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Your Guide to the Best T Shirt Design Software


Read about the best T shirt design software and then make a wise decision. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Your Guide to the Best T Shirt Design Software

Your Guide to the Best
T Shirt Design Software

  • Read about the best T shirt design software and
    then make a wise decision.
  • Making T shirts designs that are unique to your
    brand is no easy feat. You have to brainstorm,
    watch YouTube tutorials, such as how to design a
    shirt in photoshop, read countless articles, and
    look out for reviews.
  • Luckily, there is a sea of T-shirts designing
    applications and T-shirt transfer software out
    there. Even more surprisingly a lot of them are
    unmatched at what they do. We sat down to do some
    extensive research and find out what is the best
    software that leading T-shirt printing businesses
    use all over the world. Keep reading if you want
    to know more about the best T-shirt design

  • This is the best T shirt design program for
    mobile. It lets you choose from an array of
    uploaded designs, including the ones uploaded by
    other users. After you have selected a design of
    your choice, Snaptee will let you choose your
    basic layout and style for your shirt. From there
    you can proceed with its existing graphic
    elements, or you can upload your designs from
    several sources.
  • The best part about Snaptee is its user-friendly
    interface that takes only a few minutes to get
    adapted to and is powerful for making simple
    designs. You can tweak colours, design, font, and
    other graphic elements and once you are satisfied
    with your creation you can print your T-shirt
    however you like.

SonicShack Design Studio
  • SonicShack is a web-based application that lets
    its users make T-shirt designs online and then
    sell those custom printed T-shirts via the
    SonicShack store. Its ability to offer the users
    an interactive interface to design and sell
    T-shirts makes it a great choice for
    all-inclusive T-shirt designing and printing.
  • However, it does have a drawback. This
    application is made for the ease of user above
    anything else which is also the reason why you
    will not get to use the same features that other
    programs, such as Adobe Illustrator offer.
  • On the other hand, SonicShack is completely free.
    And you can download this free T shirt design
    software online, but you will not get any
    warranty on the application.

  • Inkscape is another tool that is perfect for
    those who like a good professional T shirt design
    but also want a free tool to make their vision
    come to life. This is basically an open-source
    vector-based tool for rendering beautiful designs
    and offers the same features as the famous Adobe
    Illustrator but without the cost. Another cool
    thing about this software is that it lets you
    leverage other peoples files and designs that
    are free-for-use to its community.
  • Once you get the hang of it, then using this
    application to design T shirts by applying your
    expertise becomes like second nature. It is
    compatible with Linux, macOS, and Windows OS.
    Besides, it lets you transform an existing bitmap
    image into a vector image via tracing function.
    You can also scale up and down any picture in
    size as you need for your design and, then export
    it for screen-printing. Finally, Inkscape
    delivers raster image formats like .png and .jpg.
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  • Canva is known to be a tested ally for designing,
    and you can use it without worrying about the
    quality to design anything you want from webpages
    to one-of-a-kind print materials like T-shirts
    and hoodies. Besides, it offers a generous lineup
    of design features, such as palette colour, logo
    maker, photo editor, and more.
  • Its value lies in its minimalism supported by its
    design size guide, teaching materials, and user
    support. Moreover, you also get access to 60M
    photos illustrations and icons, and 1000 fonts
    or can just upload your own, 20,000 professional
    templates, and organisation tools.

  • If you are looking for software that runs across
    all devices and web-browsers, InkXE is what you
    have been looking for all this time. This
    software offers support to all kinds of printing
    methods, such as sublimation, heat print, and DTG
    printing, etc. You can also upload pictures from
    your own device or social media platforms in
    whatever format you want.
  • InkXE monitors an images resolution itself and
    the filters and masks let you remove or modify
    colours from your design. Furthermore, you can
    vectorise or convert an image to greyscale and
    use over 10,000 free clip arts. Not to forget
    that you can make your own clip art, shapes, or
    template, or use pre-installed background
  • However, you need to remember that it is going to
    cost you a little more and need more setup
    because it is a business-facing program. You also
    do not get any warranty. You can buy it from
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Flash T-Shirt Design
  • Then we have the Flash T-shirt design which is
    the most capable T-shirt design software out
    there. It does not make its users learn complex
    editing programs, such as Photoshop or
  • You can do quite a lot with this T-shirt design
    software, and you do not even need to be an
    expert in using a T-shirt design program. On the
    downside, you will be required to splurge a lot
    of money on this software, so it is not
    everyones cup of tea. If you still want to
    invest in it, then head over to google and there
    you will a lot of websites offering this website.
    Beware of the scammers, though!
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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite
  • CorelDRAW is just like Photoshop and Illustrator
    but this software that comes with a 15-day free
    trial is designed with beginners in mind. You can
    opt for an annual subscription or purchase it
    outright. This software lets you make vector
    graphics, work with other formats, offers over
    150 ready-to-design templates, 7,000 clip-art
    images, 1,000 typefaces, 1,000 high-resolution
    images, 600 fountains, bitmap, vector files,
    creates visually-stunning mosaic patterns for
    comic designs, is compatible with Windows even
    Vista 7 and 8, and impacts effect extensions that
    give energy and add perspective to motion
  • If you need practical materials, then you can use
    CorelDRAWs predesigned templates and images and
    include attractive features such as mosaic,
    shadows, and symmetrical designs, etc. it also
    has a new feature called Non-Destructive Effects
    that allows the user to experiment different
    effects on his/her picture without altering the
    source image.
  • There is a little drawback though. You can easily
    buy Adobe Illustrator for half the price of
    CorelDRAW and Adobe Photoshop for a quarter of
    its price. Buy CorelDRAW at

