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Othello Summary: Act Two Act 2, Scene 1 Setting: Cyprus The Turkish fleet is destroyed by the storm (the storm is a device used by Shakespeare to dispose of the ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Othello

  • Summary Act Two

Act 2, Scene 1
  • Setting Cyprus
  • The Turkish fleet is destroyed by the storm (the
    storm is a device used by Shakespeare to dispose
    of the Turkish threat, which is no longer
    necessary to the plot as the focus of Othello is
    to be the generals marriage and Iagos attempts
    to undermine it.)
  • Cassio arrives in Cyprus, followed shortly after
    by Iago, Desdemona, Emilia and Roderigo.
  • Cassio, courteous as always, takes Desdemonas
    hand and speaks with her privately for a moment.
    Iago notices and says that this little courtesy
    of Cassio taking Desdemonas hand will be enough
    of a web to ensnare as great a fly as Cassio.
  • Othello arrives in Cyprus and speaks of his love
    for Desdemona.
  • Iago involves Roderigo in his plan to discredit
    Cassio by convincing him to provoke Cassio into
    losing his temper later that evening and force
    Othello to remove his from his position as
  • Iago is left alone onstage and offers us further
    insight into his motives and his desire for
    revenge on Othello.

Act 2, Scene 2
  • Setting Cyprus
  • Peace is restored in Cyprus.
  • In this short scene, Othello declares that a
    night of celebration is to be held to celebrate
    the demise of the Turkish fleet and to celebrate
    his recent marriage to Desdemona.
  • Remember that, at this point, the audience are
    privy to Iagos plan (dramatic irony) and these
    plans for celebration are somewhat tainted by our
    knowledge that trouble lurks around the corner
    and our eagerness to see what becomes of Iagos

Act 2, Scene 3
  • Setting Castle Cyprus
  • Othello instructs Cassio to make sure the
    festivities are kept under control as he leaves
    to consummate his marriage with Desdemona. Cassio
    agrees, and both men agree that honest Iago is
    both capable and reliable.
  • Iago praises Desdemonas beauty while hinting
    that she might be a seductress. Cassio agrees she
    is beautiful, but believes her to be modest.
  • Iago urges Cassio to relax, enjoy the festivities
    and drink some more wine, which the lieutenant
    reluctantly agrees to.
  • When Cassio steps outside to call in some of the
    revellers, Iagos aside reveals his intention to
    get him drunk as it will make it easier to
    provoke him into fighting. His plan unfolds as he
    intended with a drunk Cassio ending up in a
    confrontation with Roderigo, who Iago has driven
    into the to antagonise the lieutenant.
  • Meanwhile, Montano, the governor, has arrived and
    Iago has told him that Cassio has a problem with
    drinking a claim which seems to be confirmed as
    he has to step in to diffuse the confrontation
    between Cassio and Roderigo.
  • Cassio injures Montano during the incident and
    Iago encourages Roderigo to cause further trouble
    by running about town crying Mutiny!. An alarm
    bell rings and Othello arrives.

Act 2, Scene 3 (continued)
  • Setting Castle Cyprus
  • Othello demands to know what has happened but
    Iago, pretending to be loyal to Cassio, is
    reluctant to say. Cassio is too ashamed to speak
    but Montano, wounded and breathless, tells
    Othello that Iago knows the truth.
  • With pretended reluctance, it is left to Iago to
    recount the story to an increasingly angry
    Othello, and he promptly acts by dismissing
    Cassio from his post and protectively dismissing
    Desdemona, who has just arrived, back to bed as
    he deals with his military duties.
  • Othello promises to have Montanos wounds tended
    to and leaves Iago in charge of restoring order.
    He exits, leaving Cassio and Iago on stage.
  • The disgraced Cassio laments the shame of losing
    his honourable reputation, and is perfectly
    vulnerable to Iagos suggestion that he use
    Desdemona to convince Othello to reinstate him
    thus allowing Iago to set the next part of his
    plan in motion.
  • Roderigo enters, angry that he has been beaten by
    Cassio, given Iago all his money, but does not
    have Desdemona. Iago tells him to be patient, as
    he still needs Roderigo in his plans.
  • Roderigo exits. Iago addresses the audience,
    outlining his plan he will get his wife to set
    up a private meeting between Cassio and
    Desdemona, then make sure that Othello observes
    this meeting.
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