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Othello Frontloading


Othello Frontloading written in 1604 Know these characters well. Know what they say and to whom. Jot notes after viewing each day. The test (100 multiple ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Othello Frontloading

Othello Frontloadingwritten in 1604
  • Know these characters well.
  • Know what they sayand to whom.
  • Jot notes after viewing each day.
  • The test (100 multiple choice or matching)
    demands you know this play very well, so youll
    have a team of experts to work with.
  • 84 average among non-AP students.

Act Presentations
  • Each of you will be part of two squads
  • 1. your test-taking team, which will have an
    expert from each act (or four of the five acts)
  • 2. your act-presenting group, which will have 20
    minutes to teach the rest of the class all of the
    important quotes, events, settings, and so forth
    from one specific act.
  • Act I on April 29 M Act IV on May 2 H
  • Act II on April 30 T Act V on May 7 T
  • Act III on May 1 W Test May 14 T

(No Transcript)
  • Brabantios brother.
  • Desdemonas uncle.
  • Travels from Venice to Cyprus late in the play
    with Lodovico.
  • Has a limited role and beard in the filmand is
    slightly visible in the next image.

  • Othellos friend in Cyprus he is not in Venice
  • Also a leader in the government and military of
  • Cassio loses his rank because he becomes drunk
    and fights with Montano, angering Othello, who
    has been romantically involved for the first
    time with his new wife, Desdemona.

Duke of Venice
  • Calls a meeting in the middle of the night to
    decide what to do about a threat from the Turkish
  • Allows Desdemona to go to Cyprus, following her
    new husband, who is leader of the Venetian
  • Urges Brabantio to accept Othello as his new

  • Desdemonas dad.
  • Senator in Venice, Italy, the first setting of
    the play. Does not go to Cyprus.
  • Awakens to vulgar shouts by Iago and Roderigo,
    who wants to marry Desdemona.
  • Goes to confront Othello, but is summoned to meet
    with the Duke about military deliberations.

  • Iagos wife.
  • Desdemonas maid and mentor.
  • Grabs the salient handkerchief from D. to give to
    Iago, seeking approval from the worst husband
    possibleand not understanding the reason Iago
    wants the handkerchief.
  • Rumored to have slept with Othello (but Iago uses
    this rumor as justification for his sedition).

Roderigo, the Puppet
  • Wearing a fake beard in this photo, trying to
    hide his identity as he attempts to sabotage the
    marriage between Othello Desdemona, which he
  • Brabantio has told him he cannot marry D.
  • Succumbs to Iagos verbal treachery throughout
    the play.
  • Sells everything he has to chase Desdemona.

Lodovico, the eyes and voice of the audience
  • Desdemonas cousin.
  • Major role late in the play at Cyprus. Tries to
    stand up against Othello for Desdemona.
    Chastises Iago severely. Strips Othello of his
    title and laments the sadness of the resolution
    for the audience. Will tell the story to those
    in Venice.
  • This actor, Michael Sheen, wears silly tights in
    this film, but has performed as Tony Blair and in
    Frost/Nixon, Twilight, Underworld, and many other
    popular films and shows.

  • Follows a loose moral compass.
  • Lives in Cyprus like Montano, is never in
  • Is available, especially to the handsome,
    charismatic Michael Cassio.
  • Functions largely as a pawn in Iagos scheme.
  • Is angered when she finds the handkerchief left
    by Cassio on her bed.

  • Othellos best man at his elopementand is
    promoted by Othello in the opening scenes.
  • Cannot control himself while drinking alcohol
  • Enjoys an affair with Bianca.
  • Tricked by Iago, who advises Cassio to
    commiserate with D. to regain Othellos favor.

Irene Jacob as Desdemona
  • Brabantios daughter.
  • Pursued by Roderigo.
  • Wife of Othello, who attracted affection
    attention by telling, within earshot of D.,
    Brabantio exotic stories of the Orientof war,
    slavery, barbarism, etc.
  • Her Willow song functions as foreshadowing.

Laurence Fishburne as Othello
  • A Moor from northern Africa who has somehow
    swiftly gained rank in Venice.
  • Described harshly, prejudicially by many.
  • Brilliant militaristically, childish (like
    Pantaloons Rider) emotionally/socially.
  • To London audiences, a rare representation of
    blackness to judgea source of the justification
    for slavery, which followed, of course?

Iago, the spider/viperplayed by Kenneth Branagh
  • Has been ranked as top villain of all literature.
  • Speaks in many asides (like above) to audience.
  • Married to Emilia, passed by Cassio for
  • Verbally seduces Roderigo throughout the play.
  • True reason/source of wickedness debated
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