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AR Worldwide Modular RF Sales Product Training 2006


Auto switches power level according to type of power source; battery source ... Tactical Military Accessories. Man pack Systems. Custom. Packages, Custom. Cable Sets, ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: AR Worldwide Modular RF Sales Product Training 2006

AR WorldwideModular RFSales Product
Who is AR Modular RF?
  • AR Modular RF has been designing and building RF
    amplifiers of all types for 35 years and has been
    based in the Greater Seattle area since its
  • Founded in 1971 as RF Power Labs, it became
    Kalmus in1985 and then became a wholly owned
    subsidiary of Amplifier Research (AR) Group of
    companies in 2001. AR is a leader in high power
    RF amplifiers for EMC applications and is based
    in Souderton PA, USA and has been in business
    itself for over 38 years
  • Modular RF focuses on Broadband, Sub band and
    discrete frequency, non EMC RF amplifier systems
    and RF modules for commercial, industrial and
    Military communications systems

Modular RF Sales Support
  • Sales Organization Chart

Modular RF Sales Support
  • Engineering Organization Chart

Modular RF Sales Support
  • Mike Katzer Regional Sales Manager
  • 3.5 years with Modular RF, 7 years as a High Tech
    Regional Sales Manager, 11 years as an OEM Rep
  • Office 425.485.9000 Cell 425.879.7482
  • USA State reps
  • International India, China, Japan, Singapore,
    Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, South
    Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico,
    Ecuador, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece and Cyprus

Modular RF Sales Support
  • Jim Wilcox Regional Sales Manager
  • One year with Modular RF after 23 Years in Senior
    Sales and Marketing Roles in Semiconductor
  • Office 425.485.9000 Cell 206.245.0288
  • USA State reps
  • International AR UK, Benelux, France, Germany,
    Austria, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway,
    Denmark, Finland, Canada, Israel, Egypt, Turkey,
    Pakistan, Korea, Taiwan

Modular RF Sales Support
  • Jeannie Beyer Inside sales for all markets and
  • Eighteen years with company in various roles
  • 425.485.9000 Office

Modular RF- Big picture overview
  • AR Modular RF designs builds Broadband and
    Narrow sub band and Discrete frequency RF
    amplifiers for commercial and government/
    military customers
  • Frequency bands from 10 KHz to 6 GHz and maybe
    higher if needed
  • System powers from 5 Watts to 3 Kilo Watts
    (dependent upon band required). Our current
    systems designs are more suited to 1kW level
  • Standard modules with single voltage DC supplies,
    with or without Heat sinks, over temp switch,
    blanking and gating options are available
  • Standard 19 inch rack mounted amplifier systems,
    including AC/DC power supplies, combiners, ALC
    power control, VSWR protection, high speed gating
  • Modules and Systems from slight modification to
    Full Customs

Racked systems
  • High power
  • Racked
  • Systems
  • Linear and
  • Pulse
  • Options
  • Available

High power racked systems
  • AR Modular RF designs builds Broadband and semi
    custom Narrow sub band RF amplifiers for
    commercial end users and system integrators
  • Frequency bands from 10 KHz to 1GHz
  • System powers to 3 Kilowatts (dependent upon band
  • Standard 19 inch rack mounted amplifier systems
  • AC/DC power supplies
  • Combiners
  • ALC power control,
  • VSWR protection,
  • High speed gating options

Medium Power Racked systems
  • Custom
  • Racked
  • Or single
  • 19 inch
  • Shelf
  • Systems
  • Available

Medium Power Racked systems
  • Typically sub band systems tuned to meet
    customers specific amplifier performance
  • Often with customer specific feature sets such as
    additional built in testing (BIT), extra filters,
    dual inputs and outputs, sampling ports etc.
  • Frequency bands from 10 KHz to 3GHz
  • System powers typically 200 to 500 watts
    (dependent upon band required)
  • Standard 19 inch rack mounted amplifier systems,
    including AC/DC power supplies, combiners, ALC
    power control, VSWR protection, with high speed
    gating options

Racked Amplifier System Markets
  • What markets have we been successful with in
    recent years?
  • Large commercial Systems houses and Private RD
    niche market system houses
  • Rockwell Collins, Lockheed, Raytheon, Harris and
    so on. Call on the development groups, NOT THE
    TEST LAB. Its not easy and takes time to work
    thru the layers of folk and even then their
    programs are slow to materialize. If youre not
    there at the beginning your chances of success
    (i.e. via a last minute RFP from purchasing) are
    near zero

