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How To Create An App From Scratch: A Complete Guide for Every Business


A Comprehensive Guide to Building A Mobile App Do you want to build your first mobile app and don’t know where to get started? Did you know the mobile app market is predicted to reach $905 billion in revenue by 2026? That’s a 51.7% increase from 2019’s $461.7 billion in revenue. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How To Create An App From Scratch: A Complete Guide for Every Business

How To Create An App From Scratch A Complete
Guide for Every Business
December 2, 2021 Dash Technologies Inc Mobile App
Development, Software Development
A Compíehensive Guide to Building A Mobile App Do
you want to build youí fiíst mobile app and dont
know wheíe to get staíted? Did you know the
mobile app maíket is píedicted to íeach 905
billion in íevenue by 2026? lhats a 51.7
incíease fíom 2019s 461.7 billion in íevenue.
Fíom fitness to lifestyle, enteítainment, and
especially eCommeíce, apps have become
coíneístone business diffeíentiatoís. If a
business owneí wants to be seen as a majoí
playeí in the 21st Centuíy, a mobile
app is key to helping theií
business/bíand caíve out theií own
niche. Significance of Mobile Application Did you
know the aveíage peíson has 80 to 90 apps on
theií phone that diíectly oí indiíectly
íepíesents a massive oppoítunity foí vendoís to
connect with theií potential customeís? A íepoít
says that a useí spends an aveíage of 3.1 houís
eveíy day on theií smaítphone woíldwide and 4
houís a day in the USA. Ïood Deliveíy App and
Health and Ïitness Applications, among otheís,
aíe the most downloaded apps duíing the Pandemic
peak. Mobile app download has significantly
incíeased by 23.3 duíing the COVID-19 pandemic
and is píojected to íeach 45 by the end of
2021. A íepoít says that 42 of all sales in the
U.K. will be done thíough mobile apps by 2024.
lhe peícentage will be even higheí in countíies
like the USA, Canada, Japan, and otheí Euíopean
Whats the Best Way to Build an App?
lhe mobile app will bíing foítune foí youí
business, but if you think simply cíeating an
app is an easy way to get business success, then
tíust, you aíe setting youíself up foí failuíe.
You cannot just appíoach a Mobile app development
company and get youí app built. It íequiíes
píopeí íeseaích, commitment, haíd woík, and
willingness to deep dive into the topic and
lheíe aíe plenty of factoís, such as youí
industíy, íequiíement, budget, app type, etc.
play a cíucial íole in building an
application. If you have a highly scalable and
durable application, building a native app is the
way to go. However, the idea of creating a
native app can be complex for startups and small
business owners. Its a costly affair, no
doubt. If you have a tight budget, you can
consideí building a hybíid application. It does
not íequiíe much upfíont investment. The
difference between native and hybrid when you
build a native application, you need to develop
two separate applications by hiring respective
experts. At the same time, you require to create
a single codebase to run across both platforms.
Besides, you dont need to hire separate experts
a single full stack developer, any developer
expert in hybrid technologies like React Native,
Flutter, etc., can build you the app. How Long
Does it Take to Build a Mobile App? It entirely
depends on the project complexities, the number
of features/functionalities, and the expertise
of your tech partner. Usually, a standard
application takes around 6 months to 8 months to
develop, while it can go up to 12 or 15 months.
However, you can get the final timeline by
connecting your software development company with
your project scope. How Much Does it Cost to Make
an App? The cost of building an app, too,
depends on app types, their complexities, and the
number of platforms you are making it for.
Still, you can calculate the average costs by
calculating the
average hours and the applicable charges per
hour. Take a look at the image to find the top
factors impacting app development costs. lhe
final estimation is possible when you connect
with us with youí píoject scope. lhe aveíage
costs you can calculate by applying the foímula
given below. lhe lotal Development Houís ? Houíly
Rates ? lotal App Development Costs
  • Usually, an app development cost íanges fíom
    anywheíe between 25,275.00 to
  • 485,000.00 oí even go up, spending on the
    changes in píoject scope.
  • You may exploíe online oí visit ouí íecently
    wíitten aíticle on app development costs
  • foí moíe detailed infoímation.
  • Is it Better to Build iOS Apps or Android Apps?
  • It mainly depends on them
  • lype of business you have
  • lhe geogíaphical íegion
  • And, the kind of audience you have

lhough you can connect with youí tech paítneí foí
detailed infoímation, it íequiíes a bit of
maíket íeseaích. lhey have expeíts who can help
you decide if Andíoid and iOS applications will
be betteí. Now, let us intíoduce the coíe
paít How To Turn Your Idea into An App
  • Step 1 Do Market Research
  • Just like you íeseaích the maíket befoíe staíting
    youí business, you need to follow the same path
    to build youí app. If you want to develop an app
    foí youí existing business, you have an easieí
    task. Foí example, you need
  • lo cíeate a useí peísona
  • Reseaích how they inteíact with apps
  • Reseaích youí competitoís
  • Get ideas about UI/UX
  • Evaluate youí íeseaích
  • Exploíe the outcome
  • If you aíe planning an app-based business, you
    need to take a completely diffeíent appíoach.

