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NASA Purchase Card Program


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: NASA Purchase Card Program

NASA Purchase Card Program
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  • Purchase Card Program
  • Training ForCardholders / Approving Officials
  • Agency Purchase Card Home Pagehttps//www.nssc.n

Course Outline
  • Agency-Wide Training
  • Program Overview
  • Cardholder Responsibilities
  • Approving Official Responsibilities
  • Using Your Purchase Card
  • Overview of P-Card Software
  • NASA Conference Tracking System
  • Center Specific Information
  • Course Review

Training Objectives
  • Understand the overall purchase card program
  • Gain knowledge of applicable rules and
    regulations pertaining to the purchase card.
  • Understand the authority and responsibility of
    both the cardholder and approver.

  • Cardholder
  • Individual whose name is embossed on the
    Government Purchase Card and received the
    required training for use of the purchase card
  • Approving Official (AO)
  • The cardholder's immediate supervisor or higher
    per FAR 1813.301-72, responsible for the review
    of each cardholder's monthly statement and
    verification that all transactions made were for
    necessary Government purchases
  • Center Agency Program Coordinator (CAPC)
  • Individual responsible for new cardholder
    accounts, training, auditing functions, and
    managing the Purchase Card Program at their
    center. There is a CAPC and most often an
    alternate CAPC at each center. A list of CAPC's
    by center is provided later in this section
  • JP Morgan Chase (JPMC)
  • The purchase card bank provider as of 11/30/2008
  • General Services Administration (GSA)
  • Has the master contract with JP Morgan Chase
  • NASA has a task order with JPMC
  • Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)
  • Federal Procurement policy by which all purchases
    must abide

Purpose of Purchase Card
  • Saves time improves cash management practices
  • Simplifies the Simplified Acquisition Purchasing
  • Purchases under 3,000 are exempt from Small
    Business Act
  • Streamlines payment procedures and reduces the
    administrative burden associated with traditional
    and emergency purchasing of supplies and services
  • Reduces administrative costs

Purchasing Authority Program Features
  • Cardholder shall be issued a Delegation of
    Procurement Authority signed by the Procurement
  • The cardholder's Letter of Delegation will
    specify spending and usage limitations
  • The standard single purchase dollar limit is
  • The total monthly credit limit is based on
    cardholder's specific needs and/or historic usage
  • The purchase card is non-transferable. Only the
    cardholder is authorized to use the card
  • Purchases are subject to the restrictions of the
    Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), NASA FAR
    Supplement, the Office of Management and Budget
    (OMB) Circular A-123, the Financial Management
    Regulations, the GSA Master Contract, and Agency
    and Center Policies

Program Features
  • Cards are issued to civil service employees only
  • Purchase cards may be used for official
    Government business only
  • Can be used for over-the-counter, telephone, and
    internet transactions
  • The monthly reconciliation statement is your bill
    from JPMC and will be reconciled and approved
  • Reconciliation must be completed by a trained
    civil servant
  • Purchases are exempt from State and local taxes
    (Contact your CAPC for a copy of your Centers
    Tax Exempt Certificate)

State Tax Exempt Certificate
Purchase Card Program Officials
  • Agency Program Coordinator
  • Suzanne Honeycutt (Primary) Suzanne.Honeycutt-1_at_na 228-813-6173
  • Brad Binder(Alternate)
  • Center Agency Program Coordinators
  • Ames Research Center
  • Alma Garcia 650-604-5803
  • Lynn Thomas (Alternate) 650
  • Christopher Signorino Christopher.Signorino-1_at_nasa
    .gov 619-596-6840
  • Dryden Flight Research Center
  • Michelle Vial (Alternate) Michelle.L.Vial_at_nasa.go
    v 661-276-3513
  • Angela Lasley

Purchase Card Program Officials (cont.)
  • Center Agency Program Coordinators
  • Glenn Research Center
  • Rita Poulsen
  • Maryann Pawson (Alternate) Maryann.Pawson-1_at_nasa.g
    ov 216-433-5306
  • Goddard Space Flight Center
  • Dawn Murvin 301-286-4915
  • Michelle A. Mumford (Alternate) Michelle.A.Mumford 301-286-3933
  • Headquarters
  • Michelle A. Mumford
  • Dawn Murvin (Alternate)
  • Johnson Space Center
  • Nancy Liounis
  • Yaranet Marquez 281-
  • Julie D. Nolin 281-483-94

