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Create your digital store and start selling products online without any commission on any orders. Convert your offline business into online business in just 20 seconds. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: best things to sell online

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Written By Qpe
How to Sell Products Online The Complete Guide
2022 The internet adoption in India is rising and
by 2025 India will have more than 900 million
internet users. This is the reason every
business is willing to go online and grow their
business by displaying in front of this massive
audience. Now, How to sell products online?
That's a question we've been asked many times.
And the answer is not so dimcult to ?nd. People
want to know how to sell online, but they don't
want some complicated method. They want something
easy and fun. Not sure about using a marketplace
or going with your own branded store/website?
Dont worry, we are here to help!
Aug 30, 2022
? ? ? ?
Selling online involves not only just setting up
the website and uploading products, but it needs
passion, expertise and sales and marketing
skills. How much of your time do you spend online
looking for ways to promote your products? It's
signi?cant. The fact is, getting your product
noticed by customers requires that they know
about it in the ?rst place. There are many ways
to sell products online, but only some of them
will work best for each product. Essential Tools
to Sell Products Online Choosing the right
solution for your business website as per your
requirements is very time consuming. And the
market is crowded with so many platforms and
nobody has complete control over the market.
Platforms like shopify, amazon, ?ipkart,
bigcommerce, woocommerce, wix etc have their own
advantages and disadvantages and developed with
the intent to solve speci?c problems for the
customers. Then there are also platforms like
Sellfy, Volusion, Weebly etc who are serving
thousands of businesses selling online. So,
dont just stick to one platform and check all
pros and cons of it before deciding to go with
any one.
How To Sell Online 1. Set up an online store.
You can create an online store using a number of
different ecommerce platforms or marketplaces.
These include
QPe The easiest platforms to sell products online
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QPe is the easiest platform for business owners
to sell online and scale their business. From
ecommerce store to analytics, payments, shipping,
custom domain integration - it offers everything
that a business needs to run a successful online
store. Setting up an online store at QPe is very
easy. You just need to choose a plan as per your
needs, create an account, add business name,
logo, category and upload products and your store
is ready to accept orders in just 20 seconds.
This is one of the most popular platforms for
creating ecommerce stores. It's easy to use and
has loads of plugins that will help you sell your
products faster. Shopify is best to sell physical
products and come up with multiple themes to
choose from. It is used by 1 Mn businesses
worldwide. The basic plan starts with 29 per
month and advance plan costs 299 per month.
Merchants can create an ecommerce store, sell
products via social media, manage inventory and
shipping etc. The platform is easy to use and
has a number of templates for different kinds of
businesses. You
Latest Updates Motivational Quotes Sales and
Marketing Online Store can even create your own
template from scratch if you want to personalize
it further. It's easy to use and includes
features like shipping and payments.
Get Started
You may Read Best Shopify Alternatives in 2022
This is another popular ecommerce platform that's
ideal for small businesses looking to get
started quickly. It also offers some great
features like built-in analytics tools and
inventory management tools. The pricing of
BigCommerce and Shopify is almost similar and it
is widely used by enterprise level businesses
around the world.
E-Commerce Marketplaces - There are so many
ecommerce marketplaces where investment is almost
zero and you can start selling online instantly.
Here are the most popular options-
Amazon Marketplace
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Millions of sellers are using Amazon to sell
their products and growing their business
multifold. In turn amazon charges a fee for
shipping and also costs a subscription of 39.99
per month to the merchants. The biggest
advantage is that the customer base is already
there, marketing tools are available and easy to
set up as well. But there is a disadvantage as
well i.e heavy competition and so many
guidelines to follow. Sometimes you need to pay
extra to display listings at the top in your
category. Other than that platform never shares
the customer data, analytics with you and
launches their own private label brands from time
to time. If you want to try this out, you may
check the complete guide on how to sell products
on amazon here.
Flipkart Marketplace
With an estimated revenue of 433 billion Indian
Rupees in FY 2021, Flipkart is Indias topmost e-
commerce marketplace where millions of Indians
shop on a day to day basis. This is similar to
Amazon in India where merchants sell their
products and grow their business. Though similar
amazon, ?ipkart also charges a fee as the
commission from the merchants. Flipkart works on
a marketplace model where it makes it easy for
the merchants to start their online journey with
almost zero investment.
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Etsy is best for selling crafts, jewelry and
homemade items and became a massive marketplace
that provides access to 40 million consumers to
the sellers. Etsy takes a fee of 20 cents per
item on a listing and it will be live for four
months. There is also a transaction fee of 6.5
and payment gateway fee (depending upon each
2. Select the online store builder for you.
It's easy to get overwhelmed when you start your
online store. It's important that you pick the
right one for your business, and we have made it
easy for you to do so. Webstore builders are
software applications that help you create your
own e-commerce website. You can use them to
build an online store or a shopping cart (or
both). The best e-commerce web store builders
provide you with the tools and features you need
to sell products online, whether they're
physical goods or digital downloads. They also
offer you the ?exibility to customize your store
as needed, so it looks and functions exactly as
you want. Weve shared the list of best online
store builders above along with their pricing and
advantages and disadvantages. You may choose the
ecommerce platforms or ecommerce marketplaces as
per your needs.
