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Boss Day Gift Ideas to impress your boss


Bosses Day ideas to let them know they are respected and appreciated. See what can be good token gifts – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Boss Day Gift Ideas to impress your boss

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20 Gift Ideas to Impress Your Boss Plan
something different this Bosss Day. They have
encouraged you and applauded you when you
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did a job well. But we as employees often forget
to thank them. They are often termed as unfair or
face undue criticism. But on 16th October, we get
an opportunity to show our appreciation for the
well-deserved supervisors. While they can arrange
for a simple cake cutting on our birthdays or
happily grant us a leave, on their day, i.e.,
Boss Day, they need to be celebrated too. They
Top 27 Loving Presents for
25 Jaw-Dropping and Best Gift Ideas
facing challenges and pressures daily too as they
belong to a senior or higher position.
Lets give them a break and surprise the boss
with some gifts to show we care for them too. We
have not included any DIY Bosss Day gifts as we
know your schedule is too hectic to be making a
gift yourself now!
25 Helpful Gift Ideas for Father in
20 gifts that would make a 7 year old
Best Gifts for Every Type of Boss
This is our list of presents for Boss Day, which
will assist you in acquiring a present that they
will have in their memories for a very long time.
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1 . Boss Lady Mug
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If your boss is a lady, she deserves to be shown
a lot of appreciation. It is hard even now for
women in the work field. Make her feel proud of
herself by giving her a pretty mug which has
Boss Lady printed on it with golden ink. The
delicate pink colour ceramic mug has a marble
pattern on it and has a capacity of 11 oz. There
is a golden spoon which can be used for stirring
her drinks. The mug also comes with a matching
lid. The lid even has a spoon hole, so she
doesnt have to worry about keeping the spoon
down when drinking. All the 3 things will be
packed very elegantly in a gift box. Key
Marble design Curved rim Easy to hold.
2. Wallet Insert Card
An engraved leather wallet card is a small but
truly great gift for any boss. It will be with
them most of the time and will keep them feeling
positive. Through this wallet insert, you will
let them know that they have been an amazing
boss, mentor and leader. This is something they
will cherish after their retirement or if they
have to leave their current workplace. It will
always be something that will keep their heart
tied to their office and employees like you. This
is indeed a small but powerful gift. You and a
couple of other colleagues can couple this one up
with a wallet and make it a superb gift. Key
Features Deep engraving, strong ink Durable
stainless steel Meaningful memento
3.Fun Tumbler for the Women Boss
This is a gift which you can give to a woman who
is your boss or is in a senior position. The
unique tumbler is a great gift for your manager
because the tumbler says its for the Chaos
Coordinator fueled by Caffeine. And you have
seen her hustle smoothly through high-pressure
situations. All she needs is her caffeine and
she will see the day through. You appreciate her
for her people skills, that she can manage a big
team so efficiently. She would love to use this
double-walled vacuum- sealed tumbler throughout
the day in her office and it will keep her pepped
up too, along with her coffee or tea. Made with
stainless steel, this tumbler will not get
damaged easily. Key Features
Rose gold colour 20oz. Capacity Travel tumbler
4. Thank You Keyring
Another small but powerhouse gift is this keyring
which you can give to your advisor or boss who
has been your mentor. You have learnt a lot while
working under their guidance and you look at
them as your coach. You are lucky if you know
that a boss like them is not easy to get and you
are forever indebted to them, you need something
like this small gift. If you and your other team
members are planning to make a gift hamper,
including this lovely little gift. The keyring
will be delivered in a soft and small velvet-ish
bag and will be ready to be gifted. You will be
giving something useful and also be able to show
your gratitude to your manager or boss. They will
be glad to know that they have been truly
inspirational for you. Key Features Stainless
steel Can be given to a coach High-quality
5. Blank Notebook Journal
This is for the boss having an easy-going
personality. They are optimistic and keep on
cheering for their team. They dont forget to
acknowledge work well done. As a team and
individual employee, you also have been
performing well under them. They are positive and
supportive and mostly happy with their team.
Give this journal with a funny line on it and see
them laugh aloud. The line on the cover is
adorably funny. The paperback journal is cobalt
blue and looks bright. There is a page inside
where they can write whom the journal belongs to,
i.e. their name. The other pages are blank but
they are single-lined pages. And yes, if you are
looking for personalized bosss day gifts, you
can easily make this one by using the first page
for writing a gratitude note or making a
sketch. Key Features
Paperback Glossy cover .
6. Bossasaurus Greeting Card
A greeting card is something you can give if you
want to give a token gift. You have to spend a
minimal amount but it can leave a great
impression. Or when you are planning on buying a
gift, you might want to give an accompanying
card with it. Whatever your plan is, this
greeting card is sure to get a reaction from
them. You will find them grinning ear-to-ear when
they see this card. There is an image of a happy
dinosaur in the front and it is meant for a
Bossasaurus. Who or what is a Bossasaurus, you
ask? The answer is on the card itself. It is
someone whos Like a normal boss, but more
awesome and Dinosaur-like! Key Features Funny
card White envelope Blank inside
7. Sculpted Angel Figure
If your boss has been a philosopher and guide in
the deepest sense of the terms, then it is
obvious that you have real gratitude for them.