Purchase Card Program Officials (cont.)
  • Center Agency Program Coordinators
  • Kennedy Space Center
  • Christina L. Williams Christina.L.Williams_at_nasa.go
    v 321-867-3912
  • Regina Clifton (Alternate)
  • Langley Research Center
  • Donna F. Reed 757-864-6635
  • Cynthia W. Dea (Alternate)
  • Marshall Space Flight Center
  • Allison K. Sandt 256-54
  • Teresa Manning (Alternate) Teresa.E.Manning_at_nasa.g
    ov 256-544-5851

Purchase Card Program Officials (cont.)
  • Center Agency Program Coordinators
  • NASA Shared Services Center
  • Suzanne Honeycutt 2
  • Brad Binder(Alternate) 2
  • Stennis Space Center
  • David Keith
  • Steve Taylor (Alternate)
  • Star Mitchell (Transactions) Star.L.Mitchell_at_nasa.
    gov 228-688-2676
  • Wallops Flight Facility
  • Diana W. Frimmel 757-82
  • Dawn Murvin 301-286-4915

Typical/Allowable Purchases
  • All small purchases for supplies and/or services
  • not exceeding 3,000, excluding any restricted or
  • unauthorized item(s)
  • Allowable Purchases
  • Purchases of non-stock supplies and controlled
  • Emergency purchases and repairs
  • Electronic components (per MFR 7,100,137)
  • Subscriptions and books (except for textbooks
    used by employees attending educational classes)
  • Replacement parts on equipment


Cardholder Responsibilities

Cardholder Responsibilities
  • Maintain file of the following Purchase Card
  • Delegation of Procurement Authority
  • Copies of purchase records, i.e., electronic
    record of purchase (order log), copies of sales
    receipts or any other documentation of the
  • Copy of Order Log and monthly reconciled
    transactions (electronic or hard copy)
  • Copy of dispute form (when applicable)
  • Item 1 should be kept until cardholder's card is
    canceled or terminated. Items 2, 3, 4, should be
    kept for the previous 3 fiscal years per Records
    Retention Schedule 5 (NPG 1441.1, Item 1A.b)
  • Maintain control and custody of the Purchase Card
  • Purchase only authorized items
  • Ensure funds are available by creating an Order
    Log in P-Card System prior to placing an order
  • Comply with the requirements of FAR and NASA FAR
    Supplement Parts 8 and 13 about mandatory sources
    of supply
  • Ensure that procurements are not fragmented by
    splitting requirements
  • Rotate Vendors
  • Inform vendor that purchase is tax exempt before
    purchase is made
  • Resolve discrepancies with vendors
  • Monitor any disputed payment until dispute is
  • Report any suspected fraudulent charges that
    appear on your bank statement to your CAPC, the
    Bank, and to the NASA Office of Inspector General
    at your Center

Cardholder Responsibilities (cont.)
  • Ensure no one else uses your Purchase Card (This
    could result in disciplinary and personnel
  • Modify electronic order log in P-Card Web
    Solution annotating when item is received
  • Ensure delivery and acceptance of purchase
  • If sensitive equipment is received, ensure all
    appropriate tagging is completed see your
    Center Specific Section
  • Review and complete reconciliation of your
    transactions in P-Card Web Solution by date
    established by CAPC
  • Cardholders other than Contracting Officers are
    not authorized to sign or agree to any contracts,
    agreements, memoranda or other documents that
    impose terms or conditions to the purchase (i.e.
    cell phone/software agreements).
  • Ensure the following is accomplished if
    transferring or resigning
  • Notify the Center Agency Purchase Card Program
  • Leaving the Center, card must be hand carried to
    the Center Agency Purchase Card Coordinator or
    Alternate 30 days prior to release date, or as
    soon as the event is known.
  • If transferring within the Center, the new
    organization head will determine if the
    cardholder should retain the purchase card. If
    not, follow number 2 above.
  • Files should be retained by the AO if CH is
    leaving the center
  • Ensure that lost or stolen cards are immediately
    reported as follows
  • Cardholder must report immediately to the bank
    after loss or theft is discovered
  • Notify your Center Purchase Card Program
    Coordinator and Approving Official
  • Not responsible for charges once reported
  • See your Center Specific Section for additional


