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Othello Project Instructions Purpose In order to demonstrate your understanding of the play, ... all about Othello and Shakespeare s time. You are to: ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Othello

  • Project Instructions

  • In order to demonstrate your understanding of the
    play, you will complete a series of activities.

  • You (and a partner, if you choose) will choose
    different activities from the project list
    provided later in this PowerPoint. You will
    choose at least one activity from each of the
    three categories. Please note that if you only
    choose one activity per category, the highest
    grade you can earn is an 80. You will need to
    choose other activities in order for your score
    to add up to 100. You may choose to complete
    enough activities to earn up to a 110.

  • On the following slides, you will find lists of
    the various activities. If you click on the name
    of the activity, it will take you to the
    instructions for that activity.

10 Point Activities
  • Crossword Puzzle
  • The ABCs of Othello
  • Dear Diary
  • Tattoo Design
  • Advertisement
  • Character Poem

20 Point Activities
  • Sonnets
  • Survey
  • Movie Poster
  • Rap

50 Point Activities
  • Puppet Show
  • Design a Room
  • Childrens Book
  • Reading Recommendations
  • WebQuest
  • Soundtrack
  • Quote Book

Crossword Puzzle
  • You are to create a crossword puzzle (not a word
    search) all about Othello and Shakespeares time.
    You are to
  • have at least thirty words and clues.
  • at least twenty about the play
  • at least ten about the time period
  • create the puzzle
  • turn in a blank puzzle as well as a completed one
    for the answer key.

The ABCs of Othello
  • For each letter of the alphabet, write something
    about the play or Shakespeare that the letter
    brings to mind. It may be a phrase or even a few
    sentences, but it may not be just one word or
    name. Remember, it must start with the letter.
    Heres an example to get you started
  • A - Animal references to Othello reflect the
    racist attitudes of characters such as Iago.
  • B (You will complete the rest of the

Dear Diary
  • You are to take on the persona of one of the
    minor characters in the play (Brabantio, Emilia,
    Bianca, Roderigo ). You are to write one diary
    entry about a major event in the play. You need
  • make sure your diary entry is at least 150 words
  • make sure that you write from the point-of-view
    or the character you have chosen.
  • make sure that you dont merely summarize the
    event. You need to give your take on it, make
    predictions, etc.
  • make sure to sign the characters name

Tattoo Design
  • Some of the characters in Othello are looking to
    get a tattoo but are unsure of what to get. You
    are to help them out. Choose one character from
    the play to help. You need to do the following
    for that character
  • identify the character
  • design a tattoo. (You must create an image of
  • write 6-8 sentences explaining the significance
    of the tattoo (its meaning, the significance of
    the colors, etc.)

  • Imagine that the producers of Othello have asked
    you to make a movie trailer to advertise the
    upcoming production of the play. You need to
  • Either perform or video the movie trailer
  • Give hints about events in the play without
    totally giving away the ending

Character Poem
  • Your favorite character in Othello is probably
    the character you learned the most about. You
    know his/her feelings, likes and dislikes, dreams
    and disappointments everything about his/her
    personality. For this activity, you will put
    yourself in your characters shoes and write an
    I AM poem as if the character were writing it
    about himself or herself. You will find the
    format of the poem on the next slide.

Continued on the next slide
Character Poem (continued)
  • I AM Poem, by (characters name)FIRST STANZAI
    am (two special characteristics character has)I
    wonder (something character might be curious
    about)I hear (an imaginary sound)I see (an
    imaginary sight)I want (an actual desire)I am
    (the first line of the poem repeated)SECOND
    STANZAI pretend (something your character
    actually pretended to do)I feel (a feeling about
    something imaginary)I touch (an imaginary
    touch)I worry (something that would bother your
    character)I cry (something that would make your
    character very sad)I am (the first line of the
    poem repeated)THIRD STANZAI understand
    (something your character knows is true)I say
    (something your character believes in)I dream
    (something your character would dream about)I
    try (something your character would make an
    effort about)I hope (something your character
    hopes for)I am (the first line of the poem

Continued on the next slide
I AM, by Antigone I am the outspoken girl who
will not quit I wonder what my life would have
been like without The Prophecy I hear the
peoples silent support I see what Creon is blind
to I want my brothers burialdignity and honor I
am an outspoken girl who will not quit I pretend
to embrace my death as I would Haemon I feel the
weight of the world on my shoulders I touch the
souls of brave women through the ages I worry
about the gods displeasure I cry for my brother,
for my father, for myself I am an outspoken girl
who will not quit I understand the frustration
of being the proud rebel I say that divine law
rules supreme I dream Creon will become a real
uncle I try to be the role model my sister
needs I hope for a happily ever after I am an
outspoken girl who will not quit
  • Imagine you are Othello. You are trying to
    express your feelings about Desdemona, so you
    decide to compose two sonnets. You will compose
    one sonnet expressing your feelings before you
    lose your mind, and one sonnet expressing your
    feelings after you lose your mind.
  • You must follow the Shakespearean sonnet
    format, found at http//www.cummingsstudyguides.