They have been behind you when you might have
been going through a difficult phase. It might
have been your personal life or mental health
which had not been great. They have been
exceptionally understanding and human enough to
not reprimand you for a couple of mistakes.
These kinds of mentors do need something special
and heart- warming on their day. This
hand-sculpted and hand-painted figure is a
beautiful piece of art and is going to make the
boss feel emotional. It is the figure of an angel
with wings holding a circle which says Thank
You. It is one of the unique bosses day gifts.
Key Features Sentimental gift Made with
resin With sincere thanks enclosure card
8. My boss knows everything Printed Coffee Mug
Coffee mugs are the safest, tried and tested
gifts. We have included a mug at the very
beginning of the list but that was for women
only. This ceramic mug can be given to any boss.
It is a colorful mug which your ever-confident
boss can sip their caffeine from. The black mug
has a glossy finish and it has I dont need
Google/ My Boss knows Everything printed on it.
It is going to be a flattering gift for your
advisor. They are very knowledgeable and in
situations which have left you very confused,
they have been nonchalant and showed you a way
out very easily. The original colors of Google
have been used while printing making the mug
almost look like official Google
merchandise. Key Features 325 ml capacity
Digital printing Microwave safe.
9. Funny Beer Glass for Boss
When a deal gets finalized or when the company
performs brilliantly, there is something your
employees become sure of. That there is going to
be a pizza and beer party at the end of the day
or maybe beer and biryani. Because your boss
loves to have a couple of beers in celebration
time and of course, you all love this fact about
them. After all, you all have contributed to the
success of the company and the boss never
forgets that. That is why this beer glass is
going to be the best gift for the best boss. The
beer glass will let him know that hes crushing
it, being the best boss!
Key Features Easy to clean Holds 16 ounce
High-quality glass
1 0.Travel Mug Tumbler
Again, the tumbler included earlies and was
specially designed for females. This is a
gender-neutral travel mug which can be given to
any boss. It is also a humorous gift which is
going to make even the boss with a serious
expression give a smile. My Favorite Employee
Gave Me This Mug has been printed on the mug
and the silly statement is going to make them
chuckle. It is a black coloured mug which will
look good on their table. They can also carry it
with them while they are on the go or travelling
for a business meeting. It has been made with a
no sweat design so their hands will always
remain dry, even when they are holding a mug
filled with hot or chilled beverages. Key
Features BPA-free lid Insulated tumbler
1 1 . Parker Galaxy Gold Trim Pen Gift Set
This pen set is the perfect Bosss Day gift
because it has 2 premium Parker metal pens and a
free visiting card holder. This executive gift
set is a good way to make the boss feel great
about his success. The elegant packaging ensures
that it will leave a wonderful impression on the
recipient. Parker pens are known to look
sophisticated and also help in smooth writing.
But though the set contains 2 different kinds of
pens, the price of the gift set is extremely
reasonable. One is a stainless-steel gold trim
ballpoint pen with a cap and the other is a click
pen. Both pens have an ergonomic shape.
Key Features Designed with gold trim and has a
gold-plated clip. Tapered ends give a sleek
look. Tungsten carbide nib
1 2. WildHorn Exclusive Combo Gift Set
There is hardly any man who wouldnt love to
receive an exclusive gift set having a
combination of useful and branded things.
Whatever age your boss is, he would be very glad
to be receiving a black wallet which is easy to
carry and hold. The wallet is made of genuine
leather and has a great look. It has a cloth
lining and is handcrafted. There is also a
stylish pen and a cool keychain with the
Wildhorn logo on it. The key chain has a
carabiner and can be attached to a backpack to
give it a cool look. The pen and wallet would
look fashionable when used with formal
clothing. Key Features Top-grain leather
Designer bi-fold wallet Metal pen with crystal
13. Classic Unisex Sling Bag
This is a gift which is going to be a useful gift
for a boss of any gender. It is a small Tourister
sling bag which can be carried across the chest.