Approving Official Responsibilities

Approving Official/Alternate AO Responsibilities
  • Approves only civil servants as candidates for
    Purchase Cards
  • Sets up Alternate AO in P-Card System in case of
    absence (must have Training/ID/Password)
  • Reviews and approves monthly reconciled
    transactions in a timely manner (if the CAPC is
    forced to approve to meet Center deadlines, the
    validity of that cardholder's purchases will
    reside with the designated AO)
  • Ensures purchases are authorized for Government
    use only
  • Responds to an annual call to review spending
    limits of their cardholders under his/her
  • Retains Delegation of Procurement Authority
    Letter from Procurement Officer
  • Ensure cardholder's reconciled transactions have
    supporting documentation and are complete,
    accurate and reflect only authorized government
  • Report any suspected fraudulent charges that
    appear on your cardholder's bank statement to the
    Bank, the NASA Office of Inspector General at
    your Center, and the CAPC
  • Reconcile cardholder transactions in P-Card Web
    Solution in cardholder's absence
  • See your Center Specific Section for additional


Using Your Purchase Card

Ordering With a Purchase Card
  • If item is purchased over-the-counter
  • Remind vendor that the purchase is tax exempt
  • Provide vendor with Credit card Information
  • Retain sales slip/supporting documentation for
  • If item is ordered over the telephone or
  • Remind vendor that the purchase is tax exempt
  • Identify your source, pricing, and delivery
  • Provide vendor with Credit Card Information
  • Provide vendor with your order number (PC on
    order log in P-Card Web Solution), if applicable
  • Remind vendor that the account should not be
    charged until the shipment is made
  • Provide vendor with complete shipping address
  • If item is to be delivered to other than
    cardholder's office, ensure that an order number
  • (PC) appears on shipping/receiving document
    and/or outside of package.
  • For specific shipping information, see your
    Center Specific Section or contact your

Ordering With a Purchase Card (cont.)
  • Purchase Card purchases are subject to the
  • conditions
  • Use the correct fiscal year appropriation
    information. See your Resource Analyst
  • Cannot exceed the maximum single purchase limit
    of 3,000
  • Cannot exceed your monthly limit within the
    billing cycle. As of 11/30/08, billing cycle will
    end on the 15th and begin on the 16th
  • Cannot split purchases (fragment) to circumvent
    the authorized single purchase limit of 3000
  • The cardholder must also
  • Rotate purchases among commercial vendors to
    maintain competition
  • Price must be fair and reasonable
  • Funding must be committed prior to purchase by
    creating an order log in P-Card Web Solution
  • Shipping costs must be a separate line item and
    can be an estimate.

Sources of Supply
  • The following sources must be utilized in the
    descending order of priority listed
  • below. Reference FAR part 8
  • Agencies inventories See your Center Specific
  • Federal Prison Industries - http//
  • Committee for Purchase From People Who Are Blind
    or Severely Disabled - http//
  • GSA, VA, DLA military control points -
  • Mandatory Federal Supply Schedules -
  • Commercial Sources
  • GSA Advantage is a quick way to access Federal
    Prisons Blind and other severely disabled GSA
    and federal supply schedules. GSA also provides
    designations (symbols) on, for example, 508
    Compliancy and Recycling/Affirmative products, by
    line item, for many of their products. GSA
    Advantage's internet address is

What is Affirmative Procurement?
  • Affirmative Procurement (or Green Purchasing) is
    the requirement to purchase products with
    recycled or biobased (a renewable product, made
    from plant or animal material, that breaks down
    easily in the environment) content
  • The purpose is to lessen or reduce adverse
    effects on human health and the environment
  • An additional purpose is to use the buying power
    of the federal government to strengthen the
    recycling and biobased markets
  • Required by
  • Executive Order 13423, Strengthening Federal,
    Environmental, Energy, and Transportation
    Management, dated January 24, 2007
  • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976
    (RCRA) (42 U.S.C. 6962)
  • NPR 8530.1, Affirmative Procurement Program and
    Plan for Environmentally Preferable Products

Purchase from Required List of Products
  • Recycled Products
  • Construction Products
  • Landscaping Products
  • Miscellaneous Products
  • Nonpaper Office Products
  • Paper and Paper Product
  • Park and Recreation Products
  • Transportation Products
  • Vehicular Products
  • Biobased Products
  • Bedding, Bed Linens, and Towels
  • Diesel Fuel Additives
  • Mobile Equipment Hydraulic Fluids
  • Penetrating Lubricants
  • Roof Coatings
  • Water Tank Coatings