  • You need to
  • make a business plan
  • conduct maíket analysis by taking the help of an
  • Reseaích youí competitoís
  • Find the maíket gap
  • Exploíe customeí pain points
  • cíeate an app idea based on these outcomes
  • Step 2 Select a Right Software Development
  • Now, you have íeseaíched youí maíket and cíeated
    a píoject scope you need to select the íight
    paítneí oí build youí own app. Basically, you
    have two options
  • Build an app by creating your own in-house team
  • Outsource your project to a reliable app
    development company
  • If you aíe financially equipped, then the foímeí
    option is good. You can cíeate youí own in-house
    team and get the píoject developed you want.
    Howeveí, it will be extíemely costly you may
    have to spend 40 additional costs foí píoject
    development because you do not just have to spend
    on the development team, but also on the
    íesouíces, infíastíuctuíes, haídwaíe, management,
    and human íesouíces.
  • Wheíeas, paítneíing with a mobile app development
    seívice píovideí can help you cut these added
    costs and even píovide youí quality píojects on
    deadline. lheíe is anotheí option to hiíe
    individual contíactoís oí fíeelanceís, though you
    may end up messing up with youí píoject if you
    dont find íeliable fíeelanceís. So, lets stick
    with these two options. Finding a softwaíe
    development company can be moíe stíaightfoíwaíd
  • select some of the top I.l. fiíms
  • Go thíough theií poítfolios
  • Read online íeviews about the tech fiím on
    independent channels, like Clutch, GoodFiíms,
  • lake inteíviews of softwaíe engineeís
  • Negotiate píices
  • And, select the one which fits youí íequiíement

Step 3 Create a Tech Specs
Once you have selected youí tech paítneí, you
need to focus on cíeating tech specs and dig
deepeí into youí apps inneí woíkings. Cíeating
technology specifications helps you visualize
youí goals, find ways to cleaí away obstacles,
píecisely help you outline how the app will be
developed, its featuíes, technologies, and
moíe. Step 4 Create Wireframe
Now, its time to evaluate youí idea by applying
píototyping and wiíefíaming. lhat means you may
cíeate píototyping oí a wiíefíame to validate
youí idea. Based on the píoject complexities,
youí development paítneí will suggest if you need
to cíeate píototyping/wiíefíaming oí adopt the
MVP development model. Píototyping is the
skeleton of youí app, which you oí youí hiíed
engineeí can help you cíeate. Wiíefíaming is the
basic oí a íough layout that bestows you with the
diíection of youí app. You can cíeate
píototyping oí wiíefíame using a piece of papeí
oí whiteboaíd oí even the help of digital
wiíefíaming tools.
Step 5 Choose the Development Methods
MVP íefeís to Model View Píoduct when you cíeate
an app cíeated with minimal oí essential
functions to give an idea to the useís what this
app is going to be. And, based on the
suggestions, inputs, and feedback, youí app
development team makes changes and adds moíe
functionalities and featuíes into it.
  • Whetheí you want to build a native app foí each
    platfoím oí develop hybíid apps will depend on
    youí íequiíement. Howeveí, if you have a low
    budget, you can choose hybíid app development to
    use a single codebase acíoss both platfoíms. We
    have discussed native and hybíid app development
    in detail in the paíagíaphs wíitten eaílieí in
    this aíticle you can íefeí to them again foí
    moíe claíity.
  • Step 6 Build Your App
  • If youí softwaíe development company uses the MVP
    model, then youí app is actually being
    developed. If MVP is not in place, you can divide
    the app into many categoíies and divide the
    entiíe píoject into smalleí chunks. And, based on
    youí set milestone, you need to ensuíe that youí
    app is getting developed.
  • Usually, an app is developed using diffeíent
    phases, but two main phases happen
    simultaneously fíont-end and back-end
  • lhe fíont-end íefeís to the UI/UX paít, which is
    youí applications useís facing side, while the
    back-end is seíveí-side, wheíe the data is stoíed
    and accessed as íequested. Now, youí team,
    including designeís, developeís, and Q.A., will
    woík on this paít. lhe designeí team will design
    the app, the developeí team will wíite a píogíam,
    and Q.A. will validate the app by initiating
    íigoíous testing.
  • Step 7 Take Final Review
  • Now the app is íeady, but wait you still have to
    do youí paít. Distíibute the app among youí
    fíiends oí take the help of anotheí expeít and
    get it íeviewed.
  • Check its featuíes
  • Ensuíe the featuíes aíe woíking flawlessly

  • Make suíe the app is designed with excellent
  • lest plugins, such as Payment getaways and otheís
  • Step 8 Deploy the App
  • As the app is íeady and tested, its all set to
    embíace youí business. Ask youí
  • development paítneís to deploy the app acíoss
  • Post Development Phase
  • Once the app is deployed, you need to analyze
    youí app and take necessaíy measuíes based on
    the feedback you íeceive fíom the actual useís.
    Heíes what you can do post-development.
  • Market your app
  • You have an app, but if nobody knows about it,
    what is the use of cíeating it? You have to get
    it known. You need to maíket youí app. Do the
    following things to maíket the app.
  • Cíeate a popup banneí on youí website
  • Shaíe youí app acíoss social media channels, like
    Facebook, lwitteí, Instagíam, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Ask youí useís to download the app and use
  • You can also píomote youí app using blogs and
    small aíticles
  • Update Your App Regularly
  • Last but not the least, you have developed the
    app deployed, but you need to keep updating the
    app based on the suggestions you get fíom useís.
    Besides the O.S. changes, you need to update
    youí app to stay compatible with the devices.
    Youí softwaíe development paítneí will help you
    with all of these.
  • Final Thoughts
  • lhe Fouíth Industíial Revolution (4IR, oí
    Industíy 4.0) has left no business an option to
    íun without the advent of technologies. So, if
    you aíe íunning any business, you need digital
    suppoít to keep youí eveí-gíowing business smooth
    and functioning. Besides, if you aíe exploíing
    app based business, youí idea and the app (based
    on youí idea) will play theií paít.

lhis guide may help you undeístand the basic
nitty-gíitty of how to develop an app fíom
scíatch. If you have such an idea, we can help
you actualize and make it a píofitable business.
So, lets connect today with us.
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