Racked Amplifier System Markets
  • Government systems engineering groups
  • Commercial systems engineering groups
  • Industrial process engineering groups
  • Medical Industrial equipment manufacturers
  • RF and Communications equipment suppliers

Racked amplifier system applications
  • Commercial Systems Houses, RD engineering groups
    bring 19 inch rack systems sales (nearly always
    semi custom specs), band shuffles, harmonic
    enhancements, multi-channel carrier systems,
    added filters
  • Typical Applications
  • Combat simulation systems
  • High power (gt100W) communications base stations
  • Remote data collection systems
  • Radar testing systems
  • Pulsed systems
  • Weather monitoring
  • Over the horizon radars
  • Bomb jammers
  • Explosive detection systems

Racked Amplifier Systems ApplicationsCommunicatio
  • Drivers for embedding in OEM systems, tube amps
  • Multi-carrier linear systems for base stations
    and combat simulation systems
  • Large single channel solid state Kilowatt
  • Systems and modules for Antenna design and range
    work, testing for manufacture of HP filters, coax
  • Point to Point LF, MF, HF, VHF, UHF
    Transmission systems

Customized Desk Top systems
  • Custom
  • Desktop
  • Systems
  • Standard or
  • Custom
  • Sized
  • Packaging

Custom Desk Top Systems
  • Small profile mini systems using custom and
    standard desk top cases. Small lots are viable
    opportunities if the design is straightforward or
    requires only iterative changes to existing
    product configurations
  • Frequency bands from 10 KHz to 6GHz
  • Typically sub band systems tuned to meet
    customers specific amplifier performance
  • System powers typically up to 200 watts
    (dependent upon band required), only ONE
    amplifier brick in the system, no combining
  • Often a simpler sub set of system features.
    Typically just AC to DC power supply, low level
    monitoring, simple VSWR protection, and the
    amplifier brick. Customized interfaces and
    error reporting etc.

Desk Top Systems Markets
  • Government systems engineering groups
  • Commercial systems engineering groups
  • Industrial process engineering groups
  • Medical and Industrial equipment manufacturers
  • RF and Communications equipment suppliers

Desk Top Systems Applications
  • Applications
  • Ultrasonic imaging systems, medical or metallic
    part testing
  • Ultrasonic cleaning systems for semiconductor
  • Physics and lab experiment work
  • Bomb jammers, IED protection systems
  • Low power remote data and voice communications
  • Manufacturing process test amplifiers

Custom Desktop OEM System
  • Akrion
  • Ultrasonic
  • System
  • Amplifier
  • Custom Control
  • Systems
  • AC PSU
  • Cabinet

Custom Desktop OEM System
  • Medical
  • Probe
  • System
  • With Custom
  • Combiner
  • Low Pass
  • Filter

Product Applications- Medical OEMs
  • NMR (Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy is
    the use of the NMR phenomenon to study physical,
    chemical, and biological properties of matter.)
  • MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is an
    imaging technique used primarily in medical
    settings to produce high quality images of the
    inside of the human body.)
  • Ultrasound (Tissue imaging systems)
  • Radio Frequency Ablation (RF energy renders a
    small section of damaged heart tissue inactive)
  • Cauterization (RF energy is applied to an exposed
    end portion of the probe, causing cauterization
    and coagulation of the tissue immediately
    adjacent to the needle track)
  • Wound and bone healing systems (speed up healing

Product Applications- Manufacturing Process
  • Immersion Surface Preparation Equipment
  • Etching Equipment
  • Device Verification systems, component testing
  • Curing, heating systems within a process

Module Amplifiers
  • Module Amplifiers
  • 10 KHz to 6 GHz
  • Class A
  • Class AB
  • Linear and
  • Pulse applications

Module Amplifiers
  • Commercial broad band and Sub Band Modules from
    10 KHz to 6 GHz. Adding more commercial banded
    modules to meet specific market needs.
  • Powers from 5 watts to 500 watts dependant on the
    frequency band
  • Single voltage DC supply no ALC control or VSWR
    protection without a custom design. Narrow band
    communication amplifiers will have VSWR
  • New commercial brick full gain module versions
    of our Battle Tested Military amplifiers in the
    30 to 512 MHz and the 225 to 450 MHz
    communications bands are available to custom
    order electrical and mechanical variants are