Click on links for more information on recycled
and biobased products
Affirmative Procurement Reminders
  • At the end of each fiscal year, report your
    purchases to your Environmental Office
  • If you are unable to purchase from the lists, you
    must submit a waiver
  • Waivers are submitted to your Environmental
    Office for approva
  • Justification for waivers
  • Inadequate competition
  • Unreasonable price
  • Lack of quality/performance specification or
  • Unavailable within reasonable time frame

Who Does What?
  • Cardholder
  • Purchase recycled or biobased products whenever
    possible and report purchases annually
  • Procurement
  • Provides guidance and facilitates acquisition
    planning with respect to environmentally
    preferable goods and services, including those
    available through Federal sources of supply
  • Assists in any market research necessary to
    determine the availability of environmentally
    preferable goods and services
  • Ensures that solicitations and contracts contain
    the appropriate provisions and FAR clauses to
    implement Affirmative Procurement (FAR Part 23)
  • Environmental Office
  • Collects data for reporting to U.S. Environmental
    Protection Agency

For More Information
  • NASA Principle Center for Recycling and
    Affirmative Procurement http//nasarecycles.nasa.
  • EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines
  • USDA BioPreferred Program http//www.biopreferred

Section 508 Program
  • Did you know that when procuring, developing,
    maintaining or using Electronic and Information
    Technology (EIT) that agencies must ensure that
    employees with disabilities have access to and
    use of information and data that is comparable to
    that for other employees and members of the
    general public with disabilities seeking
    information or services from an agency have
    access to and use of information and data that is
    comparable to that for members of the public
    without disabilities?
  • Section 508 (found at 29 U.S.C. 794d) refers to a
    section in the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, which
    was amended by the Workforce Investment Act of
    1998 (P.L. 105-220). Its primary purpose is to
    provide access to and use of Federal executive
    agencies' EIT by individuals with disabilities.
    The statutory language of Section 508 can be
    found at http//
  • Starting April 1, 2005, micro-purchases
    (generally those purchases made through the
    P-Card process) will be required to conform with
    Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Section 508 Program (cont.)
  • EIT includes information technology and equipment
    or interconnected systems or subsystems of
    equipment that is used to create, convert, or
    duplicate data or information. EIT also includes,
    but is not limited to Software applications, and
    operating systems, Web based information or
    applications, telecommunications products, video
    and multimedia products, self contained closed
    products (such as information kiosks,
    calculators, and fax machines) and desktop and
    portable computers. More detail of the kinds of
    products and accessibility standards related to
    these products and services may be found in the
    document entitled "Section 508 for Purchase Card"
    found on the NASA 508 homepage at
  • There area a limited number of exceptions.
    However, items/services acquired with the
    purchase card should be for commercially
    available items, and the exceptions will rarely
    if ever be appropriate. In addition, you are not
    required to fundamentally alter your needs in
    order comply with section 508.
  • For more information go to the "Guide to Section
    508 Standards for Electronic and Information
    Technology" website (http//
    ec508/guide/index.htm) which provides an
    explanation of the various criteria in easy to
    understand language. Also contact your 508
    Coordinator in your Center CIO's office. A
    listing of the 508 Coordinators may be found at

Section 508 Program (cont.)
  • What are the Steps for Cardholders?
  • Do I have an EIT requirement?
  • Which of the Access Board Standards apply? For
    assistance seehttp//
    /guide/index.htm orhttp//
  • Conduct market research call vendors, visit
    vendor Internet sites, other government agencies,
  • Is there a 508 compliant product available in the
    commercial market place?
  • Commercial item and none or some (but not all) of
    the access board standards can be met in time to
    satisfy requirements?
  • Obtain technical assistance of Center 508
    coordinators when necessary.
  • Acquire 508 compliant commercially available
    goods/services as appropriate.
  • Document in the Comments Section of your order
    log and/or other files the sources contacted and
    whether EIT acquired items are 508 compliant or
    whether market research indicates that no 508
    compliant (or only partially compliant) products
    or services are commercially available in time to
    meet your delivery requirements.
  • Keep copies of all documentation with your
    purchase card records!!