  • Imagine you work for Opinions Rule Us, and they
    have asked you to create a survey relating to
    Othello. You are to
  • create a survey based on of the themes or motifs
    of the play. (It must relate to the play in some
  • survey at least thirty people. You must survey a
    variety of ages as well as a good mix of gender.
  • You need to note each persons
  • Age group (break it into categories)
  • Gender
  • Name (They should sign their name.)
  • Response
  • turn in the paper survey
  • create some kind of chart (pie chart, bar graph .
    . . ) that displays of your findings

Movie Poster
  • You are to create a Movie poster for Othello.
    Make sure your poster includes
  • the play title
  • at least two theme statements
  • pictures of the main characters with their names
  • representation of the setting
  • four important quotations
  • a catch phrase

  • You are a musician, and youve got a great idea
    for a song. Your idea is to make the plot of
    Othello into a rap or song. You are to
  • Write out the lyrics.
  • Make sure to cover the entire plot of the play,
    not just one part.
  • Use at least fifteen vocabulary words used
    correctly (highlight each word)
  • Either perform the song/rap live or turn in a
    recording of it.

Puppet Show
  • You are to create a puppet show about Othello.
    You are to
  • make the puppets (paper bags, socks, popsicle
    sticks . . . )
  • write a rough script
  • perform or film the puppet show
  • tell the whole story of the play through the
    puppet show

Design a Room
  • You are an exclusive designer. Othello, Iago,
    Desdemona, and Michael Cassio have come to you
    for your services. You are to
  • choose one character.
  • design one room for them (you choose which room).
  • make it either on a poster or 3-D.
  • If you choose to make it 3-D mock-up of the room,
    it must have at least two walls.
  • If you choose to create it on a poster, you must
    have actual pictures of all the item, fabrics,
    light fixtures . . . used in the rooms. Make sure
    to indicate wall color.

Continued on the next slide
Interior Design (continued)
  • give a budget estimate.
  • furniture
  • lighting
  • flooring
  • fabric and accessory
  • paint
  • write 150 words justifying your design.
  • How does it relate to the character?
  • How will it meet their needs?
  • Why did you choose this room?
  • Why did you choose the furniture . . . etc.?

Childrens Book
  • You are to create a childrens book covering the
    plot of Othello. You are to
  • have a minimum of twenty pages (not including the
  • have thirty words on each page.
  • have an illustration on each page.
  • have an illustrated cover.
  • use at least thirty vocabulary words correctly,
    six words from each act (highlight them).
  • cover the entire plot of the play.

Reading Recommendations
  • Othello, Iago, Desdemona, and Michael Cassio are
    having some trouble finding good, useful books.
    Thats where you come in. You need to recommend
    three books for each character. For each book,
    you need to do the following
  • list the title and author of the book.
  • write 2-3 sentences explaining why that specific
    character should read that specific book. Merely
    stating Its good or Its entertaining or
    something similar is not acceptable. Why would
    this character like this particular book? How
    does it fit the characters personality? What can
    the character get out of the book or take away
    from it that will be useful to that character?
  • Remember, you will have a total of 12 entries (4
    characters x 3 books each).

  • You are to complete the WebQuest. The process
    can be found on the handout titled Othello

  • You are to create a soundtrack that could go
    along with the play.
  • You are to
  • have at least ten school appropriate songs by ten
    different artists.
  • assign each song to a different, specific act and
    scene in the play.
  • span the whole play with your soundtrack.
  • have 75 100 words justifying each song. (The
    example has 140 words.)
  • create the CD cover.
  • have the lyrics for each song.
  • write discussion question to go along with each
  • have the songs go in the order of the play.
  • burn the actual CD for extra points.

Quote Book
  • You are to create a book explaining various
    significant quotations found in the play. Each
    page of the book should analyze a different
    quotation. You are to
  • write the quotation at the top of each page.
  • explain the significance and meaning of each
  • identify the literary element illustrated by the
    quotation (irony, metaphor, foreshadowing . . .)
    when applicable.
  • write a 150 word analysis per quotation.
  • analyze the quotations below (the line numbers
    refer to the No Fear version)
  • I.i.32-34 7. II.iii.187-188
  • I.i.186-192 8. III.i.84-87
  • II.i.77 9. IV.i.56-57
  • II.i.233-236 10. IV.i.98-101
  • II.i.267-269 11. IV.i.252
  • II.iii.23-31 12. V.iv.60-66

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