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Opportunities and Challenges in Environmental education and education for sustainable development


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Title: Opportunities and Challenges in Environmental education and education for sustainable development

  • Irelands environmental education and youth
    organisation - Est. in 1986
  • Specialise in environmental education and
  • and environmental youth work
  • Affiliated to the World Federation of UNESCO
    Clubs, Centres and Associations (WFUCA)
  • FETAC accredited provider since 2005 developed
    first FETAC course in Sustainable Development in

What do we do?
  • Run a wide range of youth programmes and
    education initiatives.
  • We are a youth organisation.
  • We are a also a specialist provider of training
    programmes and courses aimed at those under 25.
  • Deliver both accredited and non-accredited
    training programmes.

The Scale of our Work
  • Over 10,000 people directly participate annually
  • National / YEA all-Ireland programme
  • A team of
  • 10 full time staff
  • 3 TUS community workers
  • 1 x FAS WPP
  • 1 x Jobbridge
  • 4 Interns

ECO-UNESCO sGreen Pathways Programme
Free education and training projects to allow
6,500 jobseekers (who are unemployed for 12
months or more) to gain skills and to access work
opportunities in identified growing sectors
What is the Green Pathways Programme?
  • ECO-UNESCOs Green Pathways programme is designed
  • To ensure that we avoid the creation of lost
    generations of young people.
  • To help people who are disadvantaged, due to
    long-term unemployment, get back to work.
  • For Young people in particular as they are very
    susceptible to the damaging, scarring effects of
  • To provide a solid foundation for them to gain
    employment and/or continue in further education
    and training that will progress them into

  • ECO-UNESCOs Green Pathways is aimed at
    increasing the career prospects of unemployed
    young people (aged 25 and under)
  • Participants gain
  • employability training,
  • specialist accredited training modules
  • project support and work placements
  • They have three pathways to choose from
  • Green Leadership
  • Green Enterprise
  • Green Youth and Community
  • To enable them to make a professional
    contribution to the local and national labour
    market and to prepare them for life-long learning

Background to the programme
  • ECO-UNESCO works in the area of youth development
    and environmental awareness
  • Mixing our youth work and our specialist
    knowledge and training expertise for
    opportunities in the Green Economy
  • Green economy has been highlighted by government
    action plan for jobs as a key area for development

Who is Green Pathways aimed at?
  • Young people (aged 25 and under)
  • Unemployed and on the live register for more than
    1 year
  • Participants must be committed to completing the
  • gaining accreditation
  • progressing to employment and/or further or
    higher education

The Pathways
  • Green Leader aimed at those have a interest in
    environment, education, training, leadership.
    This will increase professional development of
    young people
  • Green Enterprise aimed at those that want to
    set up a business or work in business.
    Participants develop business skills through
    training and the development of a business plan
  • Green Youth/Community aimed at those who want
    to work in the youth and community sector.
    Up-skill in youth peer education
  • No specific entry levels are stipulated but
    participants require baseline literacy and
    elementary computer skills

What does the Programme Involve?
Outcomes of programme
  • By the end of this programme, participants will
  • Undertaken a package of relevant certified
    training and work placement
  • Developed a portfolio of transferrable job skills
  • Been introduced to the range, nature and
    expectations of the workplace
  • Been supported through the challenges of
    job-search and linked to employment opportunities
  • Progressed onto work or further education

Prospects for the Green economy
  • The green economy is an emerging job space which
    is opening up employment opportunities in a wide
    range of areas including energy efficiency,
    corporate social responsibility, green enterprise
    and sustainable development.
  • The Government Action Plan for Jobs 2012
    highlights the green economy as a key area for
    growth and investment.