Section 508 Program (cont.)
  • Help Desk for 508 Compliance
  • The purpose of the Help Desk is to provide NASA
    personnel and
  • contractors (e.g., Engineers, Software/Web
    Developers, etc.) with a
  • facility to request information and assistance in
    complying with Section
  • 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. The Help Desk is
    available via email to
  • provide information and research regarding
    Section 508 compliance
  • requirements and to coordinate requests for 508
    compliance reviews.
  • The Help Desk is not intended to replace the
    market research and
  • similar activity required by NASA policies nor is
    it intended to replace
  • Center resources, but to assist Centers in areas
    in which they are
  • having difficulty complying with Section 508
    requirements. The E-mail
  • address is
  • For specific technical inquiries, the Center 508
    Coordinators should be
  • contacted. A list of Center 508 Coordinators is
    located at
  • http//

Restricted Items List
  • Supplies/Services that cannot be ordered using
    your Purchase Card
  • Personal convenience items (not necessary for
    mission performance, expected to be provided at
    employee's expense) (See PIC 07-10)
  • Gifts (See PIC 07-10)
  • Construction (except for authorized cardholders)
  • Food, drinks, meals or refreshments (See PIC
  • Gasoline or oil for GSA vehicles
  • Janitorial, yard and maintenance services
  • Lease and/or rental of land or buildings
  • Lodging, hotels, motels, or other types of
    overnight accommodations
  • Personal clothing or footwear (See PIC 07-10)
  • Printing or copying services (statutory) - NPG
  • Purchases directly from individuals
  • Telephones/Teleconference Systems
  • Travel or travel-related expenses (airline, bus,
    boat or train tickets)
  • Weapons (air, spring, powder or other propulsion
  • See your Center Specific Section for additional
    Restricted items specific to your center

Special Approvals
  • Special approvals for certain items must be
    obtained prior to purchase
  • For example
  • Radios, receivers, and transceivers
  • Televisions
  • Water coolers
  • IT Equipment (per MFR 7,100,137)
  • You must follow your center procedures when
    purchasing products.
  • Centers have unique requirements. Contact your
    CAPC or review your Center Specific Section.

Items which must have Organizational Unit Manager
or Functional Approvals
  • Business Cards Immediate Supervisor (per NPD
    9070.1A You must adhere to these guidelines)
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Transmitting Devices (i.e.,
    radios for voice or data transmission "Wireless"
    devices including LANs, video links, headsets,
    microphones, remote controls radars tracking
    beacons microwave links NAVAIDS for ships or
    aircraft employing radio frequencies) - (Spectrum
  • See your Center Specific Section for additional
  • Written (email) approvals shall be obtained
    and documented in the comments block on the
    electronic order log in P-Card.

Sensitive Items List
  • A Sensitive Item is any item of equipment which,
    due to its pilferable nature or the
  • possibility of its being a hazard, requires a
    stringent degree of control. Generally,
  • sensitive items are controlled at an acquisition
    cost of 500 or more and must be tagged
  • in accordance with receipt and inspection
    procedures. For Sensitive Items with a value
  • of less than 500, obtain a NASA Form 1517,
    Property of U.S. Government, decal, from
  • your Property Custodian.
  • All weapons regardless of acquisition value
  • Items with an acquisition value of 500 or above
  • Automated Data Processing Equipment (ADPE)
  • Disk Drives
  • Monitors
  • Printers, Terminals, Computers, Micro (All) -
    Includes Laptops and other Portables
  • All Cameras
  • Environmentally Hazardous Devices
  • VCR, DVD Players, MP3 Players
  • Radios, Receivers, and Transceivers
  • Video Recorders

Purchasing and Reporting Conferences
  • NEW Requirement
  • Beginning FY2008, Congress requires NASA to
    prepare quarterly and annual reports on the cost
    of Agency participation at reportable
  • October 01, 2008, all reportable conferences,
    must be input and captured into the NASA
    Conference Tracking System (NCTS). The reference
    name and number generated from the NCTS must be
    added to all conference-related travel and
    procurement documents to enable systematic
    capture and tracking of all costs associated with
    each conference.
  • Purchase card holders Responsibilities
  • Add the reference name and number combination to
    conference-related purchases when annotating
    order logs in P-Card Web Solution
  • Specifically, cardholders must add the reference
    name and number combination at the beginning of
    the Description and Supplier fields for each
    transaction. Any purchase card transaction
    related to attendance or sponsorship of a
    reportable conference must be annotated with the
    appropriate reference data
  • For additional information on the NCTS, please
    visit http//