Module Amplifiers
  • Professional grade Communication banded
    amplifiers built to customers requirements
  • New module versions for the 500 to 3000 MHz band,
    for IED, EW jammers, and communications testing
  • New modules to cover 20 to 1000MHz both low
    10/20/30W and high power, nominal 100W
  • New modules to cover UHF DTV up to XXXW
  • New Broadband Modules to cover 1GHz to 2GHz, 2GHz
    to 3GHz, up to 50W

Module Amplifier Markets
  • We desire more commercial modules and market
    specific OEM designs to give a competitive base
    of module market sales.
  • We have to have some reasonable volume for any
    specific module, overall the business needs not
    hundreds but thousands per year to have a
    sustainable commercial market, otherwise the
    engineering effort eats you alive and you live
    like a RD house on NRE which is not our intent.
  • We need your help with recognizing which market
    verticals are viable.

Module Amplifiers Markets
  • Government systems engineering groups
  • Commercial systems engineering groups
  • Industrial process engineering groups
  • Medical and Industrial equipment manufacturers
  • RF and Communications equipment suppliers
  • NEARLY ALL ARE OEM prospects

Module Amplifiers Applications
  • Typical Applications
  • Industrial and medical OEM systems
  • Communications base stations up to 500W,
    dependent on frequency band
  • Drivers for higher power amplifier systems
  • Remote data collection systems
  • Sea monitor systems, buoys and so on
  • Pulsed systems for experimentation and OEM
  • Weather monitoring systems
  • Broadband Bomb jammers

Modules - Customized OEM Systems
  • SatCom
  • On the move
  • Amplifier
  • Custom Filter,
  • VSWR control
  • Fan system

Modules - Customized OEM Systems
  • 300-400MHz
  • Custom Amp
  • With T/R
  • Switch for
  • Communication
  • Systems

Modules Wireless Communications
  • Targeting existing and emerging specialty sub
    markets rural, rapid deployment repeaters for
    standard SCPA designs. MCPA designs may follow
    based on sales opportunities.
  • Initial development plans based on specs received
    from USA/Canadian vendors
  • 450MHz, 800/900MHz, 1700/1800MHz

Modules Wireless - Our Capabilities
  • New wireless band designs Single Channel (SCPA)
    and Multi-channel (MCPA) versions are possible
    due to hire of second wireless capable engineer
  • 450MHz
  • 800/900MHz
  • 1800MHz
  • Identify market players in each area and do a
    business development study to see what new buy
    decision PA specifications we can find, or
    position as a second place vendor to an existing

Modules Wireless - Our Capabilities
  • CMW Series Communications Amplifier Modules
  • (Below 1000 MHz)
  • Model Description Voltage Gain
  • CMW1030 30 Watts, 460-470 MHz 27VDC 54dB
  • CMW1032 30 Watts, 869-894 MHz 27VDC 54dB
  • CMW1042 40 Watts, 869-894 MHz 27VDC 54dB
  • CMW2055 150 Watts, 640-810MHz 32VDC 55dB


Modules Wireless - Our Capabilities
CMS Series Communications Amplifier Modules
(1 GHZ and Above) Model Description Vo
ltage Gain CMS1040 20 Watts, 1.93-
1.99GHz 27VDC 54dB CMS1070 20 Watts, 3.4- 3.7
GHz 12VDC 20-50dB KMS Series
Microwave Modules (1 GHZ and Above) KMS1030 5
Watts, 0.5- 2.7 GHz 12VDC 45dB KMS1070 20
Watts, 3.4- 3.7 GHz 12VDC 20- 50dB

Modules - Wireless Bands Applications
  • Base-Band power amplifiers for various
    modulation protocols GSM, EDGE, CDMA, WCDMA,
    CDMA2000, Tetra, UMTS, WIFI, WiMAX, WiBRO, and
    all types of OFDM signals that are used in
    Wireless Local Loop (WLL) systems.
  • Frequency of Operation
  • DTV Band 470 to 860 MHz
  • Cellular Band 800 to 970 MHz
  • PCS (Personal Communication Systems) Band 1.8
    to 2 GHz
  • UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecomm System) Band 2
    to 2.3 GHZ
  • WiMax, WiFi, WiBRO and other OFDM Bands 2.3 to
    3.85 GHz
  • New Wireless WiMAX band 802.16d compliant 50
    Watt module has been completed for a major radio
    systems supplier

  • NEW WiMAX module KMS1070 covers 3.4GHz to
    3.85GHz (selectable band)
  • 50 watt

Modules WiMAXMarkets
  • Wireless module, and PA module designmore
    traditional market vertical, but initially
    hunting around the edges of this new market where
    specialty designs give a better profit margins
  • WIMAX market..initial design module covers 3.4
    to 3.85GHz
  • First orders from Motorola, 60 units for
    basestation systems
  • Samsung in Korea, for repeater system, possible
    high volume 5000 units
  • Quoting for a high volume design to Trango CA to
    address this growing market
  • Possible emerging test equipment market?

