafia theory proved to be correct.

The Mafia Possible or Not?
  • If, in fact, the Mafia did organize the
    assassination of John F. Kennedy, then it would
    be hard to explain roles in the assassination.
  • It would be difficult to explain how the Mafia
    would have gotten a hold of Lee Harvey Oswald to
    play such a large role in the assassination.
  • In addition to this, even if Oswald was used and
    killed by Jack Ruby, who did have connections
    with the Mafia, others would have had to have
    been killed to keep everything silent including
    Jack Ruby.
  • The whole idea of the Mafia plotting to kill the
    president makes little sense because they would
    have a lot to lose and very little to gain from
    killing the president.

The US Government/CIA
  • There would be three major reasons why the CIA
    would have had a part in the assassination of
    John F Kennedy
  • John F Kennedy gave up Cuba, the country in which
    the CIA worked extremely hard for in regards to
    the struggle of the exiles.
  • The US still had control over Vietnam, so the CIA
    would want Kennedy to be killed in order for him
    not to make the same mistake he did with Cuba.
  • John F Kennedy blamed the CIA for the failure of
    the Bay of Pigs, even thought it was mainly his
    fault for the failure, as he did not allow US
    soldiers to assist.

Evidence pointing to the CIA
  • The single piece of evidence that may have
    cleared up any discrepancies to where the shots
    actually came from, has gone missing.
  • Simply put, JKFs brain is gone.
  • As well as the actual brain, slides, X-rays,
    photographs and other medicals that the Kennedy
    family had in possession were required to be
    handed over to the National Archives. However,
    the brain and several other items were not

The Zero Theory
  • The Zero Theory relates to the theory that ever
    since 1840, every president that has been
    elected in office with the year ending in 0 has
    died in office.
  • Kennedy and Lincoln were both assassinated during
    their presidencies.
  • In addition to this, their election dates
    coincide with the Zero Theory.
  • Lincoln was elected President 1860
  • Kennedy was elected president in 1960

LBJ Theory
  • The LBJ Theory involves Kennedys vice president,
    Lyndon B. Johnson.
  • Kennedy was seriously considering removing Lyndon
    Johnsons name as his running mate in the voting
    ballot, which may have angered Lyndon.
  • Madeleine Duncan Brown, a woman claiming having a
    twenty one year old relationship with Johnson,
    recalls that the night before the assassination,
    Johnson told her that tomorrow, those goddamned
    Kennedys are never going to embarrass me again
    thats not a threat, thats a promise

LBJ Theory (Contd)
  • More suspicious evidence suggests that LBJ
    organized the assassination of JFK when a picture
    catches an interesting scene on Air Force One,
    where a Texas Congressman is winking at Johnson.

The Israeli conspiracy
  • The Israeli conspiracy was formed because of the
    dissatisfaction coming from the Israeli
    government when Kennedy began to put pressure on
    their goals of a nuclear program at the Negev
    Nuclear Research Center.
  • In addition to this, the Israelis were also
    suspected because they were angry over Kennedys
    sympathies with Arabs and his use of men that
    were previously in their rocket programs.

Theories Connect and Collide
  • Of the theories listed before, there are many
    connecting bridges in-between them.
  • The Mafia had connections with Cuba as they were
    involved in Havana casinos.
  • In addition to this, Mafia families supported
    Cuban exiles with money, anticipating their pay
    when Castro was overthrown.
  • These coincidences may be mere coincidences, but
    it is peculiar how each part that is connected
    with each other has been, at one point or
    another, accused and blamed for the assassination
    of JFK.

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