Conference Reporting Requirement
  • Only conferences that meet ALL of the following
    criteria are reportable and must be added to NCTS
    and tracked in the procurement systems
  • NASA pays travel expenses for any participant
  • Any portion of the event is held outside of NASA
  • Event is held for consultation, education,
    awareness, or discussion (non-programmatic,
  • Event is sponsored by at least one Federal
    agency, non-Federal organization, or a
    combination of the above (i.e. not an individual)
  • Participants include at least one person who is
    not a NASA employee at the time of the event
  • NASA Conference Tracking System

Receipt and Inspection Procedures
  • When procuring the following items, refer to your
    Center Specific
  • Section and include any relevant receipt and
    inspection requirements,
  • including delivery information
  • Safety/Mission Critical Products
  • Inspection, Measuring and Test Equipment
  • Hazardous Materials (as defined in OSHA
    regulation 29 CFR, Part 1910
  • All other items match the item(s) with the
    description and quantity, and
  • ensure items are acceptable
  • See your Center Specific Section for additional

Delivery and Acceptance
  • If item is found defective or the repair or other
    service unsatisfactory,
  • the cardholder has the responsibility to return
    the item to the vendor for
  • Replacement OR
  • Correction of the defective item OR
  • Credit the item or service back on your purchase
  • If vendor refuses any of the above, item will be
    considered to be in
  • dispute

Disputing Transactions
  • Before formally disputing a charge on your
    account you must attempt to contact the vendor
    and arrange for a replacement, correction, or
    credit on your account
  • Sales tax and shipping charges cannot be formally
    disputed with the bank. Take these issues up
    directly with your vendor
  • Item to be disputed must be noted accordingly in
    Comments block on the order log in the P-Card
    System. If the dispute has not been resolved by
    the time of the reconciliation period, it must be
    noted under Transaction Status. (right-hand
    bottom of Transaction Detail, Disputed Yes)
  • If there is a disputed payment, complete Dispute
    Form online or through your CAPC. The cardholder
    shall monitor the status of the disputed payment
    until such time as the dispute is resolved. If
    the dispute is resolved in favor of the
    Government, the cardholder shall ensure that the
    disputed amount is credited back to the
    Government and document the record of the
    transaction accordingly. If the dispute is
    resolved against the Government, the cardholder
    shall document the record of the transaction and
    close out the matter

  • Vendor should send rebates checks to
  • NASA Shared Services Center
  • Bldg 1111, C Road
  • Attn Accounts Receivable
  • Stennis Space Center, MS 39529
  • Include the Purchase Card Account and Purchase
    Card Order Log
  • NASA will accept checks payable to the cardholder
    (CH) only if the CH signs the check over to NASA.
    The P-Card MUST BE referenced (or the monies
    will not go back to the proper conventional
  • NASA Billing Address
  • NASA Shared Services Center
  • FMD Accounts Payable
  • Bldg 1111, C Road
  • Stennis Space Center, MS 39529
  • NSSC has initiated a Process for cardholders that
    use the wrong government charge card and need to
    pay back the government. Please visit the NSSC
    Customer Service Website for instruction on using
    www.Pay.Gov .


P-Card Web Solution

P-Card Web Solution
  • P-Card Web Solution provides end-to-end
    electronic bankcard process (from
  • order log creation, reconciliation, and archiving
    of transactions)
  • Web-based https//
  • P-Card order log commits funding in SAP
  • Electronic reconciliation with Bank Statement
  • Cardholder and Approving Official reporting
  • The Enterprise Performance Support System (EPSS)
    is available at https//
    av/index.htm . This website provides job-aids to
    assist in creating and reconciling order logs as
    well as error message tips

Monthly Transactions in P-Card
  • Cardholder shall
  • Review and complete reconciliation of your Bank
    transactions in P-Card Web Solution
  • Notify Approving Official via email after
    completing reconciliation
  • If partial delivery is made, and the full amount
    appears on the monthly statement of transactions,
    the order must be reconciled for the full amount.
    The Cardholder shall ensure that full delivery
  • Properly annotate Purchase Card Order Logs with
    the official conference number and name generated
    from the NCTS in the beginning of the supplier
    box field in P-card Web Solution
  • Please visit NASA Conference Tracking System
    for more details.

