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If you sound out a word with either it makes little ... E'- eh as is bat, cat, rat. O- oh as in go ... Sen- rock. Sengo- squirrel. Msen- firewood. Pen- Potatoe ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Consonants

Consonants Vowels
  • Because the language is being written today using
    english letters to equate Potawatomi sounds the
    letters are actually closer to between to sounds.
    You will find that certain letters are favored in
    the north and certain in the south. If you sound
    out a word with either it makes little
    difference. You should be able to understand what
    is being said. We will cover this more in lesson
    17 dialects

Letters we do not have
  • L
  • R
  • X
  • V

  • b/p bama pi or pama pi- later on.
  • Ch/j bgoj- wild or bgoch
  • d/t ngod- one ngot- one
  • g/k gises- sun kises sun
  • H haw
  • m/n mbagen- bed nbagen- bed
  • s/z sagech- outside zagech-outside
  • Zh/sh shishibe- duck zhizhibe- duck
  • W wjanda- he/she is cooking
  • Y yayeno- he/she is laughing

  • A- ah as in father
  • E- eh as is bat, cat, rat
  • O- oh as in go
  • i- ee as in read, need, bleed ( we use I to
    indicate ee)
  • E- uh/ih

Some unique combinations
  • g- sounds like goat,good never like giant.
  • Kw/gw - as in quiet
  • iw- The w sounds like o when it follows i.
    wiwkwan- sounds like weeokwan or tadiwgemek which
    sounds like tadeeogemek
  • gw- as in Guam,
  • oy- as in toy, boy, joy (when y follows o)
  • iy- long a song like ray, bay

M or N are often voiced
  • This means they are often not strong sound on the
    front of words.
  • Ngot- one
  • Mko- bear
  • Mtek- tree
  • Mtegwab- bow (as in arrows)

E sound as ih
Usually if e is followed by an n or m it sounds
more like the ih sound.
  • Sen- rock
  • Sengo- squirrel
  • Msen- firewood
  • Pen- Potatoe

E Sound as uh
  • Gishek- sky or day
  • Mtek- tree
  • Wabek- tomorrow

Usually if e is followed by a k it sounds more
like uh.
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