3. Choose products to sell online.
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Choosing a product to sell online can be dimcult.
You will have to consider the niche and market,
the competition and how you plan to promote your
products. The best way to make an informed
decision is by doing some research on the subject
of your choice. There are many websites that
help people in choosing a good product to sell
online. You can choose from a variety of
products like pet care supplies, plants,
gardening products, info products like courses,
beauty products etc to sell online which could
give you massive pro?ts. After deciding about
the product, ensure the supply of products and if
that can match with the demand whenever needed
in future.
4. Add a payment processor.
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The payment processor is the middleman between
your website and the merchant. It's one of the
most important parts of a successful online
store. Payment processors not only take care of
the transactions from customers to merchants but
also provide fraud prevention services,
including identity veri?cation and cardholder
veri?cation, which are critical in today's e-
commerce environment.
A good payment processor can make or break your
business, so it's worth doing your research on
all the options out there. Paypal, Stripe, Paytm,
Razorpay, CashFree, Instamojo, are some common
payment processors merchants integrate into their
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5. Design your online store.
Are you a creative person? Can you think of an
interesting way for people to shop online? The
?rst step in designing your online store is to
determine what you want it to look like. You have
tons of options when it comes to design, but the
best way to get started is by simply taking an
existing product and seeing how it looks on the
front page of your site. The next step is ?nding
a layout that works for you. There are many tools
available for this purpose, including Adobe
InDesign or Photoshop, but nothing beats a pen or
paper. Sketching out your ideas can save you
time down the road as well as make sure
everything looks right on screen. Once you've
determined the layout and visuals for your store,
it's time to think about functionality. Are
there any features you'd like to include? What
features do customers need? How will they
interact with your website? These are all
questions you should consider before building
out your website's functionality. To cut the
clutter, you may also go through with any of the
above platforms and use the prebuilt themes and
customize it the way you want. And if you don't
want to spend time doing that too or don't have
any knowledge on how to do it, you may go with
QPe and you can create your online store in just
20 seconds without any tech knowledge and sell
6. Optimize for SEO and discoverability. Optimizin
g for SEO and discoverability is about ensuring
that people who are searching for a speci?c term
or phrase will ?nd your page and click through to
it. Optimizing your website for SEO will help
you to rank higher in Google results when someone
searches for "your business name" or "your
industry." However, you need to optimize for
both of these factors if you want to increase
your search engine tramc and sales. If you do
not optimize your site for both factors, then it
won't rank as high in the search engines and it
won't bring in new customers. The secret to
?nding the best keywords for your business is to
know your audience. By understanding what your
customers are looking for, you can design a
marketing strategy that will allow you to
connect with the people who will be most likely
to buy from you. For example, if you sell
products that help people lose weight, then you
need to target search terms like "lose weight"
and "diet plan." If you're selling books about
health and ?tness, then you should aim for
phrases like "health and ?tness" and "?tness
If you want to appeal to people looking for
luxury goods, then your keyword list will
look different than if you're selling home decor
or jewelry. Use tools like semrush, ahref or
keyword planner to ?nd out the targeted keywords
as per your
Latest Updates Motivational Quotes Sales and
Marketing Online Store niche and use them in the
On Page SEO and Off Page SEO activities. You
should use meta keywords and descriptions in
your store home page as well. Without SEO
optimized online
Get Started
store, your business can not grow online.
7. Start promoting your products on social media.
Social media is a great way to reach new
customers and build your brand. But it's not
easy. You need to ?nd the right platform and
make sure you're posting the right things.
Here's how to get started
Pick a social network. There are many different
social networks, with varying strengths and
weaknesses. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are
the three most popular, but there are others
like Pinterest, LinkedIn and Snapchat. Make sure
you're using the right hashtag on each network.
Hashtags help people ?nd content across the web
by allowing them to search for hashtags on sites
like Instagram or Facebook without having to go
through individual posts on those sites. A good
hashtag is one that's easy for people to
remember (like "solar") while being unique
enough that it doesn't get used by someone else
(like "sun"). Make sure your images are high
quality. Your photos will be uploaded directly
into a user's feed, so they're important! Make
sure you're using good lighting and keeping in
mind what kind of images look best on each
platform. Recommended - How to Use Youtube for
Business - The Ultimate Guide Ready to start
your online journey? Start Selling Online In the
end, the most important thing to take away from
this article is that selling online can indeed
be lucrative. Being entrenched in the online
world and successfully running an e- commerce
store requires a devotion to business. There will
be setbacks and failures, but with effort and
dedication, you too can succeed. Choose a
platform that can cater to all the above and you
don't need to manage multiple dashboards, apps
for your business. In our recommendation one ?ts
for all platform is QPe - From Selling Online to
social media marketing, payments , shipping and
what not! Happy Selling!
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Bring Your Business Online. Setup free e-commerce website in 20 seconds. Start Create Your Online Store selling online today with QPe. Talk To Sales Create Your Free Store

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