Purchasing Reminders
  • Rotate your purchases among qualified vendors
  • The cardholder is responsible for getting a fair
    and reasonable price.Ask yourself --- "Would I
    be willing to pay the price quoted if it were my
  • Safeguard your purchase card and any documents
    that cite your Credit Card number. The purchase
    card has been issued with your name on it. YOU
    CARD. No one else is authorized to use your
    purchase card
  • A cardholder's single purchase limit is 3,000
  • The billing cycle for the statement ends on the
    15th and begins on the 16th of each month
  • Annotate the Comments section of your Order Log
    with as much information as possible

Additional Center Specific Information
  • This concludes the general portion of the
    training. For your Center Specific
  • Section, click one of the links below
  • Ames Research Center
  • Dryden Flight Research Center
  • Glenn Research Center
  • Goddard Space Flight Center
  • Headquarters
  • Johnson Space Center
  • Kennedy Space Center
  • Langley Research Center
  • Marshall Space Flight Center
  • NASA Shared Services Center
  • Stennis Space Center
  • Wallops Flight Facility

Contacts Web Sites
  • Contacts
  • Bankcard Helpline 301-286-9372
  • Dawn Murvin 301-286-4915
  • Michelle Mumford 301-286-3933
  • Diana Frimmel 757-824-1290 (Wallops)
  • Bankcard System https//
  • SEWP http//
  • ODIN https//
  • On-line HELP is available through the Enterprise
    Performance Support System (EPSS)
  • Select Bankcard P-Card
  • The following section applies to P-Card
  • Sub Process Area
  • Create Record of Purchase
  • Accept/Reject Deliverables
  • Reconcile/Approve Bankcard Statement with Record
    of Purchase

  • Center Specific Section
  • Additional Guidelines
  • For
  • Use of the Purchase Card

Purchase Card Home Page http//code210.gsfc.nas
HQ Procurement Office POLICY-USE OF CARD
  • As of March 1, 1998, the penalty for loaning
    out the credit card to someone else is as
  • 1. All cardholders have been reminded, in
    writing, of the prohibition against allowing
    anyone else to use the Government Credit Card.
    In most cases, Approving Officials have received
    the same reminder. Training for new cardholders
    emphasizes this point as well.
  • 2. The established agency-wide penalties for the
    use of the Government Credit Card by someone
    other than the cardholder is as follows
  • First Offense - A warning in the form of a
    written reprimand
  • Second Offense - Loss of the card
  • In order to have the card reinstated, the
    employee must complete all training for new
    cardholders and then request approval from the
    Center Procurement Officer.

  • Transcribing Services (i.e. Court Reporting
  • Patent Search Services
  • Exhibition Booth Support Services
  • Repair Services (one-time), Repair Parts
  • Books, Subscriptions and Other Publications
  • Reprints, Abstract Fees/Publication Charges
  • Registration Fees
  • Rental of Conference/Meeting Rooms
  • Electronic Components (capacitors, transistors,
    IS AN
    AT 301-286-3933 or Help Desk at 301-286-9372.

Restricted items that cannot be ordered(This is
not an exhausted list)
  • The following items are in addition to the list
    in the Agency training
  • Books (text books used by employees attending
    educational classes)
  • Construction (except for authorized cardholders
    in the Center
    Operations Directorate)
  • Printing and Copying Services (Allowed if on
  • Gas cylinders with demurrage charges
  • Office furnishings (carpets, draperies, blinds)
  • Precious Metal
  • Training (except for authorized cardholders in
    the Organizational Development and Workforce
    Relations Branch)
  • STORE STOCK SUPPLIES (If not available on store
    stock, fill out and submit a NHQ Form 81 to the
    Institutions and Management Budget Branch.
  • Pay pal or Unsecured Internet Sites

Restricted items that cannot be ordered
  • The following items must be purchased by purchase
    order through procurement (Requires Special
  • Space Flight Use, Hazardous Items and/or
  • Hardware Maintenance
  • Furniture (Chairs, Desks, Storage/Filing
    Cabinets, etc.)
  • Cellular Telephones/Pagers (including monthly
    service fees)
  • Rental/Lease of Real Estate or Storage Buildings
  • Microwave Ovens, Refrigerators, Coffee
    Makers, etc.
  • Engraved items such as awards/plaques, coins,
    cups, trophies and imprinted items such as pens,
    pencils, bags, stress balls, hats, shirts, and
    lapel pins with either standard or custom designs
    Must be purchased by Procurement through
    AbilityOne (http// to the maximum
    extent practicable.
  • Per memo from Mr. Griffin signed November 16,
    2005, send ALL request for food purchases by
    email to the CFOs office Ledetria Beaudoin and
    the legal office at If
    approved, keep copy of written approval for 5
    years in file.