Tactical Military Amplifier Systems
  • KMW1030
  • Series,
  • Man pack
  • 20 40 Watt,
  • 30-512 MHz,
  • Waterproof,
  • Linear
  • Amplifier

Tactical Military Amplifier Systems
  • Military man pack systems for VHF, UHF and SATCOM
  • KMW1030 BATTLE TESTED Series Products
  • 30 -512 MHz Tactical Communications Amplifier
    T/R System for either 12 or 24 volt systems, zero
    current used without input RF power, smallest
    physical size in the marketplace
  • Standard 20 Watt output Manual filter selection
  • Standard 12 Watt output Manual filter selection
  • New improvement Standard 20 Watt output with
    power filter to meet MIL vehicle DC power specs

Tactical Military Amplifier Systems
  • Military man pack systems for VHF, UHF and SATCOM
  • NEW KMW1030 Series products
  • 30 -512 MHz Tactical Communications Amplifier
  • New KMW1031 Standard 20 Watt output with auto
    filter switching, PIN diode T/R switching, cable
    kits for battery and vehicle power, radio and
    battery field packs to hold equipment. SINCGARS
    VHF frequency hopping compatible unit
  • Tested by Fort Bragg JSOC for compatibility with
    Thales, Raytheon and Harris transceivers,
    including HAVEQUICK (Harris), and data
    transmissions via terrestrial repeaters and
    Satellite links


Tactical Military Amplifier Systems
  • Military man pack systems for VHF, UHF and
  • New Vehicle mounting bracket for the KMW1030M6
  • New 50 Watt version for Vehicle mounting, with
    Auto filter switchingComing soon
  • New KMW1032, 20W/40W dual mode mobile/base
    station, and man-pack unit. Auto switches power
    level according to type of power source battery
    source gives 20W, vehicle or other 24/28v supply
    gives 40W

Tactical Military Accessories
  • Man pack Systems
  • Custom
  • Packages,
  • Custom
  • Cable Sets,
  • NATO
  • Cables,
  • Antennas

Tactical Military Amplifier Systems
  • KMW2030,
  • 30-512 MHz,
  • 125 Watts
  • JITC
  • Certified
  • with 117F
  • PSC-5D Radios

Tactical Military Amplifier Systems
  • Military Man Portable Systems for VHF, UHF and
  • KMW2030, 125 Watt, 30 512 MHz, has US JITC
    Certification for interoperability with Harris
    and Raytheon 20 Watt transceivers designed to be
    used with other similar 1 to 20 watt output
    multi-band or single banded transceivers
  • Ongoing cost reductions and product improvements
    for added reliability, shock mounting, etc.
  • Has a remote SATCOM receiver pre-amplifier option
  • NEW development of a Rack Mount 19 inch version
    for use in Transport Cased systems. 100 Watts
    continuous carrier operation is at the prototype
  • New mechanical configurations available to custom

Tactical Military Amplifier Systems
  • Military Man Portable Systems for VHF, UHF and
  • KMW2030 future feature sets
  • New waterproof housing designs at concept stage
  • Multiple antenna ports for LOS and SatCom
  • Remote operation over coaxial cable/Bias Tee is a
    competitive requirement

Tactical Military Amplifier Systems
  • KMW2050,
  • 225-400 MHz,
  • 200 Watts
  • JITC
  • Certified
  • With 117F
  • PSC5D Radios

Tactical Military Amplifier Systems
  • Military Portable Systems for SATCOM
  • KMW2050 SatCom amplifier the only 200 Watt
    version on the market, JITC certified
  • Future options include a new sealed housing
    version for multiple end users with only 100
  • Numerous commercial brick amps based on this
    amplifier have been built in recent years
  • NEW configuration, order placed for 90
    mini-systems SATCOM 100W brick system includes
    VSWR control, and LP Filter with cooling fans for
    SATCOM ON THE MOVE Hummer vehicle mounting.
    Future airborne versions are possible dependant
    upon specs