What are the progression opportunities?
  • We have linked up with DIT (MSc Local Development
    and Innovation and the MSc in Sustainable
  • We have also linked up with various potential
    work placement opportunities including, the EPA,
    City Composting, IKEA, and Sunflower Recycling
  • In addition, participants will organise a market
    place event inviting potential employers to
    showcase their work from the course. This will be
    a valuable experience in event management and in

Key Information
  • 18-20hrs per week
  • 27 weeks
  • 9 weeks of training and education
  • 18 weeks work placement
  • Support throughout programme
  • 1 to 1 mentoring sessions
  • Group assignment support every week
  • Computer and study facilities

What have the outcomes been to date?
  • Green Pathways 1 28 participants have currently
    come through intensive training phase (9 weeks)
    they are currently on work placement
  • Green Pathways 2 started 23rd May 26
    participants currently attending training phase

What participants say
  • Green Pathways has helped me by refreshing my
    business skills and updating my CV. My experience
    so far has been great I have learned a lot and
    have met loads of new people.
  • Amy Corr, Green Pathways Student
  • Green Pathways has helped me to be a better
    communicator. I have also learned a lot about the
    environment and I enjoy the group activities.
  • Rachel Maguire, Green Pathways Student

What participants say
  • I have grown more confident in myself and my
    abilities. Working in groups of different sizes
    and with different people has increased my
    communication and assertiveness skills. I have
    also gained invaluable business knowledge, which
    I am putting into practice and expanding upon in
    my work placement.
  • Kate Turner, Green Pathways Student
  • Its great. The people and peers are lovely
    people to work with. Its a comfortable
    environment to learn new things. The quality of
    work is to the best of the best. Green Pathways
    has given me the confidence to believe myself and
    motivate others. its shown me that not only I
    am capable but proud to be me to my full
  • James Core

Case Studies
  • Green Leader Dee
  • Dee has a MSc in Biodiversity and Conservation
    and a Hons BAgSc in Agri-Environmental Science
  • Dee wants to work in the biodiversity area and
    she needs specific work experience, particularly
    in lab work.
  • CV work was valuable to Dee and her 19 weeks work
    experience is in the EPA (Environmental
    Protection Agency)

Case Studies
  • Green Business John
  • John left school after Junior Certificate
  • He has a FETAC level 5 in Sustainable
    Construction Technology but he had no previous
    work experience
  • John is taking the green enterprise pathway
  • Through ECO-UNESCO connections he was given the
    opportunity to interview with a green
    construction company. He was delighted when he
    got the placement including extra paid work

Case Studies
  • Youth and Community Lynn
  • Previous experience included FETAC level 3 in
  • By the end of the programme Lynn will have gained
    3 FETAC level 5 modules through the Youth and
    Community pathway
  • CV work was valuable and the 19 weeks work
    experience is currently underway in a crèche.
    They plan to offer her employment at the end of
    the placement

What have the challenges been?
  • It can be difficult to recruit long term
    unemployed to engage in a programme
  • The long term unemployed have very specific
    needs. Many have limited experience of
    education, training or employment
  • A lot of additional support is needed for the
    group. This means additional resourcing from a
    staff perspective.
  • There is a comprehensive support programme in
    place in green pathways which has helped
  • Many of the participants have low self-esteem.
    Getting them past this involves an approach
    centred on the needs of the individual

What have the challenges been?
  • For the participants
  • Many had not been in education for a while and
    had negative experiences from school
  • Lack of confidence in their abilities
  • Lack of access to basic computer facilities at
  • Peer pressure
  • A wide range of personal issues such as mental
    health, substance abuse, a criminal past, and

Green Pathways Class
Group Work
Green Pathways Site Visit to Urban Farm
What are the opportunities?
  • Integrated programme providing accredited
    trainings work placement support programme
  • As a youth organisation we understand the needs
    of young people
  • A 6 month programme allows for both training and
    meaningful work experience
  • The comprehensive support programme has been very
    important to the participants both personally and

What are the opportunities?
  • Green Pathways foundation programme (FETAC Level
  • Participants are forming positive new friendships
  • Improving their communication skills
  • Provides opportunities for a specialist approach
    i.e. with a special focus on green and can
    help access opportunities in the green economy

For further information please contact
ECO-UNESCO'the greenhouse'17 St., Andrew St.,
Dublin 2T 00 353 (0) 1 6625491F 00 353 (0)
1 6625493E info_at_ecounesco.ieW
www.ecounesco.ie  ECO-UNESCO Conserving the
Environment Empowering Young People
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