The leather bag has been designed using the
latest fashion. The bag is 7 inches long and has
enough space for carrying all the essentials one
carries to the office. Your boss can use this
regularly with their formal or semi-formals, or
they can carry it while they go hiking or to the
beach for a holiday. With the adjustable strap,
they can use it as a messenger bag or a shoulder
bag. The bag can hold important documents, a
wallet, a mobile, a power bank and even a
book. Key Features
Water-resistant Multifunctional Can be used as a
side bag
1 4. Docking Station/ Desk Organizer
This 5-in-1 wooden desk organizer is also one of
the best gifts for your boss for their special
day. Help them keep all their daily essentials
handy and within reach. They would not have to
search for them individually, which can get
time-consuming if they are in a rush. They can
use this docking station at their home. It would
look great on their bedside table, dresser or
reading desk. Or they can keep it on their
workstation or desk in the office. It has a
polished finish which gives the cute organizer a
charming look. Your boss will be relieved to have
a place to keep coins, wallet, pen, keys, phone,
watch, spectacles/sunglasses etc. Key
Features Personal organizer 5-in-1 accessory
tray Easy to assemble
1 5.Leather Slimfold Wallet with Matching Fob
Gift Set
This is another classic combo gift set for men.
In addition to a brian leather wallet, there is a
casual belt in the box. Both the products are
black. The unique and smart design of the belt
makes it easily adjustable in size. One can
simply remove the buckle, cut the strap and
attach the buckle back. The wallet is a premium
quality leather wallet and is a bi-fold wallet
having multiple compartments for keeping cards.
The boss would love to flaunt both the belt and
also the high- quality soft leather wallet on
any kind of occasion. A high-quality fabric has
been used as the lining for the wallet which
makes the wallet long-lasting. Key
Features Wallet with secret compartment
Matt black buckle belt Glamorous grey gift box
1 6. Employee Appreciation Shirt
Now you may be wondering what a staff
appreciation gift is doing in the list. Well, if
you were looking for a funny gift for your boss,
this shirt also makes a great one. You can choose
the firm depending on whether you have a male
boss or a female boss. The shirt is available in
5 colours but we have selected the black one as
it is made with 100 cotton. It is an imported
shirt and is machine-washable. If you know that
your manager or supervisor is a kind person who
loves their employees, this is a perfect gift
for them. They will happily pose for all the
Bosss Day pics wearing this shirt. Key
Features Classic fit For bosses who love their
employees Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem
1 7. Small Succulent Ceramic Pots Gift Set
This gift set is for all the amazing female
bosses who are also plant parents. For the Best
Boss ever has been very cutely printed across
the 3 mini planters. The planters are white and
have been made using ceramic. The planters have
a base drip hole for excess water to flow out,
Each pot has its saucer, made with natural
bamboo. The planters make great home decor and
will look fantastic when placed on a window
sill, bookshelf, kitchen slab or work desk. The
planters will be delivered in a sophisticated
pink gift box, lined inside with pink tissue
paper. There will also be a thoughtful sticker
and a thank you note inside. Key
Features Beautiful decor pieces For growing
Beautiful packaging
1 8. Metal Boss Lady Pen Set
Another great gift set which you can give to your
female boss or advisor is this pen set. It is a
set of 3 ball-point pens with short
inspirational quotes on them, which are Go for
it, Like a Boss and Boss Lady. Whenever she will
work with these pens, she will be motivated. The
pens come with caps and have gold detailing.
Three pens are in three very feminine and soft
colours on which the lettering has been done
with white. The pens look cute and classy. They
all come with blank ink and are refillable, so
she wont have to throw the pens once after the
ink finishes. If you and your colleagues are
making a gift hamper, you can pair this set up
with a journal or candle or perhaps a coffee
mug. Key Features 3 different quotes Comes in
a clear box Refillable black ink pens
1 9. Aureole Tunes Wind Chime
A windchime is a great gift for anyone who works
very hard and remains in a stressful situation on
most days. Sounds perfect for your boss, right?
A wind chime not only adds to the decoration but
also helps one to relax with its melodic sound.
It can be quite therapeutic and it is believed to
bring positive energy too. The windchime has
been made with 6 recycled aluminium tubes and
each tube has been tuned to the B pentatonic
scale. It is a fully silver-colored windchime
which is best for hanging it outdoors but it can
be hung beside a door or window through which
wind flows in and out. Key Features Smooth
pleasant sound Durable nylon cord
20.Desktop Boxing
Cant imagine being in the boss chair and
wondering how they handle stress daily? You can
help them in knocking out their stress with this
desktop boxing kit. Its going to make a very
innovative and unique gift and also going to be
a useful one too. The box will have a desktop
boxing rulebook too. This is the best-selling
gift among sports memorabilia and collectibles
because it is such a novelty miniature gift
item. The punching bag almost looks like a
desktop microphone and will relieve your boss
stress in a fun way and this one is one of the
funny bosses day gifts. Its a great gag gift
too which would make them laugh when they see
this finger-boxing kit. There are 2 boxing
gloves which are little finger caps. Key
Features Punching bag with a suction cap
underneath Finger boxing Novelty gift
This is our compact list of Bosss Day gifts
which will help you to get a gift they will
remember for a long time. Almost all of these
gifts are budget-friendly because it might seem
a little inappropriate to give the boss something
very expensive. From useful to novelty items, we
have tried to cover them all, even ones
especially for male or female bosses and unisex
gifts too. Now shop quickly so that you have the
best gift to give!
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