Disciplinary Action
  • Failure to enter the Order Log in the system is a
    direct violation of the Anti-Deficiency Law you
    are making a purchase without the funding to back
    it up
  • First offense you will receive a written warning
  • Second offense you will loss card privileges for
    30 days
  • Third offense lose of card
  • Failure to reconcile your statement by date
    provided is subject to the same actions as above
  • NOTE In order to have card reinstated once
    revoked the cardholder must complete the training
    for new cardholders

Affirmative Procurement Program
  • The purchase of environmentally preferable
    products manufactured from recycled and reclaimed
  • Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA) and
    Executive Order 13101, Greening the Government
    Through Waste Prevention, Recycling, and Federal
    Acquisition, Federal Acquisition Regulations
    (FAR 23.4) and NASAs Procedures and Guidelines
    (NPG) 8830.1 requires NASA to purchase guideline
    items containing post consumer recycled materials
  • Individuals purchasing any listed guideline item
    must purchase materials with recycled content
  • NASAs website for the Affirmative Procurement
    Program can be found at http//environmental.ksc
  • EPAs Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines can be
    found at http//

Controlled Items
  • The ordering office will fax, mail or hand carry
    to the Goddard Receiving and Inspection Area
    (Building 16W, Mail Code 239) the necessary
    information on the required OF347 Form, to
    receive the material. All items with a value
    (per line item) over 1,000.00 must be
    controlled. Items designated as sensitive with
    an acquisition cost over 500.00 must also be
  • The list of items designated as sensitive is in
    your handbook. The OF347 must include the
    cardholders name, the source (vendors company
    name), delivery information (name, code, room),
    item description, manufacturer, model number, and
  • For items requiring assembly or special delivery,
    contact the respective Receiving and Inspection
    areas and prepare and forward the OF347 Form

Information Technology (IT)
  • Information Technology (IT) hardware and software
    are required to be purchased as follows
  • Items classified as seats are to be ordered
    through the HQs ODIN New User Request System
    (HONURS). Once all approvals are received it is
    submitted to the Seat Management Business System
  • All other items are to be ordered through the
    SHOP4NASA catalog
  • Both are available at the following website
  • Memo dated October 23, 2007, or go to the web
    site at http//
  • (Authorized to purchase up to 250 of IT related
    items on purchase card) PLEASE
    NOTE NO software or computers regardless of
    dollar value
  • Receiving and Inspection must be provided a copy
    of the OF-347 form notifying them of such orders
    coming in, so that they can inspect, tag, and get
    it to the HQ Hardware/Software Management Team
    for installation
  • The HQ Hardware/Software Management Team will
    notify cardholder of receipt, any problems,
    installation dates, and of completion
  • Copies of all these forms must be kept in the
    cardholders back up documentation files for 3

Ordering by Telephone or Internet
  • Create the P-Card Order Log
  • Annotate in Comment section compliance with IT
    (Plan 508), HAZMAT, OR FLT H/W regulations
  • Have the vendor include MSDS if necessary
  • Safety Restricted Items require special handling
  • Notify the vendor of your tax exemption
  • Remind vendor that the Purchase Card account
    shall not be charged until the shipment is made
  • Instruct vendor NOT to place the credit card
    number on the shipping /receiving document only
    the PC Number, Mail Code/Name
  • Use Central Receiving as your address
  • Transportation Officer, Building 421NASA
    Johnson Space Center2101 NASA ParkwayHouston,
    TX 77058-3696PCXXXXXXX, Mail Code/Your Name

  • Enterprise Performance Support System (EPSS)
    (provides tips and tricks, error messages, and
    other Bankcard information)
  • https//
  • HQ Bankcard web site http//code210.gsfc.nasa.go
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