Tactical Military Amplifier Markets
  • Military, paramilitary, government security and
    intelligence groups, homeland security, civil
    guard groups, System integrator companies who
    build for government and end military users, .
  • Tactical amplifier market, competing against a
    small group of third party amplifier
    manufacturers who offer products that for the
    most part are not provided by the major RF radio
    product vendors, or offer a significantly reduced
    price product. We currently have one private
    label deal in place
  • USA Prime Vendor or other resale channels to
    military end users

Tactical Military Amplifier Markets
  • Can we sell to EU and International countries
    with our USA products directly or do we have to
    have a local 3rd party add content to make the
  • Understand how we can broaden the base of sales
    in this market
  • USA bases in EU and overseas, locally influenced,
    locally purchased, or via USA channels
  • NON USA forces end users, how do we get to these
    folk. They use similar gear, often USA sourced
    radios, Thales is one of the largest
    internationally with a huge multi-band
    transceiver market
  • Local competition, any exclusive positions due to
    US or local Governmental mandates?

Tactical Military Amplifier Applications
  • Applications
  • Special Forces Teams
  • Sniper groups
  • Reconnaissance groups
  • End user military groups, Army, Navy Seals,
    Marines, Rapid deployment troop groups, National
    guard groups, paramilitary
  • Security groups, governmental, senior officials
    security, homeland/civil agencies and so on
  • Federal and Governmental emergency groups

Modular RF Component Product Sales
  • Add sub-set products of our own manufacture as
    well as OEM/private label to allow us to become a
    one stop shop Erector set RF systems house
  • Directional couplers
  • Splitters and combiners
  • System control sub assemblies
  • Power supplys, AC and DC
  • Cables, connectors small system stuff?

Modular RF Sales Successes
  • So what does a currently successful Modular RF
    Rep look like?
  • Successful channels sell RF communications
    systems, sub assemblies or major RF components
    their product lines are synergistic and
    complimentary, so they dont have to change
    business behavior to be successful
  • They call on a diverse market base
  • Systems Design housesIf we are not there at
    the beginning our chances of success are near
  • RD groups
  • Consultants
  • Hardware manufacturers

Modular RF Sales Successes
  • Successful groups consider Sales 101 as a way
    of life
  • Constantly prospecting for new accounts
  • Build trust with key accounts and penetrate at
    all levels they understand the culture of their
    customer base, both large and small
  • Bring value to the relationship so the customer
    seeks out their help in finding a solution
  • They are not a line card commodity sales
    organization, they are a SOLUTIONS provider, with
    all of the pieces of the solution at their
  • They know the competitive marketplace for their
    products as well as constantly looking for new
    market niches in which they can bring value

Modular RF Sales Successes
  • Need to be technical business development, in
    each market if we are to generate more new
    business base and be able to take the time to do
  • Need to be Amplifier savvy, customers tell you so
    much more if you are informed and talk their
  • Need to be RF system savvy.. Modular RF should
    sell all the system sale parts, combiners, PSU,
    sensors etc, etc
  • Need to be able to make good decisions in the
    field about the likely hood of success with the
    client in real time. Need to develop some key
    account lists
  • Prospect for new accounts that we dont go to
  • Understand what parts of the existing customer
    list we dont attack because of vertical market

Modular RF Micro Electronic Technology
  • Business Opportunities
  • MET can provide Modular RF with hybrid amplifiers
    for new business development.
  • MET will consider selected amplifier
    opportunities for the military or commercial
    market, requiring hybrid construction.

Product Lifecycle and Support
  • AR Worldwide Competitive Edge products supply a
    multitude of unique RF solutions to companies
    around the world. The companys limitless
    support network reaches the far corners of the
    globe. AR products are backed by the companys
    Competitive Edge warranty, the best and most
    comprehensive warranty in the industry. When
    companies purchase from any AR Worldwide company,
    they have the peace of mind that comes from
    knowing the global leader will be there to help
    with any problems today, tomorrow and always.

Sales Tools
  • NEW color brochure folder, general multi-page
    overview, two page general overview for mailing
    programs, NEW dedicated Military product group,
    Military mailers.
  • NEW 1031, 1030HP Demonstrator equips for Military
  • Customized modules for other uses sometimes we
    can build or modify a module in a few days SO
  • New Web site look with improved web hits due to
    wording and meta tags, plus pay per click
    marketing, better Googling
  • Trade shows to get the word out to market
  • Customer visits and Conference calling with the
    Seattle Team and your customers. Use all
    resources available, tell us what you need to
    help you close the business.
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