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Othello Character of Iago Opening Scene Dramatic Impact The very first line shows that Roderigo does not believe what Iago is saying Tush, never tell me! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Othello

  • Character of Iago
  • Opening Scene

Dramatic Impact
  • The very first line shows that Roderigo does not
    believe what Iago is saying
  • Tush, never tell me!
  • Introducing the theme of truth and deception
  • It is a lively argument, carried out as they walk
    quickly to Brabantios house
  • Othello is off stage and referred to at first
    simply as he or him
  • How does Shakespeare intend the audience to react?

  • In this first scene we also begin to make our
    judgement of Iagos character

  • thou, Iago, who hadst my purse
  • As if the strings were thine. (2-3)
  • Roderigo shows the trust that he has put in Iago

  • He has been passed over for promotion
  • by the faith of man
  • I know my price, I am worth no worse a place
  • He would be better suited to being Othellos
    lieutenant than Cassio, who never set a
    squadron in the field
  • Accuses Othello of being proud and boastful
  • loving his own pride and purposes
  • Evades them with a bombast circumstance,
  • Horribly stuffed with epithets of war (12-14)

Obsessed with rank and colour
  • These ideas are linked in Shakespeares language
    colours are the flags carried by soldiers and
    also markers of importance
  • He mentions he has Off-cappd to him
  • He feels he is not paid enough (30-31)
  • He calls Othello his Moorship mixing the
    ideas of race and rank
  • He talks of preferment and gradation
  • Feeling that people are promoted goes by
    affection who you know
  • He hates being socially inferior to a black man

  • He gets Roderigos trust by (ironically) being
    open about why he serves Othello
  • I follow him to serve upon my turn.
  • In following him, I follow but myself
  • I am not what I am. (66)
  • All of these statements show that Iago helps
    Othello for his own betterment

Clever and Persuasive
  • Iago incites Roderigo to accuse Othello to
  • He recognises Roderigos feelings for Desdemona
    as a weakness and an opportunity which he will
    use to his advantage
  • He is of a lower social class but commands
    Roderigo Rouse himProclaim him

Crude and Racist
  • When they rouse Brabantio, Iago says
  • Your heart is burst you have lost half your
  • Even now, now, very now, an old black ram
  • Is tupping, your white ewe.
  • His imagery is often animalistic.
  • He sees peoples motivations as base and
  • Brabantio recognises Iago as a villain and a
    profane wretch

  • What reasons does Iago give for hating Othello?
  • What impression does the audience get of the
    character of Iago?
  • How does the audience feel towards Othello after
    the first scene?
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