  • This T shirt design software lets users create
    their own designs by selecting from diverse
    colours, templates, and other elements. It is
    customer friendly especially for those who are
    looking forward to starting a custom T-shirt
    business. Another plus point is that it offers
    easy integration of Shopify, BigCommerce, and
    Magento store.
  • If you are planning to market your products via
    these platforms, then Customily can work wonders
    for you. After you create your T-shirt design, it
    generates a file that you can send to your
    manufacturer directly without any fuss. Besides,
    the easy exchange of shirt designs through the
    Web brings the price down.
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  • Placeit is perfect for mockups, and it works
    perfectly for both professional designers and
    beginners to create mockups for custom tanks,
    sweatshirts, and polo shirts, etc. Placeit is
    ranked one of the best T shirt design software
    available online, thanks to its user-friendly
    interface, hundreds of templates, and thousands
    of clip-art images to browse.
  • Working with this software lets users speed
    through the procedure and end up with visually
    stunning results. Plus, you can customise fonts,
    mockups, backgrounds, and colours. If you change
    something, you can see it in your mock-up in
    real-time and to view a larger version of it, you
    can click on modelled images. Another interesting
    feature of Placeit is the option to upload an
    existing artwork to get a mock-up that you can
    download later at a minimal price.

inPixio Photo Studio
  • Try this one out if you are a newbie because its
    multiple interactive introduction tutorials and
    exercises will turn you into a pro. It is also a
    good choice for more advanced people. This
    extremely intuitive tool lets you delete text or
    objects from the image you want to add to your
    shirt, owing to its Erase function.
  • On the other hand, if you wish to incorporate the
    same thing several times, then all you need to
    use is the Clone Stamp tool. Main features of
    inPixio include, but are not limited to, Remove
    tool for getting rid of unnecessary objects,
    restoring old photos, delivering flawless cutouts
    of images, and an interactive assistant to assist
    you in getting your head around the software.

Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Illustrator is known for being a famous
    design software used by editors, but it also
    doubles as one of the best T shirt design
    software. It is a true top dog in the field of
    T-shirt designing and is also, by far, the most
    full-featured software.
  • It lets you combine effects to make beautiful
    designs for T-shirt designs and works well where
    layers and shapes are involved. If you are a
    professional, you definitely need this in your
    life. Its focus is on vector images, so the user
    can simply scale up or scale down the size of a
    logo or text without compromising on the quality.
  • For screen printing, the Adobe Illustrator T
    shirt design is the best fit because it is easy
    to create spot-coloured, layered files. It
    provides a steep learning curve which you can
    learn via its tutorials with sample files. Other
    main features of Adobe include diversified tools
    for making designs, seamless integration with
    services and apps, compatibility with any OS or
    device or printing method, numerous effects,
    images, and fonts

Adobe Photoshop
  • Part of the Adobe Suite, Photoshop isnt a vector
    software. It is, in fact, one of the most
    powerful graphics editing programs for PC. It
    covers everything from photo editing to digital
    painting and lets you unleash your inner artist
    behind your iPad, desktop, laptop, or tablet to
    create the best T-shirt designs.
  • You can use Photoshop to create designs fit for
    DTG printing. Other features of the software
    comprise an unlimited collection of masks,
    effects, colours, and layers, fonts
    auto-activation, crop, retouch, remove, and
    combine photos, rotatable patterns, and object
    selection tool to let you create precise
  • Bear in mind that is not a drawing application
    like Illustrator, so its not the wisest choice
    to make if you want to create designs from
    scratch. You can buy the adobe application from

Adobe Spark Post
  • If you want to design T-shirts for your
    organisation, team or just for fun, you are going
    to need Spark Post to come up with a durable
    design that you can wear again and again. You can
    use Spark Post features samples as a foundation
    for your products. All you have to do is
    customise your design with creativity.
  • Adobe Spark Post enables its users to let their
    creativity shine with the help of its
    professionally designed templates. Users can also
    make designs from scratch by making a theme using
    logos, personalised fonts, photos, and icons,
    etc. You can also duplicate designs and re-size
    them to establish consistency. Lastly, you can
    make, save, and share your work within minutes
    via Spark Post.
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  • GIMP, short for the GNU image manipulation
    program, or GIMP, is a powerful and professional
    substitute for Photoshop. It is a free
    open-source graphics editing software. It is
    ideal for professionals who are a bit short on
    the budget and are looking for a viable
    alternative to create the best designs in the
  • We recommend watching tutorials in order to
    familiarise yourself with the software and
    improve your skills, so you can create designs
    fit for export in a suitable printing format.
    GIMP is compatible with macOS, Linus, and Windows
    OS. The only drawback is that it has a very steep
    learning curve which can be difficult for
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T-Shirt Factory Deluxe
  • This is another software dedicated solely to
    T-shirt designing. This software provides an
    affordable way to design T-shirts even if you are
    not a design maestro and the result is a stunning
    solid T-shirt design. You need to get this tool
    if your business deals with different articles of
    clothing, such as sweatshirts, hospitality
    aprons, tote bags, and T-shirts, etc.
  • However, keep in mind, since it is free, it is
    not the best software, and you may not get the
    support you expect when you use it. On the other
    hand, it is completely free, so it is a good
    choice for those who want to learn the basic and
    sharpen their skills. You can download it from
    their website (

Final Takeaway
  • Whether you start your own custom printing
    business or you just want to print T-shirts for
    fun, there are a plethora of software solutions
    to choose from. Go with one of the
    above-mentioned software and let your imagination
    run wild because these applications will offer
    you all the help you need.
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